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Page added on June 17, 2018

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India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse

India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse thumbnail

India is suffering from the worst water crisis in its history and around 600 million people face a severe water shortage, according to a government think tank.

Approximately 200,000 people die every year due to inadequate access to clean water and it’s “only going to get worse” as 21 cities are likely to run out of groundwater by 2020.

In the longer term, the undersupply will become even more acute in the South Asian nation, as demand increases with the 1.4 billion population growing at a rate of around 1 per cent.

“By 2030, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply,” the Niti Aayog report reads. “[This will cause] severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people.”

“There is an imminent need to deepen our understanding of our water resources and usage and put in place interventions that make our water use efficient and sustainable.”

The expected degree of water scarcity will account for a 6 per cent loss in India’s gross domestic product.

Indian cities and towns often run out of water throughout the summer due to the absence of infrastructure to deliver piped water to homes.

Sprawling queues for government water tankers and public taps are already a common sight in Indian slums since people are reliant on the service and the impending disaster would leave this provision even more thinly stretched.

Erratic rainfall also causes chaos in rural areas where people are similarly affected by a lack of access to safe water.

Forced to deal with the problem, water-scarce states are the best at managing the resource (AFP)

Groundwater is increasingly used for farming when monsoon rains do not deliver a sufficient level of precipitation meaning there is little to drink.

There has been an effort to develop sustainable water supplies in India in recent years with water conservation legislation existing in 80 per cent of the country.

However, poor data management and an abject failure to properly price water has prevented the country from making any significant progress.

“Where data is available, it is often unreliable due to the use of outdated collection techniques and methodologies,” according to the report. “For example, groundwater data in India is based on an inadequate sample of [around] 55,000 wells out of a total [approximately] 12 million in the country.”

In what could serve as encouragement to step up the pursuit of policies to better conserve water, several water-scarce states are the best at managing the resource.

Some of the best performers in the national composite water index – Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana – are states that have suffered from severe droughts in recent years.

“The action taken by these states, and their subsequent good performance on the index, are likely driven by necessity in the face of looming water shortages,” asserts the report.

Other policies, such as the provision of free utilities, have not had the anticipated result.

“Policies like several states giving free electricity to farmers or giving financial support for groundwater extraction – borewells and tubewells – results in uncontrolled exploitation and wastage of resource,” Suresh Rohilla, director of urban water management at the Centre for Science and Environment, told CNN.

Drip irrigation, a method that means farmers use drastically less fertiliser and diesel, has failed to become popular and its implementation is expensive for most people with state governments providing limited support.

“Primarily, water is not valued in India. It is very cheap in India,” Samrat Basak, director for urban water at the World Resources Institute, told CNN. “People think it is free.”

Alarmingly, the states ranked lowest – like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Jharkhand – are home to almost half of India’s population along with the majority of its agricultural produce.


268 Comments on "India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse"

  1. GregT on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 12:49 am 

    Even with the so called ‘shale revolution’ the U.S still remains a net importer of oil.

  2. Makati1 on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 1:08 am 

    “NASA just came up with the idea for the study and payed for some of its was authored by one of America’s top applied mathematicians.”

    Again, one persons opinion does not make it fact. NASA is one of the propaganda sources for the empire. Find a reliable source that is based OUTSIDE the Us MSM Iron Curtain and I may agree.

  3. TheNationalist on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 8:17 am 

    Today I am going to defend Davy. Good on him for defending the United States. Good on Trumpy for telling the chinks the West is sick of being flooded by rubber dog shit. Yes, yes I know it’s cheaper and us whiteys are soooo lazy etc …, bla bla bla.

    Just read ‘Last man on the moon’ by Eugene Cernan a great yank he was! U.S. should be proud.

    Yeah yeah I know its all political bla bla bla.

    I admire it from a technical perspective and see the achievements as inspiring. As a pilot I have great respect for these people (and the Russian achievements) who overcame so much and are the true ‘progressives’.

    We just sit on the forum and moan like a bunch of simpletons.

    I just wish you lot werent so boring and predictable!
    que the inevitable marxist knee jerk reaction..,.3…2…1…

  4. Davy on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 8:39 am 

    Yea, nationalist, every one of us old timers are now intellectually inbred. We need new blood but we have little new blood that contributes. BTW, defending is not bragging about like my detractors want to accuse me of. Extremist do not allow balance. Agendas must be complete and cannot be adulterated by objectivity. This is why I am enemy number one here amongst the extremist. I am proud to wear that label.

  5. MASTERMIND on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 8:54 am 


    Still living in the 1960’s with moon landing?..And Patriotism is as Dr Johnson said ‘The last refuge of a scoundrel”..Be a man and not a brainwashed moron..You flag waving faggot..The reason we import shit from China is because our wages haven’t rose in 30 years..And we can’t afford to buy American made products..

  6. GregT on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 9:10 am 

    “Extremist do not allow balance.”

    Everything, and everybody to you, is either pro or anti American Davy. That would be extremism, and unbalanced.

  7. GregT on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 9:23 am 

    “The reason we import shit from China is because our wages haven’t rose in 30 years..And we can’t afford to buy American made products..”

    Capitalism running it’s course. That’s what happens when corporations have the same, or greater rights, than individuals do.

  8. Cloggie on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 9:26 am 

    Unfortunately the US ran out of Nazis to do spectacular projects for them:

    Bush the Elder announced in 1989 that the US would return to the moon and would land on Mars:

    That was almost 30 years ago. Today Russian rockets are required to make it to the very International Space Station. The only breakthrough the US made since was the vertical landing of a launcher stage, recently.

    Now the Trumpert wants, I kid you not, SPACE MARINES! Wtf is a space marine? Are they go to intercept illegal aliens? Build a wall in space against invading fourth world Martians?


    When are they going to build the wall at the Mexican border? Repair the potholes and bridges?

    On a positive note, in space there are no adversaries that can beat you, like on earth.

    Ah well, at least the Donald had his PR-moment. Import tariffs on inter-galactic steel?

    JFK: We will put a man on the moon.
    Trump: We will putt an army on the moon.

    Mad Dog Mattis is against it:

    Perhaps Trump can buy the technology from Kim.

  9. Davy on Tue, 19th Jun 2018 9:58 am 

    “Everything, and everybody to you, is either pro or anti American Davy.”

    You extremist have made it this way grehggie juan. You just can’t admit it because it tarnishes your agenda.

  10. TheNationalist on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 6:24 am 

    Actually Mastermind the landing the book was based on was in the 1970’s ( Apollo 17 ).
    Long before I was even born.
    Please don’t attack me or accuse me of being an uphill gardener, I can assure you that is a false allegation!!! Hehehe
    They say people couldn’t remember the sixties ( if you were there ).
    I like you Mastermind, you are a bit of a rebel. There were more true rebels in the 1960’s than there is today that is for sure (sadly).

  11. TheNationalist on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 6:45 am 

    I’m starting to think Davy might be right, you guys are being irrational.
    Cloggie and others on here can not say one nice thing about the United States of America. It is almost as if you are consumed by hatred and it’s blinding you a little.
    I can’t stand most of what America is about and I’m a right wing nationalist, but I try not to be blinded by hatred.

    I dare Masterind and Cloggie to say 3 nice things about America!

    I dare you!

  12. MASTERMIND on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 6:46 am 


    Turn off, tune in, drop out..

  13. Davy on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 6:54 am 

    “I can’t stand most of what America is about and I’m a right wing nationalist, but I try not to be blinded by hatred.”

    I am disgusted with what has become of the United States on pretty much every level but it is not as bad as is painted here on this forum. The world is not far behind with my disgust but it is the US that is not allowing a required multipolar world that is necessary if we are going to navigate what is ahead. That said I appreciate you being aware that here is subjective emotional hatred of the US here that is not helpful to this discussion. That said it goes with the territory of being a superpower in decline. I would like to see less of the extremism and I would not say as much. I have made this clear in many comments. In fact when certain extremist are not commenting my comments go way down.

  14. TheNationalist on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 7:04 am 

    If Davy follows this up by saying 3 nice things about Canada I’ll eat my hat and watch the pigs fly.

  15. TheNationalist on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 7:11 am 

    You are totally correct Davy, I should have said I can’t stand some things about America and I am Nationalistic. (very unfashionable these days I know).

    People project their own failings onto the U.S. because they are so powerful. It was the same with the British and English before them.

    Clog, the Krauts lost and the scientists were smart. They knew the U.S. projects were largely peaceful and a great opportunity. Most were not so short sighted to cut their nose of to spite their face.

    My father was in the military in Germany in the 1960’s. He spoke of a colleague shouting at the senior Nazi prisoners “How’s the master race this morning? , the kraut bastards never saw the funny side!
    You see Mastermind not all memories of the 1960’s were bad!

  16. Davy on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 7:23 am 

    “If Davy follows this up by saying 3 nice things about Canada I’ll eat my hat and watch the pigs fly.”

    I love Canada just not 30% of the population that hates Americans

  17. DerHundistLos on Fri, 22nd Jun 2018 9:54 pm 


    So what years exactly and in which prison did your father and his insult hurling colleague serve during the 1960s?

    Funny, based on your writings, you seem to view yourself as the new master race.

  18. DerHundistLos on Fri, 22nd Jun 2018 9:58 pm 

    “There were more true rebels in the 1960’s than there is today that is for sure (sadly).”

    This coming from a self-described ultra right-wing nationalist.

    Suffering from a bad case of cognitive dissonance or are you another Bullshitter?

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