Peak Oil is You

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Page added on March 24, 2015

Bookmark and Share thumbnail is a project supported by the World Bank, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and several volunteers, which aims to make demography accessible to a wider audience. allows the users to see how they fit statistically in the world population revealing interesting data such as the percentage of people in the world that are younger and older than them, which and when its their next milestone, how many people share their birthday, and an estimate of when they’ll die. This information is all presented in a series of tables, maps, and charts.

Date of Publication: Dec. 1, 2014
Authors: Benedikt Groß, K.C. Samir and Wolfgang Fengler

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  1. Plantagenet on Tue, 24th Mar 2015 5:43 pm 

    This site is basing all its projections on a BAU scenario for the future.

    Is that realistic?

    If peak oil occurs and leads to a civilization collapse, chances are good that life expectancies will drop. Alternatively, if we achieve the technological singularity, some folks may live for hundreds of years.

  2. elproducto on Tue, 24th Mar 2015 7:33 pm 

    Very cool, thanks for posting

  3. Makati1 on Tue, 24th Mar 2015 8:55 pm 

    Most interesting! I would live longest if I lived in Japan. According to ‘statistics’, I will lose about two years by living in the Ps. Or is that for Filipinos and not American born? Actually, I will live until I die, no matter where. The location is my choice, not the Grim Reaper’s.

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