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Page added on November 25, 2011

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Study Funded By National Science Foundation Concludes: ‘Global Warming Rate Less Than Feared’


As serious scientists pull back from the alarmist predictions of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and from the extreme policy pronouncements of left-wing lobby groups, the complex reality of climate is starting to emerge.

AFP reports today, “Global warming rate less than feared: study”:

High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may have less of an impact on the rate of global warming than feared, a study said Thursday.

The authors of the study funded by the US National Science Foundation stressed that global warming is real, and that increases in atmospheric CO2, which has doubled from pre-industrial standards, will have multiple serious impacts.

But the more severe estimates, such as those put forth by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, are unlikely, the researchers found in their study published in the journal Science….

Schmittner noted that many previous studies only looked at periods spanning from 1850 to today, thus not taking into account a fully integrated paleoclimate date on a global scale.

Critics of the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) have long argued that climate change alarmists have ignored inconvenient data. That is starting to change–and so are the predictions.

We now await Al Gore’s pronouncement that Science is a disreputable publication, AFP a corrupt wire service, and the National Science Foundation a haven of Holocaust denial.

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11 Comments on "Study Funded By National Science Foundation Concludes: ‘Global Warming Rate Less Than Feared’"

  1. BillT on Fri, 25th Nov 2011 1:53 pm 

    Key to the Spin…. “National”. Enough said from the ‘Big Oil’ country that is pillaging small countries to keep it’s oil habit fed.

  2. Johny K. on Fri, 25th Nov 2011 10:16 pm 

    Less than feared? So, Arctic ocean will be ice free in only 5 years, not 4.

    And after about 100 years, that means-in 2100, only 5 continents will turn into desert, and not 6, as we feared. Antarctica will be spared!

  3. kiwichick on Fri, 25th Nov 2011 10:43 pm 


    we are saved!!!!!

  4. PM on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 12:13 am 

    Funny how the followers og AGW dogma get presented fact after fact showing they are wrong and their camp has been caught lying and manipulating time after time and yet they cling on.
    AZGW believers simply act like cult members.

  5. PrestonSturges on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 2:02 am 

    Well in the national paper where I follow the comments, AGW denial consists of the same three feces slinging conspiracy nuts that show up for every other issue. So some people with actual credentials will need to be making the case.

  6. PrestonSturges on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 2:09 am 

    Given that this is a link to Breitbart, which is in turn a link to Americans For Prosperity, this follows the general pattern of AGW denier victory dance over a paper that says nothing like what they claim.

    We’ve been seeing that every 2 weeks for how many years?

  7. PrestonSturges on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 4:21 am 

    Yep usual dishonest crap.

    And the fact that Breitbart did not include a link is the warning sign that this is the usual AGW denial crap.

    “…..Their conclusion was that carbon dioxide may not cause temperature swings as big as the largest projected increases, but that even the slightly smaller changes may cause nearly apocalyptic damage anyway……

    ………”It shows that even very small changes in the ocean’s surface temperature can have an enormous impact elsewhere, particularly over land areas at mid- to high-latitudes,” he added.

    Schmittner said continued unabated fossil fuel use could lead to similar warming of the sea surface as reconstruction shows happened between the Last Glacial Maximum and today.

    “Hence, drastic changes over land can be expected,” he said. “However, our study implies that we still have time to prevent that from happening, if we make a concerted effort to change course soon…..”

  8. PrestonSturges on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 4:22 am 

    Sorry did not mean to put the paragraph “their conclusion was…” in quotes.

  9. PrestonSturges on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 4:46 am 

    USA Today wasn’t bad

    The study assumes the last great Ice Age is a good model for future warming, and that there is no positive feedback for global warming (melting arctic, methane release, ocean acidification dissolving the coral reefs).

    And they aren’t saying that doubling CO2 won’t drown most of the worlds great cities. In fact, they think that the great ice age was caused by a drop of 2 degrees, while doubling CO2 will cause and increase of 2.4 to 5 degrees, and this doubling will have enormous impacts.

    Basically they are saying that maybe it’ll be a hundred years before New York City drowns, assuming there are no positive feedbacks in the warming process (which seems like whistling past the grave yard to me.)

  10. fecteau on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 2:04 pm 

    The article claims that warming will be less than what’s predicted by the IPCC. It base that prediction on the fact that historically much smaller temperature changes have resulted in far worse climate changes. It that is correct, we are in even more trouble than preducted by the IPCC.

  11. Kenz300 on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 9:51 pm 

    Consider the source……

    More right wing Republican spin.

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