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Page added on July 25, 2016

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Our Renewable Future book launch

Several of the country’s leading energy analysts and environmental organizations have formulated plans for transitioning to 100% renewable energy. The fascinating new book, Our Renewable Future, gathers and assesses the viability of those plans. Join the book’s authors, leading scientists and thinkers in their own right, to explore the future of clean energy and how a fully renewable energy supply will shape our lives and economy.

Co-presented by Island Press.

+ Richard Heinberg / Post Carbon Institute
+ David Fridley / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


10 Comments on "Our Renewable Future book launch"

  1. penury on Mon, 25th Jul 2016 4:11 pm 

    First page is blank

  2. Kenz300 on Tue, 26th Jul 2016 8:41 am 

    Ride a bicycle….save money on your commute………………

    Electric cars, trucks, bicycles and mass transit are the future…..fossil fuel ICE cars are the past…………..

    Think teen agers vs your grand father…………………. cell phones vs land lines…….

    NO EMISSIONS……..climate change is real………

    Save money……no stopping at gas stations… oil changes……..less overall maintenance……

    Electric bus maker Proterra follows Tesla’s lead and open-sources its Fast-Charging patents | Electrek

  3. Rick Bronson on Tue, 26th Jul 2016 9:48 pm 

    If we continue to drill for Oil, this is what we see.

  4. makati1 on Wed, 27th Jul 2016 4:54 am 

    Renewables are dying all over the world:

    “Nuclear waste will last a lot longer than climate change”
    “Australia Considers Banning Wind Power Because It’s Causing Blackouts”
    “China Cools Down on Wind Energy Technology”
    “British Solar Industry In Jeopardy, 12,500 Jobs Lost”
    “Solar projects can’t save the forest for the trees?”
    “Scots offshore wind ‘pretty much dead’, former minister claims”

    Renewables seem to be suffering the same fate as the economy….lol.

  5. Kenz300 on Wed, 27th Jul 2016 7:11 am 

    Climate Change is real and we will all be impacted by it…..the impact on your children or grandchildren will be even greater…

    Renewable Energy Training Opportunities for Vets and Displaced Fossil Energy Workers –

    Energy from Offshore: Engineering Firm Transitions Expertise from Offshore Oil to Offshore Wind –

    3 Sure Signs of Texas’ Emerging Solar Market

    5 Huge Climate Success Stories 10 Years After the Release of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

    Big Oil Could Have Cut CO2 Emissions In 1970s — But Did Nothing

    Endless population growth is not sustainable and only leads to move poverty, suffering and despair.

    Travel to the Real Philippines: Homeless Family w/ 3 Young Kids. Poverty among Filipinos is High

  6. Kenz300 on Thu, 28th Jul 2016 7:13 am 

    Big monied fossil fuel interests are doing all they can to keep the world hooked on fossil fuels……..

    Safer, cleaner and cheaper alternative energy sources like wind and solar are growing in use around the world and will replace our use of fossil fuels………

    No more WARS for oil………


  7. Outcast_Searcher on Thu, 28th Jul 2016 1:52 pm 

    Things are changing a lot already, in terms of viability of alternatives.

    For example, as a retiree, I’ve chosen to halve my car miles driven, and chosen a more fuel efficient car.

    Now I see there are lots of alternatives, and more coming, with alternatives to GM’s Volt PHEV. (I don’t trust GM, and would never buy a car from them. Too many quality and service problems for me. Not to mention the taxpayer bailout.) But I see something like the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV will be out late this year. 98% of the time or more, its 22 mile range will be enough for me. And I can keep it charged up from an ordinary 120 volt plug, already in my car port.

    With the improvements in solar and its cost ongoing, I see my carbon producing car miles going from an already low 3800ish a year to perhaps 200 a year, for when I go out of town to see friends and family. (If I can plug in, I get 40 miles of each trip back, so net miles not that high or even zero for shorter out of town trips).

    And for those who need range for out of town trips — 600 miles of hybrid range sounds excellent to me.

    And such alternatives will only improve. Don’t like Toyota? Ford, Hundai, and a number of others have done this or are doing it very soon. These looked to be priced roughly what people pay for the average new car, considering likely credits and options.

    It doesn’t mean we don’t have a very large and serious AGW problem — but at least I see the beginnings of a real glimmering of hope that real world technological alternatives might make a real difference in the next 30-50 years.

    If we can slow AGW down and give time for technology to improve, that can only help.

    One article with some relevant examples:

    (I think the doomer and “electric cars will never ge good enough” crowds are greatly underestimating the coming versatility and functionality of hybrids that can greatly reduce gasoline consumption. GM by itself didn’t convince me. Serious car companies now well into the competition on PHEV’s, and what they’re offering or soon to offer is a LOT more convincing to me).

  8. sunweb on Thu, 28th Jul 2016 5:24 pm 

    Solar and wind energy capturing devices are made presently with fossil fuels and a global industrial infrastructure. When we have to replace these devices or components or auxiliary equipment how will we do that. Will a certain number of these devices be set aside to accumulate the energy to get the resources and provide the energy for the next generation of devices, components and background equipment for movement and installation?

    If so, how will that be managed?

    We will all work together as we do now in wonderful harmony. No, draconian overseeing and control.

  9. Boat on Thu, 28th Jul 2016 7:58 pm 


    I am buying what your selling. I would add coal use will drop much faster and renewables grow much faster over the next 15 years blowing away government estimates. Lastly building efficiency projects have decent payback times and will be increasing popular investiments.

  10. Kenz300 on Fri, 29th Jul 2016 4:12 am 

    Koch Brothers Continue to Fund Climate Change Denial Machine, Spend $21M to Defend Exxon

    Big Coal Funded This Prominent Climate Change Denier, Docs Reveal

    Watch The Climate Change Ad Fox News Didn’t Want Its Viewers To See

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