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Page added on November 30, 2015

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Marc Morano’s Climate Hustle Film Set For Paris Premiere

CFACT will hold the world premiere of its long-awaited Climate Hustle skeptical documentary film at an invitation-only red carpet event in Paris during the UN’s COP 21 international summit on climate change.

Featuring interviews and comments from more than 30 renowned scientists and climate experts, Climate Hustle lays out compelling evidence that devastates the global warming scare.  Film host Marc Morano, founder and publisher of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, leads viewers on a fact-finding and often times hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of “climate change” claims.

The film is the first climate documentary to profile scientists who have reversed their views from supporting the so-called “consensus” position to a conversion to skepticism. The film also profiles politically left scientists who have now declared themselves skeptics of man-made global warming.

David Rothbard, CFACT president and executive producer of the film says, “Climate Hustle is the most important climate documentary since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  Gore’s film kicked off a decade of scaremongering junk science.  CFACT’s film debunks the scare and clears the way for a return to sound science and rational debate.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas calls Climate Hustle “tremendous” and says “anyone who still believes in ‘climate change’ after watching this film needs the type of reprogramming given to cult members.”  Noted climatologist Dr. Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who is featured in the film, adds “Climate Hustle is a refreshing and entertaining antidote to the sillier and alarming claims about climate change and its impacts that people regularly hear from politicians and the media.”

“Climate Hustle” will premiere at the Cinéma du Panthéon, beside the Sorbonne, on Monday, December 7. A red-carpet ceremony and champagne reception will take place at 7:30 p.m. prior to the screening. The film is planned for theatrical and home video release in 2016.

Because of very limited space, credentialed media that wish to attend the event should RSVP in advance to Christina Norman of CFACT ( or phone (651) 724-4228).   Climate Hustle’s host, Marc Morano, along with key scientists from the film, will be available for a short time on the red carpet prior to the event at 7 p.m. and are also available for interviews and comments upon request.

Climate Hustle, a production of CFACT, was fully funded by the support of roughly 1,500 citizen supporters.  More information is available at

36 Comments on "Marc Morano’s Climate Hustle Film Set For Paris Premiere"

  1. eugene on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 7:20 pm 

    I think the most fascinating issue with the skepticism issue is the evidence is everywhere yet skepticism persists. The Arctic is melting and these people insist “no problem”. Personally it blows me away. Secondly, sites like this continue to spread the word so to speak. Yet I think of the addicts I have seen, personally, who were legless, in the streets, destitute and still claiming all was well. I guess, for many, in front of their eyes is not enough. With this in mind, I think of the continual comments I see re we can solve this with, relatively, simplistic solutions. If anything, I have learned education cannot solve simple ignorance lending credence to the lower classes ridicule of education.

  2. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 7:46 pm 

    If we take 1988 when James Hanson addressed congress as the beginning of the public “debate” on climate change then in which year since did fossil fuel consumption not increase? If denier tards are worried that fossil fuel use will be curbed because of people’s worries regarding climate change and over that 27 year period fossil fuel use has only increased what is it they are so paranoid about? If your side has won every single year for 27 consecutive years why are you still whining and moaning?

  3. jjhman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 7:59 pm 

    Let me guess: the “1500 citizen supporters” include 1422 total lunatics plus the Koch brothers, the Heritage foundation, Cato, Exxon management and the Heartland Institute.

  4. jjhman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 8:04 pm 

    Here’s a great story about the American denier culture by the The Economist:

  5. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 8:20 pm 

    I think they are extra pissed that the last 2 climate conferences have been scheduled in December which is usually reserved for non stop complaining about the non existent “War on Christmas”. So many invisible bogey men, so little time. These are the same people who hate muslim fundamentalists more than anyone else because they believe that Christian fundamentalists are the one true fundamentalists.

  6. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 8:27 pm 

    My religion, Pastafarianism as no problem with AGW because our god, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, doesn’t mind the heat. He was born in boiling water.

    Here is an article about an article about us by some mental health professionals

    Psychology Today says we’re not completely nuts

    keep the faith bros

  7. G1 on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 9:45 pm 

    Have you no shame sir?????

  8. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 10:16 pm 

    Don’t call me sir, I work for my money.

    May you be Touched by His Noodly Appendage and know peace forever and ever, R’amen.

  9. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 10:29 pm 

    Marc Morano

    “Marc Morano, who has no climate science expertise, runs the anti-climate-science website for the anti-regulation Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, which lists him as Director of Communications”

    Writing in the New York Times, Leslie Kaufman noted that Morano, while working for Inhofe, had authored a report titled More than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims. One of those cited in the report was Steve Rayner, from Oxford University. However, Rayner — who doesn’t dispute global warming though has been critical of the Kyoto Protocol — described his inclusion as “quite outrageous” and had asked for his name to be removed from the report. Despite being told by an Inhofe staffer that it would be removed, it hasn’t. Morano is unrepentant , claiming instead that Rayner must be “not to be remembering this clearly.”

  10. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 10:34 pm 

    “Marc Morano is the executive director and chief correspondent of, a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). Morano is also the Communications Director at CFACT, a conservative think-tank in Washington D.C. that has received funding from ExxonMobil, Chevron, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars from foundations associated with Richard Mellon Scaife. According to 2011 IRS Forms (PDF), Morano was the highest paid staff member with a salary of $150,000 per year. Morano’s blog Climate Depot regularly publishes articles questioning man-made global warming. [12], [13], [6], [37]

    Although he has no scientific expertise in the area, Morano has become a prominent climate change denier.”

  11. Pennsyguy on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 11:14 pm 

    Apneaman: Bravo, my respect for you has grown again. I love your religion, but I’ll stick with worshipping the sun: he was born of a virgin, dies (for 3 days) on the Southern CROSS and travels with 12 companions performing miracles. My religion has been plagiarized shamelessly.

  12. BillC on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 11:43 pm 

    Burning fossil fuels on a large scale seems scary and destructful to me. Who could think that this is a good thing?

    These weather reports have been linked to climate change. Artic ice shrinking, Artic ice growing. A lot of hurricanes, no hurricanes.

    I am a denier because of what I see. New York , Annapolis, Miami and Portland, OR look the same geographically today as they did 40 years ago. No sandbags needed to keep the water in or out. If there were any rear fear of global climate changing weather then real estate in those cities would be way down.

    I have never witnessed any good or bad from climate change. I live in Maryland and As a child I was told Maryland would be a tropical beach by now. I was deceived even though the deceivers didn’t know that they were not speaking the truth. Sometimes I wish there was global warming because each winter here seems more colder than the last. But I know it is because I’m getting older and winters are the same.

    I have seen plenty of shady videos showing the effects somewhere in the world where no one goes.

    Has anyone here personally witnessed climate change?

  13. apneaman on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 12:32 am 

    Bill you’re a fucking retard and a liar. I have already provided you with the hurricane information last time you crawled in.

    The Need for Sand in Ocean City, Maryland

    I did a google image search for
    “Maryland beach erosion sea level rise”

    and the consequences look pretty clear to me. Do a similar image search for most any city or town on the east coast and look at the damage. Miami beach is flooding almost everyday now.

    Robert Marston Fanny, who runs the climate blog lives in Maryland, born and raised, and has posted dozens of local flood pictures just from high tides and winds – no storms needed. Billions of tax dollars are being spent to protect rich fucks property – a losing battle. It’s all public record. Also the flooding has been so frequent that insurance rates are through the roof and are heavily subsidized, yet more people cannot afford them. Soon they will not be offered. I’ve posted many links to that information here before as well.

    Again, you are a lying sack of shit with the reasoning skills of a six year old. Go away

  14. GregT on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 12:33 am 

    “I live in Maryland and As a child I was told Maryland would be a tropical beach by now.”

    Whoever told you that BillC, was every bit as ignorant of climate change back then, as you are now.

    “Sometimes I wish there was global warming because each winter here seems more colder than the last.”

    Enjoy Maryland while it lasts. It is one of the few places on Earth that so far have been mostly unaffected.

  15. apneaman on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 12:41 am 

    Billy boy, it’s 2 months later and they are still picking up the pieces in South Carolina. The Hurricane was 600 miles away, but they are so powerful now thanks to AGW that this is the new normal. You’re a denier because you’re an idiot. That’s apparent by your 3rd grade writing ability – remedial 3rd grade.

    “COLUMBIA, South Carolina — South Carolina residents who suffered damage in October’s massive floods will have an extra month to request federal help.

    Gov. Nikki Haley’s office announced in a statement Monday that the deadline to apply for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Administration has been extended to Jan. 4. The original deadline was Friday.

    Flood survivors can ask FEMA for help with renting a temporary home or repairing their homes, Small businesses can seek low-interest loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration for uninsured damage.

    The FEMA aid is available in 24 counties in the state.”–South-Carolina-Flood

  16. apneaman on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 12:47 am 

    Bill, looks like more of your denier friends have joined the face down floaters club – oh well, stupid has it’s price. Only good denier is a dead one as far as I’m concerned. They’ll have plenty of company in denier hell soon enough.

    At Least 15 Die in Texas and Kansas as Winter Storms Pummel Plains

  17. ikdontknowmyself on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 4:19 am 

    A lot of youngtards on here. There is snow in Texas because the sun is shutting down and it is about to enter a new dormancy period. Not because of global warming.

    At the bottome of the screen there is a graphic named GOES X-Ray Flux
    showing the amount of energy received by the earth in Watt per square meter.

    It is possible that human race will die off because of a new ice age that is coming.

    A lot of youngtards in here that don’t even have a basic knowledge in science.

    The only stupid people are the ones who believe in global warming even when the facts and datas dont suport it.

  18. ikdontknowmyself on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 4:25 am 

    Some more info for some youngtards on here.

    Click on the link below and select temperature on the right. Watch how deep and big is the cold from where it is coming from. It is coming straight from the North Pole.

  19. MSN Fanboy on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 4:45 am 

    Silly apneaman, Climate Change doesn’t exist.

    Weather and probabilities do however, im sure if you keep listing these and keep ascribing them to the purported Climate Change someone will listen.

    Now go back to eating your pasta rasta.

  20. onlooker on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 4:50 am 

    Your name is almost perfect MSN. It should be MSM as in mainstream media. You obviously been watching too much of it. That is why your clueless.

  21. Davy on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 5:52 am 

    BillC, look man the science is clear, crystal clear. This is a huge effort by science both historical science research and physics of climate. Does it matter if a denier like you believe or does not believe in human caused climate change? Note really. Bill you do admit the climate is not as stable as it once was right? You are able to connect the dots that our climate is different?….right? Bill, that difference is causing huge problems. Bill can you see that?

    We should be changing our attitudes and lifestyles in regards to coastal flooding. In the interior we have drought and floods the issue. We will likely see more harsh summers eventually. We are seeing more pattern amplification from artic ice reductions. Permafrost is melting causing economic damage. Bill, that is a short list of problems now. If you don’t want to place blame on humans you still acknowledge climate is changing even if only naturally? What if it does not change naturally back to what it was? Do you wish and hope the bad weather we are seeing will change back? A smart person will start adapting and changing now.

  22. Davy on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 5:59 am 

    Personally I feel efforts to reduce carbon are irrelevant. We are finished either way. Sure I applaud the feel good efforts. It gets back to a catch 22 of modern man. We would have to end all activity except maybe agriculture to just prevent dangerous carbon from growing. That type of effort will cause a mass die off of humans because the world that supports 7BIL people would fail.

    Renewables are a joke as a solution. They are highly important as adaptation efforts to global collapse especially at the local and individual effort. Renewables as a solution to climate change are just more exceptionalism thinking that technology will solve the problems technology created. Our global preaching of carbon reductions is too little too late. At this point it is not the best course.

    The best course is to acknowledge dangerous climate change is in the pipeline. We will likely see dangerous runaway feedback loops involving natural carbon and methane being released. We embrace a paradigm of crisis instead of growth. This crisis paradigm at a global societal level will end globalism and will initiate a rebalance of population and consumption. It is likely too late to undo the damage or if you are a denier change natural climate change. It is not too late to reduce population and consumption to a lower level that is better able to adapt to abrupt climate change.

    We as a global people cannot have our cake and eat it. We cannot have energy intensity, complexity, and high population and adapt to climate change. We cannot decarbonize our way of life and maintain these attributes of modern man. It is physically not possible and any preaching it that music is fantasy and a dangerous fantasy. The catch 22 of modern life is simple, as most catch 22’s are if we drastically de-carbonize we will kill us off billions and if we do not decarbonizing we will kill off billions.

    Our only hope is crisis. The only way you can force a crisis that may be a long emergency over a quick die off is end growth. The best way to end growth is restrict oil. Restricting oil will slow the entire system down because the system is oil based. Restricting oil will restrict economic activity that will restrict food production. We will be forced into rebalance. We will localize food and other activities because we will have no choice. We will end poor attitudes and lifestyles because we have no choice. Excess deaths over births for a whole host of reasons will start a reduction in population.

    This cannot and will not happen by choice. I was just being academic with the above. Our system is too brittle to change because of systematic reasons and human nature. Human nature will chose the benefits of now over later. We will have Paris functions that make us feel better but achieve nothing but feel better stuff. The system is a self-organizing and beyond management at the top except around the edges. We do have the ability to end ourselves by suicide but we are not able to change this growth paradigm. We are fated by ourselves and systematically to collapse of some kind at some point.

    We can study and intellectually prepare for a forced rebalance from crisis. Peak oil dynamics and economic decay will take us there eventually. Overpopulation, ecological destruction, and climate change will get us there eventually. Time is running out. There are things we can change that will make a difference. We can start adapting and mitigating or have plan B policies in place.

    The most important thing we can do is acknowledge death of modern man and what that means to us from the individual to a community level. We are not going to live as long and or as well in regards to health and nutrition as a short list. This death may be a slow affair or it could be quick. Since this is a process it will be waves of both.

    We have an earth shaking paradigm shift coming to life on earth at all level touching all support systems human and natural. The wise thing to do is risk management and acceptance. Denial is not the rational thing to do. It is an option and works until it doesn’t. At this point both denial and solutions based on exceptionalism of technology are ugly examples of the worst of human nature. The best of human nature is honesty in the face of truth.

  23. Boat on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 7:32 am 

    How old does one have to be to be a oldtard. Is there a middle age tard? What is the last year of age for a young tard’

  24. Davy on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 8:06 am

  25. HARM on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 12:14 pm 

    youngtard, oldtard…
    Are we back in the 4th grade now?

  26. Hawkcreek on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 2:33 pm 

    CC almost isn’t worth arguing about with these types. I know a few people with an IQ of around 100—mostly hands on blue collar types. Great people, until you argue against one of their gods, or in favor of change of any type.
    When you consider that half of the population is UNDER 100 IQ, it becomes obvious where all these tards come from.
    Some people just need more time to assimilate the obvious.

  27. ghung on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 2:33 pm 

    Seems like it was quite an event:

    “….the side event was attended by 60 people (15 journalists, 18 speakers, 27 audience)[19][not in citation given] According to Lenore Taylor of The Australian, Professor Ian Plimer, “a star attraction of the two-day event”, attracted an audience of 45.

    “Ian Rutherford Plimer (born 12 February 1946) is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne,[1] professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide,[2] and the director of multiple mineral exploration and mining companies.[3] He has published many scientific papers, six books and is one of the co-editors of Encyclopedia of Geology.[4][5] He has been an outspoken critic of both creationism and the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change.”

    “professor emeritus”…..

  28. Another Northwest Resident on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 2:39 pm 

    For people who believe in climate change and global warming… stop worrying about it, nobody will ever do anything about it anyway. They never have, they never will.

    For people who don’t believe in climate change and global warming… stop worrying about it, nobody will ever do anything about it anyway. They never have, they never will.

    People are so fucking dumb. If you’re not a misanthrope you’re not paying attention.

  29. F.F.K.H. on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 7:10 pm 

    Bill C asks if anyone has witnessed climate change?

    I suggest you visit Glacier National Park, but you better hurry since there will be no glaciers, due to melting, in the next 15 years. When Glaciar Park was founded in the early 20th century, more than 80 stable glaciers existed yet in the course of just 100 years they will all be gone.

    Now I realize this information will do nothing to influence your opinion. Climate deniers are so emotionally invested in their opinion that come hell and high water nothing will change their mind.

  30. BillC on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 10:35 pm 

    Everyday I am a witness to the fact there are no signs of climate change wherever I go. I see it and smell it and feel it. People say it is real but can only offer what others witness and report.

    This is a peak oil forum so my interest in climate it change is why would someone want to promote and perpetuate the climate change story. I do believe peak oil is real and is the real threat to our way of life.

    The NWO seeks to control the flow and use of fossil fuels for their benefit. Does anyone really think that raising the price of electricity will will stabilize weather on a planet where weather has forever changed?

    The NWO now controls banking, the media and our top government “leaders”. Their next grab is for the fossil fuels. Right now geographically they are taking Syria and we sit and watch. Next will be Iran since they already have Iraq and Saudi Arabia. They will get control of oil and then tax it. So who gets the tax money collected? The NWO.

    It is the NWO who invented and perpetuates a climate change story. The NWO owns the media and these dogs post their propaganda day after day until it is believed. This is happening to us now right in front of our eyes. It is much more clear than climate change. I am not the only one connecting these dots.

  31. BillC on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 10:43 pm 

    P.S. Maybe the WP story on Glacier National Park is true. But I think the the writer of the story left out that glaciers and come and gone again of the course of millions of years. This is normal and expected. We have watched these glaciers since 1850 and during that little tiny bit of time they have shrunk and then grown back again and now maybe they are back in decline? If they ever stop changing, then we are really fucked.

  32. GregT on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 11:23 pm 

    The globalists already control the oil BillC, and they already tax it. They have no interest in cutting oil use globally by some 80 to 90% by 2035. The globalists have been denying climate science, they have not been supporting it. The last thing in the world that the globalists want is to shut down modern industrial society, and to put an end to economic growth. Both must occur in order to stop further greenhouse gases from accumulating in the environment. The time for their NWO is rapidly running out, as is the future of our species, and life as we know it on the planet Earth.

  33. Mike616 on Wed, 2nd Dec 2015 12:32 am 

    Wow. 30, a whole 30 nuts found to pretend to be scientists.

    Get a GED.
    You dumbasses are the must gullible brain damaged suckers ever seen. The Arctic is now LEAKING METHANE you can see with your EYES.

    You stupid fs are a danger to yourselves.

  34. Mike616 on Wed, 2nd Dec 2015 12:39 am 

    Here’s a better web site by people with REAL Science Degrees.

    This should be a warning for all the Kids: DON’T DO DRUGS. If you are diagnosed with BiPolar disorder, stay on your lithium.

  35. Kenz300 on Thu, 3rd Dec 2015 7:43 am 

    Fossil fuel companies are spending millions to spread doubt about Climate Change……

    4 Ways Exxon Stopped Action on Climate Change

    Has Exxon Mobil misled the public about its climate change research?

  36. Kenz300 on Thu, 3rd Dec 2015 7:44 am 

    Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches | World news | The Guardian

    Head Of The Episcopal Church Says It’s ‘Sinful’ To Ignore Climate Change

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