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Page added on June 27, 2017

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One-Fifth Of Humanity Could Become ‘Climate Change Refugees’


Researchers published a new study making the shockingly apocalyptic claim that nearly one-fifth of the world’s population will be forced from their due to man-made global warming.

The study estimates there could be 2 billion “climate change refugees” by the year 2100 if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a worst-case scenario for global warming, the study claims.

“The future rise in global mean sea level probably won’t be gradual,” Cornell University ecologist Charles Geisler, the study’s lead author, said in a statement. “Yet few policy makers are taking stock of the significant barriers to entry that coastal climate refugees, like other refugees, will encounter when they migrate to higher ground.”

Geilser’s study is just the latest to predict waves of refugees from rising sea levels and more frequent and stronger extreme weather events — all allegedly caused by global warming. The study also goes over policies the authors believe countries, like China and the U.S., can use to protect coastal communities from rising seas.

Past claims of climate refugees have not come to pass. Most famously, the United Nations Environment Programme quietly removed a web page claiming there would be 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010. The UN pushed its prediction to 2020.

There’s also little to no evidence global warming has made weather more extreme or frequent. Also, scientists have been critical of efforts to link individual weather events to man-made warming.

Geisler estimates 1.4 billion will be “climate refugees” by 2060 and 2 billion will be forced out of their homes by global warming by 2100. Global population is estimated to be about 11 million by the end of the century.

Geisler said the pressure to feed a rising global population combined with rising sea level could cause conflict to break out or force the U.S. to sell off public lands.

Geisler said “humans have spent considerable effort reclaiming land from oceans, but now live with the opposite – the oceans reclaiming terrestrial spaces on the planet, according to the study’s release.

Geisler’s claim that oceans are reclaiming land mass, however, contradicts observational evidence from satellites that global land area has actually increased, not decreased in the last thirty years.

A 2016 by the Dutch Deltares Research Institute found coastal areas have grown, on net, 13,000 square miles over the last 30 years, with 67,000 square miles of added compared to 44,000 square miles of land was being covered by water.


28 Comments on "One-Fifth Of Humanity Could Become ‘Climate Change Refugees’"

  1. Jef on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 8:44 am 

    But by the year 3000 everything will be rosy!

  2. Lucifer on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 9:06 am 

    Jef, the year 3000 will be rosy for me. The earth will be my paradise, lol.

  3. Davy on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 10:18 am 

    How about 1/4 to 1/2 DEAD by 2100 and that is being rosy. If this happens with a mild degree and duration maybe the rest can survive this process. That is a big if. We have terrible times ahead that we should be adapting for now with hospices and lifeboats. The hospices would be mitigation efforts dealing with higher death rates and increased suffering. Lifeboats would be efforts at resilience and sustainability. Instead we are pushing growth and talking techno titillation.

  4. Sissyfuss on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 11:31 am 

    McPhersons latest video now puts total extinction at 2025. Worrisome, breathtaking and hopefully incorrect. Ought to be be some serious going out of business sales to take advantage of though.

  5. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 12:15 pm 

    We are heading for the warmest climate in half a billion years, says new study

    “Carbon dioxide concentrations are heading towards values not seen in the past 200m years. The sun has also been gradually getting stronger over time. Put together, these facts mean the climate may be heading towards warmth not seen in the past half a billion years.

    A lot has happened on Earth since 500,000,000BC – continents, oceans and mountain ranges have come and gone, and complex life has evolved and moved from the oceans onto the land and into the air. Most of these changes occur on very long timescales of millions of years or more. However, over the past 150 years global temperatures have increased by about 1℃, ice caps and glaciers have retreated, polar sea-ice has melted, and sea levels have risen.

    Some will point out that Earth’s climate has undergone similar changes before. So what’s the big deal?

    Scientists can seek to understand past climates by looking at the evidence locked away in rocks, sediments and fossils. What this tells us is that yes, the climate has changed in the past, but the current speed of change is highly unusual. For instance, carbon dioxide hasn’t been added to the atmosphere as rapidly as today for at least the past 66m years.”

    “the current speed of change is highly unusual”

    Ya like a horse and buggy compared to a Formula 1 race car driven by Jackie Stewart.

    Industrial cancer apes run on high octane.

    Current pace of environmental change is unprecedented in Earth’s history

    No asteroids or volcanic traps have altered the biosphere as fast as the humans.

    The asteroid that finished off the dinosaurs took 33,000 years after it hit to finish them off and according to the people who study dinosaurs they had already been dying back for millions of years and during the same period, in present day India, the Deccan volcanic traps were spewing out mega greenhouse gasses resulting in serious global climate change.

    There is no comparison.

    We are the champions my friends……..

  6. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 12:34 pm 

    A third of marine megafauna died in a mass extinction that we didn’t even know about

    Ancient climate change was to blame.

    “Almost all of the species that have ever existed are now extinct”

    ” Unfortunately, ancient climate change and modern, human-driven climate change aren’t even on the same playing field. Our greenhouse gas emissions have caused a massive uptick in the rate of global warming. It’s happening at a much faster rate than we see in the climate record, and that means it’s much more challenging for species to adapt to their new normal.”

  7. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 12:57 pm 

    Another warning/study to ignore.

    World food supplies at risk as climate change threatens international trade, warn experts

    Chatham House report warns ‘chokepoints’ in the supply of food, such as the Suez Canal, the US rail network and the Turkish Straits, could become ‘epicentres of systemic disruption’

    “Urgent action should also be taken to improve “weak and ageing” infrastructure in major crop-producing regions such as Russia, Ukraine and the US, the report added.”

    Chokepoints and Vulnerabilities in Global Food Trade – 27 June 2017

  8. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 2:25 pm 

    Coal on the rise in China, US, India after major 2016 drop

    “BEIJING (AP) — The world’s biggest coal users — China, the United States and India — have boosted coal mining in 2017, in an abrupt departure from last year’s record global decline for the heavily polluting fuel and a setback to efforts to rein in climate change emissions.

    Mining data reviewed by The Associated Press show that production through May is up by at least 121 million tons, or 6 percent, for the three countries compared to the same period last year. The change is most dramatic in the U.S., where coal mining rose 19 percent in the first five months of the year, according to U.S. Department of Energy data.”,-US,-India-after-major-2016-drop

    Yabut there’s still hope for those who need to believe it.

    Wind and Solar Accounted For 57 Percent of New U.S. Generating Capacity Additions in First Quarter

    “Thanks to legislation and investments by China, the U.S., Europe and numerous other countries around the world, solar energy has reached price parity or better with natural gas and coal over a growing subset of the globe. In the United States, fully 36 states in 2017 are seeing solar at parity with fossil fuel based generation. And costs for this new, clean energy source are expected to keep falling over at least the next five years as production lines continue to expand and technology and efficiency improves.”

    “This trend continued through Q1 of 2017 as about 4 gigawatts of new generation capacity or 57 percent of all new generation came from wind and solar in the U.S. Solar added about 2.044 GW, which was a slight drop from Q1 of 2016. Wind, however, surged to 2 GW — representing the strongest first quarter since 2009. In total, U.S. renewable generating capacity including wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal and others is now at 19.51 percent of the national total. Expected to hit above 20 percent by year-end, renewables have now far outpaced nuclear (at 9.1 percent) and are swiftly closing on coal (at 24.25 percent).

    Globally, 24 percent of electrical power generation was produced by renewables by the end of 2016. This share will again jump as 85 gigawatts of new solar capacity and 68 gigawatts of new wind are expected to be added during 2017. As a result, total renewable generation is now set to outpace global coal generation in relatively short order.”

  9. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 2:31 pm 

    Graph – Record breaking daily rain fall events – Global – 1900 to present

    Climate Change Hitting Home

  10. superpeasant on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 3:41 pm 

    This drivel is from something called the Libertarian Republic. These are really weird people who are so obsessed with their fanatical beliefs that they put them ahead of logic, science or simple common sense. A lot of fuss is made about a few equally dogma-driven fanatics who kill maybe a dozen or a hundred people – but at least they decently kill themselves in the process. But these blinkered, irrational cowards expect to live out their lives in wealth and comfort but then sacrifice the lives of their own – and everyone else’s – children and grandchildren to their deranged selfish dogma.

  11. Cloggie on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 3:49 pm 

    Peak oil may have been a fiasco in terms of a disaster that didn’t happen.

    But not to worry… climate change, that’s the real deal. It’s going to be huge, HUGE, Yuge!


    And apneaman is going to deliver the content.

    Beer and popcorn!

  12. peakyeast on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 3:55 pm 

    11B at Y2100. 3.5B refugees…


    10B at Y2050. 3.5B refugees. 6.0B living in poverty. 0.4B middleclass, 0.1B affluent people.

    Seems more likely…

  13. MASTERMIND on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 4:15 pm 

    There is absolutely nothing we can do about Global Warming, and all of the models have been put together assuming way too much fossil fuels.

  14. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 6:06 pm 

    You don’t have, to live like a refugee.

    Move them all to Greenland.
    It will be all thawed out, just in time.

  15. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 7:00 pm 

    clog, physics has already delivered – a norther hemisphere spanning heat wave that smashed the shit out of the records and probably cost billions when you add it all up. Even in faggot land Holland the records were broken. You must have missed the two dozen links I provided laying it all out. Phoenix was a real howler – it was so hot they had to cancel flights and people and animals were burning the shit out of themselves on the pavement, car door handles and such. Apparently the burn wards saw double the usual amount of patients.

    You have nothing old man. ZERO

    Summary of the Great Southwest U.S. Heat Wave of 2017

    “All-time hottest temperatures tied or broken during the heat wave:

    Las Vegas, NV: 117° on June 20, tied the all-time record for the airport, which has a Period of Record (POR) back to 1937. However, there was a 118° reading measured by the official USWB COOP site on July 26, 1931.

    Needles, CA: 125° on June 20, tied the all-time record. 126° was attained for a minute or two at one point, but not the 5-minute period needed to be deemed official. Previously, 125° was measured on June 20, 2016, and on July 17, 2005. POR: back to 1940.

    Ocotillo Wells, CA: 124° on June 21, hottest temperature ever measured in San Diego County.

    Prescott, AZ: 105° on June 21, tied the all-time record set on July 17, 1925. POR back to 1898.

    Notable readings from June 18:

    San Jose, CA: 103°, their hottest temperature since July 22, 2006, when it was also 103°. The last time it was hotter than 103° was on June 14, 2000, when the all-time San Jose record of 109° was achieved. POR since 1898.
    Notable readings from June 19:

    South Lake Tahoe, CA: 90°, tied for their hottest June monthly record along with June 25, 2015. All-time record for the site is 99° on July 22, 1988. POR only back to 1968. But this is, of course, a huge summer destination and keep in mind how a temperature like this at 6000’ is affecting the massive snowmelt now underway in the Sierra!
    Notable readings from June 20:

    Death Valley, CA: 127° (actually 126.5°, but rounded to 127°). This is the hottest temperature ever measured in the Western Hemisphere so early in the year.

Palm Springs, CA: 122°, 1° short of all-time record.

    Phoenix, AZ: 119°, 3° short of all-time record, and the city’s 4th highest temperature on record.
 The extreme heat caused dozens of cancelled afternoon flights in Phoenix. As Dr. Marshall Shepherd explained in a Tuesday Forbes article, the cancellations were primarily due to the fact that air is less dense at hot temperatures. This results in less lift for an airplane, requiring a longer runway to achieve takeoff and a reduction in climb performance.

    Tucson, AZ: 116°, 1° short of their all-time record. Their morning low of 87° gave Tucson an average daily temperature of 101.5°, their first triple-digit average temperature on record.

    Reno, Nevada: 104° tied its all-time June monthly record set on June 16, 1940 . Reno’s all-time any month record is 108° set on July 10 and 11, 2002 and also on July 5, 2007. Reno has a long POR going back to 1893.

    Tombstone, AZ: 110° tied its all-time June monthly record (along with three other earlier dates), and was 2° short of the all-time record of 112° set on July 4, 1989. POR since 1893.

    Tonopah, NV: 102°, 1° short of the all-time June record, and 2° short of all-time record of 104° on July 18, 1960.

    Thermal, CA: 123°, an all-time June monthly record, and 2nd hottest temp ever measured, following 126° on July 28, 1995. POR since 1950.
    Notable readings from June 21:

    Mexicali, Mexico: 51°C (123.8°F). According to weather records expert Maximiliano Herrera, this is the hottest reliably measured June temperature on record in Mexico. The only hotter temperatures in Mexico were measured in July 1995: 52.0°C (125.6°F) at Mexicali Sur and Rancho Williams, and 51.4°C (124.5°F) at Ejido Nuevo Leon (all located in Baja California near Mexicali.)

    Winslow, AZ: 108°, tied its June record (also set on June 20, 2016). This fell just short of the all-time heat record of 109° set on July 13, 1971.
    Notable readings from June 22:

    Tucomcari, NM: 108°, tied as its 2nd hottest temperature on record (any month). Record is 109° set on June 21, 2013. POR since 1904.
    Notable readings from June 24:

    Palm Springs, CA: 122°, again just 1° short of all-time record.

    Redding, CA: 113°, tied with June 19th for their hottest day of this heatwave (and another daily record of course).

    Death Valley, CA: 126.7° (rounded off to 127°), the hottest temperature of any station in the heatwave.

    Quillayute, WA (right on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula): 92°, 2nd hottest June day after 94° on June 27, 2015.
    Notable readings from June 25:

    Palm Springs, CA: 122°, yet again just 1° short of all-time record.

    Portland, OR: 101°, 1° short of their June all-time record (102° on June 26, 2006).

    Seattle, WA: 96°, 2nd warmest June day after 98° on this date in 1925 and 97° on June 30, 1942.

    Olympia, WA: 98°, tying the June record of 98° set on June 18, 1982.

    Burbank, CA: 111°, a tie for June record along with June 20, 2016 and June 27, 1976. Just 2° short of all-time record 113° set on Sept. 12, 1971. POR since 1934.

    The minimum temp at Phoenix was 93°. This ties for the highest min on record for June along with June 27, 1990 (the day before Phoenix reached its all-time record of 122° on June 28, 1990).

    With 125° on June 25th, Death Valley has now had five days this month with 125°+ temperatures. This ties 2013 for the record for such (even including the bogus early 20th century observations).

    Long streaks of record-breaking temperatures

    The multi-day nature of this heat wave has been adding to it’s dangerous nature: prolonged heat waves are especially hazardous because there is less chance for people to cool down by night, thus increasing the stress on those who do not have access to air conditioning. A few of the notable record streaks of hot weather from the heat wave:

    Las Vegas, NV has seen 9 consecutive days of 110° readings, June 17 – 25. If the city hits 110° on Monday, this would give Vegas ten consecutive days with highs of 110°+, tying the record set in 1961.

    Redding, CA had five consecutive days that broke the record high for the date (June 18 – 22), with a peak of 113° on June 19th. POR since 1893.

    Needles, CA tied its record for consecutive days of 120°+ on June 19 – 21. Previous such streaks: June 28 – 30, 2013 and July 16 – 18, 2005.

    Flagstaff, AZ hit 90° or hotter on sevem consecutive days, June 18 – 24, which is the 2nd longest such streak on record.

    Prescott, AZ hit 100°+ on six consecutive days, June 19 – 24, the tied for longest such streak on record. The streak ended on June 25, when the high only hit 99°.

    Winslow, AZ hit 105 °+ on four consecutive days, June 19 – 22, longest such streak on record. POR since 1898.”

  16. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 7:02 pm 

    Cancelled flights, burning door handles as heat wave hits southwest U.S.

  17. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 7:14 pm 

    clog it was so hot they had to close the schools. I guess you did not notice with your head being up your ass all day.

    Schools close early as temperature soars in the south

    Thursday is hottest June 15 on record, and there is more to come

    Huge fire razes large area of Dutch nature reserve
    23 June 2017 – 12:48

    “The forested reserve, which is difficult to access, is in the southern Netherlands where the fire service announced a “code red” on Wednesday across seven provinces warning of a high fire risk after days of sizzling temperatures.”

    Heatwave scorches Europe, from London to Siberia

    Better crank up the fridge if you want to keep that beer cold. As for the popcorn, just set it out on the patio – AGW will take care of it lickety split.

  18. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 7:21 pm 

    Giant hailstones to increasingly strike North America under climate change

    “Large hailstorms can be extremely damaging events. In 2016 alone, hail damage in northern Texas topped $5.5bn, with some hailstones the size of baseballs or larger.”

    At AGW we don’t make things, we make things worse.

  19. makati1 on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 7:29 pm 

    I doubt that there will be even 8 billion humans in 2050. We will be well down the ladder of survival by then. I hope my grand kids can survive, but they will never make it to my age. I cannot do anything to change their future so I do not worry about it. Were we to totally stop polluting the earth today, the temperature increases, flooding, famine, etc. would not end until after 2050. But, we will not stop so…

  20. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 8:21 pm 

    California’s triple-digit heat slows milk production, threatens crops and livestock

    -Dairy farmers are using fans to help keep cows comfortable but milk production may still take hit.

    -Some chicken producers sent birds to market early to beat the heat but may pay for it with lighter weights.

    -Nut and citrus growers took urgent measures to avoid crop loss.

  21. Apneaman on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 8:57 pm 

    At least 24 migrants die as thousands rescued in seas off Libya

    “About 5,000 migrants were picked up off the Libyan coast by emergency services, Italy’s navy, aid groups and private boats on Monday, and rescues were continuing on Tuesday, according to an Italian coastguard spokesman.

    “Despite all efforts, three people died from a sinking rubber boat” and rescue boats in the area are struggling to cope, German humanitarian group Jugend Rettet said on Facebook.”

  22. makati1 on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 11:55 pm 

    Signs of the U$ Police State:

    “Police stop and question 20 MILLION motorists every year or 50,000 every day”

    “Police departments send text messages to officers on the road reminding them to reach their quotas during their shifts. In 2015, an NYPD officer claimed he was texted about not meeting ticket quotas and denied a night off. And a recent story in the Advocate revealed that police deleted every text message to keep the public from reading their texts.”

    “Police ‘firewood’ checkpoints coming to a state near you” (Updated)

    “According to an article in the Daily Jefferson, Ohio police have been setting up ‘firewood’ checkpoints to search motorists vehicles since 2004. The article went on to say, motorists could be fined could be as much as $10,000 if they’re caught with illegal firewood.”

    ‘Cities across the country are using street lights equipped with microphones and surveillance cameras to spy on everyone”

    “Earlier this year, Reuters revealed that GE, Intel and AT&T were working together to install spying street lights.”

    Shades of 1984.

  23. Cloggie on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 2:00 am 

    Huge fire razes large area of Dutch nature reserve

    OMG, 50 ha went up in flames, that’s half a km2! Unprecedented!


    Nothing wrong with a good forest fire. Nature is back in no-time.

  24. Cloggie on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 2:04 am 

    At least 24 migrants die as thousands rescued in seas off Libya

    All the result of human trafficker Angela Merkel, who basically invited the entire world to feast on German social security systems. Even the UN admits that only ca. 2% maybe real refugees, the rest are just parasites.

    Merkel needs to be prosecuted for High Treason.

  25. Davy on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 5:52 am 

    “America’s “food Independence” seems to be under siege…”
    Which means Asia’s food independence is under siege.
    It is funny when makati pokes himself in the eye.

  26. ____________________________________________ on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 10:04 am 


  27. ____________________________________________ on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 10:05 am 

    Ok fucktards. Enough of this bullshit. Burn in hell.

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