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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye

General discussions of the systemic, societal and civilisational effects of depletion.

Re: Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye

Unread postby AdamB » Wed 08 Nov 2017, 10:54:13

Plantagenet wrote:
baha wrote:....maybe your personal transport can only go 35 mph and has a range of 50 miles.....

My cars and motorcycles all are much better then that now. Why would anyone (other than an EV fanatic) want to swap the vehicles we have now for crappier vehicles with highly restricted range and poorer performance?

Good question. Which is why a pluggable EV works out so well for my family. It can be used exactly as it needs to be...EV for every mile it commutes and goes to the grocery and everywhere in town. Then you make sure the gas isn't stale in the tank and drive it across the continent getting 40-45 mpg. Best of both worlds. So I have crappier nothing in my commuting choices.

The Bolt has more than enough range for more than a week of suburban commuting in my neck of the woods, that covers the range issue, and having both drag raced the wife's EV, and knowing how GORGEOUS the torque of these machines are, I don't see any performance issues with something like the Bolt, or better yet the Model S with insane mode if someone wants to go Corvette hunting.

And none of this has anything to do with my motorcycles. The little 250 gets about 65 mpg,which sucks compared to the EV, but it is more fun. And when time comes to go Tesla S insane mode hunting, a modern in-line4 600cc lightweight track weapon is more than sufficient.
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Re: Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye

Unread postby StarvingLion » Wed 08 Nov 2017, 13:08:00

The Lutz Moron is simply saying that:

The Coal Car (EV) is an oxymoron.

Coal cannot power anything but trains.

Autonomous vehicles for short-haul delivery are a nice mental conditioning precursor required because all the transport will be looted otherwise. They'll probably have self-domilition chemical charges that go off when any human comes to close.

Pinkoville for 10 billion dumbshits.

In other words you will be eating your own shit and living in a tent.
2025 is the Year of The Oil Apocalypse when >15% decline rates hit ALL legacy giant old fields. It will be a Steel Bolt to the Head of Humanity.
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