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America the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas Shifts to Export

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Re: America the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas Shifts to Export

Unread postby coffeeguyzz » Fri 31 May 2019, 16:05:10

To get just a glimpse at the scale of US natgas resources, one need look no further than the 1st quarter Ohio production report (almost all Utica) which was just released today.

27 wells produced over 2 Billion cubic feet over these past 3 months with an additional 130 producing over 1 Bcf.
For context, the USGS assessed 38 Trillion cubic feet Technically recoverable back in 2012.
To arrive at this number - 38 Trillion - the USGS used a lifetime recovery of .6 Bcf ... say again ... POINT SIX bcf per well over a 30 year lifespan.
So ... we now have hundreds of wells pulling out 2/3 times the gas in a couple of months that the USGS did not project to be recovered over several decades.

When the next assessments are released for both the Utica and the Mighty Marcellus, the numbers will absolutely rock the hydrocarbon world.
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