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Forum Tutorial (Help)

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Forum Tutorial (Help)

Unread postby MonteQuest » Sun 06 Nov 2005, 19:04:11

Moderator's Note: This is under construction. It will be updated periodically.

Forum Tutorial

Edit Function

To edit your post, click on the edit button. Edit, and then click submit.

Quote Function

To quote a post or private message:

Click the quote icon in the message block of the message that you want to quote.

The message creation form appears, and the entire message that you quoted appears in the message text box with the open and closing quote tags surrounding it.

Delete the text that need not appear.

Note: Only include the part of the text to which you are responding. If they want to, other members can navigate to the message that you are quoting and read it.

Type your response after the ending quote tag, [/quote].

Inside the message text box, type your response/post, and place your cursor in the spot where you want the quote to appear. Type or paste the text you want to quote, highlight it, and click the Quote button in the formatting toolbar above the text box. You may also type the tags manually around the text.

Ignore Function

To ignore a members posts, click on the Ignore button in the upper right hand corner. You will no longer be able to view their posts.

To unignore a member go here: Ignore List

Posting links:

Copy the URL and post it into the text box. It will appear as a hyperlink.

If you wish to title your link, copy the URL, click on the URL button above the text box, paste/type your URL, click ok. Enter your title. Often the best title is just “Link”.

It will now appear with your title as a hyperlink.

Posting Images:

To upload a picture from your computer:
Go to (or any free image hosting service) and choose the file to upload,
Set the "resize" menu at Tinypic to "website/email 320x240"
Click "upload"
After you upload, copy/past the "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" into your post here at
Preview your post, submit.
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