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PeakOil is You

hello everyone

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hello everyone

Unread postby zitterbewegung » Sun 15 Sep 2019, 23:37:47

I read the book Collapse by Michael Ruppert about two years ago and was red pilled by its content. I soon thereafter began to study the concept of peak oil more intensely.

I have since come to the realization that peak oil is real and hidden in plain sight. It can be confirmed in both present and past literature and in the unfolding of current events.

I must acknowledge, based on my observations, that Ruppert's predictions on the subject, pertaining to geopolitical and global economic events, are unfolding and validating themselves at an ever increasing frequency.

I believe we as a species who are addicted to cheap and once abundant hydrocarbon energy and hydrocarbon based products are in deep trouble. I have children so I am very concerned in going forward to finding a solution to mitigating the impact of the impending energy crisis that will be the Waterloo of all our modern cheap-energy based societies

So... hello everyone and i am very much looking forward to reading and discussing this topic with you all.
ps. english is my second language so please excuse any grammatical errors.
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Re: hello everyone

Unread postby Newfie » Mon 16 Sep 2019, 08:21:57

Welcome aboard.

Be forwarded that many folks have been here for a long time and sometimes forget that new folks have not heard their past positions.

So don’t take offense if some seem less that polite and welcoming.

New comers are and fresh perspectives are very welcome.

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