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PeakOil is You

Catching up after a long silence

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Catching up after a long silence

Unread postby TomWayburn » Sat 15 Aug 2020, 15:52:25

Good evening, Gentle People,

I am old (86) and running short of time; however, I believe I still have a very important and quite unique message to deliver. Consequently, I spent a very tiring couple of hours placing part of what I wanted to say before your august selves; however, I am afraid I must have run afoul of one or more of your rules. Perhaps, I posted too much. Perhaps too much of it pointed back to my webpages on dematerialism, de-growth, decentralization, demarchy, delegislation, deschooling, dechrematisticalism, sustainability, and ERoEI star. I worked very hard on that day and into the wee hours. Perhaps, the posts are still out for moderation. If they have been deleted, I would appreciate it if they are returned to me with an explanation of what I did wrong. Others have received warnings, two-week suspensions, and, even if banned forever, a word of explanation. What a welcome!
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