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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Atlantis by saving personal power

How to save energy through both societal and individual actions.

Atlantis by saving personal power

Unread postby Whitefang » Tue 20 Aug 2019, 18:28:53

I were looking for the open topic, maybe under member only forum?
Anyway, I think a bit of repost is ok under conservation and efficiency.
On a personal note this attitude of using only what you need leads to impeccability, the best and strategic way to live your life and enhance your perception and true power, unfold your magic wings, our true nature.
Sobriety and patience lead to personal power, and force of will to travel to the unknown, let yourself be guided.

From a sea level rise post Dohboi did yesterday, on flooding of stone age people living between mainland Europe and Great Britain, the biblical flood after collapse of major ice sheets of the NH.

Makes you wonder what will be uncovered by the collapsing ice sheets, remnants of the past ages of the human enterprise, an experiment.
With the second flood now upon us, part of our civilisation will end, maybe part of Atlantis will be in clear view once the dust settles down.
Keep having these dreams of really big waves, from right to left, I think from the North standing at a westcoast artefact that Holland is. I were always for the waves to destroy sand castles on the beach, watching every major storm if I could, walking and listening to the wind hauwling, waves roaring and crashing onto boulders and dykes.
Most dangerous were the double or triple waves, they do not crash or break, but slide with huge speed on top of each other, silent killer waves, not whales. Never turn your back on them, be alert, always.

Plato meant our other perception that his mentor Socrates could clearly experience, see.
The view from the cave remember?
Once you know how to break this world, everything you have a word for, the universe… end up on the windy side, dark sea of awareness that you can mold into another world to be lived, experienced, not to be understood by petty reason, it is abstract and personal.
From the location of reason you can clearly see the other side, the irrational.
Hence philosophy trying to make sense, using the wrong tool to travel into the unknown.
Silence is the key, to stop thinking and store personal power you need to break the barrier of perception.
No need to look for Atlantis therefore, everything is already here and there.
It is an internal affair, this world and the next.

Before the flood, the fall of mankind, agriculture and the rest, humans were busy within both worlds, a direct contact with the supernatural, we lost a battle and the war back then, the war up in heaven that dragged us down below
A huge price to pay for knowledge, the apple from that tree, enslaved in a matrix, born into captivity, the idea that this world is all there is. Self domesticated, self reflection based of self pity raising pseudo problems that give rise to feelings that deplete your energy, your personal power.
Chained to a world that is going down, going under, that is toast.

Problem is that you live and die in both worlds, the other world has potential to last, our first world of magic, true power that can be ours if we dare use it before we are to old and frail to make it work, turn our ally into a functional unit, a high speed inorganic being.
Drifting a bit, all connected I think but I have been wrong before
You have to see for yourself, personal power is all you need, no teachers, no books no nothing.

Just wondering if anyone has questions.
Please do ask, I mean, why keep secrets if we are all on death row?
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