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PeakOil is You

Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Re: Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Unread postby onlooker » Mon 24 Dec 2018, 11:08:45

Great post by Dissident. And even if we did have a sound Economy and Money and retained some of our technology, the demise of hospitable living conditions on this planet cannot but reduce the existence of those who survive to a relentless and perilous challenge to continue surviving. Not a world, I would like to live in
"We are mortal beings doomed to die
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Re: Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Unread postby Cog » Mon 24 Dec 2018, 11:20:50

Don't worry onlooker. New York will pass a law against it.
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Re: Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Unread postby KaiserJeep » Mon 24 Dec 2018, 15:24:14

This civilization would have collapsed a couple of times this century alone, except for our technology, particularly our digital technology.

Parts of the world are already in collapse. The main symptom is refugees. Look at Africa and the Middle East and parts of S America. You KNOW how close they are, that's why the natives are restless in the countries receiving the refugees. That's why we are building a wall here in America.

As I have said before, many times, collapse is a process, not an event. There NEVER will come a date that you can point to and say "That was it." You have never lived in a World that wwas not dying from too many people, and you never will, whether we continue to burn FF's or not. Your GrandFather never lived in such a World, and your Grandkids will live in such, each generation incrementally worse off, more desperate as the fate of all becomes clear.

The Long Emergency started perhaps 200 years ago, and all people everywhere will understand this in another few decades. There is no helping the seven billion plus who will be dying. Understanding and acceptance are a blessing if you can manage such. Blaming others is fruitless, useless, simply an expression of hate. They are equally as culpable as are you, it's true. They are equally as helpless to change the outcome as are you.

If you remeber nothing else, remember this: Beware the man on a white horse who will promise to save you.
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Re: Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Unread postby dohboi » Sun 06 Jan 2019, 12:19:05

Here's another type of tipping point that China seems to have passed:

Chinagov confirms: population decline unstoppable
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Harmless Drudge
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Re: Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Unread postby pstarr » Sun 06 Jan 2019, 12:24:02

Sorry doh, not spinnable as an eco-tragedy. More the demographic transition, the very same the United Nations claims to be responsible for the coming Ecotopia, say around 2050 with 9 billion brilliant babies.
SA has peaked. OPEC has peaked. So goes the world.
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Re: Not just CC-Ecological tipping points

Unread postby derhundistlos » Sun 06 Jan 2019, 23:21:09


According to a recently published article in the journal “Nature”, scientists warn policymakers severely underestimate or fail to consider the ever-escalating risks of ecological tipping points due to the amplification effect of natural systems.

For example, Amazon deforestation is responsible for multiple “cascading effects” – weakening rain systems, forests becoming savannah, and reduced water supplies for cities like São Paulo and crops in the foothills of the Andes. This, in turn, exacerbates deforestation as people look to replace degraded environments.

We will wake up one morning to discover we finally ushered in ecological Armageddon. The signs are everywhere…… ... study-says
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