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Page added on November 19, 2018

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Researchers Discover Second Earth: Pack your bags

Researchers Discover Second Earth: Pack your bags thumbnail
Researchers have confirmed the existence of a SECOND Earth located in the Proxima Centauri System. The planet is believed to have oceans just like Earth and may hay host alien life.

In the past, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered in the universe, but none of them is like Proxima B.

Proxima b, as has been baptized, has very ‘promising characteristics’: it is probably rocky, slightly more massive than our own planet and is located in the region around its star that would allow liquid water on its surface to exist.




Researchers have discovered a planet located in the Proxima Centauri system, one of the closest stars to Earth which they believe harbors liquid water and potentially alien life.
The planet, named Proxima B is believed to be around 1.3 times the size of our planet and has the ideal temperature on the surface for water in a liquid state to exist.
Proxima B is located four light years away from Earth –over 25 TRILLION MILES—meaning that in order to visit the planet in the near future, future generation would have to come up with super-fast spacecraft that would allow them to travel to the Proxima Centauri system with ease.


If the planet proves to be ‘a SECOND Earth’ it could become one of the best options for future human colonization.


Researchers believe that the temperature on the surface of the planet could be between -90 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.




According to researchers, Proxima B may be the best opportunity we have come across to find DIRECT evidence of the existence of Alien Lifeforms outside of out solar system.


The planet which has already been dubbed ‘a second Earth’ is located at an ideal distance from its host star for liquid water to exist, which means that life as we know it is very likely to exist.


Proxima B is the closest exoplanet we have ever discovered, and according to researchers, a mission to the planet to search for signs of life could be something achievable within our lifetime.




The distance from our planet to Proxima B may seem insurmountable, but it is actually formidably shorter when compared to other candidates to host life. This means that Proxima B could become the first objective for future interstellar travel.
Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf located in the constellation Centaurus. The star itself is too weak to be observed with the naked eye, but in recent months, scientists have not taken their eyes off of it.
In fact, during the first half of this year, Proxima Centauri was followed regularly with the HARPS spectrograph installed on the 3.6-meter telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in La Silla (Chile) and monitored simultaneously with other instruments from around the world.




“Many exoplanets have been found, and many more will be found, but searching for the closest potential Earth-analogue and succeeding has been the experience of a lifetime for all of us,” Dr. Guillem Anglada-Escudé, lead author of the paper, said.“Many people’s stories and efforts have converged on this discovery. The result is also a tribute to all of them. The search for life on Proxima b comes next.”


There are already two papers which describe and go through the potential habitability of Proxima B.


Future observations, for example using the 39-m ESO E-ELT telescope under construction in Chile, will allow further investigation of Proxima b and of the hypothetical presence of a thick atmosphere and a liquid water reservoir. If this turned out to be the case, it would be very exciting that the nearest star to the Sun also hosts the nearest habitable (perhaps inhabited?) planet.

40 Comments on "Researchers Discover Second Earth: Pack your bags"

  1. Roger on Mon, 19th Nov 2018 7:23 pm 


  2. twocats on Mon, 19th Nov 2018 7:59 pm 

    given how f’d this planet has gotten – shoot my ass into space.

  3. Sissyfuss on Mon, 19th Nov 2018 9:58 pm 

    Hey, slow down. We’re not even done ruining this one yet. Jeez, always in a hurry, these out of control humanoids.

  4. Cloggie on Mon, 19th Nov 2018 10:12 pm 

    Americans and their obsessions and demonization tactics…

    Love this scene though.

    Americans were put on the moon by those who they destroyed first. so they could set up their kosher world empire. Americans will never pay tribute:

    On the flip side, it won’t be them spearheading European man into space. They are running out of Natzis to do it for them and these gate crashers can’t replace them,

    …regardless of how much the ADL insists they can:

    No worries, PBM taking over soon.

  5. Chrome Mags on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 12:25 am 

    Extremely exciting news! Keep pushing the astronomical observational equipment until we can detect if life exists there.

  6. ohanian on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 12:35 am 

    Maybe the Planet is called PANDORA with blue skin people who dances with wolves!

  7. makati1 on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 1:31 am 

    Chrome mags, if there is life, it will never want us to visit. Not that that would ever be possible. We blew that opportunity at least 100 years ago when we decided to spend our resources in war.

    Four and one-half light years is “not just around the corner.” It is approximately 40,000,000,000,000 kilometers away. If you could travel at one-percent the speed of light, it would take 450 years. One percent is about 10,800,000 kph.

    We cannot even get back to the moon and these jokers think it is important if there is life there. LOL

  8. Davy on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 2:06 am 

    This is interesting news and would be enlightening to find life elsewhere mainly for our own self-consciousness. Maybe we would be less exceptional. This would shape religions and spirituality that is human centric. Yet, it is not going to do a thing for us here on earth. We are likely never going to do much in space and we really don’t need to be in space. Having sensors high in the atmosphere is OK because we need to keep track of all our dirty business here on earth like carbon forcing and ecosystem degradation. We are earth bound. We are in decline and within a century may have lost much of the exotic knowledge unrestrained science has yielded in the last century or two. What we really need is wisdom to connect to the biosphere not reaching out into the universe like naughty children. We do not deserve to do that until we get our shit together here on earth.

  9. Antius on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 2:17 am 

    We know practically nothing about this planet, other than its mass and its distance from its star. Assuming it to be an Earth analogue is a lot of wishful thinking. It is also 4.3 light years away – about 1 million times further away than Jupiter and several million times further away than Mars. Such is the scale of the cosmos. Realistically, it would take at least a century to get there with advanced nuclear propulsion. Set off now and your grandchildren might live to see it.

    Humanity could have an exciting future in space, and I would be the first to champion space colonisation. But for the next century we are limited to the inner parts of our own solar system. That means Earth orbit, the moon, asteroids and maybe Mars, in the second half of the century. High Earth orbit, the moon and asteroids, is where we should be focusing our efforts.

  10. Darrell Cloud on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 7:11 am 

    We were supposed to be orbiting Jupiter 17 years ago. What happened?

  11. Dredd on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 8:31 am 

    Not going to happen …

    A Lovely Planet In The Neighborhood? – 3

  12. Dredd on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 8:37 am 

    Well the farmer took the boll weevil
    And he put him on a keg of ice
    Well the weevil said to the farmer
    This is mighty cool and nice
    This will be my home, this will be my home

    Well if anybody should ask you
    Who it was who sang this song
    Say a guitar picker from a-Oklahoma city
    With a pair of blue jeans on
    Just a-lookin’ for a home, just a-lookin’ for a home
    ” – Leadbelly, The Boll Weevil

    High Technology Boll Weevil

  13. Richard on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 11:02 am 

    Great news I guess, interestingly there is no planet within two light years.

  14. Richard on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 11:03 am 

    Darrel, that is reality. Space flight is a tough subject.

  15. Outcast_Searcher on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 12:52 pm 

    Richard, since there are no other stars closer than the binary system this planet is in, WHERE, pray tell would such other planets be — remembering the definition for a planet, the exploration we’ve done of our own solar system, etc?

  16. Outcast_Searcher on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 12:55 pm 

    I’ll agree with Antius here.

    What’s interesting to me is given how close this “earth like” planet is, it’s not hard to imagine that there are a LOT of them. Just like we discovered that there are a LOT of Jupiter-like exoplanets, after discovering the first few.

    So there could be planets out there capable of supporting human life, but for all the factors to be correct, they’d most likely be thousands, if not millions (another galaxy) of light years away.

  17. Harquebus on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 3:05 pm 

    If one scales the sun to the size of full stop stop on this page then, 1 astronomical unit, (Earth’s distance from our sun) is 1 inch. It is coincidence that at this scale, 1 mile exactly represents 1 light year.
    Closest star: App. 4 miles.
    The average distance between stars at this scale is I believe, about 7 miles. That is why when gallaxies collide, collisions are rare.
    If one considers the size of the Earth at this scale which, I haven’t calculated but, and then the size of the space ship. Impossible to see except perhaps with an electron microscope
    Travelling to the nearest star would involve hurling this miniscule space ship 4 miles and hitting a moving target the size of this full stop.
    What also amazes me is, at this scale, the light emitting from something the size of a full stop can be visible many miles away.
    Talk of visiting the stars is bullshit. It will never happen.
    Search criteria: astronomy 1 inch 1 mile

  18. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 3:08 pm 


    The likeliest reasons why we haven’t contacted aliens are deeply unsettling

    You are science illiterate..Go back to your trailer park and beat your sister/wife..

  19. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 3:27 pm 

    Florida Man has sex with miniature horse, “don’t worry, I used a condom!”

    Hey Clogg..I think we found a solution to your woman problems..

  20. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 3:57 pm 

    Proposed Ohio Law Could Make Abortion Punishable By Death Penalty

    Sounds like Sharia law..

  21. pinkdotR on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 4:09 pm 

    Why do the scientists put so much attention to the existence of water on that planet? If we want to move there we need to find OIL first of all. How would we be driving there without oil? Driving is the primary human activity, isn’t it? 😉

  22. George on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 4:19 pm 

    Peak horse manure

  23. Repent on Tue, 20th Nov 2018 4:22 pm 

    It probably is the the OTHER Earth. Somehow I got to this parallel Earth due to the Mandela effect.

  24. makati1 on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 5:58 am 

    Today in America:

    “JP Morgan sees a slowdown coming, with economy growing at less than 2 percent in 2019″

    ‘The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse in America’s Richest Cities”

    “Subprime Rises: Credit Card Delinquencies Blow Through Financial-Crisis Peak at the 4,705 Smaller US Banks”

    “The five most important tech stocks are getting slaughtered with each down more than 20% from highs”

    “Mall Retailers Melt Down in Four Charts
    Retailers Hammered by Profit Concerns: Target Down 10%, Kohl’s 8%”

    “Sears is just one of five retailers that have no room for error this holiday season”

    “Alcohol is killing more people, and younger. The biggest increases are among women”

    “The Only Regime Change that Is Needed Is in Washington”

    “Trump’s Trade War With China: The US is Not Winning”

    ” Netflix’s ‘death cross’ is the third for FAANG stocks and Nasdaq Composite is next”

    “Why Does America Have 13 Million Households That Don’t Have Enough Food To Eat?”

    ” Thanksgiving without the sides: Lack of farm labor could make fruits, vegetables unaffordable”

    “People in US, Canada warned to not eat romaine lettuce”

    “The CDC warns that romaine lettuce—all of it—is unsafe to eat”

    Slip slidin’…

  25. Davy on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 6:28 am 

    billy do you have any content to any of those references? I presume they are articles off of ricefarmer dot blogspot dot come. Do you understand the meaning in them? I think you are being intellectually lazy and cherry picking headlines in an extremist anti-American package. To me this activity is your own personal “slip slidin”

  26. Davy on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 6:37 am 

    Forgot to mention these billy:

    Ricefarmer dot blogspot dot com

    ## China ##
    “Brace for corporate defaults as Chinese firms with dollar debts are ‘under increasing pressure”
    “China’s feels pressure as sales of big ticket items slow”
    “Officials in Hong Kong and mainland China disagree over fate of white dolphins in Pearl River”
    “Beijing pioneering citizens’ ‘points’ system critics brand ‘Orwellian”
    “BRI Woos Pacific as U.S., Allies Sharpen Response”
    “Record 1.37 million people living below poverty line in Hong Kong”
    “Chinese authorities clamp down on Twitter activity”
    “China offers Myanmar support over Rohingya issue after U.S. rebuke”
    “Fears grow of a swine fever epidemic in China”
    “China guarantees natural gas supply to avoid winter shortages”
    “Can the Communist Party’s unprecedented endorsement calm the frayed nerves in China’s private sector?”
    “The Implicit Desperation of China’s “Social Credit” System”
    “What’s the Truth About Those “Re-education” Camps in China?”
    “Malaysia to Fill China’s Edible Oil Shortfall, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives CEO Says”
    “These Products Show How Hard It’ll Be to Beat China in Trade War”
    China delays end to ban on use of rhino horn and tiger bones
    “China has postponed the lifting of a ban on the trade of rhinoceros horn and tiger bone parts for medicine and other uses, the government said on Monday, after a storm of protest from conservation groups over a plan to water down the decades-old prohibition.”
    “China scours social media, erases thousands of accounts”
    “China’s latest financial data paints a bleak economic outlook amid trade war with US”
    “Uighurs marking ‘independence day’ call for international help”

    “Slip slidin” “<” go to bed billy

  27. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 8:20 am 


    Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face..

    -Mike Tyson

  28. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 8:31 am 

    The scariest part is that once the collapse starts happening, a lot of people will literally lose their minds because of it..

  29. Davy on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 8:39 am 

    “The scariest part is that once the collapse starts happening, a lot of people will literally lose their minds because of it..”

    It matters how quickly it happens. It could also be stated the best of people also come out during a crisis. You just don’t want to hear this because you are invested in a violent and painful collapse that will be the trigger for your short joy ride into oblivion.

  30. Simon Rodgers on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 8:39 am 

    Maybe they Left their minds in the supermarket.

  31. Sissyfuss on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 8:57 am 

    A lesson to be learned from the discovery of this unreachable planet is that there is no alternative, no planet B. If we continue to denude the Earth of its life giving properties our fantasies of escape will be projected on locales within walking distance, not those light years away in a cold uncaring universe.

  32. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 9:33 am 


    Maybe you should do some research into the great famines of history..Like the Russian famine of the early 20th century..Or the Irish potato famine..

    Disasters are when people usually pull together because there are excess resources and supplies..Those won’t be available this time..It will be dog eat dog..


  33. Anonymous on Wed, 21st Nov 2018 8:34 pm 

    Story is couple years old.

  34. makati1 on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 2:46 am 

    “The Decline of America. Trump Protects Saudi Crown Prince MBS. The Pillars of the US Constitution are Gone”

    “Money, oil and Iran cannot be acceptable reasons for pursuing an obscene, immoral and inhuman foreign policy that stands against everything the USA has claimed to stand for in two and half centuries of its existence….

    Washington hardly looks like the ultimate Super Power glorious city on a glittering hill; more like an uncivilised insane rogue city and State. It looks like what it has now actually become; a country where the poor are very poor; an isolated rogue nation, though currently the world’s only hyper-power, with unenviable friendships almost only with totalitarian barbaric and murderous States like Saudi Arabia and Israel….

    Gore Vidal explains how the pillars of the US constitution are gone & they’re gone forever until we force a violent people’s revolution. That there has been a silent coup in America by the NeoCons creating what we now call ‘the Deep State’….

    In the first decade of the 21st Century we have witnessed the destruction of the constitution & due process of law. The start of endless wars. Also the fall of the American republic, which inevitably will be followed by a totalitarian led police state, even soon maybe Marshall law, possibly rationing with basically eventually America reverting to third world status….

    He points out that the much-vaunted American freedom is largely fictional: around 5% percent of the population is either in jail or on parole, connected up by electric devices to the prison administration. There is very little real freedom. Freedom of the press? “The press and the media are owned and controlled by ‘our corporate masters’. I’ve never seen the media so tightly controlled as now. They control all the flow of information, so that the great majority of Americans do not know what is going on.”…

    And what are Gore Vidal’s conclusions? “Our liberation from this system will come about as a result of an economic collapse,” he asserts. “This is inevitable, on the basis of the colossal debts we have been building up. This must lead to monetary breakdown at some stage. The writing is on the wall.”

    His only hope seems for, as in the Depression of the 1930s, a reforming President like F. D. Roosevelt will introduce something like the New Deal. “If not, we will end up with a dictatorship.””

    Did that ruin your Thanksgiving? It should if you are honest with yourself and open minded. Most Americans are not. Slip slidin’…

  35. makati1 on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 2:54 am 

    Something to listen to this weekend: ~71 minutes.

    “Gore Vidal Destroying the Lies of the American Empire 2003”

    Expand your knowledge of history, or what you thought you knew.

  36. makati1 on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 4:23 am 

    “There is a reason we are discussing the American military. You see, with America as global enforcer, and a Washington based government that has become even more threatening and unpredictable than any other in history, another pre-war arms race is moving into full swing….

    During the fall of 2018, French Prime Minister Macron described a new “European Army” independent of the US. President Trump was enraged, almost as though someone had actually spoken what was always to remain unspoken, that Europe needed to be armed, not against Russia but rather quite possibly alongside Russia against the United States….

    Then again, what kind of military does the US actually have?…The huge aircraft carriers are useless unless deployed against spear wielding “natives,” as anyone can sink an aircraft carrier with a missile that costs less than a pickup truck….New American aircraft are designed for attacks on only primitive people, those without modern planes or air defenses….America’s real armor, the Abrams tank or M113 APC are decades old, helpless against modern shoulder mounted weapons and simply “exhausted technology.”…

    What is the real effect of America’s bizarre and yet massive military?…For one thing, it has left America broke. America already had an economy based on excess, on waste, on “consumerism” and price fixing. Industry after industry, telecom, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, defense, oil, public utilities, highway construction and agriculture have fallen under the control of organized crime cartels….

    Behind that, America has suffered a social and cultural breakdown. Marijuana is legal through much of America but use of more serious drugs, prescription opioids, the CIA’s Afghan heroin flood, methamphetamines and “party drugs” have supplanted legitimate social interactions and norms for up to 40% of Americans, particularly in rural areas…

    It is not entirely without merit to view America’s national drug addiction as “government induced,” when taken in the context of deteriorating human rights and civil norms. Mass murders are now a near weekly occurrence. Is this part of a pattern? If so, who does it serve?”

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

  37. Dredd on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 4:41 am 

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  38. Cloggie on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 6:14 am 

    During the fall of 2018, French Prime Minister Macron described a new “European Army” independent of the US. President Trump was enraged, almost as though someone had actually spoken what was always to remain unspoken, that Europe needed to be armed, not against Russia but rather quite possibly alongside Russia against the United States….

    That’s Russian wishful thinking, even if written by an American (dissident). Macron clearly stated that the EU army is intended to enable the EU to assert itself on the international stage (against Russia, China and yes America), or to borrow a favorite phrase from Davy, “to project European power”, now that the US is showing signs of “imperial fatigue”, aka “America First”.

    But Macron did add “between nose and lips” that he sees Russia as a “European country” and also said that he wants to incorporate Russia into a European security architecture. But Macron is smart enough not to embrace Russia too early, because it could drive China and the US into each others arms, which would be a strategic disaster, for Europe that is.

    The fact that Putin has welcomed a European army could be a hint that behind the scenes the EU and Russia have reached a secret understanding that won’t be publicized in the newspaper.

    Putin is most afraid of his “ally” China, in whose arms he was pushed by the Americans (read: neocons) and to a lesser extent of the Americans themselves, who he just defeated in Syria. Putin does not feel threatened by the EU, the represents a world he wants to be part of in the longer term.

    PBM cannot materialize before real change occurs in the US itself, change that will result from profound demographic change there.

  39. Cloggie on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 12:39 pm 

    “Europe, curb immigration!”

    Who says this? Viktor Orban? Salvini?

    Nope, Hillary Clinton.

    “Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists”

    The left is losing everywhere in the West as a result of mass immigration from the third world. Now the left begins to acknowledge this fact. The original perfide idea was that the left could cement and even expand its post-war ideological dominance by simply importing natural born lefties from the third world. The unexpected consequence was though that autochtones moved faster away from leftist parties than said parties could replenish through immigration. The hilarious consequence is that leftist parties are stuck with “Islamo-fascist”.

    Hillary Clinton has just thrown the towel in the ring!!! The left admits defeat. It is hard to overstate the political significance of this.

  40. Go Speed Racer on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 10:04 pm 

    If this 2nd Earth has oil to drill, and plenty of land for building freeways and parking lots, then let’s go
    and get started.

    And happy thanksgiving 2 U Dread.

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