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Cyclone, Hurricanes, Typhoons...2019

Cyclone, Hurricanes, Typhoons...2019

Unread postby Tanada » Tue 01 Jan 2019, 08:43:14

dohboi wrote:Devastating Storm Usman Leaves 68 Dead in the Philippines ... evastating

The death toll from Storm Usman that struck the Philippines shortly after Christmas rose to 68 with the number of fatalities expected to climb even higher, civil defence officials said Monday.

Fifty-seven people died in the mountainous Bicol region, southeast of Manila, while 11 were killed in the central island of Samar, mostly due to landslides and drownings, the officials said.

While it did not have powerful winds it brought heavy rains that caused floods and loosened the soil, triggering landslides in some areas.

One official told AFP news agency that people did not take precautions as it was not classed as a typhoon under the government's alert system.

an MIT study has given an estimate based on model simulations and observations: With every 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature, the study finds, tropical regions will see 10 percent heavier rainfall extremes, with possible impacts for flooding in populous regions

Unfortunately, the results of the study suggest a relatively high sensitivity of tropical extreme rainfall to global warming. ... lobal.html
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Re: Cyclone, Hurricanes, Typhoons...2019

Unread postby jawagord » Mon 28 Jan 2019, 14:03:34

To put in perspective, extreme weather related deaths have dropped dramatically in the last 100 years. Human adaptability and technology trump climate change again! ... =3&theater
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