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Page added on June 1, 2020

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The World as a Giant Lego Tower

The World as a Giant Lego Tower thumbnail


Over the history of the Lego company, more than 600 billion plastic bricks have been produced, which means about a hundred bricks for every living person on Earth. Impressive, but it amounts to only 1.5 Gt of carbon in total (2.5 grams per brick), that is about 15% of the yearly carbon emissions produced by burning fossil fuels. Of course, being the bricks solid, they won’t contribute to global warming, but they will slowly degrade and enter the food chain. Our descendants (if there will be any) will eat the toys we played with!  But, here, Federico Tabellini is not discussing the pollution caused by Lego bricks but uses them as a metaphor for our society. (UB)


Guest Post by Federico Tabellini

The lego brick that constitutes the foundation of the tower has a fixed number and distribution of holes (we did not choose these: they were already there when we opened the box, and at the moment the toy store has no other boxes for sale). It follows that the smaller bricks that we add on top of it, which give shape to the tower, interlock with the foundation brick only if their ledges are compatible with its holes.

The stability of the tower, they say, is a function of the compatibility of the bricks with one another and with the structure as a whole. The most important brick is of course the one at the bottom. By forcing incompatible bricks into the foundation brick over and over, with time we can damage its holes, to the point where even bricks that once would have been perfectly compatible with it would give the tower sub-optimal results in terms of stability.

Inside the box we found a small manual (the kind that nobody ever reads). It contains some definitions useful to building and maintaining the tower.


Mainstream economics: the idea that the bricks in the box are scarce but the possibilities infinite.

Green economy: the idea that among the infinite possibilities of mainstream economics, there is a way of making the scarce bricks infinitely reusable.

Consumerism: the idea that the bricks are infinite, and can thus be wasted. Paradoxically, this idea is based on the belief that the bricks in the box are scarce but the possibilities infinite.

Modernity: the historical age when: a) the tower reached its maximum height and b) the idea that in the future it could be even higher was universally accepted. Also: a time when people thought that a higher tower was a good thing, regardless of any other considerations.

Post-modernity: the historical age when people devoted most of their time and energy to decorating the tower because its stability was mistakenly taken for granted. Many wanted to build their own little personal towers, while others reminisced about a time without towers. The certainties crumbled, and all the bricks started to look indistinguishable from one another. Thus the personalization of the bricks became a need, and everyone longed for their own unique piece.

Degrowth: the idea that the tower is not stable because it is too tall. The proposal of a new equation: stability as a function of both the compatibility of the bricks with one another and the height of the tower.

Buen vivir: the idea that a shorter tower is not necessarily a worse tower.

Resilience: the capability of the holes of the foundation brick to return to their original state after the forceful insertion of an incompatible brick. It seems this capability is not inexhaustible.

Contemporary politics: the idea that the tower’s height needs to grow so that everybody can enjoy a nice view VS the idea that the tower’s height needs to grow so that somebody can enjoy a magnificent view.

Third world:
the place where many of the tower’s bricks were produced.

First world: the place where the tower reached its maximum height.

Society, definition 1: the tower.

Society, definition 2: the totality of the individual and collective ideas and practices through which the following functions (among others) are carried out: building the tower; maintaining the tower; living in the tower; coordinating the various floors of the tower.

Ecosystem: the tower’s foundation brick.

On the last page of the manual, a warning note reads:

“Do not damage the foundation brick excessively: its reparation requires uncountable tons of star dust, a few billion years and a considerable amount of luck.”

6 Comments on "The World as a Giant Lego Tower"

  1. Richard Guenette on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 3:49 pm 

    Economic growth had stopped long ago. We can’t be gobbling up what’s left of our world’s resources.

  2. makati1 on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 6:14 pm 

    The elite are worried that the “useless eaters” are going to take all of the resources left and take humanity over the extinction cliff. That is why we are going thru this flu bullshit. They are getting desperate and will use it to kill of billions over the next few years. Leaving only enough slaves to support their lavish lifestyle. At least, that is my viewpoint. We shall see.

  3. JuanP on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 6:37 pm 

    Please Mak, spare us the drama. There are not enough elite to matter. The billions of overpopulation and consuming too much is the real issues. Wake up to overshoot it is all around you there in the P’s.

  4. Theedrich on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 7:25 pm 

    Yid-Christianity preaches White suicide. Rioters in American cities today are just following Jesus.  Listen to the talking media heads and Democrats who “explain” how Whitey has merited the riots by disrespecting Negroes.  The propagandists demand all kinds of nicey-nice, simple “solutions” to help the burrheads and White criminals now looting and pillaging the land.  One even hears mention of a figure of $13 trillion as “reparations” to the ape-men to make up for their low Afroid IQ.  It wasn’t enough that the religious fanatic Ahab Lincoln slaughtered 820,000 Whites to save the Blacks.

    The proffered answers to the Negroid problem are usually predicated on economics or (the favorite) “social justice” ideas popular among useful idiots when they tire of bleating about “racism.”  The fact that we are dealing here with utterly irrational drives from prehuman and subhuman depths escapes them.  As does the fact that for decades the media has been inculcating license and abandonment of rational behavior in the youth.

    Obsessively legalistic governmental authorities in America are incapable of understanding such facts.  One cannot have a rational discussion with a raging Tyrannosaurus rex.  Only a dictatorship can deal with it.  As things are now, after decades of $trillions spent on trying to “equalize” Spear Chuckers and other low life, the spoiled masses have exceeded the ability of the nationwide zoo to feed them for free.  Mayhap the country will eventually end up with Commie Democrats in charge, obliterating the White race through racial miscegenation.  Because at this point, it looks like the forces of Georgy Sörös are winning.

    Unfortunately few are strong-minded enough to admit that, in a best of all possible worlds, the real solution to the Negro problem would be Liberia.

  5. makati1 on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 7:29 pm 

    Elite Davy? Those in power and/or with a net worth in the million$ plu$. Hmm?

    Government whores include the US Congress (Power and money. Most are millionaires), most governors, all the appointees that “advise” the President, some 2,095 billionaires in the world, not to mention some 50,000,000 millionaires in the world, and numerous people behind the scenes who pull the strings like generals and admirals. Then there are 190+ other countries with corrupt governments also. Gotta be close to 100,000,000 “elite” in the world today. Is that enough? LMAO!

    BTW: Overshoot in the Philippines? I don’t see any and I have lived here for 12 years. The average Filipino consumes about 1/10th what the average Amerikan tax slave consumes. Well, I think Amerikans are going to be consuming a lot less from now on.

    Asia is still growing. The West is dying. Reality is a nasty bitch for Amerika these days. Got a match? LOL

  6. makati1 on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 8:12 pm 

    Oops! Don’t look now Davy, but there are a lot of people who agree with the China Up / Amerika Down future.

    “In a post-coronavirus world, China looks set to grow while the rest of the world contracts”

    “According to the latest International Monetary Fund projections, China is set to grow just over 1% in 2020, while the U.S. economy will likely contract nearly 6% this year — worse than the global 3% decline in growth.

    “Globalization itself is going to survive. It’s going to be adjusted around some of these issues especially the tech,” said Walter Lohman, director of the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, from which the Trump administration has drawn many of its staff.

    “People are still going to want to invest in China for the China market,” he said in a phone call. “We’ve been talking about it for 100 years. It’s here now and there are companies that want to access it. China isn’t the worst place to do business. Even on the transparency side it’s kind of in the middle.””

    Note the source: CNBC! Your very own propaganda source! LOL

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