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Page added on March 3, 2019

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Video of Mexico natural gas pipeline fire

Viewer Ethan Kronquist captured video of a natural gas pipeline fire north of Mexico, Missouri, early Sunday, March 3, 2019.

3 Comments on "Video of Mexico natural gas pipeline fire"

  1. Sissyfuss on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 11:44 am 

    You’re not allowed to watch the frying of humans until wet bulbs temps do it.

  2. Paul on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 12:35 pm 

    Where’s the f@$%^ is the video!!!

  3. Robert Inget on Mon, 4th Mar 2019 12:04 pm 

    That’s a bunch of burning gas.

    One can ALWAYS view any video by Google

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