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Page added on April 29, 2020

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Life on the human planet

Life on the human planet thumbnail

A week ago, I wrote an article on the Essentials of Human Life. I concluded that these essentials are “air, water, energy (which includes both heat and light and cooling where necessary), shelter, nature, sustenance (food), transportation, communication, health, cleanliness, community, pleasure, and learning.”

These are the things that can make life a pleasure. But not in our days today.  “Our world, I am thinking, is no longer a real one. It has become a surreal world, a world of irreality, ever since Donald Trump was elected President.

“But surrealism has become reality more recently, as we suddenly begin to stay at home in order to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The result has been a crash of the jobs market. As jobs disappear, the economy begins to drizzle away. We can no longer go to bars or restaurants or meetings, political and religious and literary gatherings transfer from meeting rooms to virtual meetings, and we can no longer hug or kiss for fear of transferring disease. And lurking in the background, behind all these immediate problems, is the reality of climate change, which Trump considers to be a “hoax.”

“For those millions of us who support Bernie Sanders in a struggle to replace Trump, that fight has seemed to disappear and he has gone into the hinterland, leaving Joe Biden as the only one remaining against Trump.

“What will happen? No one knows.”

I started watching the documentary, “Planet of the Humans,”  “a documentary that dares to say what no one else will this Earth Day—that we are losing the battle to stop climate change on planet earth because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road—selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America. This film is the wake-up call to the reality we are afraid to face: that in the midst of a human-caused extinction event, the environmental movement’s answer is to push for techno-fixes and band-aids. It’s too little, too late. “

This is a pretty depressing film. I’ve watched most of it. Human population is just under 8 million. It’s interesting that COVID-19 has  just reared its head and cut down on population some. Ironically, this may help . . . . some.

Are there things to be done in addition to techno-fixes and band-aids? Yes, I think so. If humanity could start reducing the number of children produced to 4 children to every 6 parents, I calculate that our world population overall should drop by a third in 60 years. That would bring us down to 5.3 billion, which would be good. There is a second thing that will help, and that is the increase in AI and robotics. If we reduce the youth in the population, we are going to need help in taking care of the elderly, and AI/robotics will help. Finally, we need to find ways to cut down on carbon emissions. I think that more “sharing” would help. One big change would be sharing vehicles for transportation.

Americans are just terrible at this. We have 838 motor vehicles for every 1,000 people. Denmark has 438. If the government owned all the vehicles and we just rented them, we would probably need only 300 motor vehicles for every 1,000 people. Individual ownership makes money for the auto and oil and gas businesses, but it destroys the planet.

There are lots of other changes possible (e.g., stop eating red meat; stop printing books; put all communication on the internet and get rid of paper mail and paper newspapers). What will this do? Put a lot of businesses out of business. But we will be needing workers if we cut down on the young population. If Americans stopped being greedy and started thinking about the true essentials of human life, we would dump money as a thing that makes life important and move onto other things.

For those of you who think that capitalism is the answer, I’m sorry. It isn’t. To misquote Ronald Reagan, “Capitalism isn’t the answer. Capitalism is the problem.”

Then what is the answer? Focus on the essentials of life, and you’ll discover that one important element is “community.” People who help other people deserve to be celebrated, and we should work on celebrating them. Take, for example, Michael Bloomberg. He’s a smart guy, and I think he wants to be celebrated.  But he puts his emphasis on money. On the other hand, consider Tom Steyer. He also has money—not as much as Bloomberg, but he seems to put more emphasis on community, and that’s good.

To make humanity more humane, and to save our planet for our children, we need to form a coalition. We need to look at what we consume and ask if we really need it. We need to find ways to look at all human beings as our friends, and we need to ask them to look on us as friends. We need to stop trying to take advantage of one another. We need to find the good in others, as well as in ourselves.

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118 Comments on "Life on the human planet"

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  5. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd May 2020 2:52 am 

    Here Bill Maher in a cosy tribal get-together with a doctor Katz. The latter hits a home run by saying that “flattening the Corona-curve boils down to a reprieve only”.

    Exactly right.

    There is only ONE determining factor in whether or not you are going to die from Corona and that is the state of your immune system. Period.

    The only thing government measures can achieve is a delay of execution. But since the lock-down can’t last forever, sooner or later everybody is going to be exposed to the virus. Most people will easily deal with it, especially the young and healthy ones. The sick, obese, the worn-out people are taken to the grave, as is the law of life.

    Conclusion: the only rational way to deal with the virus is the concept of herd-immunity. Do not put 81 year old’s in a ventilator. If an organism is ready to die, let it die. Do not let the sensationalist media occupy public consciousness day in, day out with “death toll figures”. Dying is what 81-year old’s do. Let old people in nursing homes stay where they are, let their children visit them, even hold their hands (wash them afterwards) and let them die in dignity and if necessary use palliative measures to reduce suffering.

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd May 2020 2:57 am 

    Yes, back again, like the proverbial bad penny.

    “Kim Jong-Un makes his first public appearance for 20 days, North Korea state media reports, as he cuts ribbon at fertilizer plant alongside sister who was said to have taken over after he had died”

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd May 2020 3:08 am 

    More confusion about the origin of the outbreak of Corona virus:

    “REVEALED: US intelligence that Donald Trump relied on to blame Wuhan lab for letting coronavirus escape shows China lied about human-to-human transmission, disappeared whistle-blowers and refused to help with vaccine”

    New angles:

    The Telegraph also reported a partnership between Chinese and Australian labs where research was carried out relating to a bat-derived coronavirus that could not be cured…

    However, Australia has maintained the virus most likely came from the Wuhan live animal market and said there was only a 5 percent chance it came from the lab…

    The Telegraph reported that the Australian government trained and funded key scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as part of an ongoing partnership between the CSIRO and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    The team members worked in the CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory where they carried out research into deadly pathogens in live bats…

    It was revealed in April that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had received a $3.7 million grant from the US government, and had been carrying out research on bats.

    All major governments were previously aware of the existence of Corona and were busy researching it, in close cooperation.

    This would tentatively somewhat support the idea that nobody acted in bad faith and the Corona outbreak was indeed a wet market suplise.

  8. Cloggie on Sat, 2nd May 2020 3:47 am 

    Yes, I am back again, like the proverbial bad penny I am. To be honest though, I am not even worth that much.

    “Cloggo von Cloggnatzi makes his first public appearance in 2? hours, reports, as he floods threads with more of his patented fertilizer alongside Abraham van Helsing who he thinks sounds way cooler than cloggo.

  9. Cloggie on Sat, 2nd May 2020 4:11 am 

    The first turbines of Borssele I-V are already producing, with the rest of the 1.5 GW wind farm being completed in 2021.

    Already planners are inviting contractors to build the next set of offshore wind parks, worth 6.1 GW:

    For the “Hollandse Kust Noord” the tendency for market forces to offer to build the wind park for “free” (without a dime public money) is still very much alive:

    Several parties have offered their services: Orsted, Shell, Eneco, but not Vattenfall, that already won two tenders.

    All these companies are willing to construct the wind farms without subsidy, provided they can sell the resulting electricity on the Dutch market.

  10. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd May 2020 4:56 am 

    Britain 51-49 wants to belong to the globalist Anglo world, “global Britain”, not the “provincial” European world, in a desperate effort to continue the 1918-1945-feeling of “victory”.

    “Britain will begin formal negotiations with the US on a trade deal next week via video conference after Boris Johnson promises to ‘drive a hard bargain'”

    But the winners of yesteryear are not necessarily the winners of tomorrow. Expect BoJo to get a hard bargain, indeed.

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd May 2020 6:22 am 

    Five Eyes locking horns with China:

    “Bombshell ‘Five Eyes’ Western intelligence dossier claims China lied about human-to-human transmission, ‘disappeared’ whistle-blowers and refused to help other countries prepare a vaccine for coronavirus”


  12. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 2nd May 2020 7:45 am 

    “Shun the unclean, the demons and the witches, the non-organic. Shun them in all ways. Only through the priests (the men in white coats) will you find rescue and salvation…”

    This tactic is as old as the hills. Then and now, only the actors have changed.

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd May 2020 12:28 pm 

    Free from the shackles of the EU at last!

    First Brexit results are in:

    “‘They’re deluded if they think Brits are going to work on the land’: Farmer who took on 50 English workers to pick crops just has 7 left as union warns applicants need to be ‘fit’ and it’s not like working in an office”

    Turns out that the English worker isn’t such an Uebermensch after all (to be fair: his Dutch and German colleagues are just the same paper pusher wannabees). But one has to admit that these workers from Eastern Europe are real work bulls, with an agricultural productivity often 3 times as high as inexperienced western European workers from the “hospitality industry”, who became unemployed overnight.

    If the asparagus “harvest” is a measure of things to come, expect the total harvest this year to be halved.

  14. whoa triggered muzzies and muzzie lovers galore on Sat, 2nd May 2020 2:39 pm 

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    mind blown

  15. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 2nd May 2020 4:50 pm 

    Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing

    YouTube removed the viral video of frontline doctors calling for an end to quarantine and comparing COVID-19 to the flu


    They won’t be able to hide this hoax much longer.

  16. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 3rd May 2020 4:23 am 

    BoJo is honest about his experiences in the ICU. Google translation from German:

    Johnson speaks of an emergency plan in the event of his death

    7.40 a.m .: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson was, in his own words, at times in an extremely threatening situation during his Covid 19 illness. “It was a difficult moment, I don’t dispute that. You had a strategy to deal with a scenario like Death of Stalin,” Johnson said in an interview with The Sun tabloid. The Soviet dictator Josef Stalin had suddenly died of a stroke during his tenure in 1953.

    “I wasn’t in a particularly good shape and I knew there were contingency plans,” the 55-year-old said. “The doctors had made all sorts of arrangements in case something went very wrong,” said Johnson. You would have given him “liter by liter” of oxygen, said the Prime Minister. During the difficult time in the intensive care unit, he kept asking himself how he would get out of this situation. He has had many injuries and broken many bones. “But I’ve never had anything as serious as this,” said Johnson.

    The 55-year-old had resumed his official duties on Monday. A month earlier, he had tested positive for the novel corona virus. Initially, he spent ten days shielded from his office. Then he came to the St. Thomas Hospital, where he was supplied with oxygen and spent three nights in the intensive care unit.

    On Wednesday, Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds gave birth to their son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas. According to Johnson’s earlier choice of name, the two doctors who treated him should also be recognized.

    P.S. note that BoJo’s frightening experiences no doubt will color his policies and will keep Britain relatively long in quarantine, to the detriment of the UK’s economy.

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 3rd May 2020 4:30 am 

    Fake-Corona fallout:

    “YouTube deletes conspiracy theorist David Icke’s account after he made unproven claims about coronavirus”

    No he wasn’t. He was in reality banned for his views about the holohoax, the adoption of the Protocols of Zion, the JQ, 9/11 and it’s Israeli involvement.

    But the jewish owners of YouTube didn’t want to ban him for that, but instead finally found the suitable occasion to ban David Icke once and for all, namely for a minor issue, “unproven views on Corona”, as if anything is proven about Corona.

    Not that it matters. Nobody needs YouTube anymore to spread ideas the koshers don’t like.

    Go to or and find out what views the globalists don’t like.

    To the credit of the Brexiteer commenters, they reject in great majority the banning of David Icke.

  18. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 3rd May 2020 4:53 am 

    Russian pipe-laying vessel has arrived at the anchor place outside the harbor of the Russian enclave in the Baltic, Koenigsberg, err, Kaliningrad:

    Probably waiting for pipes to arrive so it can continue the work where the Dutch left off and complete the last missing 160 km and finish Nord Stream 2 and create major geopolitical facts and give the finger to the US. Europe won’t need that much gas for the remainder of 2020 anyway.

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