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Page added on May 27, 2010

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No global climate pact this year


A global, comprehensive and legally-binding agreement on climate change that was expected to have been finalised in Copenhagen in December last year is unlikely to be delivered in the next climate change conference as well.

The outgoing head of the UN climate body, Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Yvo de Boer said on Tuesday night that it was unrealistic to expect that the next Conference of Parties (CoP) — as the annual climate change conference is called — to be held in Mexico in November-December this year, would be able to produce a legally-binding agreement. He said such a full-fledged treaty would probably have to wait another year, till the next CoP in South Africa in 2011.

“I think it is extremely unlikely that we will see a legally-binding agreement in Cancun (Mexico). I think especially developing countries would want to see what an agreement would entail for them before they would be willing to turn it into a legally-binding treaty. So I think if we are to get to a treaty, South Africa a year later is much more realistic,” de Boer said in a teleconference with journalists.


One Comment on "No global climate pact this year"

  1. Edpeak on Thu, 27th May 2010 10:05 am 

    At least they are honest about this coming one but “next year will be much more realistic” is what they have been saying for years. Not that they haven’t been honest, it’s true that the chances were higher (like 0.002% instead of 0.001% for the cynical) but still ignores the underlying issues.

    Get us a way for our perpetual growth, never-ending exponential growth economies to thrive with such cuts, and we have a chance…get all of this PLUS short-term profits to thrive while passing legally binding cuts, and we really have a strong chance. What’s this you say? The former condition makes it all but impossible and the latter one makes it totally impossible? Ok, then let’s scream from the rooftop that economies based on perpetual growth (much less those based on perpetual growth and short-term profits) must be at minimum, fundamentally overhauled if not outright replaced, but at least major overhaul, or else we’re swimming against a current so strong that, even if there was eventually a “too little too late, but better than nothing” legally binding cuts agreement, it would be way too little way to late.

    The present system is suicidal. It’s not just evil/dumb enough to put “profits ahead of people” I wish it was only that bad.. It puts short term profits ahead of longer-term profits and puts those ahead of even the survival of those at the top.

    Another world is necessary, another de-centralized economic model, as “opposite” as our US/EU economy, and China’s are supposedly, they are not that opposite. They both take us to ecological disaster, perpetual exponential growth, and suicide.

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