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Page added on May 15, 2019

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Secret Exxon Research from 1982 Reveals Some Startlingly Accurate Predictions for Today


A document entitled CO2 “Greenhouse” Effect, A Technical Review, Prepared by the Coordination and Planning Division, Exxon Research and Engineering Company, April 1, 1982, which is accompanied by a covering letter authored by Marvin B. Glaser, Manager of Environmental Affairs Programs, and dated November 12, 1982, begins stating:

“The material has been given wide circulation to Exxon management and is intended to familiarize Exxon personnel with the subject. It may be used as a basis for discussing the issue with outsiders as may be appropriate. However, it should be restricted to Exxon personnel and not distributed externally.”

The technical review which follows includes a summary which begins by noting that the previous 25 years before 1982 have seen an 8% rise in atmospheric CO2 to 340 parts per million, “a trend which began in the middle of the last century with the start of the Industrial Revolution.”

It goes on to further state that “The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is of concern since it can affect global climate.” It estimates a doubling of CO2 content to occur “around the year 2090 based upon fossil fuel requirements projected in Exxon’s long-range energy outlook.”


4 Comments on "Secret Exxon Research from 1982 Reveals Some Startlingly Accurate Predictions for Today"

  1. Robert Inget on Thu, 16th May 2019 10:19 am 

    Oil majors don’t live human life-spans. Most intend to survive for hundreds of years.
    Corporate research men and women in those white coats are paid to tell the truth to employers.

    GUYs in suits are paid Not to be truthful.
    After that report Exxon spent hundreds of millions
    trying to refute the very science they knew to be accurate. (Many thought science was flawed)

    For different reasons, AGW Deniers are still getting air time.
    In some ways Exxon’s viewpoint is as least understandable. Exxon had bidness to lose,
    profits to evaporate.

    But why Joe & Jane six-pack much less POTUS,
    STILL BELIEVE GW is a Chinese hoax is something
    to wonder at while we watch their houses float away or entire cities burn.

  2. Robert Inget on Thu, 16th May 2019 11:25 am 

    It’s all China’s and India’s fault-;)
    With 2.5 Billion ChIndia has ALREADY exceeded the US in consumption, imports.

    In no time flat, EVERY barrel of exportable crude oil will go to ChIndia.

    Consumption rises. Production falls.
    Do the math.

    At this point, only oil-sands, as hated as they
    are can pull this turkey from the fat.

    Today, those oil sands are in Venezuela, Canada.

    The US not only NEEDS China to finance our economy we need that Venezuelan crude we’ve permitted to slip through our fingers.

    THAT’s Gone. No more Venezuelan imports not
    priced in yuan.

    China, always thinking ahead, is angling to pay Canada to enlarge an already existing pipeline
    to the coast of BC. Then, if TMP goes through
    China controls BOTH of the last great sources of
    heavy oil in North and South America.

    China can, on open markets, buy stakes in the following companies;

  3. Robert Inget on Thu, 16th May 2019 11:36 am 

    Rejecting NG pipelines will have unexpected
    Making needed shifts from crude oil to gas requires more not fewer pipelines.


    New York
    In an unsurprising move, the New York state authorities rejected a proposal for a new natural gas pipeline that would have supplied 400 million cu ft of natural gas daily to the state where energy demand is growing, but so is fossil fuel opposition on the highest political level.

    Reuters quotes the New York Department of Environmental Conservation as saying in its reasons for the rejection of the Williams project that “Construction of the proposed project would result in significant water quality impacts from the re-suspension of sediments and other contaminants, including mercury and copper.”

    A spokesman for Williams called the issue raised by the regulator “minor” and said the company would resubmit its application and expect to get al necessary permits “quickly.”

  4. Chrome Mags on Thu, 16th May 2019 9:08 pm 

    I would think it’s a difficult situation for the Fox News watcher, Trump follower, Alt Right enthusiast that adores corporations, especially those that do the most environmental damage, that is also in denial about GW, to realize that one of their highest esteemed corporations, Exxon, put out a report long ago that supports the idea of CO2 as a greenhouse gas. That really needs to be spun somehow for those people to mean something completely different.

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