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Page added on October 7, 2020

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Peak grain


The depletion of groundwater sources in parts of the United States High Plains is so severe that peak grain production in some states has already passed, according to new research.

An international team of scientists, including experts from the University of Delaware, has extended and improved methods used to calculate peak oil production to assess grain production in three U.S. states: Nebraska, Texas and Kansas.

Prof. Delphis Levia, UD Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences
Prof. Delphis Levia, UD Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences

They related the levels of water extraction from the Ogallala aquifer, one of the largest underwater reservoirs in the world, over the past five decades, to the amounts of grain harvested in each state and used this model to predict future trends. Their results were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“We were inspired by insightful analyses of U.S. crude oil production. They predicted a peak in crude oil production a decade in advance,” said Assaad Mrad, a doctoral candidate at Duke University and lead author of the study.

The scientists found that in Texas and Kansas, even taking into account advances in technology and improved irrigation methods, production levels peaked around 2016 before starting to decline. By 2050, if no yield-boosting technologies are introduced, grain production in Texas could be reduced by as much as 40%.

The decline is because rates of water extraction, coupled with delays in enforcing new policies on groundwater use and in introducing new irrigation and monitoring technologies mean the aquifers can no longer be sufficiently replenished to meet demand.

Nebraska, in contrast, has a different climate, with more rainfall and less aridity than Texas and Southern Kansas, which allows for higher sustainable rates of groundwater pumping. Nebraska is therefore succeeding in increasing the amount of land used for grain production without increasing the amount of water used.

The U.S. High Plains produces more than 50 million tons of grain yearly and depends on the aquifers for as much as 90% of its irrigation needs. Taken as a whole, therefore, the model shows that continued depletion of the High Plains aquifers at current levels represents a significant threat to food and water security both in the U.S. and globally.

“Overuse of the Ogallala aquifer is a huge problem on the southern Plains where it is thinner,” said Delphis Levia, professor in the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences in the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment. “As such, a goal of this paper has been to couple the concept of peak water with peak grain production in an effort to raise awareness of this issue and to encourage conservation and the development of new technologies that lead to the more efficient irrigation of crops.”

The paper has its origins in the Ettersburg Ecohydrology Workshop where 29 experts and students from 11 countries gathered near Weimar, Germany to figure out how to start addressing the world’s multifaceted water crisis. Levia, other UD faculty and graduate students helped organize the conference.

48 Comments on "Peak grain"

  1. makati1 on Wed, 7th Oct 2020 10:10 pm 

    Amerika’s food security is not so secure as climate change keeps playing havoc with the weather and temperatures. More flooding coming to the Gulf coast, and interior, this weekend. The West coast is burning up. Also large areas of drought with the threat of another Dust Bowl event.

    Big Ag is crippled by the fake flu scare, Davao’s Great Reset. Food is missing from grocery shelves already. “Petro-food” is going to be much more expensive. Without oily chemicals, Amerika’s farms are only dead dirt, barely able to grow weeds.

    The DC swamp is full of lizards in government suits. The sheeple are killing themselves with diapers, and fear of everyone, because of their ignorance and lack of a backbone. If they would only realize that they outnumber the Davao elite by at least 100,000 to 1 (and, most of the 100,000 have guns) things would change overnight.

    Watching Amerika suicide is not fun. Sigh!

  2. bochen787 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 1:51 am 

    Hope that supervolcano happens this year in the USA…

    1/10000th chance but I’m praying to the Universe to make China #1 again

  3. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 3:29 am 

    China is already number one, but the Amerikans don’t know it. Amerika is Bangladesh in North America. The volcano there is already rumbling and on November 3rd, it is timed to blow. LOL

  4. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 4:06 am 

    “1/10000th chance but I’m praying to the Universe to make China #1 again”


    Did I miss something over the passed 2000 years?

    (Even your idea of New Silk Road is copied from the Europeans)

    You should never forget that China got its prominent economic position in the world of today thanks to western “goodwill”, to transfer a lot of its industries to China, in the expectation that cheap Chinese hands would do the basic hard work in the integrated globalist economy and produce everything between 0-1000$. At least that was the wishful thinking of the globalists in Washington. But these idiots are busy digging their own grave, are facing CW2 at home (for racial reasons) and the notorious US-UK globalists are facing a similar defeat like the continental Europeans had to suffer in 1945… at the hands of the globalists.

    Chinese are admirable hard workers, are smart and far more civilized than Africans and Muslims (not that that sets the bar very high). But I really have to think very hard to come up with a SINGLE CHINESE NAME of somebody who made an impact in science, art, culture, sport, whatever. Your fundamental weakness is your addiction to uniformity and consensus and harmony. If I think of Chinese, I think of 100 people, standing around, say a Porsche, taking it apart, making notes, with the intention to copy it. You have had the wind of fortune in your back for 4 decades, because the West never really took you serious, geopolitically.

    Soon the Anglos will come to their senses and step down from the idea of “global US” & “global UK” baloney and will be reminded the hard way that you cannot ignore race in international relations, let alone at home.

    The US and likely the UK are going to fall apart, as a result of their globalist values and especially the white Americans will be FORCED to redefine themselves as Europeans (Americans of European descent), because they will be reminded by their hostile dark environment that they are just that and that the idea that “integration” with other races is possible, was just a stupid idea, put in their minute brains via the kosher media.

    The rest of the 21st century will be a little like the 20th century, if you replace the US-UK with continental Europe and the USSR with China. Europe and China will be the carrying pillars of the coming multi-polar world order. The New Silk Road will be the back bone of the planet and Europeans and Chinese will be both partners (carrying pillars of the new global order) and competitors for markets and prestige projects like landing on the Moon, Mars and Europa first.

    May the best Eurasian win.

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 4:40 am 

    More signs that BoJo is merely an intermediary figure, whose only claim to fame will be presiding over a disintegrating Britain, economically and geographically and that his backers in the media have second thoughts about the wisdom of the BoJo-Brexit-project, they supported for 40 years, in the expectation that their anti-EU rhetoric was merely letting off steam and that they never expected or really hoped that Brexit would actually happen! Sabotaging the EU from within was sufficient and a national sport.

    “Boris Johnson made the muscles in Keir Starmer’s neck tighten like cheesewire: HENRY DEEDES sees the Prime Minister bluster through another onslaught from the Labour leader”

    Even soft-Brexit supporter DailyMail is now talking up Labour leader Keir Starmer against BoJo. Starmer wants to respect Brexit, but undo the most damaging aspects of it and can be expected to bring back Britain (England?) into the Common Market, cashing in on the fact that the English dislike the continental Europeans far more than the other way around. Expect Starmer to be chosen PM in May 2024 on a soft-Remain ticket and begin negotiations with the EU about a return of the UK (or what is left of it) to the Common Market, like Norway and Switzerland. By doing so and facing a USA-turned-into-a-smoking-pile-of-Rubble, it would mean the end of 500 years of Balance-of-Power and Splendid-Isolation policies and England would finally turn into a fine European province, albeit from a distance. From this new perspective England can be given free hand in Anglo-Canada and “renew relations” with these born-again-Europeans and set up something like an Anglo-Commonwealth. The French will do something similar with Quebec, while the EU, in its characteristic fathomless benevolence will take the Red States under its custody. Russians will look after the Alaskan store and help Alaskans where they can. Been there, done that.

  6. zero juan on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 4:43 am 

    another night with a selfish asshole JuanP

    bochen787 said Hope that supervolcano happens this year in the US…

    really not being able to go inner struggle and blow up st paul campus is bad Before the election, 22% of Muslim students screened positive for depression, anxiety or an eating disorder, compared to 34% after said time to widen the gate labeled victim

    why muzz are supremacist they terrorize us As a result, the Department of Labor added five additional goods to the list of items believed to be produced by said Muslim minorities in China through forced labor. T…

    Security officers are visiting Islamic schools in the district and forcing female students to shed the head panties. Government authorities are informing Muslim residents that China’s State Council passed a secret directive in 2018 said why does whitey supertard sharon stone have no pan…

    FamousDrScanlon said Theedrich, Trump caught Covid sucking Kike cock. H…

    On This Day… Oct 08, 2015: Mosul, Iraq Accused homosexuals are flung from a rooftop: 4 Killed said putting two muzz on trial was done before not goin…

    justice putting muzz on trial been done so many times before but there are so many muzz popping up especially mozambique now and there are muzz all over the places only way is to harvest like china said china send a division harvest and keep what they h…

    The Battle of Lepanto: Avenging the Skinning Alive of Christians Who Refused Islam said muzz

    Davy said Quite spamming the articles with your off-topic fr…

    nationalsolarcompany said “Thanks for sharing this article.Now It̵…

    muzz now in america BIG MIKE speaking on not so subliminal background of burning buildings Qanon did kenosha and whitey supertard president trump is convicted-19 said Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh have been in…

    Davy said The cow can move himselve Green. Hes a big boy.

    REAL Green said The cows looking real sickly agin Davy. May be we…

  7. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 5:06 am 

    Grain is a worthless food and in its shape of bread, pasta, cakes, chips and what not, responsible for the obesity crisis that is plaguing the US (more than 40% now on BMI30+). The only reason humanity used grain for 10,000 years was because it is so easy to grow and store. Today we have far better means of food production.

    Real food like veggies, fruit, nuts, meat, eggs, dairy products can be produced locally, if necessary in green houses. A single meal per day (like the Romans did) is optimal to keep you healthy and slim (unless you are a rare intense physical worker). Grain is a geopolitical weapon, with which you can keep poor nations like Egypt into your orbit.


    He is right. Small communities of a few hundreds-thousands can provide for their own food with a relatively small piece of land and intense farming methods. 50 m2 suffices for 2 people. Food can nowadays be stored in freezers at a cost of 200 kWh/2 persons energy cost. Btw freezing, like car batteries, are yet another perfect opportunity to store renewable electricity in, namely in cold matter, for a couple of days/2 weeks, if you allow for freezing temperatures of -30C or lower, provided you have top-notch isolation, because the energy leaks proportional with temp difference freezer-room temperature.

    “Growing Crops in the Australian Desert with Seawater”

    “Agriport A7 – Industrial Scale Greenhouse Agriculture”

    “Robotics in Dutch Horticulture”

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 3:14 pm 

    Thanks techno-clog. We’ll file you green techno hopium links with the other 4000 that never made it off the drawing board or got past pilot project phase. How’s the undersea coal bed energy coming? Still throwing that 10 year old Daily Mail link around? Any day now eh? Sure thang.

    How pandemics extinguished the Roman empire

    What the fall of Rome teaches us about the twin threats of lethal disease and ecological disaster.

    “As Kyle Harper writes, the fall of Rome may have been “the single greatest regression in all of human history”. In 1984, he tells us, a German classicist catalogued more than 200 explanations of this regression. Military over-reach, increasing reliance on slave labour, excessive spending and taxation to pay for a decadent diet of “bread and circuses”, and the rise of Christianity have been cited. Rome did not fall in a day, and no doubt these and other factors featured in a long process of decline. But all of these standard accounts put human agency at the heart of the story, when the deciding forces may not have been human at all. Instead, Harper argues compellingly, it was pandemic diseases amplified by shifts in the climate that unravelled the global networks of connectivity the Romans had constructed over centuries. As he puts it, “The ecology of the empire had built an infrastructure awaiting a pandemic.”

    Lovers of the ‘Big Man’ version of history won’t get it. Too complex & systemic for their primitive hyper social chimp brains to comprehend. They only see the world in retard simple black & white narratives. Grey causes dissonance. I remember Davy understood complex systems & regularly discussed how we were/are all caught in a trap….then he got bit & infected by the propaganda narrative bug, right-wing version, & went stupid overnight. The power of story (fear) & need to blame. Blame or don’t – collapse is baked in & it’s roots are evolutionary. Kill your so called political enemies, kill them all. You & yours are still fucked. I imagine that the nations with the least disunity will last longer with less suffering. If I was Russia, China et al I’d be doing whatever I could to keep the US divided.

    “Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

  9. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 5:27 pm 

    Famous, Cloggie is lost in green techie lala land. Best to ignore his wet dream rants. What can you expect from a member of the dying EU?

    BTW: Obesity is not caused by eating grains, it is caused by OVER eating, mostly corporate junk food and sugary sodas.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 6:21 pm 

    Mak, how is the weather there in the P’s today?

  11. ANSEL RAPER on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 6:33 pm 

    STFU, prick, the weather sucks in the P’s. It is hot and humid with a thousand different types of biting insects.

  12. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 6:46 pm 

    It’s been a rainy week, but then, this is the beginning of the wet season. For the next 5-6 months, it will rain almost every day. A shower or T-storm. This part of the Philippines gets about 12 feet of rain, on average, every year, with few totally dry days. A week without at least a shower or thunderstorm, is rare, even in the dry season.

    That is why our farmhouse uses rainwater rather than a well. The roof collects multiples of what we need, for the cost of a few filters. Gravity supplies the pressure. No electric needed.

    BTW: The wet season means the daily temperatures range from the low 70s at night, to the upper 80s in mid afternoon. The dry season is about 5F hotter.

  13. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 6:50 pm 

    AT, hot and humid? Yes, but I do not worry about blizzards, or icy roads, or scraping ice off the car windshield, or shoveling heavy wet snow , or even keeping the house from freezing, or myself.

    I live in a climate that many millions pay good money to vacation at and wish they lived here. And your body and lifestyle adjusts if you are here long enough. I would never go back to Pennsylvania to live.

  14. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 7:30 pm 

    Corruption Is Now Our Way of Life

    Systemic corruption and the implosion of the social contract have consequences: It’s called collapse.

    “Social and economic decay is so glacial that only those few who remember an earlier set-point are equipped to even notice the decline. That’s the position we find ourselves in today.

    Many Americans will discount the systemic corruption that characterizes the American way of life because they’ve known nothing but systemic corruption. They’ve habituated to it because they have no memory of a time when looting wasn’t legalized and maximizing self-enrichment by any means available wasn’t the unwritten law of the land.

    If you don’t yet see America as little more than an intertwined collection of skims, scams, frauds, embezzlements, lies, gaming-the-system, obfuscation of risk and exploitation of the masses by insiders, please read How Corruption is Becoming America’s Operating System. (, via Cheryl A.)”

    50 plus years of legislation made law by corrupt criminal 1 party politicians.

    If you’re fucking dumb enough to vote you’re voting for the 1 party to continue to ass rape you & yours.

    US Politics Isn’t ‘Polarized’; It’s In Almost Universal Agreement

    “But beneath all the hurled insults and heated debates, these two factions are actually furiously agreeing with one another. They’re agreeing the entire time.

    They agree that the US government should remain the center of a globe-spanning empire; they just angrily quibble over a few of the details of how that empire should be run, like whether or not the Saudi crown prince should have received some small consequence for dismembering a Washington Post reporter with a bone saw.

    They agree that the US should remain the earth’s unipolar hegemon at all cost; they just loudly bicker over some of the specifics in how it should look, like whether there should be the names of Confederate generals on its military bases.

    They agree that there should be a massive US military presence around the world; they just furiously dispute small particulars like whether a few thousand of those troops should remain in Germany or be moved to Poland.

    They agree that there must be endless mass military violence to uphold the US-centralized empire; they just make a big show of debating whether that military violence should be more focused on Syria or Iran.

    They agree that it is necessary to menace the entire planet with nuclear weapons while ramping up aggressions against other nuclear powers; they just rage back and forth about whose finger should be on the button.

    They agree that it is necessary to control the world economy with an iron fist; they just squabble about its features, like how and when to roll out a trade war with China.

    They agree that the environment should continue to be destroyed; they just fight about the minutia, like whether or not there should be some accommodations made for the profit margins of green energy corporations.

    They agree that income and wealth inequality should persist in the US; they just passionately disagree about how it should persist, like whether or not Americans should receive another paltry $1200 stimulus payment this year.

    They agree that plutocracy should continue to rule America; they just spar over the minor features, like whether or not those plutocrats should pay a tiny bit more in taxes.

    They agree that Americans should remain aggressively propagandized; they just argue about whether it should be by Fox News or MSNBC.”

    You & yours don’t count. They don’t work for you. They don’t give a fuck about you. You are less than nothing to them. They even despise you behind your back because you’re so weak, stupid & gullible. Fucking Dupes.

  15. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 7:47 pm 

    Amerika is the Number One country in corruption, murder, and just plain terrorism.

    The world is waiting for it to fall. I’m cheering it on. GO Trump!

  16. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 7:48 pm 

    A Hard Rain Is Going to Fall

    The status quo is about to discover that it can’t stop the hard rain or protect its fragile sandcastles.

    “Here’s the problem with monopoly, corruption, free money and a two-tier legal/political system: they impoverish and diminish everyone who isn’t an insider or in the top 10% Protected Class, as these are institutionalized forms of legalized looting: monopolies and cartels raise costs by smothering competition, corruption is a hidden tax on everyone not at the feeding trough, free money devalues the dollar, robbing everyone forced to use it, and a two-tier legal system enriches the few (corporate criminals never go to prison) and undermines the social contract via blatant unfairness and lack of justice.

    As for the two-tier political system: monopoly, corruption and Fed free money have undermined democracy. Regardless of who wins the election, lobbyists and billionaires will still dominate the day-to-day business of political pay-to-play.

    By enriching and protecting the few at the expense of the many, America’s business as usual has eroded the social contract and trust in institutions and authority. When everybody’s on the take and has an insider skim, then denying a conflict of interest simply confirms the ubiquity of conflicts of interest.”

  17. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 7:54 pm 

    mak for most young people collapse is their best chance. Let it fall. It’s an anti human soul sucking toxic abomination.

  18. REAL Green on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 7:54 pm 

    “I remember Davy understood complex systems & regularly discussed how we were/are all caught in a trap….then he got bit & infected by the propaganda narrative bug, right-wing version, & went stupid overnight.”

    Folk don’t go from smart to stupid over night apeman. And they don’t go from stupid to smart eather. Davy was always stupid. Obv.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 8:01 pm 

    No comment

    View: Mugshots for 10 of 13 people charged after FBI uncovered plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer

    12 Michigan residents among 13 people charged following alleged scheme

    “Federal and state officials have charged 13 people after uncovering a militia plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the Michigan government, FBI agents said.

    You can read about the specific details of the entire kidnapping operation here.

    Through confidential informants and undercover agents, the FBI gained access to audio recordings, ground messages and secret meetings as the group plotted for months, according to court records.”

  20. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 8:05 pm 

    Famous, yes, I agree. There was no future for young people in the BAU world of pre-2020. I’m not too sure the future will be better for them, but it will be different.

    But, I sit on the other side of the world where the future is bright, for Asians, as most countries here are young people and they have room to grow in many ways.

    The dying US is trying to block that growth, but it will fail. China could lose the entire population of the US and still have over 1,000,000,000 people, or three times the US population. Tied to Russia’s resources…how can growth not happen?

  21. Anonymouse on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 8:10 pm 

    Davy never understood complex systems. It took him the better part of a decade to figure out to register for the sites REAL discussion forum. Once he eventually figured that out, then promptly used it to spam sock puppet fake posts under JuanP’s name all in the hope of getting him banned.

    Remember, it took stupid nearly 10 years to figure out how to register. That is not the behavior of someone with a grasp of complex-anything. The majority of his non-sock, non-stalking posts, he routinely cut and pasted from intelligent peoples comments he found on his web-phone, and regularly stole their comments without attribution.

    More like the sign of a mentally disturbed dumbass and stalker.

  22. makati1 on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 8:10 pm 

    Davy was always an arrogant, uneducated, capitalist asshole. No change in the 6+ years I have been attacked by that goatherd in every way he could think of, but still he failed. As he always will. He is not a winner. Not even close.

    I laugh at him and the arrogant Amerikans that are being brought down by the C19 bullshit. Call it Reset or Leveling, it is happening. I hope you are prepared. The road gets a lot bumpier in the future. And then there is the cliff…

  23. ANSEL RAPER everyone please respect supertard on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 8:19 pm 

    please love supremacist muzzies more especially those with dyed beard

  24. ANSEL RAPER muzz are above teh law because theyre supremacist muzz only master race chinese can harvest master cult muzz Detroit: Muslima with Hamas-linked CAIR lawyer sues for being made to remove hijab in booking photo on Thu, 8th Oct 2020 10:59 pm 

    Nigeria: Sharia police ban stylish haircuts, sagging trousers, playing of music at social events

  25. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:11 am 

    Mak, how is the weather there in the P’s today?

    Wow… apeman showing some human interest in small talk, rather than his usual nihilistic toxic gloating about how his goyim “cancer monkeys” are being set-up for their demise.

    How is the weather in Vancouver, talmudturk apeman?

  26. bochen787 on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:17 am 

    I almost got killed by kkk today

  27. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:22 am 

    Famous, Cloggie is lost in green techie lala land. Best to ignore his wet dream rants. What can you expect from a member of the dying EU?

    Dying EU? Only in your American wishful thinking mind. The only thing that is really going down is that America of yours.

    Europa was indeed temporarily cornered in 1945 by the dummies of the white race USSR and USA, both fighting for Jewish interests. But the USSR fell apart and now the USA is going to fall apart. Guess who will end up on top of this exercise? Sneak preview:

    BTW: Obesity is not caused by eating grains, it is caused by OVER eating, mostly corporate junk food and sugary sodas.

    Exactly! Overeating, mostly carbs: potatoes, bread, pasta, pizza, cake, cookies, rice. Sugar consumption is now 80 kg/year rather than 2 kg/year, 100 years ago. 50 times as much. Sugar is pure poison.

    America is already past peak life expectancy, because it is eating and drinking itself to death, blinded by 24/7 advertising from corporations who just want to sell their sweet garbage, rather than being concerned with the well-being of the population.

  28. bochen787 on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:38 am 


    Go read my post on mod side, Trump is playing 11D Chess… Amerikkkan First means after US contains the Chinaman they coming for EU too…

  29. Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:42 am 

    “Davy was always an arrogant, uneducated, capitalist asshole.”

    Who drop out of college first semester when the going got tough? LOL. Your arrogance makes me sick, Wak, when you tell us all your stupid life stories and how wonderful your cheap club med life is. You do nothing all day and act like you have a farm. You represent stupidity and this is why annoymouse and you get along so well. You are pushing 80 with dementia like your peer Biden. In fact the two of you have similar dispositions of arrogant with dementia. LMFAO

  30. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:42 am 

    Famous, Cloggie is lost in green techie lala land. Best to ignore his wet dream rants. What can you expect from a member of the dying EU?

    makati admits that oil runs out, but he will shout anybody down who actually wants to do something about the situation, except of course his beloved Asians (probably because he is half one himself), who illogically are somehow immune for the energy situation.

    Here renewable poster child Scotland, that already is at 100% renewable electricity and firmly en route to achieve 200%, the required amount to get rid of ALL fossil fuel:

    Scotland will be one of the first countries on earth to achieve the transition for 100%, mostly because it is a windy, sparsely populated country. All other western European countries will follow sooner or later. And what makati thinks bout it is irrelevant.

  31. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 3:56 am 


    Go read my post on mod side, Trump is playing 11D Chess… Amerikkkan First means after US contains the Chinaman they coming for EU too…

    I can’t see these posts, behind an account I won’t register.

    They already came for Europe between 1939-1945, but fortunately we are about to get rid of them, or rather, the roles are going to be reversed.

    Chinese can’t live with Uighurs. American whites can’t live with blacks, Hispanics, Asians, just like Jews can’t live with Palestinians. Sorry, humans are tribal (“racist”), everywhere, no matter how much Americans tried to convince everybody else to set up a Babylon melting pot just like theirs. But the melting pot is about to, well, melt itself, spilling all its soup contents over the floor. Gonna be a big mess, to be cleaned up by mostly Europeans and Chinese, with Middle Eastern Muslims using the opportunity to fully decolonize themselves from white influence.

    Welcome to the multi-polar, identitarian world order, as predicted by Samuel Huntington. In the world of tomorrow we are all going to be “racist” again, meaning: having an outspoken, non-hidden preference for your own (tribal and/or religious) kind. Strangers will be tolerated at best, but remain strangers, preferably with a departure date.

    White Americans are the new Indians in North-America and will end up in a reserve of their own, although much bigger ones than those of the Indians 1.0. Think this:

    I predict it will fairly accurately coincide with the Mississippi River basin. A mostly land-locked country between Appalachians and Rockies. Basically most of the Red States.

  32. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 4:29 am 

    Egypt was ruled by whites:

    Despite the refusal of the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, to release any DNA results which might indicate the racial ancestry of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, the leaked results reveal that King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y chromosomes.

    Arthur Kemp, finally a Brit [*] not to despair with, was entirely right in his “March of the Titans”.

    The history of the white race ranges from Aryans, who conquered India, to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, Russia, America.

    [*] He is from Southern Rhodesia, knows everything about race the hard way, and has sympathy for the Dutch-rooted Boer-movement. With the name “Kemp” he could have Dutch roots. I was born, raised and still live in the Dutch “Kempen” area, known by the Julius Caesar Romans as “Campina” (“open plains”)

    For whites the slow-moving train-wreck interaction with Jews began in ancient Rome, where the Jews started the first Marxist movement in history: Christianity, responsible for the weakening of the Roman empire and eventually its downfall. After that Catholic Christianity became anti-Semitic (“anti-Christ Killers”). Jews came back politically in Muslim Spain, after that they jumped from Spain on the “freedom-of-religion” bandwagon aka as Protestantism, mostly in Holland. From there they jumped onto a larger Protestant dog, Britain, that was made Protestant thanks to the Dutch army and Jewish money. From there they jumped onto an even bigger dog: America. At the same time they got a hold onto Russia with their standard Marxist ideology, the economic version. In America they rule with racial Marxism. Both ideologies eventually kill the host. It happened to the USSR, it will happen to the USA. A white Renaissance is absolutely possible, provided we finally get rid of our tormenters and we can set up an empire in space rather than conquering darkie countries (been there, done that). The chances for that look good, even if the whites in America fail to revolt and they will end up in USSR-2.0, under the whip of the darkies. The first whites to do so in world history.

  33. Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 5:27 am 

    “Green Deal Promises That Will Not Be Met”

    “Climate-neutral Europe by 2050? Forget it…EU Promises and Goals vs Reality Unlike the US where Trump wants nothing to do with green deals, the EU has made a number of pie in the sky promises. Eurointelligence, mocks the promises in Reasons to be Wary of the Green Deal. In theory, green technology could be to Europe what digital has been to the US and what artificial intelligence promises to be for China. We have our doubts, though. The EU is clearly overselling the green deal. The green share in EU projects is vastly exaggerated through dubious rounding-up practices, a creative accounting method that would land you in prison if you tried it on your tax returns. The EU has still not kicked the habits of the Juncker investment plan: a castle in the air combining hype and leveraged aspirations. The hard bit is not setting ambitious targets, like the recently proposed 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 relative to 1990. We noted an article in FAZ this morning by Hendrik Kafsack, who points out that this target requires, at a minimum, the following sectors to be completely CO2-emissions-free: energy production, traffic, buildings, and almost the entire manufacturing economy. He writes that the EU has picked all the low-hanging fruit, but has yet to take the tough decisions. De-carbonisation will be very expensive. And these decisions will only be made if the rest of the world adopts the same targets. Otherwise, production will simply relocate. We agree with Kafsack that a CO2 border tax is absolutely required to prevent this relocation. We also agree with him that emissions trading is probably the best instrument to achieve the target. Sectoral micromanagement, of the car industry for example, has become necessary because the system is not working as expected. Eurointelligence supports much of this nonsense, but at least they are realistic about things. Unless and until China is willing to act, nothing is going to happen.”

  34. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 5:56 am 

    ““Green Deal Promises That Will Not Be Met””

    Author: a nobody nicked “Mish”.

    Real name Mike Shedlock. Libertarian, financial guy. Not an engineer. There is no such thing as an American engineer. Died out a long time ago, everybody with a rudimentary brain in the US has been “financialized”, after their (((owners))) gave the example.

    There are zero arguments in this farticle. Only demonization words like “Forget it… Pie in the Sky… mocks… we have our doubts… clearly overselling green deal… exaggerated… dubious rounding practices… land you in prison… picked all low-hanging fruit”.

    Zero arguments, zero numbers, zero facts.

    He completely ignores that fossil fuel is running out anyway. Even every oil company will admit as much that it is over in a couple of decades and that peak conventional oil probably is already past us. So even if renewable energy is expensive (it isn’t), there is no cheap alternative for renewables.

    But this fat American-has-been…

    …is desperately holding on to his beloved fossil fuel success formulae, knowing very well that present-day America no longer has the creative energy to invent and build something radical new.

    Modern day Americans like davy and makati and blacks like anonymouse, are mostly concerned with “proving” to themselves that something DOESN’T WORK. Because if they look into themselves, they are looking into a black hole, engineering-wise.

    America rose to planetary prominence in the slipstream of oil. America will run out when oil runs out. Europeans will have to do the renewable energy job for them, post-America. Not for shunned reserve currency dollars but for cattle meat and basic resources or whatever this future $30k country can come up with.

  35. Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 6:09 am 

    Cloggo, the arguments are already in the “pudin” You are not realizing goals now just wait until the going gets tough!


  36. Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 6:48 am 

    “Zero arguments, zero numbers, zero facts.”

    Zero Hedge cloggo. Wad else did you expect?

  37. how many muzz admitted with PhD in muzz US Justice Department sues Yale over 'discrimination against white and Asian American applicants' after accusing the university of 'racially balancing' its classes on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 7:58 am 

    the wonder never ends

  38. muzz infiltrate higher ed At the University of Toronto Law School, a faculty committee recommended that Valentina Azarova be hired as the director of the school's International Human Rights Program. The Dean of the Law School, Edward Iacobucci, on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 8:00 am 

    disagreed with the committee’s recommendation and did not make the offer

    muzzscience has no cause and effect
    only abstraction, no tangible sceince allowed

    harvest top muzz the rest will report to amputaiton machines

  39. zero juan on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 9:08 am 

    This is fuck face JuanP

    Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 6:48 am

    “Zero arguments, zero numbers, zero facts.”
    Zero Hedge cloggo. Wad else did you expect?

  40. REAL Green on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 10:59 am 

    What cussin wurds the wurse Davy? Cuntface fuckwak or fuckface?

  41. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 11:41 am 

    Drain the swamp my ass.

    Pentagon redirected pandemic funds to defense contractors

    “The Pentagon redirected most of its $1 billion in pandemic funding to defense contractors who exchanged the money for jet engine parts, body armor, dress uniforms and other military needs, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. ”

    Total billionaire wealth surges to record high of $10.2 trillion during coronavirus crisis, research says

    Trumps a working man’s hero because he drained the swamp & attacked the deep state….gimmee a fucking break.

    The trifecta of the US department of War, the US weapons industry & the spying community make up the foundation of the Deep State. They’ve only become more enriched by Trumpy. Same shit, different POTUS. Same 1 party rule.

    The 10% party (haves) ruling the 90% have not, easily divided suckers.

    I support the troops Deep State.

  42. makati1 on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 6:05 pm 

    Davy, “Who drop out of college first semester when the going got tough?”

    Setting the record straight…I left the zero worth college education after the 3rd semester, not the first. The reason: I didn’t see any value in continuing.

    Instead, I learned by doing, under the tutelage of an actual master of the trade, not a book learning prof who never worked in the real world. I bet millions of current in debt college students wished they were as smart as I was.

    My year at college cost less than $1,500. Now it cost about $50,000/year, plus housing, and you get the same bullshit.

    BTW: The only self-made multi-millionaire I knew never went to college. That used to be the rule, not the exception.

  43. makati1 on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 6:20 pm 

    BTW Delusional Davy, maybe you shout look at who is running the world today and their ages. Not talking about the “elected” teleprompter readers, but your masters.

    Charles Koch – 84
    Michael Bloomberg – 78
    Carlos Slim – 80
    Rob Walton – 75
    Larry Ellison – 75
    Warren Buffett – 89
    Bill Gates – 64

    Not to mention people like George Soros (90) and Henry Kissinger (97)…. and many others who are screwing with YOUR life.

  44. Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 7:07 pm 

    “Setting the record straight…I left the zero worth college education after the 3rd semester, not the first. The reason: I didn’t see any value in continuing.”

    This is the internet stupid so who knows what you did but dealing with you over 6 years tells me you are embellishing as needed to look good. If you wouldn’t of opened you mouth in the first place this would never have been known but you wanted to try to tell people college is a scam and you are proff it is not needed. Look where you are now tell the true story. FAILURE. You are a college drop out because you didn’t have what it takes. You are a bum and that is why you live where you do.

    “Instead, I learned by doing, under the tutelage of an actual master of the trade, not a book learning prof who never worked in the real world. I bet millions of current in debt college students wished they were as smart as I was.”

    Spare me wak, master of trade…tutelage…LOL you where a nail pounder, wak. You shouldn’t talk yourself up and look stupid trying. Again LOL.

    “BTW: The only self-made multi-millionaire I knew never went to college. That used to be the rule, not the exception.”

    There you go with your money loving hypocrisy. You love money and hate it probably because you are nothing but a poor bastard

    “BTW Delusional Davy, maybe you shout look at who is running the world today and their ages. Not talking about the “elected” teleprompter readers, but your masters.”

    Nobody runs the world wak. The world self organizes with billions of decisions.

    “Not to mention people like George Soros (90) and Henry Kissinger (97)…. and many others who are screwing with YOUR life.”

    My life is fine you are the dumb bastard living in a cheap and dirty club med in a 3rd world country.

  45. makati1 on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 7:21 pm 

    Davy, is your life so dull that you have to live on PO so you have one? Don’t you get tired of trying to put down your betters? I wonder what screwed up childhood you must have had. It must have been a drug filled life, as the results are obvious.

    “As the seed is planted…”

    BTW: I don’t read your bullshit if it is more than a sentence long.

  46. Davy on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 8:20 pm 

    “BTW: I don’t read your bullshit if it is more than a sentence long.”

    Whiner. You get your ass kicked and that is all you have? Lol

  47. Dooma on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 9:01 pm 

    ON the topic of fresh water – I can’t see a problem with us running low on potable water.

    Everything is going to fine.It is not as if life relies on water or humans are composed of around 60% water.

    The scientists will come up with a fix for this, dehydrated water in a packet. All you will have to do is add water and hey presto!

  48. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 11th Oct 2020 3:34 pm 

    Clog says

    “Grain is a worthless food and in its shape of bread, pasta, cakes, chips and what not, responsible for the obesity crisis that is plaguing the US (more than 40% now on BMI30+).”

    Way to go old timer – you got one right!

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