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Unread postby tmazanec1 » Thu 08 Feb 2018, 17:47:02

I am trying to upload an avatar that the upload box says is 90 X 90, but when I try to submit it says

The avatar’s filesize must be between 0 and 9 KiB.

Current image:
Maximum dimensions; width: 145 pixels, height: 97 pixels, file size: 9.67 KiB.
Tar Sands
Tar Sands
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Re: Avatar

Unread postby KaiserJeep » Thu 08 Feb 2018, 17:51:48

You are over the maximum file size for a new avatar. There's no "almost small enough" criteria, the machine will continue to reject avatar files that are too large, either in number of pixels or file size. The admins probably changed the file size limit at some point in the past.
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