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Page added on June 29, 2019

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Planetary salvation; science or by committee?


The proverb goes a camel is a horse designed by a committee. The analogy is group decision making leads to ineffectiveness due to the incorporation of too many conflicting opinions into a single project through compromise.

As noted a few days ago by the BBC, UN delegates, after two weeks of talks in Bonn, Germany, have backed a key scientific IPCC report, a “compromise”, without targets on greenhouse gas emissions, ostensibly based on the “best available science”.

Some smaller island delegates claimed, legitimately, the move amounted to a surrender to fossil fuel producers.

The IPCC is the ultimate “committee” beholden to politicians whose stock and trade is compromise.

The NASA graphic below, based on the “best available science”, demonstrates the annual solar radiation absorbed and infrared radiation emitted annually.

Figure 1

The laws of thermodynamics aren’t beholden to any committee or politician.

They are scientific law that describe observed phenomenon.

They are the “best available science” pertaining to global warming.

In thermodynamics, a heat engine per the following graphic is a system that performs the conversion of heat or thermal energy to mechanical work.

Figure 2

Where: TH is the temperature of the hot source

TL is the temperature of the cold sink

QH is the heat transfer out of the hot reservoir

W is the work output, and

QL is the heat transfer into the cold sink.

Combining Figures 1 and 2 you get Figure 3, which demonstrates “thermodynamic geoengineering” that is a reduction and removal of surplus heat from the vicinity of the equator to deep water and the conversion of a part of the heat of global warming by a heat engine to productive work.

Figure 3

With this process, you get twice as much energy as we are getting from fossils fuels along with the water, food, environment, education, democracy and poverty, terrorism and war and disease reduction Richard Smalley called for in his Terawatt Challenge.

In other words, the kind of things compromising politicians aren’t providing but could with twice the tax revenue derived from twice the energy production that in turn equates to twice the jobs.

We also get a reduction of surface heat and heat transfer from the equator towards the higher latitudes shown by the red arrows in Figures 2 and 3 that in turn leads to less sea level rise and tropical storm intensity, which are two of the greatest risks of global warming.

Two of the distinguishing features of a camel are its humps and poor temperament that compare poorly to the horse our proverbial committee was supposed to make but all the committees and politicians in the world and cacophony of competing energy and interest groups notwithstanding, we can’t afford a climate camel.

The “best available science” pertaining to global warming, the laws of thermodynamics, dictate what has to be done for mankind to survive and prosper.

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14 Comments on "Planetary salvation; science or by committee?"

  1. Two Coconuts on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 11:47 am 

    Hahaha – someone has been living inside their head too long. How exactly would humans be able to engineer such a heat energy transfer at a planet scale? Whatever they are smoking is really good shit..

  2. Gaia on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 12:28 pm 

    Why are we being fed misinformation by conspiracy theorists who spread misinformation just to keep the gullible sheeple ignorant and biased? When will ignorant people act like grown adults and stop blaming others for their own mistakes?

  3. Gaia on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 12:35 pm 

    Climate change is already happening and we should ignore the paranoid deniers (who whine about Big Tech censorship and so on).

  4. Anonymouse on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 2:32 pm 

    Good thing TPTB, lead by amerikas shadowy jewish owners, can postpone any kind of meaningful action against the multitude of threats to the living world indefinitely. Threats they themselves had a direct hand in creating. Since they all continue to profit from the status-quo, one of the best ways to prevent any challenge to BAU, is to hold endless conferences that are designed to fail, and then argue endlessly over the fine-print of whatever token, and ineffective measures that do happen to be (sort of) agreed on at all these basically symbolic meetings.

  5. Dredd on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 3:19 pm 

    “Planetary salvation; science or by committee?”

    “The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools.”

  6. Dredd on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 3:25 pm 

    Two Coconuts,

    Yep, even the aliens couldn’t do it (Mystery Bubble – Signal, Grid, or What?).

    You know, Dyson Grid.

  7. Davy on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 5:48 am 

    “Airbus Moves In With Daher & Safran To Build Hybrid Aircraft By 2022” clean technica

    “How the 3 companies interact to create the hybrid aircraft is as follows: Airbus handles the aerodynamic integrations, installation of batteries, and control systems into a conventional Daher TBM airframe. Safran is in charge of the electric propulsion system, which means electric motors and the battery system. Since the aircraft is a hybrid, it can cruise on electric power and only use its turbines for take-offs or other energy-intense situations. This makes this airplane is ideal for late-night commuters to secondary airports, something many will rejoice to hear.”

  8. Davy on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 5:48 am 

    I highlighted this article not so much for the aviation POV but the Hybrid idea for renewables in general. It is my opinion cost value of renewables is dominated by application. I use solar as a tool to gather energy from the sun like any other farming activity. You are gathering solar energy instead of harvesting biomass energy. This is important because like farming you want to focus the production process with the right application and the right equipment. The other issue is demand management in regards to resilience/sustainability issue of an off the grid individual. You can just grid tie your panels and forget about them but then you have no storage for grid interruptions. On the other end of the spectrum is off grid living.

    I am not knocking either application. One is passive and the other very active. I chose an in-between. The advantages are maximization of solar gathering while maintaining backup. To do this your breaker box is wired with transfer switches. You turn on any circuit in your box from grid to solar depending on weather, time of day, and if there is an interruption. You may switch settings multiple times a day depending on time and sun. You can also work the battery so it will support a partly cloudy day or you can drift into the evening with power draw on your batteries to exercise them the next day with recharging at the same time you are running other circuits. The point is maximum gathering of an off the grid system with a home grid tied.

    My system has a feature that if I forget or can’t get back to manually switch power demand my system has a charge function that comes on to charge batteries once batteries drop to a certain level. This is of course same idea as fossil fuel backup but on an individual level. I have also made my wood boiler a hybrid. I have soar evacuated tubes heating water in the summer so I don’t have to use wood. The solar system is separate from the wood boiler pump system that goes into the house to warm a heat exchanger that preheats water into the electric water heater. In this case I am making the water heater work less. Once the weather turns cool I take down the solar water heater and heat with wood both the house and water. Another nice application is the wood boiler and solar water heater each have a pump that can be run on solar power from panels or the grid depending on power supply availability.

    Society at large should embrace this idea as an alternative to 100% renewable efforts based solely on more tech equipment. These efforts want to have a status quo fossil fuel life but powered by renewables. I feel this is not realistic or cost effective once renewable penetration exceeds a certain point because of intermittency and storage limitations. We could be getting much more savings from renewables by making them hybrid. Cars and planes are obvious examples but so are houses and especially farms. We can reduce grid use and increase sustainability. In my case I combine biomass to the equation. An important part of all this is also efficiency and conservation. An efficient house along with conservation efforts in relation to power use and lifestyles. Lots of insulation and if you can passive heating and cooling. Lifestyles should revolve around demand management and seasonality. Food and travel should be incorporated into these efforts. The degree you take these effort can vary greatly. I have taken further than most people because I have a passion for this but others can manage this effort down to fit their particular needs. Society could be doing a lot more. Society is embracing the tech but not the behavior. An example for the behavior is using power and heat according to its best renewable production. The grid is used when renewable power is limited. This is in a sense done now with fossil fuel backup but this could be taken much further by changed behavior and lifestyles.

    This hybrid idea could also be taken further by individuals and groups that can go hybrid with on/off grid setups. This is a very good application for rural farming communities that could specialize in biomass production and renewable energy gathering. To enhance the degree of energy utilization behavioral changes could occur for example towns and the surrounding farmsteads could embrace intermittency more. Areas that can live with intermittency should as part of this hybrid energy way of life. Taking this further the inclusion of localization could enhance the power savings. Eat and live local means growing your own and reducing discretionary travel.

    This is more of the behavioral changes that are not part of social policy but should be. Society should be subsidizing these efforts to get them up and running. Education and tech equipment are expensive with the payoff coming down the road. Solar energy and biomass production are a lower energy value effort compared to the high impact fossil fuel energy we have taken for granted. This means lower profit activity. Cutting, splitting, and curing fire wood is more expensive than grid power especially when you consider the economics of alternative costs. A person can earn more money by other work efforts. Hay and raising animals is not highly profitable unless you do it large scale and industrially. This is what we should be weaning ourselves off of with hybrid activity of those who can and desire the sustainability and resilience.

  9. Cloggie on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 6:20 am 

    Again, it is possible to fly 100% carbon neutral with the existing global air-fleet, with this:

    Fuel price would increase with a factor of 2-3, but since the price of an air-ticket is much more than fuel alone (cost plane, personel, airport infrastructure, etc.) the price would increase with less than 2-3.

    I recently booked a return ticket from Holland to Venice = 2 x 1400 km (months in advance) with a cheap carrier, costing me 66 euro + 50 euro for the 20 kg suit case = 116,- euro.

    I would have flown for 200-300 euro as well (a week hotels in Venice is 1500,- alone).

    Everybody and his mother in Europe are complaining about “over-tourism” (“tourarism”). Increasing air-fares would be an efficient means to bring that down.

  10. makati1 on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 8:04 am 

    Another Davy shitstorm no one reads. LOL

  11. makati1 on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 8:11 am 

    BTW: Sunday night here. 84F and the frogs are singing. A slight breeze and a glass of red wine to relax and watch the US go down. Waiting for the Monday AM financial advisor’s and economist’s guess where the US is going this week. All they can do is look in the rear-view mirror for ideas (guesses). But that will not be on here until Tuesday AM. Ah well. Better to be ahead than behind. Better yet to NOT be involved with that madness. ^_^

  12. Davy on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 9:16 am 

    ‘Another Davy shitstorm no one reads. LOL”

    So, does it hurt you so bad that you are an empty minded moron mainly concern about your own flattery and the cutting down of anything and everything American. My longer comments are not for idiots like you, makato. Many here are not capable of digesting a longer comment because they are too worried about doing a few one liners or attacking somebody like juanpee. Go whine to your frogs. Get drunk on your cheap wine. Your days on this earth are quickly ebbing away.

  13. Davy on Mon, 1st Jul 2019 4:54 pm 

    This is a very special time because I am very special. I have been stalking for a year now. I was triggered a year ago when my feeling were hurt. I have a hyperactive oversized pride. I also have a dysfunctional personality that is manifested with cyberbullying and cyber stalking. I do not care about norms. ID theft is fine and my goofy dumbass personalities are manifested by my many sock puppets. I fill comment feeds up with mindless ad homs and stupid sexual perversions. I tell you guys I am sorry but I am not because you all are all sorry fucks for being here anyway. I brag about myself constantly because I am special. All this is because I am a psychopathic individual and I consider myself a separate species sus horriblis. The world revolves around me. I like to tell people I am set in life. I have all the money I need so a surf and sail. I travel when I want. I justify this oversized Miami Beach playboy ecological footprint because I was sterilized. I didn’t have kids. If you did then I am better than you because I didn’t. Since I am so fucked up it is a good thing I don’t have kids. Bad seeds should be destroyed. Too bad I was not aborted.

    Remember: Humper pumper #9.

  14. DerHundistLos on Tue, 2nd Jul 2019 1:12 am 

    Attn. All Trumptards: Give yourselves a big pat on the back.


    Trump Declares Open Season on Endangered Flora & Fauna.

    Nice going Trumptards. You elected a monster and there will be hell to pay. US deserves to become first country ravaged by the coming ecological apocalypse.

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