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Page added on June 16, 2018

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The Population Explosion


Of all the problems of the world one that is of serious concern is the population explosion which is increasing beyond control. What will be the fate of human beings if this trend goes on relentlessly whereas the productive capacity of the planet earth is getting limited to feed them. The poor poverty-stricken people of the third world less-developed countries, too much poor and illiterate dying from hunger and diseases, are the ones mostly affected by over-population. They are deprived from basic necessities of life.

The world population in 1950 was barely 2.5 billion which has now tripled to 7.5 billion over the period of almost three decades. It may shoot up to billions more by the end of the twenty first century. The world would face a tremendous situation if corrective measures like family planning and such restrictive methods are not taken to balance the growing population.
The population of Nepal in 1950 was about ten million at the most which by now multiplied to thirty and half millions. The population of capital city Kathmandu was hardly one hundred thousand then. Now it is over-populated to almost two millions jam-packed to its narrow streets and corners. What we find in today’s Kathmandu is a crowded and congested city with traffic jams everywhere with choking air pollution. In 1950, the number of cars trotting in Kathmandu was limited to three or four including the red Mercedes Benz belonging to Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher JBR. Now, look at the countless vehicles incurring traffic jams. Once an open and green Kathmandu Valley is now laden with so many housing construction that has mired its beauty with fogginess making it difficult to negotiable the narrow street. In view of the situation it would it not be appropriate for the government to opt for another suitable site selection for nation’s capital.
Nepal once surplus in agricultural products is now dependent on its import from abroad to feed the teeming population. In view of acute joblessness at home the young Nepali men and women are destined to go abroad in oil rich Gulf countries, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Lebanon and elsewhere in search of employment who are mostly engaged in manual labours and house keeping in an atmosphere of hard and difficult environment sending back home parts of their hard earned money as remittances that sustain the economy of Nepal to a large extent. Some of these people are reported badly cheated by employment agencies both at home and abroad. What will happen to them, if they are compelled to return home where there is no immediate prospect for employment? As there is no guarantee for their permanence of jobs abroad, government at home should seek to channelise portions of their remittances in productive sectors from the point of view of their future welfare and well-being.
Bangladesh, next door neighbour, more or less the same size of Nepal in territory, is densely populated country having five times bigger population. It is also solely dependent on foreign countries for their foodstuffs. Many countries of the third world are in similar situations.
India, the largest country in South Asia, in terms of territory and demography, has a population of one hundred and twenty five crores where the rate of population growth is high. It is likely to surpass the population of China in near future. The combined populations of these two countries amount to two hundred and fifty five crores which is about one third of the world population. China in recent past adopted a ‘policy of one child in one family’ under its family planning measure now relaxed to two. It was regarded positive step to balance its population. The economy of China under its liberalised open door policy under four modernisation movements initiated by Late Deng Xiaoping made a great headway to make China as the World’s No. 2 economic power whereby its people enjoy comfortable life. This is not the case with regard to other third world countries where strict methods of family planning are needed most. To lift them up from their bizarre situation, the most seriously affected countries (MSACs) must go through stringent measures to reduce their population through proper literacy campaigns.
Evidently the population growth looks higher in the case of Islamic countries where the male individuals are legally authorised to keep up to five wives at a time. The educated Muslim families may not be liable to such practice but it largely prevails in backward and uneducated classes. Such situation rampant in Muslim world are repugnant to progress that foment uneasy situation. It is where the family planning international aid agencies and WHO should act to alleviate the growing untenable situation.
In cognizance of the negative effects of the population explosion, some nations have remained effortful to restrict it. Scandinavian and Benelux countries in Europe and some developed nations have been able to balance their populations with better life style. Japan and Nordic countries are the good examples of keeping their populations controlled to such an extent that some of them have experienced population decrease. In USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand population is increasing but they are not by the process of natural birth but by immigration from abroad in search of better job opportunities and better living prospects.

The migration trend to these developed nations from foreign countries are so great that in years to come they may overwhelm the native population. Some of these migrant people have established their own distinctive pockets as China towns, Indian Bazaars and Mexican enclaves habituated in their respective cultures and traditions. Apart from it people badly affected by terrorism and violence from hard-hit areas of Middle East, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere are forced to leave their homes to seek refuse to safe areas of Europe where they are allowed to stay as refugees on humanitarian ground. Balancing the world population has not only been a national issue but it has essentially become a global problem.


15 Comments on "The Population Explosion"

  1. Shortend on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 8:50 am 

    No better than yeast in a biology class petri dish, with more sophisticated poop, how clever we are indeed!

  2. Sissyfuss on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 9:05 am 

    “What will be the fate of human beings be if this trend goes on relentlessly?” Worst use of the word “if” in recent history.

  3. joe on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 10:04 am 

    Sadly they wont admit the truth. The third world not only doesn’t care, their governments revel in the notion they believe they will inherit the earth cause whites are using condoms and birth control and abortion to maintain their wealth. They think whites foolish, not so. Still won’t save the race though. Maybe it’s about time to start somthing drastic like lacing all drinking water or food with birth control like you would a family pet.

  4. GregT on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 10:13 am 

    Take away the source of excess energy, and the population will die off, the same as any other species.

  5. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 10:42 am 

    Take away the source of excess energy, and the population will die off, the same as any other species.

    We have a winner—

  6. Dredd on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 2:13 pm 

    The big explosions will diminish the population.

  7. Theedrich on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 2:20 pm 

    Humane population control is nuclear war.  It stops lots of beating hearts.

  8. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 4:06 pm 

    Humans and our livestock now make up 97 percent of all animals on land. Wild animals (mammals and birds) have been reduced to a mere remnant: just 3 percent. This is based on mass. Humans and our domesticated animals outweigh all terrestrial wild mammals and birds 32-to-1.

    Its already over.

  9. Makati1 on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 6:52 pm 

    There will be no population problem by 2100. There will be no humans or large animals left on the planet. But the rodents and insects will quickly have the same problem. Evolution of the hardiest?

  10. onlooker on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 7:03 pm 

    Yes, fully agree Makati. With our continued assault on the Earth and contamination of it by 8 billion of usand the unleashing of climate mayhem, don’t expect too many higher life forms to be around. At best cockroaches
    they are hardy for sure

  11. DMyers on Sat, 16th Jun 2018 8:08 pm 

    Theedrich, in that one split second when your brain has a conscious recognition that your body in being incinerated, I have to wonder if you would describe those circumstances as humane.

  12. Kat C on Sun, 17th Jun 2018 3:47 am 

    DMeyers….think of it this way….we are all mortals, we all will die. The cause of death is birth. Most deaths are unpleasant. Deaths in the first world are often drawn out affairs. I spent years volunteering in nursing homes. Trust me, to be at ground zero and incinerated in a flash is a kinder death than years in a nursing home. I did Hospice volunteering for 10 years. Trust me death at ground zero is far kinder than death from cancer. I have worked in Haiti with dying children. Trust me death at ground zero is kinder than death from starving or tropical disease. Unfortunately should nuclear war break out, most will not be a ground zero. Die we all must do, the only variables are when, how and do we leave offspring.
    Sissyfuss loved your “if” comment
    Duncan, spot on. The trouble with humans is that we think we are not animals. Perhaps that helps with the awful knowledge we carry that we are mortal. Lots of ways to talk about that but this Onion clip uses humor to deal with it most effectively.
    Who would want to teach a gorilla it must die. Yet even though we push the knowledge back any way we can, we all know it. And people write living wills because they also know the danger of modern medicine to extend painful dying.

  13. Kenz300 on Sun, 17th Jun 2018 9:51 pm 

    Having a child that you can not provide for is just cruel.

  14. Kat C on Mon, 18th Jun 2018 3:29 am 

    Kenz300 AMEN

  15. Anonymouse1 on Mon, 18th Jun 2018 3:50 am 

    kenz is parrot who’s been spamming his handful of goofy homilies for years. And that is all he does. Then he will disappear for a while, comes back, and repeats his stock phrases over again. And no one ever responds to them, because everyone knows kenzbot is not to be taken seriously.

    Here is is rotating list.

    -Electric cars are “The future”
    -Hydrogen cars are “The future”
    -Fossil fuels are being abandoned in droves (don’t ask, just accept the wisdom of kenZtard that statement represents reality)
    -Poor people are too dumb to stop having so many children. Or just having children, period.

    Think that pretty much covers..all his tropes.

    So now you know.

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