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Global Warming / Climate Change is Hoax pt 10

Re: Global Warming / Climate Change is Hoax pt 10

Unread postby dissident » Sat 05 Oct 2019, 17:57:11

asg70 wrote:Appealing to Zerohedge as an authority is an instant fail. Doesn't work for Short/Armageddon and doesn't work here.


Zero hedge is not the one source of this denier BS. So stop spewing BS.
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Re: Global Warming / Climate Change is Hoax pt 10

Unread postby Nefarious » Thu 10 Oct 2019, 15:32:08

dissident wrote:
This GCR BS has been debunked already. But deniers wait a while and spew the same claims hoping everyone has forgotten the rebuttals.

Then you should make a call to CERN and tell them that their experiments that show a substantial effect on cloud formation from GCR is BS. ... 3OCT11.pdf
and The National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space) and the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
tell them they are wrong also ... cloud.html ... 113235.htm
Then make a call to the IPCC and ask them why they are putting solar forcing and GCRs into their climate models for their climate assessment report for 2022 since it's been debunked already. ... 150213.pdf
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