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Page added on April 16, 2018

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Saving our World


The warnings were plentiful. The limits were clearly defined. We have long understood how to keep the Earth’s average temperature from reaching dangerous levels. But as greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continue to trap more heat, we’re now face-to-face with the volatile climate, intense heat waves, and large-scale storms scientists predicted decades ago. Substantial damage is already locked in, even if emissions — the cause of the problem — are quickly cut. The question is no longer whether we can prevent a climate crisis. It’s: Now what? Scientists, planners, engineers, and entrepreneurs are developing solutions and adaptations to address this new reality. But surviving in an inevitably harsher environment will require fundamental changes to the way we eat, live, build, and power the world.

6 Comments on "Saving our World"

  1. Davy on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 7:46 am 

    More like “Saving our Asses” “Environment and civilization Trade-offs” The delusional scientific science denying community thinks they can embrace science when they are determining problems but then deny science when they are proposing solutions. That is the crux of the problem at hand. What is called for is “real” green behavioral changes. We have too many fake green rich liberal types who love to embrace green efforts because it is easy and enjoyable. These people enjoy spending money and feeling good. They then act self-righteous and without sin. What could be better than being rich and feeling good about ones efforts and at the same time contempt for the others? That said nothing is worse than the science denying other side except that they are honest about who they are and what they are doing. They just are delusional about science. They use science when it serves their agenda and deny it when it doesn’t. The rich science denying conservatives even go a step further and use their money to attack real greens and real science.

    What we need to do is prepare hospices and lifeboats because bad things are ahead. People are going to die but many can be helped. We need to realize our civilization will likely not make it to the end of the century. Collapse may come much sooner for a variety of reasons. Real green behavior is embracing less affluence in relative sacrifice. This is the key to demand management that must be embraced if new technologies that are less potent will have a chance to help us along until the bottom falls out of the life boats we build. It is about demand management within localism. It is about some technology but also about rejecting technology and fake efficiency which is really just more with more. It goes further than that and involves reconnecting to the natural cycles of life like the carbon, hydrologic, and the life cycle of the planetary ecosystem locally. We are not talking global environmental engineering scams. We are talking real people doing small things in small places. This also means depopulating mega urban areas. It involves embracing population shrinking policies. We are talking proper human scale in relation to real human communities. Everything must shrink except our spirituality which we can expand with honest wisdom. This honest wisdom acknowledges our past sins and is humble about our future of less. This future of less includes more pain and suffering because it acknowledges we are in overshoot. This overshoot is the consequence of both population and consumption overshoot. This wisdom attempts to transcend the finger pointing game of blame and complain that most fake greens and dirty human traditionalist play. This is truly for enlightened humans who stop the games and the lies.

    Now the sad part. None of this is going to happen in the market based liberal democracy of our current civilization that is locked into competitive cooperation. This system is corrupted and fake and it is a Ponzi end game. All sides liberal and conservative are in denial. Science and academia are in denial. Religion is in denial. The political industrial system is locked into influence peddling and wealth transfer. We have old people who are rich and know they are going to die soon who like their cushy life and have no motivation to give it up hence the same old extend and pretend policies. We have the young locked into the victimization politics and spoiled rotten. This is just the 1% of the world we are all a part of here. If you have electricity and a computer and are reading this you are the 1%. We then have the other 99% that want to live like the 1% and have not even been educated about what is coming and why we got here. We have a globalized world in overshoot with population and consumption unable to change both for reasons of behavior and physics. This includes the poor 99% who live on little and take little to live on but are just as vulnerable as the other 99% who overconsume and will struggle to live with less. Both will face starvation because below the ego there is the same body.

    This is one big catch 22 that is barreling towards a wall of limits and consequences. It will end tragically but this end is normal and necessary. This is and has always been the case for species in overshoot. It is nature’s way. The important thing for us honest individuals is scale of time and proportionality. We can make a difference in our little localized world. We can collapse in place in relative sacrifice. We can live in the status quo to leave it. We can seek to have more spiritually as we accept less materially. We can yield to the bigger forces beyond our control. We can embrace meaning and honesty while showing compassion and empathy for fellow humans and our local environment. Most of all we can quit playing the self-righteous blame and complain game that is now completely overtaken human interactions everywhere and at all levels. There is no way this can end well for anyone because we all depend on each other rich and poor alike. The best thing for the individual to do is prepare for hard times ahead. Prepare for a decaying planetary ecosystem and a civilization in decline. The alternative is doing what everyone else is doing in the herd and that is denial and one-upmanship.

    Either way we are all going to die. Death is the great equalizer and complete honesty. So I guess it does not matter one way or another. I guess it is a choice of do I want to be more enlightened or less. Do I want to be more a part of nature and her systems or less? Do I want to die in denial and delusions of a fake world that was sold to me by thieves and liars? I am going to die here in place excepting what “we” “I” have done. I am trying to be more “real” green where I can. I am trying to teach those who listen there is another way and another reality. I am trying to construct a modern day monastery of artifacts to leave the next generation because not everything from modern man was wrong and bad. Is what I said above right? Maybe some of it but at least I am calling into question everything and humbly saying modern man is wrong on so many levels but thinks he is right on most of those same levels.

  2. Estamos Jodidos on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 9:12 am 

    What Davy said.

  3. Jef on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 9:29 am 

    Good one Davy. First do no harm.

    My biggest fear is not so much the consequences of AGW although they will be hellish. It is the fact that we, mankind are going to make it 10 times more ugly than it has to be for most people in order for a handful of “special” people to stay on top to the end.

  4. Boat on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 10:10 pm 


    Your exactly right. The most modern, rich, tech advanced and smart countries will handle climate change better than poor third world countries. Fair or not.

  5. john kelley on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 11:21 pm 

    Davy I like the way you talk .I always feel like we could figure this out but even if we did nobody would listen let alone take action.Like you said we can prepare to collapse in place.I love that.Thank you for taking the time to spell that out for us.Just when I was getting so discouraged with the comments on this site you came along and said the words that cut straight to my heart.I have been preparing since 1973 and I think I have done all I can to prepare physically and now you have nailed down the mental part for me .Wont work for everyone but my interpretation is – Stand your ground,collapse in place gracefully like a warrior performing his last act on this marvelous planet.Thanks brother.

  6. Dredd on Tue, 17th Apr 2018 9:06 am 

    Don’t worry be happy (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan – 14).

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