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Page added on September 30, 2020

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“One Planet, One Child” Billboards

“One Planet, One Child” Billboards thumbnail

A bold billboard campaign has launched in Vancouver to increase awareness and knowledge about overpopulation. The “One Planet, One Child” ad campaign is an effort to hasten progress toward a small family norm, leading to a sustainable world population.

Billboards and transit stop ads in high-traffic areas feature a variety of sustainable population messages. Some include happy families with the headline, “We Chose One!” or “We Chose Childfree!” Other ads proclaim:

  • What’s growth doing for you?
  • Overpopulation: We’re all solving it.
  • Traffic congestion starts at conception.
  • Thank you for shrinking your carbon footprint.

The campaign is the brainchild of nonprofit World Population Balance. Executive Director Dave Gardner notes, “We want to get Canada talking about overpopulation. A surprising number of journalists, elected officials, and the public are unaware the world is overpopulated or uncomfortable talking about it. Many don’t realize the solution to overpopulation – and much of the environmental destruction it causes – is simply to embrace the accelerating trend toward freely chosen smaller families.” Birth rates are less than half what they were sixty years ago; more women and couples today are choosing to delay or skip parenthood. The campaign celebrates and supports these informed, considered decisions.

The One Planet, One Child website lists scientific reports documenting the damage human activity is inflicting on life-supporting ecosystems. World Population Balance points out that reducing human numbers plays an essential role in addressing climate change, deforestation, species extinction, fresh water crises and depletion of fertile soil. According to William E. Rees, professor emeritus of human ecology and ecological economics at the University of British Columbia, “Global ecological deterioration indicates that the human enterprise has ‘overshot’ long-term carrying capacity.”

Posting overpopulation billboards is a bold move because the topic is frequently avoided – considered controversial by some, and subject to misassumptions. “That’s why this campaign is needed – to debunk myths and correct misassumptions,” asserts Gardner. “This is a positive campaign. It encourages couples around the world to make their own informed and considered decisions about family size. We’re not dictating anyone’s choice. We’re celebrating and thanking people for small-family decisions.”

The campaign launched in the U.S. and Canada because, the campaign website notes, “overpopulation…is a very real problem in the industrialized world where each new person added has an over-sized impact on the environment. Even though birth rates are already low in the ‘overdeveloped world,’ they need to be even lower in order to speed contraction back to a sustainable population level.”

The website specifies that while addressing overpopulation is essential, it’s not the only contributor to environmental crises. Overconsumption must also be addressed, but if population doesn’t contract, everyone must live at poverty-level to bring humankind into sustainable balance with nature.

Conversations fostered by the One Planet, One Child campaign will bring better information to light – such as addressing the belief that more people are needed for the sake of constant economic growth. “We don’t need to make or import more people to stoke economic growth; an economy’s size needs only to match the population, just big enough to meet our needs,” notes the organization’s Erika Arias, who co-hosts The Overpopulation Podcast.

Arias concludes, “The small-family solution to overpopulation is compassionate, voluntary, and ethical. It’s the most loving thing we can do for the children of the world. Small families are helping to create a healthy planet, better lives and a promising future.”

About World Population Balance
World Population Balance works to alert and educate that overpopulation is a root cause of resource depletion, species extinction, poverty, and climate change. The nonprofit’s mission is to chart a path for human civilization that – rather than causing greater misery – enables good lives on a healthy planet. The organization advocates and supports a smaller, truly sustainable human population – through dramatic and voluntary reduction in birth rates.

72 Comments on "“One Planet, One Child” Billboards"

  1. Davy on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 8:23 am 

    Shut up Green. Cant you see I am busy here neutering cloggo??

  2. zero juan on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 8:31 am 

    the troll gets triggered when he is exposed:

    Davy said Shut up Green. Cant you see I am busy here neuteri…

    southwest_PA said “Hydrogen … will be 11 percent of the…

    REAL Green said Could we please go see the docter now Davy?

    Davy said Shut up cloggo. I know exactly what JuanP is posti…

  3. REAL Green on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 9:05 am 

    Bo Chen just handed us are testicals over on the intelligent moderated side again Davy

  4. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 11:26 am 

    “Diaper Don”
    (Not even one)

    Th Fat Boy doesn’t seem to have good genes.
    Neuter him?

  5. IFuckCanadaPoliticiansInTheAss on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 12:00 pm 

    Hello StarvingLion.

    I read your post. I will stop commenting on peak oil. I don’t want to say anything that might help the gouverment of Canada or Quebec.

    I don’t mind exchanging email with you in a private manner outside of peak oil. Let me know if you would like that. Then I will take a peak oil account and we could exchange info or something. We just have to make sure that we exchange info private manner, the government of Quebec, Canada and probably on of the 5 eyes nations (UK,US, Australia, NZ) are probably spying on me. One of them was reading the history on my private youtube account. I have to turn that off.

    Anyway, I wish you good luck.

    If you don’t answer me, this will be my last comment on here.

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 12:52 pm 

    “Harry and Meghan demand end to ‘structural racism’ in Britain: Prince reveals his ‘awakening’ to racial issues and defends Diversity’s BGT dance – while Meghan describes BLM protests in the US as ‘a beautiful thing'”

    My contempt for Harry knows no bounds and I am not the only one:

    “Roy of the Rovers, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

    These two are determined to cause trouble. They should be told in no uncertain terms to belt up and keep their noses out of the affairs of the country they did not want to live in.”

    Pro: 9991
    Con: 115

    He is completely owned by this US mulatto commoner.

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 12:56 pm 

    “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a bright future in the US because Americans are ‘easy to please’ and will ‘applaud’ behaviour scorned by Brits, socialite and royal cousin Christina Oxenberg claims”

    I’ll leave it as an exercise to figure out the background of this Christina Oxenberg. Should be immediately obvious for any insider.

    #MeghanMarkle-2024 (if CW2 can be postponed that long). That’s what Oxenberg is hinting at.

  8. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 1:12 pm 

    Trade deal? What trade deal?

    “Ursula von der Leyen announces the EU is launching legal action against the UK over Boris Johnson’s plans to override parts of the Brexit divorce deal”

  9. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 2:22 pm 

    “Harry and Meghan demand end to ‘structural racism’ in Britain: Prince reveals his ‘awakening’ to racial issues and defends Diversity’s BGT dance – while Meghan describes BLM protests in the US as ‘a beautiful thing’”

    My admiration for Harry knows no bounds and I am not the only one:

    “Davy of the OZarks, Dent County, United States”

    These two are determined to end racism just like Cloggie and I am. They should be told in no uncertain terms to keep up their wonderful humanitarian work and support for Black Lives Matter and how it is a inspiration to the both of us.

    Pro: 2
    Con: 0

    He is a complete dreamboat and his commoner wife is ok I suppose. I am more of Harry watcher myself.

  10. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 3:52 pm 

    The disgusting Maybrit Illner of the 2nd German Television suggested one minute ago that Trump called for a “civil war” in asking the Proud Boys to be ready:

    “We’re ready”: White supremacist Proud Boys activated after President Trump tells them to “stand by”

  11. makati1 on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 6:38 pm 

    Another day in delusional, psychotic, insane Amerika. I can see by the last 20+ posts that it is getting worse. Not worth trying to debate with childish, brainwashed, dumbed down serfs who kiss the asses of the Congressional whores in DC.

    Winter in Amerika is going to be a yuge shitshow, as someone else named the events happening there. I’m glad the stink will not find its way across the Pacific to my shores. I watch and read all about it. That is as close as I want to be. LOL

  12. makati1 on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 6:46 pm 

    “Read Fahrenheit 451 again to discover why people wanted their tyrannical government to burn books. Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 in 1953, yet the parallels to today’s social climate for censorship are haunting.”

    Does it give clues to the US’ future? Seems to. We shall see.

  13. Anonymouse on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 7:35 pm 

    Between delusional, deranged, and demented davyturd, and his weirdo boyfriend Cloggedcolon, intelligent conversation is being definitely been pushed to the wayside hasnt it?

    This article is about a population control messaging in BC. Instead, you have the exceptionally deranged davy, raging about JuanP, and the autistic Cloggshitter, going on about…..his usual OT spammy bullshit, his ‘reports’ he grabs off the Daily Jews, I mean News, oR mail whatever.

    For example, it sure good to know the cloggfraud is a long-time Royal Watcher, on the male side apparently. Like we really needed to know that, on a site, that, in theory, is supposed to be about resource and energy depletion. Not a playground for some autistic jew that likes to believe he is white and European. Or a place for said jew to endlessly ramble on about fringe politicians from regions no one here has scarcely heard or, or cares about if they have.

    Time to give those two the heave-to, and they can go hang out at Davyturds ‘blog’ till they both drop dead. We wont miss either of them.

  14. makati1 on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 8:17 pm 

    Anon, when I found PO and began to debate with the intelligent posters here, it was a pleasure. When Davy started his arrogant putdowns and other dumbed down, brainwashed bullshit it polluted the forum as it would a stream or lake.

    Since then, most intelligent posters have moved on. You, the real JuanP and maybe a few others are still here but the quality of the site has gone into the shitter. All that keeps it open is the ad $$$.

  15. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 4:51 am 

    OMG, Trump has Corona.

    “Donald Trump and Melania test POSITIVE for COVID as they go into quarantine following news that Hope Hicks contracted the virus after traveling with the president on Air Force One”

  16. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 6:07 am 

    For the history books! Yesterday for the first time in history, on German television, in the talkshow Maybret Illner, with all German leftists and ZOG c*ck suckers, assembled for a discussion about Trump and America, from [2:00], the top German anchorman Claus Kleber says:

    “There is a worst case scenario for America and that is NOT a possible reelection of Donald Trump. The worst case is a collapse of the American social system

    There you have it. So it is not some *sshole from Holland saying that, who, rumors have it, could be a neo-nahtzi, but a core figure of the leftist media establishment and most loyal ally the US has in Europe.

    Claus Kleber calls it a worst case because he knows all too well that if the US falls apart, he and his 1968 leftist fellow-travellers will be toast as well.

    After all, after 1989 it was game over for the Moscow-oriented communist regimes in Eastern Europe.

    Likewise, in 202* it will be game over for the racial communists in Western Europe as well.

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 6:21 am 

    Sweden used to be the most libtard country in Europe, even more than England and that says a lot.

    No more:

    The leftist PM Stefan Löfven, who in 2015 exclaimed “my Europe has no walls”, now refuses to take in one single human ticking time-bomb of-color.

    The real motivation is that Sweden has turned into a crime hell-hole and rape capital of the world. If the socialist would continue on his disastrous path, the Sweden Democrats (SD=20%) would take over from the socialists (27%).

    The social disaster now unfolding in the US will set an example everywhere in Europe and will ensure the downfall of the US oriented diversity governments everywhere, just like happened in 1989 in Eastern Europe.

    I have never been more geopolitical upbeat in my entire life.

  18. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 6:40 am 

    The coming downfall of the empire will have grave consequences, for starters for Australia and New Zealand, that will be cancelled and end up under the jackboot of China.

    But also Israel will cease to exist. Erdogan has now officially exclaimed that Palestine is “ours” (“ours”=Muslim):

    Other consequences will be the end of Great-Britain, as we all remember a creation of the Dutch army…

    “Great-Britain is a Creation of the Netherlands”

    …Scotland and Ulster will go Europe-direct and England, confronted with the major fact that their ally of choice USA no longer will exist, will reluctantly accept the new facts and reapply for membership of the Common Market (but Brexit is final). The famous 1904 cartoon from “Punch”, where John Bull walks away with the French harlot, for no other purpose that to prepare the destruction of Germany (WW1), this time it will be John Bull watching how Germany walks away with the French bride, with John Bull holding its Scottish head under its own arm.

    Europe will do what the populists have been arguing for long: opening up to Russia in order to contain China and its actions in the West-Pacific.

    Europe and England will agree who gets what from the North-American heap of rubble.

  19. bochen787 on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 7:04 am 

    What all this contain China bullshit. USA has 900 military bases across the planet and 9000 nukes. China has just 300 nukes and only one barely base.

  20. Hello on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 7:08 am 

    >>>> China has just 300 nukes and only one barely base.

    I know, china sucks. They can’t even contain a virus. And chinks have no table manners. Did you ever watch a true chink eat? Disgusting.

  21. supertard bochen777 i cant believe youre talking nationalism like uncle sam is your enemy i repeatedly told you uncle sam is lonely he needs a friend like china on Fri, 2nd Oct 2020 8:03 am 

    ask urself

    who reads the most sun tzu? not china but uncle sam. in this 4th generation warfare of maneuverability and modern media, is china ready to go against uncle sam who never lost a war? he pretends to make others think they win to feel good about themselves.

    china walled off for thousands of years considering others barbarians

    opium wars

    japanese invasion

    solution: war with uncle sam? makes no sense

    i suggest we team up and harvest muzz together. send us a division to harvest and take what you harvest

  22. JR on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 6:27 pm 

    As Blaise Pascal once noted, once science is divorced from ethics, scientists will use their skills to pursue power, not truth. And anticipating ClimateGate, Similarly, anticipating ClimateGate by a century, Soren Kierkegaard noted “in the end, all corruption will come about as a consequence of the natural sciences.” The late Dr. Michael Chricton put is similarly years later, noting “as Alston Chase put it, ‘when the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power. .’”The following paper is a case study in this exact issue. What is behind the global warming? The same thing that was behind the global cooling scare of the 1970s: The 1974 Club of Rome report titled, Mankind at the Turning Point stated, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” Their solution was simple – engineer a massive reduction in population and utterly change the socio-economic system through centralized planning via total government control. And yes, this does smack of being called “The Final Solution” to me, too. This “man is the enemy” was reiterated by the Club of Rome in 1993, as well, when they stated in their The First Global Revolution, downloadable at that “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” And of course, as Zeke Emmanuel, the Obamacare architect told us, old people should just die: see, or in his own, disgusting words here:
    “We came up with the idea??” In other words, a conclusion had already been, and now they needed to create a “reason” to support their unsupported – and as the Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager provisionally demonstrated, possibly false – a priori assumptions. Do not try this technique in any school paper you may attempt, or you will be failed!
    As Robert Zubrin observed, to the warmers, “… each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation.” Perhaps it is put most clearly by the World Wildlife Fund Living Plant Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that “economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty.” The rich, of course, are especially bad, as the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, by Rosalyn McKeown, found at tells us: “Generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.” Of course, individual rights are verboten, given the Malthusian threat to the earth. As Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over. (Incidentally, the Malthusians might want to get a clue, as between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.”
    Recall, if you will, the catastrophic global cooling movement in the 1970s (discussed below), which current catastrophic global warmers like Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren held at the time… until they didn’t! – and, importantly, also required immediate de-industrialization.

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