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Page added on April 16, 2019

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Population IS a Problem


And it warrants greater attention, not less. This roundtable discussion with the staff of World Population Balance answers the question, “Is there a problem with population?” An attempt to answer the question with a “not really” was recently published in a commentary at Population: What’s the Problem?, written by Chris Smaje, made some points that World Population Balance staff-members believe should not stand unchallenged.

In this staff roundtable edition of the podcast, Execut

116 Comments on "Population IS a Problem"

  1. Theedrich on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 3:23 am 

    World average IQ of 82 is the core of the problem.  See and  Obviously, mass stupidity is and always has been a key factor in supporting powerholders.  In contrast, smart people are notoriously difficult to herd.

    At the lowest levels, there is almost certainly IQ overlap between bottom-dwelling Negroids and the most intelligent of the chimpanzees and gorillas.  Even 100 (18 points above world average) is too low to maintain a civilization.  The Allah-stupefied Sand Negroes exist only by benefit of slightly higher, Cretinity-stupefied Whites, who need the oil from Araby and the MENA deserts.

    Then there are the idiots savants like Angela Merkel and similar virtue-signallers, elite payees of twisted billionaires like Sörös.  Such potentates are psychically disturbed and/or ignorant about the significance of biological evolution;  their only motive, besides raw power, is maudlin Weltschmerz over the self-induced plight of the nethermost darklings raucously demanding freebies from civilized nations.

    We have trapped ourselves by preferring stupefaction to intelligence.

  2. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 5:11 am 


    Conservatives have a mean IQ of only 93..While liberals have a mean IQ of 106..

    And you are forgetting that the IQ peaks around age 25 and goes into decline..

    I don’t think you know very much about what you are squealing about..And to cite zerohedge is cringe worthy..

  3. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 5:12 am 

    Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse

    No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response

    We must overthrow the boozie!

  4. Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 6:02 am 

    “THeo Conservatives have a mean IQ of only 93..While liberals have a mean IQ of 106..
    And you are forgetting that the IQ peaks around age 25 and goes into decline..”

    People who obsess over IQ display a lack of overall intelligence that comes with egotistical behavior.

  5. Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 6:10 am 

    “Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response We must overthrow the boozie!”

    mobster, you don’t give a shit about the planet. You want to (in your cowardly mind) kill and rape. If the opportunity comes you will be the one in your mom’s basement hiding in fear.

  6. Jef on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 8:03 am 

    Some populations more than others.

  7. boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:41 am 

    At least I AM THE MOB will be alive. Within the first 24 hours of when opportunity comes someone will plant a clawhammer in the back of your skull

  8. boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:42 am 

    At least I AM THE MOB will be alive. Within the first 24 hours of when opportunity comes someone will plant a clawhammer in the back of Davy’s skull

  9. JuanP sock on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:43 am 

    JuanP posted this

    boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:41 am
    boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:42 am

  10. Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:05 am 

    We are Captain America, Bored Police, and we don’t want any of you on my internet anymore.

  11. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 12:00 pm 

    mob said: “No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response.”
    Mob I would like to hear your point of view on the on the way the imperialistic han-chinese are abusing the tibetan and uighur homelands and their populations.

    How do you see their situation and what would you tell them to do – rebellion ??

  12. Not Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 12:24 pm 

    JuanP posted this

    Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:05 am

  13. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 2:14 pm 

    mob said:
    “Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse.
    No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response”

    Does that go for the west only and not for china,indonesia,africa or india ? OK mob, I know you are chosing your battles, but blaming just the west today is naive. The rest of the world is doing the best they can to repeat all the mistakes we have done.
    Mob, why can’t you see that everybody is into the global game of gainig prosperity at the cost the environment. The west started it OK, but the rest of the world loved it, and now when the bill has to be payed, they blame it all on the west, so that they can continue to feast on the worlds last reserves, knowing that it’s not their fault.

  14. Not JuanP on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 2:42 pm 

    Davy posted this

    Not Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 12:24 pm
    JuanP posted this
    Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:05 am

  15. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 5:50 pm 

    Wheter good or not, a lot of the worlds encompassing cultural impulses in newer times have started in the US. For example The hippies, the greens, preppers, peace movements, reaganism, neocons and a lot more.

    The new Democratic movement about diversity and socialistic ideals, is probably something of the same kind. It will surely spread all over the globe as a replacement of the good old communistic manifest that didn’t have much succes in the end.
    It’s a protest against the US elites and it’s a general protest against elites all over the world.
    We are seeing these gender and cultural protests in India, south korea and even in africa and it’s spreading all over the world.
    Protests against racism and sexual suppression (gays,trans etc)is being used as carrier platform for social political reforms movements.
    Now, how bad is that ?
    Seen from a strictly western point of wiev, it’s BAU, it has always been this way.
    Socialistic movements have been around since ever , even before industrialism – and they should be in order to keep some kind of balance between the haves and the have not. If the elites understand the writing on the wall and act accordingly , eventually the problem will be solved.
    The only country that is completely incapable of absorbing such cultural and political tsunamies is china, with its “old yellow male” government. The CCP is probably the most rigid and fascistic rule the world has ever seen. They seem to be commpletely unable to understand different thinking. Theese old guys simply have to go.
    Meanwhile the gender revolution will be brewing all around them, unseen and undetected while they are busy solving their own selfish economic problems.

  16. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 6:05 pm 

    just to be on the safe side:
    JUAN POSTED THIS…not davy

  17. Pete Bauer on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 7:52 pm 

    Population is “NOT A PROBLEM”

    With 1 % of land area of Russia, Bangladesh is able to produce food for a population that’s more than that of Russia.
    These writers don’t know anything outside USA, even if they know it may be only about Canada and Mexico. That’s it.

    The advanced world lost the population race because the capitalists divorced their wives and married younger girls. This denied a chance for many young men to marry and have children. And the population declined.

    For a capitalist, all that he wants is maximum for himself with no care for others, the country and the World.

  18. makati1 on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 8:36 pm 

    Pete, you are correct. The west has hypocrisy blinders regarding the rest of the world. Especially Americans. The US is the “gimme” mob, living on >20% of the world’s resources with <5% of its population and complaining because other countries want to live the same way. I want the US to be financially leveled before it can start WW3, and it seems my dreams are coming true. Robber capitalism has to go. The 1% has to go. AO-C has a good plan to do that. ^_^

  19. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 8:41 pm 


    I agree, but we both know that the US won’t go down without taking the whole world with it..

    The nukes will surely fly one day, one way or another!

    Live free or die!

  20. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 8:50 pm 

    Pete, I am sorry to hear that it is difficult to find a woman in your country.
    Many men in china has the same problem because of the one-child policy. The parents wanted male children so they aborted female fetuses. So now there are not enough women for the men.
    It is difficult to tell them what to do. Maybe they should become homosexual. I don’t know

  21. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 9:26 pm 


    Being homosexuals and transgender is pretty much a white thing..Ole whitey likes to take it in the rear now and not have children..That is why the great replacement is a certainty!

  22. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 9:40 pm 

    ‘Downright evil,’ ‘behave like animals’: Americans increasingly fearful of those in opposing political party

  23. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 9:47 pm 

    Mob, i could show you a lot of transniggers. Thaitrans are abundant

  24. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 9:52 pm 

    oophs, did I just forget Jussie.

  25. makati1 on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:08 pm 

    MOB, I don’t see the nukes actually flying, but I do see a lot of trouble ahead for the US. I also do not see it “taking down the rest of the world”. The US collapse will cause problems most everywhere, but not insurmountable ones. Just a change in BAU, mostly in the West and their wannabees.

    There are major countries that are already getting the safety nets in place for that event. Think gold. Russia and China are two major ones. I think the IMF is also preparing for that event with their SDRs. The world is tired of US wars-of-choice killing and plundering. Countries are beginning to walk away and join the other side.

    I don’t see the world of 2025 being even close to the one we live in now. Major shifts in power and economy from West to East. I watch that happening bit by bit from these warm shores. You could not pay me to live in the US again.

  26. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:09 pm 

    mob , I don’t know why america has become so polarized, but maybe the gays pressed to hard for their rigths. I mean forcing people to make gay wedding cakes when they deep down didn’t approve of gayity….Alrigth it’s not just that, actually I think it really started with the abortion thing. wade v roe

  27. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:15 pm 


    Give me a break..You know damn well the US is ruled by psycho’s..Anything is possible when you are dealing with people like that..I wouldn’t leave anything off the table..They might just end the world if they can’t have there cake and eat it too..

    And I am not saying this is something I hope they do..I am just trying to be realist..

  28. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:22 pm 

    mak, you can take it easy , The next all out war will be an EMP-war, and that means no surface nuclear explosions.

  29. Anonymouse on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:48 pm 

    Based on the copiuous amounts of I AM THE DAVYTARD spam going on, it appears Delusional Davy is exhausted from all the moderating and neutering he has been getting lately. Looks like ‘Davy’ is mostly sleeping now, and I AM THE DAVYTARD has taken over for a while.

    My prediction, once ‘Mob’ sees this, Davy will ‘wake up’, take over, rage for a while, then go back to sleep. Or amble off to the goat pen, one of the two.

  30. claes on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 10:53 pm 

    It could be davy
    …..or is it…?

    sleep tight

  31. boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:32 pm 


    Very funny comment. Thanks for providing me with a hearty laugh!!!!!

    “just to be on the safe side:
    JUAN POSTED THIS…not davy”

  32. boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:35 pm 

    claes- Just a quick FYI.

    In order for your quote to be accurately classified by Davy (aka Cocoa Puffs), it’s “JuanP” or “JuanPee”.

  33. Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:53 pm 

    @ Pete Bauer (talk about the definition of a psuedoname)

    Firstly, the only reason Bangladesh is able to achieve higher food production is due to far greater fertilizer and pesticide inputs (yes, the process was invented by a German), although this is a double edged sword.

    Please let us know how Bangladesh is doing in the next 10 to 20 years.

    Regarding your comment about Western population growth, surely you don’t believe this swill? When Bangladesh gained its independence in 1971 the population was 71 million. The 2019 population is now 168 million and is estimated to grow to a staggering 209 million by 2050.

    “The advanced world lost the population race because the capitalists divorced their wives and married younger girls. This denied a chance for many young men to marry and have children. And the population declined.”

  34. makati1 on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 12:06 am 

    MOB, the people who actually have to fire the missiles are not the psychos in DC. Thank any gods that be. Only time will tell who is correct.

  35. makati1 on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 12:17 am 

    “he liberal world order, which lasted from the end of World War 2 until today, is rapidly collapsing. The center of gravity is shifting from west to east where China and India are experiencing explosive growth and where a revitalized Russia has restored its former stature as a credible global superpower. These developments, coupled with America’s imperial overreach and chronic economic stagnation, have severely hampered US ability to shape events or to successfully pursue its own strategic objectives. As Washington’s grip on global affairs continues to loosen and more countries reject the western development model, the current order will progressively weaken clearing the way for a multipolar world badly in need of a new security architecture. Western elites, who are unable to accept this new dynamic, continue to issue frenzied statements expressing their fear of a future in which the United States no longer dictates global policy.”

    “Globalization has fueled the rise of populism, it has helped to exacerbate ethnic and racial tensions, and it is largely responsible for the hollowing out of America’s industrial core. Haass’s antidote would only throw more gas on the fire and hasten the day when liberals and conservatives form into rival camps and join in a bloody battle to the end. Someone has to stop the madness before the country descends into a second Civil War.”

    The US freak show is only getting better and better. Nothing will be accomplished as everyone and his sister will be trying out for a bed in the Whitehouse in 2021 and Trump will be tweeting his fingers raw trying to bully the world with words. Everyone’s debt will get worse and the country will begin to break down even faster. So be it.

    Get some beer and pretzels and enjoy the show. It’s promising to be a good one, IF you are not in the US.

  36. Theedrich on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 1:11 am 

    Hey cretin MOB:  IQ differentiates us from rats.  Obviously you prefer rat-level IQ.  And conservative/liberal differences have nothing to do with the future of our species, even though neurotic liberals, obsessively seeking approval from the MSM and government, are vastly more inclined to commit genosuicide.  Given the countless threats to the globe, the mass stupidity you want will only accelerate the omnicide the DeepState libs seek.

    And Davy:  egotistical behavior is by no means limited to people concerned about IQ;  having once taught in a state prison, I can tell you that the subnormal types there are far more egotistic than college professors.  And such criminals are prone to ACT on their egotism, which is typically what lands them in jail.

    Obviously there are many other factors which go into behavior and culture.  But without higher intelligence, you have nothing at all.  To take Ashkenazi Jews as an example of its importance, as Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, and Henry Harpending say in their “NATURAL HISTORY OF ASHKENAZI INTELLIGENCE” (see, “While the mean IQ difference between Ashkenazim and other northern Europeans may not seem large, such a small difference maps to a large difference in the proportion of the population with very high IQs (Crow, 2002).  For example if the mean Ashkenazi IQ is 110 and the standard deviation is 15, then the number of northern Europeans with IQs greater than 140 should be 4 per thousand while 23 per thousand Ashkenazim should exceed the same threshold, a six fold difference.”

    So, if anyone wants to know why the Jews play such a prominent role in perverting the government of the U.S., all he has to do is look first at their IQ numbers.  Even the paranoia which characterizes their culture is of less significance than how genetically smart they are.

    The billions of years of our planetary evolution have demonstrated clearly that the cosmos wants higher intelligence.

  37. Not Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 1:25 am 

    JuanP posted this

    Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:53 pm

  38. JuanP sock on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 4:03 am 

    JuanP posted this

    boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:32 pm
    boney joe on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:35 pm

  39. Not Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 4:04 am 

    JuanP posted this

    Davy on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 11:53 pm
    Not Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 1:25 am

  40. Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:06 am 

    Thee you are probably one of the highest IQ persons on this board and I enjoy your reads for their high intelligence but I don’t always agree with your conclusions. Thee, you missed the adjective “obsess“ in my comment on IQ. Many people may very well have high or higher IQ but they lack overall intelligence that is wide instead of narrow or specialized. It is a recipe not an ingredient. The problem with IQ is it narrowly defines intelligence to scientific European test markers of problem solving. When I look at human intelligence I look differently. I look at other markers not present in IQ like wisdom and higher human understanding and excellent activities in relation to the greater planetary system. A person may not be very high IQ because of nature and nurture but he is very talented or a very great asset to the community. You may say yes but that is not IQ and imagine an excellent person I described with high IQ. This is more of the grey in IQ levels but generally higher IQ people often differ with lower IQ with levels of planetary excellence. Higher IQ can make a person more prone to destructive behavior because of the destructiveness of intelligence without checks and balances.

    My discussion is accounting for other less advanced cultures and ways of life that have higher planetary value but score lower on IQ. An aboriginal who is adapted to his ecosystem is one example. A person who has filled a niche and done it well has high value to me but a high IQ obsessive type might say that person is human sludge. I am not saying throw out IQ because it has its place and serves a function. The problem arises with the misuse of IQ and the inclusion of IQ in agendas of race, culture, and ethnic competition. The planet is being destroyed because of European intelligence gone array in my opinion. It is not being destroyed by many lower IQ cultures. Many lower IQ cultures influenced by higher European intelligence now are destroying the planet so the picture becomes clouded with that comparison.

    I admire high intelligence. I read and research higher knowledge. My conclusion is intelligence is a component in our human evolutionary dead end condition. It is not my place to say the human species is an evolutionary dead end because of its large prefrontal cortex. I see that PFC allowing intelligence to go unchecked and dangerously array. That is my conclusion on human intelligence and when we looking around ourselves this supports that conclusion. It is higher intelligence combined with poor human behavior that is the problem. Most often it is very smart people that have the biggest impact and do the greatest damage. Obsessing over high intelligence measured by a narrow indicator like IQ is to me part of the bad behavior destroying the planet.

    I like to look at people’s value as they fit into groups like communities then how those communities fit into the planetary web of life. It takes many types of people to make exceptional communities some high IQ and some not. Exceptional communities in the sense of planetary connection is my view of higher wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what knowledge to peruse and what intelligent people should do with their intelligence. The control component has its own marker high IQ cannot judge. Today it is intelligence for intelligence sake as if human intelligence is a reflection of a higher power. The conclusion that human intelligence is a reflection of the divine is a big step and very prejudice towards human desire for meaning. This step of saying human intelligence is part of divine intelligence goes beyond intelligent discussion. Saying intelligence proves the divine is way off into just another myth in my opinion. This step has allowed all kinds of bad behavior which can be considered low intelligence because higher intelligence was used in the wrong way. Intelligence is likely an expression of whatever power drives the universe not the power. That is my feeling on the subject.

    I am not being true to IQ as a simple human marker but most others including high IQ people obsessing over IQ are not either. IQ is “a number representing a person’s reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100.” Let’s leave it at that a quit stretching its definition and watch how we apply it for comparisons.

  41. Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:20 am 

    “World Trade Suffers Biggest Collapse Since Financial Crisis” zero hedge

    “Data from the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis revealed that world trade volume dropped 1.8% in the three months to January compared to the preceding three months as a synchronized global downturn gained momentum. “An industrial slump has been triggered by a perfect storm of factors, including China’s slowdown, the car industry downturn, Brexit paralysis and Donald Trump’s attempt to upend the international trade system with tariffs on European and Chinese goods,” explained The Telegraph. A further escalation of the trade war between the U.S. and China could spark a world trade recession. Already, Washington has imposed steep tariffs on Chinese imports worth $250bn in a tit-for-tat battle with industrial centers in Asia and Germany experiencing sharp drops in trade in recent months. The Telegraph describes the sudden loss in trade momentum is equivalent to the months after the dot com bubble imploded in 2001 when trade volumes sank as much as 2.2%. Today’s current move is the biggest fall since the financial crisis of 2007–2008 when global trade plummeted, diving as much as 12.7%. The International Monetary Fund warned last week that this is a “delicate moment” for the global economy as many countries are in the midst of a severe slowdown…The global downturn in trade is widespread geographically. The synchronized slowdown is expected to stabilize beyond 2020; however, in the meantime, it’s likely the world could be headed for a trade recession, if not already in one.”

  42. Truth Buster on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:20 am 

    A Davy Word Salad Deluxe:

    Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:06 am

  43. Truth Buster on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:28 am 

    Shut-up with the obsequious praise, DavySkum. You are such a grotesque phony.

    “Thee, dear, you are probably one of the highest IQ persons on this board and I enjoy your reads for their high intelligence.”

  44. Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:29 am 

    “Global Attention Spans Are Shrinking Amid Deluge Of Information” zero hedge

    “Thanks to information-overload in a hyperconnected world, people’s attention spans are decreasing, according to a recent study from the Technical University of Denmark…”We wanted to understand which mechanisms could drive this behavior. Picturing topics as species that feed on human attention, we designed a mathematical model with three basic ingredients: ‘hotness’, aging and the thirst for something new,” says Dr. Philipp Hövel, lecturer for applied mathematics, University College Cork. This model offers an interpretation of their observations. When more content is produced in less time, it exhausts the collective attention earlier. The shortened peak of public interest for one topic is directly followed by the next topic, because of the fierce competition for novelty. –EurekAlert “The one parameter in the model that was key in replicating the empirical findings was the input rate – the abundance of information. The world has become increasingly well connected in the past decades. This means that content is increasing in volume, which exhausts our attention and our urge for ‘newness’ causes us to collectively switch between topics more rapidly.”

  45. JuanP sock on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:30 am 

    JuanP posted this

    Truth Buster on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:20 am
    Truth Buster on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:28 am

  46. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 5:44 am 


    Thanks for that article..I added the Dr Haas story to my collection..

  47. Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 6:03 am 

    “U.S. Energy Consumption Hits All-Time Record” oil price dot com

    “Energy consumption in the United States reached an all-time high last year, data from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory showed. According to the laboratory, the United States consumed 101.2 quadrillion British thermal units of energy, or quads, last year, up on the previous record of 101 quads, reached in 2007. Yet the 2018 figure also represents the highest annual increase since 2010, at 3.6 percent.”

    “As for the sources of that energy, the U.S. data again reflected the global trend: everybody loves natural gas over oil now. According to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory data, consumption of energy produced from natural gas rose by 3 quads, or 10.7 percent on the year, making it the biggest riser in fossil fuels, but not the biggest in total. The number-one spot belonged to solar energy; its consumption last year jumped by 22 percent. Wind energy consumption added 7.6 percent, while coal consumption continued to fall.”

    “While the IEA report noted the United States had seen the highest increase in oil and natural gas demand last year, there is one interesting outtake from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory report in this respect. Contrary to expectations, the increase in oil demand did not come from the transport sector, which traditionally leads demand patterns. The biggest increase in oil demand came from the industrial sector, the laboratory said. Although details about the source of this stronger demand from the industrial sector have yet to be compiled, “it is likely the result of increased manufacturing, petrochemical production and refining of fuel for export,” a researcher from the laboratory noted.”

  48. makati1 on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 6:06 am 

    Davy’s long winded spews with little or no comment to show understanding or agreement. I can cut and paste too, but if I do not add my own view, or place it in context with what I am trying to sell, it is just words no one reads. I read Theedrich’s because he is saying something intelligent and thought out. I may not always agree, but I will listen to a logical, mature, educated comment and consider his/her point of view.

    Maybe you should read and ponder this:

    “Don’t miss the point I’m making… The point is to show that people will take complex and extraordinary measures to defend their BS. Capitulation in the form of admitting one might be wrong is never an option.”

    Defending the indefensible…Davy’s motto. Hypocrisy all the way!

    BTW: Did all you American tax slaves get your ‘papers’ in to the Gestapo IRS on Monday? I hope so. That 3AM visit by the Storm Troopers…er…SWAT Team will not be pleasant. The least they will do is break down your door and kill your dog.

    Keep in mind that their IQ is so low they cannot even read addresses. LOL

  49. Davy on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 6:13 am 

    “European Wind Overtakes Hydro For Second Quarter In A Row” clean technical

    “According to EnAppSys figures, wind energy across Europe recorded a new record combined power output of 103,993 megawatts (MW) for the first quarter, up from the previously recorded high of 97,759 MW in the first quarter of 2018. For the second quarter in a row and the second ever on record, European wind energy produced more electricity than hydroelectricity. Unfortunately, while wind energy benefited from an impressive record quarter, hydro levels were significantly down due to a warm start to the year. Specifically, hydro generation levels dropped 24% from the same quarter a year earlier, which contributed to an 8% drop in the overall renewable energy generation levels. Hydro’s decline was mitigated somewhat by an 8% rise in wind levels and 14$ rise in solar output.”

  50. Antius on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 6:26 am 

    “Many people may very well have high or higher IQ but they lack overall intelligence that is wide instead of narrow or specialized. It is a recipe not an ingredient.”

    Exactly so. Intelligence quotient is the raw computing power of the human brain. It tends to favour those who have good spatial awareness and mathematical ability. Intelligence tests focus on a person’s ability to draw out patterns, trends and symmetry and make specific extrapolations based upon that information.

    Knowledge is the information stored within the brain. It takes time to accumulate that information, as a person observes and learns over the course of a lifetime. Wisdom can be thought of as the ability to apply a broad knowledge base to understand the many facets of a problem and then make an appropriate judgement. It can only occur in people with an appropriate balance of knowledge and brain power.

    A person can be intelligent and yet ignorant. The young are typically more intelligent than the old, yet often lack the knowledge base to make appropriate decisions. And they have a natural tendency to rebel against established authority. Many intelligent young people are drawn to the sense of perfection, symmetry, purpose and rebellion provided by political idealism in the form of Marxism and similar neo-liberal movements. They lack the knowledge and life experience to understand that idealistic political philosophies lead to disastrous and dystopian nightmares, as their adherents attempt to lever the populace into the intellectual strait jackets that force them to behave as theory says they should.

    Eventually, a sizable portion of these people grow up; understand that the human world is an evolved tribal construction that will never be perfect or universalist; that it is a balance of competing forces; and they settle down to become good conservatives. At this point, they have acquired enough knowledge of the world around them to display wisdom.

    A person can be knowledgeable without being wise. A person can be intelligent without being wise. Wisdom requires a balance of knowledge and brain power and an acceptance of the world for what it basically is. It is why the best leaders tend to be men in middle-age. They have been around long enough to understand how the world works and have hopefully thrown off the shackles of idealism. Yet their minds are still nimble enough to make complex and well informed decisions.

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