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Page added on January 3, 2020

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Our real existential crisis is extinction


If Western elites were asked to name the greatest crisis facing mankind, climate change would win in a walk.

Thus did Time magazine pass over every world leader to name a Swedish teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg, its person of the year.

On New Year’s Day, the headline over yet another story in The Washington Post admonished us anew: “A Lost Decade for Climate Action: We Can’t Afford A Repeat, Scientists Warn.”

“By the final year of the decade,” said the Post, “the planet had surpassed its 2010 temperature record five times.

“Hurricanes devastated New Jersey and Puerto Rico, and floods damaged the Midwest and Bangladesh. Southern Africa was gripped by a deadly drought. Australia and the Amazon are ablaze.”

On it went, echoing the endless reports on the perils of climate change to the planet we all inhabit.

Yet, from the inaction of the carbon-emitting countries like India, China, Russia and the USA, the gravity with which Western elites view the crisis is not shared by the peoples for whom they profess to speak.

For many First World countries, there are more compelling concerns. High among them is population decline, and, if birth rates do not rise, the near-extinction of many Western peoples by this century’s end.

Consider. The number of births in Japan fell in 2019 to a level unseen since 1874, around 900,000. But there were 1.4 million deaths for a net loss of 512,000 Japanese. An even larger loss in Japan’s population is expected this year.

Japan’s population has been shrinking since 2007, when deaths first exceeded births by 18,000. And with 28% of its population over 65, and fewer births every passing year, Japan is aging, shrinking and dying — with no respite in sight.

Across Japan, writes The New York Times: “Whole villages are vanishing as young people choose not to have children or move to urban areas … The Government estimates that the population could shrink by about 16 million people — or nearly 13 percent — over the next 25 years.”

South Korea has an even lower birth rate, and its population is expected to start diminishing this year.

But it is Eastern Europe where the population crisis is most advanced.

At the end of the Cold War, Bulgaria had 9 million people. By 2017, that had fallen to 7.1 million. In 2050, Bulgaria’s population is estimated at 5.4 million — a loss of 40% to death and migration since Bulgaria won its freedom from the Soviet Empire.

By 2050, Ukraine and Poland are each projected to lose another 6 million people, and Hungary will lose 1.5 million.

Lithuania and Latvia have seen serious population losses since the end of the Cold War and are in the front rank of European nations losing people at the fastest rate.

U.N. demographers project Russia’s population may fall from 145 million today to 121 million by 2050. Such losses rival those that Russia suffered under Lenin, Stalin and World War II.

The Far East is home to some 6 million Russians who dwell on that vast tract that is so full of natural resources like timber, oil and gas.

“The population continues to decrease almost everywhere in the Far East,” lamented President Vladimir Putin at an investment conference in Vladivostok: “The inflow is increasing, but it does not cover the number of people leaving the region.”

In the Far East, Siberia and the Lake Baikal region, investors and workers from China are appearing in growing numbers.

The tribes of Europe, the peoples of almost every country of the Old Continent, are visibly aging, shrinking and dying. The population crisis of Europe is “existential,” says Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

Since this writer published “The Death of the West,” nothing has happened to alter my conclusion as to where the West was destined:

“The Death of the West is not a prediction of what is going to happen. It is a depiction of what is happening now. First World nations are dying. They face a mortal crisis, not because of something happening in the Third World, but because of what is not happening at home and in the homes of the First World. Western fertility rates have been falling for decades. Outside of Muslim Albania, no European nation is producing enough babies to replace its population. … In a score of countries the old are already dying off faster than the young are being born. … There is no sign of a turnaround. Now the absolute numbers of Europeans have begun to fall.”

We are talking here about what historians, a century hence, will call the Lost Tribes of Europe. And if a people has ceased to replace itself, and the national family is dying out, it is difficult to generate alarm over the slow sinking of the Maldives into the sea, the melting of the polar ice caps, or the fact that Greenland is getting greener every year.




15 Comments on "Our real existential crisis is extinction"

  1. asg70 on Fri, 3rd Jan 2020 7:46 pm 

    Sum this down.

    “Stop worrying about climate change! Start worrying about the future of white people!”

    Talk about screwed up priorities.

  2. JuanP on Fri, 3rd Jan 2020 11:06 pm 

    I propose that all white people be sent to Europe, where their ancestors came from. Give the rest of the world back to its native populations.

  3. dave thompson on Fri, 3rd Jan 2020 11:25 pm 

    Funny that world population continues to rise. Where are we at now? 7.6 billion? Humans yes. Humans yes. All other biological things must go!

  4. Davy on Sat, 4th Jan 2020 1:39 am 

    7.7 billion people now dave. I did my part. How about you?


  5. Theedrich on Sat, 4th Jan 2020 3:37 am 

    White genosuicide is the name of the game today.  The elites love it.  So do the Yid-Christian churches, awash in funds from their cash cow of guilt-propaganda:  “Pity the poor, poor Negrito in Zambia and send us your bank account;  pay no attention to your own extinction.  Jeezus will reward you in the cemetery.”

    White (and high-IQ Korean and Japanese) self-disappearance is promoted by every official mouthpiece on the globe.  There are all kinds of excuses given by the selfish masses who refuse to procreate:  “There are too many people on the globe, and I don’t want to add to them”;  “Whites are guilty of all crimes of history, as the Chosen People tell us on TV, so I refuse to participate in the original sin I have inherited”;  “I need to make more money and live in a mansion before I have children”;  “We want to see the world before we have a family”;  “Some other, much holier species will take over the running after we are gone, so there is no problem”;  “I won’t sire more Nazis, and besides, I’m having fun screwing lots of women without generating progeny.”  And on and on.

    Two millennia ago, the Roman orator Cicero wrote, “A conscientious farmer plants trees whose fruit he himself will not ever see.”  That is because such a farmer instinctively recognizes the fact that he is a link in the chain of life, and that a Power transcending his brief lifespan has ordained that life on this planet should continue, come what may, or end in horror beyond description.  Moreover, self-abolition abolishes any system of “values” one may have.

    The life-refuseniks of today are turning over their vast inheritance to semi-civilized, low-IQ, and thereby ultimately doomed, hominids who have no care for the future whatsoever.  These subhumans will destroy the planet entirely if, by extinguishing ourselves, we let them succeed us.

    The only solution is a return to the basic imperative of evolution, as well recognized by an impoverished Austrian blinded by poison gas in World War I:  no matter what the cost, eliminate all obstacles, then continue and further your own species!  There is no third alternative.

  6. Cloggie on Sat, 4th Jan 2020 4:07 am 

    “The tribes of Europe, the peoples of almost every country of the Old Continent, are visibly aging, shrinking and dying. The population crisis of Europe is “existential,” says Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.”

    This all happened on the watch of empire. Get rid of Anglo-Zionists and things will revert to normal again.

    Hey lookies, the new EU chieftain giving the good example!

    Seven blond children.

    That’s the same woman who wants to “protect the European way of life”

    “‘Protecting the European way of life’ from migrants is a gift to the far right”

    Of course, suicidal Anglo media protest in fury, according to them European way of life is something that needs to be destroyed and they acted upon that throughout the 20th century and the Anglo-Soviet rape of Europe.

    But the tides are changing, now the Anglos are being set up for a good Eurasian rape.

    Come on Iran, torpedo a few oil-tankers, pushing Europe irreversibly in the arms of Russia (and China). Nord Stream will be completed in a few months and South Stream will be built after all in a year or two. And unleash a rush into renewables. No deal Brexit and a total blockade will be next and the creation of a white ethno-state under firm continental European protection in the wake of CW2, when ever more white Americans deem it less risky to shoot the local ZOG-sheriff than dying in the Gulf or East-Asia.

  7. Cloggie on Sat, 4th Jan 2020 4:26 am 

    The pipes for South Stream are still waiting in the Bulgarian port of Varna:

    The EU needs to confiscate the Allseas Dutch ship that laid the 2260/2400 km of North Stream and order it to complete Nord Stream or threaten with counter sanctions. And promise Allseas they can build South Stream after all. Nobody in the world can do it faster than them.

    Iron Curtain in the Channel now!

  8. Cloggie on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 3:17 am 

    Epstein latest: there are no pictures of a dead Epstein. The only one who allegedly has seen him dead was America’s #1 forensic expert, a Michael Baden, who “happens to be jewish”. The same Baden who also did the forensic “investigation” of JFK, an Israeli hitjob.

    Expect Epstein to sit on a terrace in Tel Aviv, sipping his cappuchino.


  9. Anonymouse on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 4:40 am 

    What a co-incidence kloggstein, you yourself, just ‘happen to be jewish’ as well. Small world isn’t it?

  10. Cloggie on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 4:57 am 

    “What a co-incidence kloggstein, you yourself, just ‘happen to be jewish’ as well. Small world isn’t it?”

    Anonymous thinks that all whites are like the Americans he knows and that only jews can count to three.

    And now I am a jew.

    Thanks for the implicit, albeit unintended compliment.

    You are COMPLETELY mistaken and desperately defending an insane idea that you planted yourself in your minuscule brain and meanwhile has completely taken over said brain. And no evidence to the contrary can topple that idea anymore. Considering what I am saying 24/7 it would make much more sense to call me a “natzi” (whatever that may mean in 2020) than a jew. But anonymouse isn’t hindered by any intellectual considerations or empirical facts, he prefers to follow his idea-fix.


  11. Davy on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 5:50 am 


    Anonymouse is a cyber troll and stalker with a goofy vocabulary of hate. In the physical world he would be the pervert at your window watching you undress. This is the digital world so he tries to discredit you with ad-homs of all sorts. He is mainly interested in “dirty” censoring you because he is unable to intellectually. There are not many left on this lame unmoderated blog but those who are regulars the two primary trolls are Anonymouse and JuanP. JuanP is full lunatic with multiple personalities and psychopathic obsessions. Both are uneducated idiots who choose subterfuge instead of the truth to feel something.

  12. where is stupid?? on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 6:08 am 

    stupid aren’t you coming out of your lunatic cave today?

  13. Davy on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 6:28 am 

    I am write here. Who was looking for stupid again????!!??!!!!

  14. JuanP is Stupid was here all along stalking on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 6:35 am 

    I knew you weren’t far away stupid. You can’t stop your troll stalking obsession. LMFAO.

    This is from stupid:
    Davy said I am write here. Who was looking for stupid again?…

  15. JuanP is stupid on Tue, 7th Jan 2020 6:36 am 

    Stupid, how is the chronic depression this morning. You were busy being stupid yesterday so that must have taken a lot out of you

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