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Page added on June 21, 2020

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Wild fire in Arizona reaches nearly 175000 acres


The Bush Fire burning in northeast of Phoenix, US state of Arizona, raged to 174,397 acres (705.76 square km) as of Saturday morning, with 7 per cent containment.

According to the latest data updated by InciWeb, an interstate incident information system, 769 personnel were assigned to fight the fire with the help of eight helicopters. So far no people have been injured, and no structures have been damaged, Xinhua news agency reported.

The InciWeb said the human-caused blaze was sparked last Saturday by a burning vehicle, and its burning periods could be extended since hot, dry and windy conditions would be remained over the next week to 10 days.

At least seven communities near the scene have been evacuated and about a dozen more in “SET” status of the state’s “Ready, Set, Go” fire preparedness model, meaning they should be on the alert for immediate evacuation orders.

Local KTAR news channel said it is the fifth largest fire in the state’s history.

Meanwhile, other fires continued to burn across the state on Saturday. The Mangum blaze along the north rim of the Grand Canyon grew to 64,509 acres (261.06 square km) as of Saturday morning with 4 percent containment.

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3 Comments on "Wild fire in Arizona reaches nearly 175000 acres"

  1. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 21st Jun 2020 12:21 pm 

    All time high temperature record within Arctic Circle:

    38 C or 100 F !!!!

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 21st Jun 2020 2:05 pm 

    “Ready, Set, Perish”

    Scientists Believe Invasive Grass Poses a Threat in Wildfire

    “In short, this was a near-miss for those like Wilder and other scientists who have long feared that the encroachment of buffelgrass into the Sonoran Desert would trigger massive, destructive fires from which native desert plants would never recover.”

    “If the gap between the Catalina’s front range and the homes was like what it had been 20 to 30 years ago, when it was just Sonoran Desert vegetation, “we don’t have as many concerns. The desert doesn’t burn. That’s not the situation. The buffelgrass has come in. And if the area does burn, the desert will not come back but the buffelgrass will,” Wilder said.

    Buffelgrass is an invasive, non-native grass that is known to spread and intensify wildfires to the point where it can burn saguaros that normally don’t burn. Buffelgrass areas in the Foothills have doubled in size every four to seven years.”

    “What’s happening is that it’s filling in the desert — it’s infill,” Wilder said. “The buffelgrass is not yet dense enough to carry the fire from the uplands into the desert, but it has exponentially grown.”

    “Scientists have been warning of the dangers of buffelgrass invading the desert for many decades.

    But while there have been numerous efforts led by public agencies and nonprofit groups to fight buffelgrass, the spreading continues.

    “The extent of the problem at this point requires much more resources than the Forest Service can throw at it,…”

    “Controlling buffelgrass is going to be something like road maintenance that we have to do every year, unless we come up with a longer-term effort, Franklin said.”

    Buffelgrass is native to Asia. I wonder if it walked, swam & walked over all on it’s own or if that mega invasive ape brought it over?

    Saturate it with agent Round-Up. It’ll fix er up.

  3. zero juan on Sun, 21st Jun 2020 2:15 pm 

    juanPee sock shit

    FamousDrScanlon said “Ready, Set, Perish” Scientists Believ…

    FamousDrScanlon said Putin declares emergency over arctic diesel spill…

    FamousDrScanlon said Massive diesel spill in Russia caused by damage fr…

    FamousDrScanlon said Arctic records its hottest temperature ever

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