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Page added on December 23, 2011

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Monsanto: U.S. Farmers are Ready to Feed the World with GMO


More than seven billion people inhabit planet Earth, and about two billion more will join within 40 years, according to the United Nations Population Division.

While many decision makers express concern about sustaining the population, often they forget to ask an important question: Are U.S. farmers ready to produce the food needed to feed the growing population?

The United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff has responded with a resounding ‘yes,’ by funding soybean production research designed to help U.S. farmers grow as much as possible with as few resources needed.

“Soybean farmers must stay in tune with what is going on in the United States in order to stay ahead of any problems, such as the growing population,” said Jason Bean, a soybean farmer from Holcomb, Mo., and USB director. “Finding ways to figure out how to get everything out of our soybeans in order to have the best yield is crucial for success.”

In order to stay ahead of the curve, much of the research USB funds focuses on creating new U.S. soybean varieties more resistant to the pressures from pests and diseases that decrease yield.

“Every year, we do a major production research project in each region that allows us to figure out the No. 1 yield robber,” says Bean. “Whether it is finding out how to resist pests, like aphids, stink bugs or soybean cyst nematodes, or determining drought tolerance, checkoff-funded research is intended to locate the problem, and then is shared with farmers across the United States.”

To help get this research into farmers’ hands, USB has established a program to help state soybean checkoff boards, land-grant universities and local Extension service staff share checkoff-funded research results with those who need it most. To date, 12 states participate in the program.

But informing U.S. soybean farmers is only one part of the equation. Making sure consumers are informed about the process is important too, says Bean.

“In my opinion, it is very important for farmers to show consumers we take great pride in the product we produce,” Bean says. “It’s important for consumers to know farmers are doing everything possible to give them not only a high quantity, but a high-quality product.”

USB is made up of 69 farmer-directors who oversee the investments of the soybean checkoff on behalf of all U.S. soybean farmers. Checkoff funds are invested in the areas of animal utilization, human utilization, industrial utilization, industry relations, market access and supply. As stipulated in the Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has oversight responsibilities for USB and the soybean checkoff.

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4 Comments on "Monsanto: U.S. Farmers are Ready to Feed the World with GMO"

  1. BillT on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 1:15 am 

    Monsanto…take them out and there is no seed for anyone. That is what they want. To be too big to fail or be held accountable for their crimes. Then watch food prices climb…

  2. DC on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 1:24 am 

    The headline is quite possibly the most frightening thing I have seen in print since….cant remeber…

  3. Kenz300 on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 5:00 am 

    Quote — ” More than seven billion people inhabit planet Earth, and about two billion more will join within 40 years, according to the United Nations Population Division.”
    Scary — we have a billion people now living on less than $2 a day. We have an oil crisis, a jobs crisis, a financial crisis, a food crisis……. This population growth is not sustainable.

  4. Windmills on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 3:41 pm 

    Monsanto has no interest in feeding the world. Monsanto is only interested in attempting to monopolize the food industry in order to secure profit. As it is used by Monsanto, GMO has nothing to do with feeding hungry people. It is merely a tool which allows them to use patent law to bludgeon people into submission to their products. Modeled after US health care, it is yet another death panel out for profit. If you cannot pay, you get no care, and you die. In their case, if you cannot pay, you get no food and you die. Feeding the world has never been their aim because feeding the entire world isn’t profitable. “Let them eat dirt.”

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