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Page added on April 24, 2021

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The Great Reset: Davos Playbook


The World Economic Forum (WEF), a non-profit based in Geneva, states its mission as being “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.” Over the years, the annual WEF meeting held at Davos-Klosters, a Swiss mountain resort, has emerged as the world’s most prestigious gathering for its financial, technological and political elites.


The list of attendees for Davos 2020 (the 2021 event was held virtually) reads like no other; counting in it just about every major head of state from Donald Trump to Narendra Modi, heads of major multilateral organisations, some of the world’s biggest investors, representatives of major banking firms, leading lights from the worlds of economics, technology and law, as well as top executives of Fortune 500 companies, all of which, incidentally, are official partners of the WEF. In a display of the WEF’s global reach, the event was accompanied by virtual events in 430 cities across the world, pulling in thousands more attendees.

Later that year, as the world reeled from a series of unprecedented blows in the form of COVID-19, the lockdowns and the resultant social and economic crises, the WEF stepped into the vacuum created by these events to announce its ‘Great Reset’ initiative, the single most decisive and ambitious attempt by any organisation to shape the contours of the post-lockdown world.

What’s so great about The Great Reset?

Officially, the WEF describes the Great Reset as “a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.” On the surface, this seems like a commendable attempt to give direction and focus to the world in a time of chaos. Such is the vision articulated by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF, which held its 2021 summit on the theme of the Great Reset.

According to Schwab, in a world beset by a host of economic, social and environmental challenges, “The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit any more for the 21st century. We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years.” He called for the world to “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.”

Echoing these sentiments, Prince Charles, who announced the event along with Schwab, said: “In order to secure our future and to prosper, we need to evolve our economic model and put people and planet at the heart of global value creation.” António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, chimed in, “The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call. We must build more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and the many other global changes we face.”

In many ways, this rhetoric is indistinguishable from the language of bland do-goodism found in the proceedings of the UN or reports by international NGOs. But beyond rhetoric, what does the Great Reset have in store for the world, at least, as its originators would have it?

The Gameplan

How does the WEF imagine it would actually work itself out in terms of policies and institutional and structural changes? Here is how Schwab, who has personally conceptualised the Great Reset, and has even published a book on it explaining his ideas, describes its three main components:

Stakeholder economy: The first component consists of government policies that would steer the market toward “fairer outcomes”, ultimately to build a “stakeholder economy.” This calls for, among other things, improved government coordination (for example, in tax, regulatory, and fiscal policy), new rules governing intellectual property, trade, and competition, and reforms that promote more equitable outcomes, such as wealth taxes.

Shared goals: The second component of the Great Reset agenda is to ensure that investments advance shared goals that benefit the world at large. Among other things, this calls for the ambitious economic-stimulus plans announced by most major countries, as well as investments from private entities and pension funds, to be used to build a new, “socially equitable and environmentally sustainable global economy” that works in the long term.

Technology governance: The third priority of the Great Reset is to manage and direct the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ so that its disruptive impacts are minimised, and its benefits maximised. Among other things, the WEF calls for greater collaboration between governments, corporations, universities, research institutions etc., to achieve this. (The WEF’s advocacy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 was covered in detail in the first part of this series).

The Great Reheat?

Schwab’s book outlining his vision of the Great Reset has been touted as “the first policy book on the Covid crisis globally.” But given how comprehensively it deals with just about every aspect of governance and the economy, it’s clear that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Not surprising then, that it was published as early as June 2020, when the world was still reeling from the lockdowns. It’s actually a much-reheated dish, which recycles many of the ideas Schwab and the WEF has been championing for decades through a number of publications and events over the years. Of special interest among these is a 600-page report released as part of the WEF’s ‘Global Redesign Initiative,’ organised along with the United Nations in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, and described as “the most comprehensive proposal for re-designing global governance since the formulation of the U.N.”

All of the WEF’s proposals have more or less the same official line: a radical transformation of global systems in line with new technological, political and environmental realities. What is never mentioned is that this transformation, conceived and promoted by technocrats such as Schwab, and sponsored by global financial powers whose interests it is meant to serve, is to be executed top-down, ignoring democratic norms and bypassing parliament and other public institutions; a process euphemistically called ‘public-private partnership.’

The Great Reset in action

The WEF’s high profile but exclusive annual Davos event, now the top draw for political and policy leaders around the globe, is the most significant conduit through which the organisation influences government policies worldwide. Thanks to the intense media buzz it creates around these events, they also play a huge role in influencing the general public with the ideas it wants to promote.

At the moment, the WEF is actively injecting the idea of a ‘Great Reset’ into the mainstream through slickly produced video features and podcasts targeting the general public, apart from major features in such favoured outlets as The Economist and Time magazine. In fact, Time’s special issue on Davos 2020 was produced in partnership with the World Economic Forum (not coincidentally, Time’s owner Marc Benioff sits on the WEF board).

The WEF is also increasingly playing a hands-on role when it comes to the implementation of its agenda through a range of ‘strategic partnerships’ and affiliate programmes such as Global ShapersYoung Global Leaders and UpLink Platform which cover not just manufacturing and trade, but every field from governance to agriculture to health.

A particularly ambitious effort is its Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, which opened its India Centre in Mumbai in 2018, in partnership with NITI Aayog, India’s apex planning body, explicitly defining its mission as to “co-design, test and refine governance protocols and policy frameworks” that enable Industry 4.0.

Corporate Capture of Global Governance

The true significance of the Great Reset cannot be understood without knowing the history and agenda of its originator. The WEF started life in 1971 as the European Management Forum, the brainchild of Schwab, then a business professor at the University of Geneva. It later broadened its invitee list to include political leaders and its agenda to include “resolving international conflicts.” Afterwards, it introduced a membership system for the world’s 1,000 leading companies, and in 1987, changed its name to ‘World Economic Forum.’

Even though it claims to be “independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests,” by way of disclaimer, the fact is that the WEF organisation is the premier mouthpiece for global financial and corporate elites today. It’s a central player in a tightly-knit web of privately funded mega ‘non-profits’, ‘think tanks’ and assorted lobbying organisations through which the world’s power elite seek to shape policies and events to their advantage.

However, the WEF is not just any industry lobbying group. It can be argued that especially in the last decade or so, the Davos events have almost become a de facto world parliament, eclipsing even the UN General Assembly meetings in the breadth and depth of influence and prestige it commands.

Not content to project itself as a kind of faux-U.N. for plutocrats, in 2019, the WEF went one step ahead and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to officially partner with the UN. The move was widely condemned by hundreds of leading civil society organisations, who denounced it as “corporate capture of global governance,” which they said “delegitimises the UN and weakens the role of states in global decision-making.”

Furthermore, they point out that the agreement grants transnational corporations (not coincidentally, all WEF members) preferential access to the UN System, at the expense of states and public interest actors. A key agreement of the agreement are public-private partnerships to globally deliver public goods in many fields, including education, financing, climate change, and health.

The WEF calls itself “the international organisation for public-private cooperation.” As it turns out, their use of the definite article ‘the’ is more significant than it appears. One commentator recalled how the WEF’s Global Redesign Initiative report had “recommended a sort of public-private United “Nations” – something that has now been formalised in this MoU.”

Backed as it is by the full weight of some of the world’s most powerful financial interests and technology corporations, , the Great Reset is more than a theoretical construct or a techno-fantasy woven on the magic mountain of Davos.

And given the evident compliance of political and policy elites to this agenda, it very much has the power to remake the world in its image.


33 Comments on "The Great Reset: Davos Playbook"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 25th Apr 2021 2:05 am 

    Here is a totally different Great Reset coming up and diametrically opposed to what the Davos dreamers would love to see:

    “20 French Generals Sign Letter Condemning Oppression of Yellow Vests; Warn of Coming Race War”

    It is one thing if some asshole from Holland is predicting civil war as a result of reckless imposed diversity ideology for years on end, it is quite another if 20 French generals do the same:

    While the letter affirms that individuals of all skin colors and faiths have served the French flag, it attacks anti-racist ideology as anti-white, saying that its advocates “despise our country, its traditions, its culture, and want to see it dissolve by taking away its past and its history. Thus they attack us, through statues, ancient military and civilian glories by analyzing words that are centuries old.” By allowing these forces to advance, the letter promises that the end result will be a racial civil war.

    General Piquemal and others conclude their complaint by vowing that if the government remains negligent, the French military is ready to intervene if necessary on behalf of France’s civilizational values and the well-being of its citizens. This promise is open to interpretation, as it seems intended to be.

    The French military is issuing a thinly veiled threat for a coup d’état, a French word for a

  2. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 25th Apr 2021 2:53 am 

    For the record, most of what the Davos people say isn’t wrong. I can’t say that their objectives are sinister. It is true that the current industrial world and economic system is unsustainable and that it IS a good idea to use Covid for social and economic transformation.

    The main criticism towards Davos is that they fail to see important anti-globalist developments.

    What they fail to see is that Samuel Huntington is winning the battle against Karl Marx.

    The defeat of the US in Afghanistan at the hands of the Islamists is the defeat of Marx at the hands of Huntington. China, Islam and others couldn’t care less about what some privileged, self-styled global leaders have to say in posh Davos, who love to think they have the world in their pockets. What Davos fails to see is that Anglo-Zionist spearheaded globalism is dead in the water. Behind their backs, the old US-centric world order is melting like an ice cube in a cup of hot coffee. But the Davos people, with their environmentalism, ethno-communism, humanism, human rights, holocaust-religion and what not, are too political correct to see this happening. They love to see themselves as the pinnacle of humanity, where in reality they are presiding over a geopolitical train-wreck.

    Here the good French general from my previous post:

    Here the Chinese, yesterday:

    “Japan should drop illusion of military intervention in the Taiwan question”

    Here I want to tell those arrogant Japanese: Do not provoke China and stop going too far, just be a “semi-colony” of the US; once something goes wrong in the Taiwan Straits, stay away or else you are asking for a beating.

    That’s pretty martial stuff. Expect the Japanese NOT to intervene, comes push to shove.

    The Davos people are marching into irrelevance, because their geopolitical assumptions are baseless.

    “New York City is dead forever”

    “John Cleese: “London is no longer English City””

    The 2 capitals of globalism, NYC and London, just committed suicide. White flight is rampant, the cities are left to the coloreds. What could possibly go wrong?

    Globalism is out. The US is out. Jews are out. Post-Brexit Britain is out. Progressive ideologies are out.

    The new forces that matter are the post-Brexit EU and its world-conquering renewable energy strategy, China, a reborn, post-communist Russia, a resurging Islam, tribalism, populism. Multi-polar, identitarian world order.

    Sorry Klaus Schwab, no cigar.

  3. Theedrich on Sun, 25th Apr 2021 5:15 pm 

    Derek Chauvin the scapegoat has been sacrificed. The way the Marxist Democrats did it was as follows:  They had their media hirelings first tell the masses that “another” Negro had been killed by “another” garden variety White cop, “as usual.”  Then they took the cellphone video made by a teenage Negress of Chauvin kneeling on the felon’s neck.  All of the weak-minded viewers, especially White women squeamish at any sight of force, jumped to the conclusion that the police officer knew ahead of time that the darkie would die, and was intentionally killing him.  Why did they think this?  Because the media had already told them that a White cop had taken the life of an innocent Black who had only committed an excusable picadillo.  (Of course the media did not show the entire video of the Afroid fighting and resisting the police before the kneeling part.  Mustn’t detract from the narrative!)

    At the actual time of the incident, the Negroid was not yet dead.  Nor did anyone know that he was high on meth and fentanyl and had a bad heart.  Chauvin certainly did not expect the criminal to die.  After all, many, many similar kneeling events had been performed before by the Minneapolis and other police forces, with no long-lasting effects.  Had the officer had any idea of what was about to ensue, he certainly would not have used that common procedure so long, or maybe even at all.

    But remember:  the masses watching on TV were seeing the action AFTER it had occurred, and in the context of the media’s sly malinterpretation, whereas for the police on the scene it was impossible to predict the future, especially in a situation of violent confrontation — which, again, the masses were not allowed to see.  Thus it was an almost automatic consequence that the unthinking viewers projected their own media-prepared conclusion onto Chauvin, assuming that he did know what was about to happen, and was therefore guilty of murder.  Exactly as the media operatives had engineered the brainwash.

    The media then showed the same video with the same deliberate misinterpretation again and again, ad nauseam.  The politicos arranged for the now pre-convicted Chauvin to be tried in the Communist, White-genosuicidist city of Minneapolis instead of a neutral venue.  An incompetent defense attorney was employed, and the trial (jury being 7 women, 5 men — 3 of them Negroes) was held amidst much weeping and gnashing of teeth about systemic White racism after Democrat-inspired riots had raged through the city for months, intimidating any conceivable juror (especially the women) who might even think about not convicting on all absurd counts.  The dead criminal was turned into a saint, almost a god.  President Biden said he was praying for the “right” (i.e., anti-White) verdict.  Negroid Representative Maxine Waters flew in and threatened more riots if it did not happen.  In the end, the predetermined verdict was that Chauvin had a “depraved mind” (like all Whites except Democrats) and had to be cornholed by Negroes in prison for the rest of his life.  The Leftist judge agreed and denied the request for a mistrial.

    Yes, it was a great show trial.  It would have made Stalin proud.

  4. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 1:28 pm 

    Fuck Derek Chauvin. I’m not going to say he got what he deserved because what he deserves he’ll get in prison – huge black cocks violently forced up his ass while he cries for his mommy. Who knows, maybe Derek will like it. Maybe he already does & has for years.

    Theedrich, no one needs you to interpret the video footage that they can see for themselves. Stop acting like you were there & saw the whole deal.

    Why weren’t you summoned to testify as eye witness?

    Because you weren’t there.

    Also, stop pretending you’re an expert on police procedure.

    Do you have any evidence that indicates no other suspect who had his neck kneeled upon while being apprehended never suffered a serious injury or died?

    Let’s say the incidences of serious injury or death via neck kneeling by cop are rare.

    Did you ever stop & think it might be because less dumb cops only use that technique for the shortest length of time necessary (1-2 min) to constrain the suspect?

    Did you ever stop & think less dumb cops would take the pressure off the suspects neck when the suspect says they can’t breath?

    Does it sound reasonable, given all we know of human physiology, that a human, any human, might struggle to breath when a full grown man is kneeling on their neck for 9 minutes? Hell 30 seconds.

    Theedrich, why don’t you grow a pair & just say you hate niggers, are glad your Chauvinistic pig murdered George Floyd & you would love to see all blacks and the rest of the humans on your long hate hit list die too?

    This place is not twitter or youtube or CNN, etc. Anything goes here, yet you’re still hiding & pretending with your bunk rationalizations & self appointed expert status.

    You’ve been hiding for so long that when finally given a platform for no-holds-barred free speech you can’t remove your mask.

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 6:49 pm 


    Baby who died in January is B.C.’s youngest COVID-19 victim, officials say

    Emily Viegas, 13, is one of the youngest Canadians to die from COVID-19



  6. makati1 on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 8:00 pm 

    People who wear face diapers are stupid sheep, waiting to be slaughtered by their masters, the elite. This is just the usual flu with paid off prestitutes behind the fear and a lifetime government whore lying his ass off. Yes I am talking about “Dr” Ant Fucker who is pulling down $500,000 plus, per year, to lead the sheep off the cliff. Suckers!

    BTW: Over 3,000,000 people die EVERY YEAR in the US of something. Between 22,000 and 60,000 from the normal flu annually, yet last year there were ZERO recorded ‘normal’ flus. Where did they go? Into the Covid numbers along with any death they could claim from other causes!

    Always do the math, people! Only suckers believe the M$M propaganda.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 8:12 pm 

    How can a gang of fuck heads reset the mighty & all powerful capitalist system with it’s guiding “invisible hand” & magic “market forces”?

    If Claus & his retard friends can cast their little woo woo system reset spell, then all the capitalist dogma don’t mean shit & never did. LMAO – a life time of religious like worshipping of a fictional system they drummed into your heads since before y’all could walk . Same as all your stupid fucking gods. Thousands of them pulled straight from some hustler’s ass & served up to the dupes as the one & only truth. How many wars has there been over these cartoon gods?

    Capitalism folds like a cheap suit & so does it’s legions of true believer monkey people.

    Reset my ass. Limits to Growth just kicked y’all in the nuts.

    The reasons the hystericals love the reset story is because reset implies y’all could get back to economic growth & goodies by fighting (whining & moaning online) & defeating your preferred (based on political leanings) evil overlords. Plus y’all just love the drama of conspiracies & that heady rush of self righteousness you get by penciling yourself into every narrative as the morally pure victim and or martyr.

    It’s never coming back no matter how big of a temper tantrum y’all throw. The party is over & your bill is due.

    Hell, it actually ended 12-13 years ago, but we printed ourselves an extension.

    Won’t you tell me?

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 10:38 pm 

    Mak your shoelaces are rotting away from being soaked in drool the last 14 months. Might want take your foot out of your mouth now.

  9. makati1 on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 10:53 pm 

    Hahahahaha! I don’t wear shoes here in the Philippines. But you keep looking in the mirror and thinking everyone looks like you. It’s running don your chin again. LOL

    But then, sheeple all have that problem.

  10. makati1 on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 11:00 pm 

    BTW: I’m forced to use a 300 peso ($6) emergency keyboard until I can get to Manila for a better one. Our cat jumped on the good one and many keys no longer work. Excuse any missing letters. ^_^

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 26th Apr 2021 11:01 pm 

    Duh me name Mak… it jus Duh flu. Me no, me skool book learned in Duh USA Duh Duh me mak own Duh cumputer… me no stuff Duh Duh…..

    Coronavirus ‘swallowing’ people in India; crematoriums overwhelmed

    The 349,691 new infections brought India’s total to more than 16.9 million, behind only the United States. The Health Ministry reported another 2,767 deaths in the past 24 hours, pushing India’s fatalities to 192,311.

    ‘Please’: India doctors panic, plead for oxygen as COVID-19 breaks health system

    “Please send oxygen to us,” he said with folded hands and a choked voice. “My patients are dying.”

    3,133,637 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of April 27, 2021, 03:13 GMT.

    There are currently 148,480,035 confirmed cases in 220 countries and territories . The fatality rate is still being assessed.

    jus duh flu…duh duh

  12. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 2:20 am 

    Bombshell! I have posted this a few days ago from some obscure site and it was ignored by all international media, until finally the DailyMail picked it up:

    “Twenty retired French generals call for MILITARY RULE in the country if President Macron cannot halt society’s ‘disintegration’ caused by Islamists – sparking political uproar ahead of elections”

    The French military openly threatening with a coup d’état if these goddam muslims aren’t kept out of the country. Europe is moving towards the right, the hard right if necessary and the first thing we are going to do is kick the Anglos out and burn down their media whore houses, that around the clock broadcast multicult and “anti-racism”.

    Brexit and Taiwan are precisely the required focal points on both ends of Eurasia to force the Anglos into war… and take them out, by unleashing white nationalism and secession in the US.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 3:53 am 

    “Canadian city Hamilton opens up vaccine eligibility to people 18 and over in outbreak hot spots, as long as they aren’t WHITE”

    It’s time for Euro-Canadians to bury Canada once and for all, that anti-white hate state. With 10 million km2 and merely 33 million population and with northern latitudes becoming every more interesting as new Lebensraum in the light of climate change, there is more than enough space to realize a Euro-Canadian ethno-state, just give Europe a call and we’ll send an expedition force to give you a leg up. This could be the moment for Euro-Canadians to join their fellow Euro-Americans, who will do the same.

    In related news, former UK colony Canada now living up to the REAL history of WW2:

    “British Jews, Churchill, and the Second World War”

    WW2, in reality a war between the Jews and their Anglo and Soviet proxies and the core of the white race, Europe. The results of WW2 and the US empire and its dollars are now going to be rolled back, by the combined force of the EU, Russia and China. Brexit is a great help too in defining the battle lines of the upcoming WW3-CW2.

  14. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 4:21 am 

    English wokeness in overdrive, gravity now “racist, based on colonialism”:

    “Gravity is racist? Sheffield Uni. wants disclaimers on Isaac Newton’s theories, says he benefited from ‘colonial activity’ – media”

    Anglos easy geopolitical meat for Eurasians. My only worry about WW3 is that Anglos will refuse to show

  15. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 5:14 am 

    East-Asian sabre rattling continues. This just in:

    “Why US will lose a war with China over Taiwan island”

    Why? The article gives the valid reasons:

    All the while the balance of power has shifted fundamentally. The US would be wise to regard China as a peer superpower, if only due to her casualty-tolerance – China’s decisive advantage in any fight with the US. China also shares a binding mutual defense treaty with North Korea, and the depths of its friendship and security bonds with Russia should never be underestimated.

    Exactly right.

    The US can take 40-100k deaths and that’s it. China can take millions.

    Both Russia and China know they can only survive together. A war in the Ukraine will trigger a war in the SCS and vice versa.

    And there is another argument. China is internally more stable than the US, that is divided to the core over race. So is China (or every other country), but China’s is almost exclusively Han-Chinese, where Uighurs are only a small minority. The US is split 50-50. Clear advantage for China.

    The war in the SCS could be triggered by Taiwan declaring itself independent.

    China has a gigantic Eurasian hinterland, inaccessible for Anglos, who just got their behinds kicked by Assad and the Taliban. Iraq and Syria are basically Iranian proxies. KSA is a candidate to be toppled by the Muslim Brotherhood, aided by Iran and Turkey.

    The US merely has Taiwan and the Philippines from which to attack China, but the US can be kicked out from both places by the Red Army. The US is handicapped by very long supply lines. And forget about Japan, that will not lend itself as the US its unsinkable aircraft carrier against China.

  16. makati1 on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 5:52 am 

    The US navy admirals know that they cannot get closer than Guam (~2,000 miles) to China without their carriers and ships being sunk. The US will not get involved when China takes Taiwan back. That is my bet.

    Nor will they take on Russia in Ukraine or Iran in the ME. The US has no real military, just guys/gals/? who couldn’t get a job on the outside. Most military age Amerikan are not fit for service. Poles say about 70% unfit. The US is a dying country with delusions of grandeur. LOL

  17. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 6:46 am 

    “The US will not get involved when China takes Taiwan back. That is my bet. The US is a dying country with delusions of grandeur. LOL”

    Those delusions of grandeur could be precisely the reason why the US would bite after all.

    But indeed, I do not expect an all-out, old school war either, 70-30.

    Having said that, the US could be tempted to start a war of blockades and interrupt supplies to China from far-away places like the Gulf. Such a conflict would harm the position of the dollar in Eurasia.

    China taking back Taiwan would be an enormous loss of face of the US, even if it doesn’t fight.

    I think the dilemma for the US is very real. They have no good options.

  18. makati1 on Tue, 27th Apr 2021 3:55 pm 

    Biden’s, “… a war of blockades and interrupt supplies to China from far-away places like the Gulf.”

    That would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Who supplies Amerika with MOST of the stuff it needs? CHINA! About $500,000,000,000. worth per year alone or $1,500 per man, woman and child in Amerika. Mostly electronics like the PC you are typing on or your TV, car parts, rare earth for everything electronic, etc.. If not the whole thing, then the parts or raw materials.

    Can the US handle four real wars at one time? China and Taiwan, Russia in the Ukraine, Iran attacking Israel, and North Korea attacking South Korea and Japan? That could be the way it happens. Those four are out to take down terrorist Amerika, and about time. Pass the popcorn.

    “I think the dilemma for the US is very real. They have no good options.” I agree. They are losing all over the world and the world is watching. Pass the popcorn.

  19. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 28th Apr 2021 1:24 am 

    China putting up pressure on Taiwan by flying below their radar:

    “Chinese spy planes try to fly under Taiwan’s radar”

    “Taiwan says China waging economic warfare against tech sector”

    One of the biggest incentives for China to go after Taiwan is its world-class microchip industry (enabled by technology from my hometown Eindhoven-Holland, but I digress).

    The Australian government is nervous, they should be:

    “Australia: Security official warns of ‘drums of war'”

  20. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 29th Apr 2021 1:08 am 

    Biden USA – whites need not apply:

    “Biden singles out ‘white supremacist terrorism’ as the most lethal threat to America, as he pushes for gun control & police reform”

    “‘The future will belong to America!’ Biden promises joint session of Congress in 1st speech since taking office”

    No you won’t. The entire world is now going to make a sport of it to show that the future doesn’t belong to the US, meaning to the US oligarchs. The US is playing with fire by even daring to suggest openly that they somehow “lead” the world. The US is on the course of self-destruction by attempting to push through a racial-bolshevik revolution, that is destined to fail, as people all over the world are tribal and have a group identity, that sets them apart from the rest.

    “China launches core module of its planned PERMANENT space station into orbit”

    Russia and China are building separate space stations for themselves, without the US.

  21. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 29th Apr 2021 1:50 am 

    This just in: a highly emotional Taiwanese official warns he will “fight to the end”

    “Taiwan: ‘China preparing for final military assault'”

    Well, for Taiwan, the end IS near, after Hong Kong fairly easily disappeared into the belly of the Red Dragon, without Anglos giving a peep.

    The moment of European liberation from the Anglo-Zionists and their globalism pestilence is near. And even for North-American white nationalists this would eventually mean liberation, after considerable hardship of new nation building(s) in North-America, as well as huge loss of status and dollar reserve currency. Perhaps you’re lucky and we let you pay in euro’s.

    And the Australians, the biggest losers in the upcoming drama, are preparing for the worst:

    “What war between Australia and China could look like if Taiwan conflict escalates”

    If Australia really would be so stupid to fire a single shot in the SCS, expect China not to stop until Chinese military boots have arrived at the shores of South Australia.

  22. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 29th Apr 2021 5:10 am 

    Globalism, in its origins, it is 19th century British:

    “How the British Invented Globalism”

    At the beginning of the 20th century, US Jews would aspire to take over from Britain, obtained the US purse in 1913 (FED), US government (1933) and finally the US empire in 1945, taking over from Britain, the American useful idiot.

    Until today, but not for much longer.

    British Empire: coal and steam and absolutely nothing else.

    American Empire: oil and gas and absolutely nothing else.

    But since the world has run out of steam, coal, gas and oil, we can safely kiss our Anglo friends goodbye as geopolitical top dogs.

    He who masters a new form of energy first, will be the next geopolitical top dog. May the best geopolitical top dog win.

  23. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 29th Apr 2021 6:14 am 

    The Guardian is promoting an independent Scotland, within the EU:

    “EU should ‘hang out welcome sign’ for an independent Scotland”

    They hate Boris Johnson THAT much.

  24. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 1st May 2021 6:04 am 

    A “Great Reset” of a somewhat different kind:

    “March dedicated to Waffen-SS Division Galicia held in Kyiv”

    Neocon Victoria Nuland might have 2nd thoughts about the anti-Moscow revolution she admittedly prepared:

    The Ukrainians have terrible memories of communism and saw the invading Germans in 1941 as liberators. Many cities in the western Ukraine had German names like Lemberg (Lvov) or Czernowitz (Chernivtsi). The Ukraine is hands down the most right-wing country in Europe, even before Italy and suffer zero from political correctness. A pity though that these folks have a hard time understanding that Putin-Russia is NOT the USSR.

  25. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 1st May 2021 6:21 am 

    US “defense ministry” cancels Trump’s wall project at southern border:

    Will be replaced with a doormat with “Welcome” on it.

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    In the good old days that poem was inscribed into the socket of the Liberty Statue, to welcome poor folks from Europe. But since today no European in his right mind would contemplate moving to Nigeria, Bolivia or the US, perhaps this poem can earn a 2nd lease to life at the border with Mexico.

    The poem was written by a Emma Lazarus, who happened to be Jewish, but I’m sure that’s a coincidence. Anything else would be antisemitic, and we’re all glad we’re not like that.

    Her wiki page says that she was an “activist” (for jewish, not gentile, causes).

  26. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 1st May 2021 12:51 pm 

    “I’m telling you, in Britain we’re doomed!”


    …says host Jeremy Clarkson of the popular British car show “Top Gear”, after seeing the majestic Chinese highway system.

  27. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 2nd May 2021 3:20 am 

    The French and Taiwanese are pushing China and America into war via Taiwanese independence:

    “China opposes US’ unprecedented meeting invitation to Taiwan rep in France, calling it endorsement for Taiwan secessionists”

    Why China wants Taiwan. It is NOT about acquiring yet another 24 million people, China has enough of those. No, it is this:

    Taiwan owns 50% of the world microchip market. The US is almost completely dependent on Taiwanese chips. FOR EVERYTHING. If China owns Taiwan, China has the US completely by the balls.

  28. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 2nd May 2021 4:47 am 

    Kissinger peeing in his pants for war against China:

    “Kissinger warns of ‘colossal’ risks in US-China tensions”

    “US envoy in Paris meets with Taiwan counterpart”

    “The US, from [former US secretary of state] Mike Pompeo to [US Secretary of State] Antony Blinken, has shown that it will no longer accept the threatening behavior that China has used in the past” to discourage interactions with Taiwan, Wu said.

    Wu from Taiwan is clearly attempting to use the US air-force against China. Of course, he does. If China invades Taiwan, the entire Taiwanese government will end up in a labor camp, next to Uighurs.

  29. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 3rd May 2021 3:16 am 

    “Ain’t no black in the Union Jack …”

    Black students in London protest against British flag as “offensive”.

    Mass immigration is bringing in your future enemy within in the borders of what once was your country (Native Americans are excused to snicker at this point).

    This entire George Soros commie One Borderless World NWO thingy was based on the idea that you can strip off your identity like a dirty t-shirt and put it in the washing machine to white or brown-wash it in 30 minutes. Just accept your new passport and already you are an American.

    Truth is, you can’t. Race is very real and based on tens of thousands of years of separate development.

    For the idiots who embraced this media-promoted ideology, first and foremost Anglos, it will be all down-hill from here, a countdown to the inevitable separation and horrors that will come with this operation.

    The winners will be the mono-racial states, first and foremost China, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain.

    Perhaps western European countries, suffering under the US yoke, can motivate themselves to what they already did in 1942.

    Especially France is on the verge of systemic change:

    “French Generals Warn for Civil War, Threaten Military Coup”

  30. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 3rd May 2021 4:28 am 

    “In Conflicts From Ukraine to Taiwan, the West Needs a Strategy”


    In the good old days it were the likes of (((Bloomberg))) that did the strategy writing. The very fact that they now ask very fundamental questions is a clear sign they don’t have any answers. So much for the invincible Chosenites. Fortunately they have me around for some hard-hitting answers.

    Here it comes, that new strategy:

    Abolish the West and make way for the North.

    Simply admit that your diversity is just as a failed ideology as was your Bolshevism.

    Jump over your own kosher shadow and go pick apples in some kibbutz in Upstate New York. You can have that state as the new Israel, because Palestine is going to be a neo-Ottoman province soon.

    Just let America fracture without civil war and without a pogrom, as happened to the USSR in 1991.

    Be wise for a change. Let the EU team up with Russia in order to build a geopolitical counterweight against a rising China and prevent a Chinese-owned planet. Let former US red states join that new (=old) core of white civilization.

    Admit that your Marx lost on all counts and that Samuel Huntington won.

    Multi-polar world is next. Pecking order:

    1. Greater Europe + North-American white annex
    2. China
    3. Islam
    4. India
    5. Hispanic world
    6. Asean
    7. Japan
    8. Black Africa
    9. Left-overs in Oceania, Greenland, etc.

    Close-down NYC, if it hasn’t already and move global institutions to Astana in Kazakhstan in the middle of Eurasia, equidistant of Europe, China and India.

    Have a new security council, no longer occupied by its current members, as defined by the outcome of WW2, but by the 9 mentioned above.

  31. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 3rd May 2021 5:02 am 

    Coming up: the “United Statelets of Europe” (USE)

    Freddy Heineken, who gained some global notoriety from his yellow beverage, once drew a map of Europe, consisting of many small new statelets. Even his native tiny Netherlands fell victim to the virtual knife of the Dutch beer magnate:

    Could it be that the immanent dismemberment of the UK will set an example for the rest of Europe and kill old-school nationalism once and for all and paving the way for a new European Union, consisting of 50 or more small, mostly hyperconservative, identitairian, chauvinistic statelets, kept together by a trans-national European elite?

  32. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 3rd May 2021 11:01 am 

    Reps still owned by grassroot Trump supporters:

    “Romney booed, called a traitor during fiery Utah conference”

  33. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 4th May 2021 3:55 am 

    Biden will allow 4 times as many future Democrats voters (“refugees”) into the US as previously planned:

    Meanwhile in Taiwan…

    “Taiwan Standoff Could Initiate End of American Era”

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