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Page added on March 26, 2012

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Negative Population Growth Marks 40th Anniversary


Negative Population Growth (NPG) President Donald Mann has heralded the group’s 40th Anniversary this spring with a call for all Americans to pressure their elected leaders to slow and halt the nation’s fast-rising population numbers before they spin out of control and cause massive economic, social and environmental problems.

Mann, the founding president of the nation’s premier non-profit organization dedicated to population issues, touted the success of NPG during the past four decades in educating Americans about the costly price our country will pay in the long-term for too many people.

In acknowledging that NPG still has a tremendous challenge ahead to reach its goal of creating a sustainable population for America, Mann proclaimed that its efforts over the years have earned it a unique status of recognition and respect.

“For years now, NPG has been renowned throughout the media, academic and political communities as a first-rate organization with a message that cannot be ignored,” Mann proclaimed. NPG has built its positive reputation using highly-visible and influential advertising, well-respected research, persistent advocacy of its agenda on Capitol Hill and in state capitals, a broad educational presence in America’s classrooms, and powerful grassroots activism.

“When NPG speaks out on population and immigration issues, people listen,” Mann said. He added: “National polls consistently show that the majority of Americans share our goals.”

Addressing the critical need to move population and immigration reform to the top of the national priority list, Mann noted that population is a major factor in almost every problem we face. “Our ability to deal with massive deficits, fund entitlements, create jobs, repair and build our vital infrastructure, secure future water and energy supplies, and protect our environment, all rely on taking the necessary steps now to make sure we are not overwhelmed by population growth.”

“In this Anniversary year, our message to NPG members – and all Americans – is that we cannot back away from our commitment to leave future generations a livable world. If our elected leaders fail to act soon to enact responsible population and immigration policies, we will likely doom a child born in the U.S. today to live in a country with one billion people. That is simply not acceptable! Most Americans are not ready to sentence their children and grandchildren to such a fate,” Mann declared.

To celebrate its 40 years, NPG has set an aggressive agenda for 2012, with special emphasis on expanding its national advertising, reaching out to the younger generation to get them involved in the battle to protect their future, and expanding its membership base.

As to reaching the goal of a sustainable population, Mann is very upbeat. He stated: “As a nation, America has been strengthened time and again by our leaders and citizens assuming responsibility. We can and must get back to that mindset.”


One Comment on "Negative Population Growth Marks 40th Anniversary"

  1. Kenz300 on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 7:46 pm 

    The world has a water crisis, a food crisis, and energy crisis, a climate change crisis, a financial crisis, a jobs crisis and an overpopulation crisis. Every problem is made harder to solve with the worlds ever growing population.

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