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PeakOil is You

Anti doomer: The complexity paradox of technology

Discussions about the economic and financial ramifications of PEAK OIL

Re: Anti doomer: The complexity paradox of technology

Unread postby baha » Mon 20 Mar 2017, 05:52:32

Oh, and BTW...

Get your ass back to about 5 years I'm going to need those Social Security contributions :)
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Re: Anti doomer: The complexity paradox of technology

Unread postby Squilliam » Mon 20 Mar 2017, 15:49:39

@baha no Social Security from me to you... I'm from New Zealand. Home of the city with land prices exceeding London. Hence the reason why I am not very happy with how things are going. The problem is it is a catch 22. If I opt in I can succeed but at personal cost, and contribute to the problem or I can opt out again at personal cost and not contribute at all -- good or bad. Hence I feel the only solution is to move out of the big city, say 'go to hell' to the system, and make my life somewhere significantly cheaper. If the Govt won't fix the housing problem then it's their problem that I'm going to give them less than half the taxes because my income will be significantly lower. As a bonus in a smaller/flatter city I will be able to bike everywhere. I love my bike, but at the moment I live at the bottom of a 100m valley. To get anywhere I need to go up 100m, and that is never fun.

Yeah as a millennial I feel my generation is pretty screwed by the system. We do need to get back to a more natural way of living. My dream location is a place that is small, reasonably dense/compact with good services. Essentially a city of ~100,000 people that isn't sprawled out (like a European town). That way nature is pretty close whilst not losing out on the agglomeration benefits of density. We have small towns, but we don't have this kind of development here yet -- so obviously I'll have to get all political to try to make it happen.

Smiling is good advice. :-)
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