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Page added on August 14, 2014

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Fukushima: We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell

Fukushima: We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell thumbnail

Preface: we’ve written thousands of articles on Fukushima and radiation. But this post will spotlight recent articles from EneNews … with which we have no affiliation of any nature whatsoever.

The American media hasn’t covered Fukushima for a long time. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any news. It just means that the  U.S. and Japanese governments have worked hard to cover it up.

Here’s a roundup of recent news (links to EneNews; click through to see original source material … that’s how the web WORKS):


Coincidental Wildlife Death and Injury?

Impacts On Human Health?

Washington’s Blog

30 Comments on "Fukushima: We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell"

  1. ghung on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 2:44 pm 

    Link, above, not working. Go here for source article:

    h ttp://

  2. shortonoil on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 3:17 pm 

    Compromised immune systems from radiation toxicity, and Ebola at our door step. This could get bad, really, really bad!

  3. Perk Earl on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 4:33 pm 

    This is what grates on my nerves; so many people have claimed the release of radiation from Fukushima was near nothing and would have little if any detrimental effect on human and sea life, yet when reading an article like this it seems even worse than the worst articles on the topic so far.

    I think this all goes under the heading ‘out of sight, out of mind’, as humankind as a whole unfortunately (in my opinion) really does not care about the suffering or loss of marine life.

    “Ah, just go ahead and release some more radioactive fluids into the sea. Who cares”, I am sure is the consensus.

  4. Davy on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 4:42 pm 

    Lets see what our PO member brother Silent Running says. He generally sorts through the hype on both sides

  5. jim anglin on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 4:48 pm 

    Re: the title -that’s one way of putting it but those gates have always been ajar, just waiting for the suckers to come along who are bent on flinging them wide open.

  6. Northwest Resident on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 4:59 pm 

    Oregon coast or Pacific Northwest was mentioned several times in this article as being the place where these supposed radiation effects are showing up. It does seem a little strange that I catch the local news a couple times a week, I diligently scan internet news daily, and I see the headlines on the local newspapers when I go into the supermarket. But never, ever, do I see any news stories with real Oregonians and/or live video footage of the sort of extreme disaster this article is talking about. Some of my co-workers go to the coast frequently, and they’re doing just fine. Every Friday on my way home I travel with the river of automobiles that are heading to the coast for the weekend — they are not thinning out due to disease or disaster or threat of radiation.

    Let’s look at WHO is being quoted in this article: Experts, Scientists, Official, Gov’t, Gov’t Expert, Professor, Researcher, Japan TV, etc…

    Do you see any highly credible officials or respected scientists being quoted in that list? No, didn’t think so.

    Never forget that there are people who FEED on fear — they NEED it in their daily lives because that’s who they are. And they spend money on preps, gold, silver, bullets — whatever you’re selling. And if you can post an article like this one and reel those suckers in and get their fear churning, then a few of them just might click on your sponsor links and yes, you too can make a buck or two from the fearful scared-to-death suckers.

  7. bobinget on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 5:12 pm

    current readings are higher on the east coast

  8. PrestonSturges on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 5:55 pm 

    Oregon is the state with the highest numbers of unvaccinated children. Plenty of idiots eager to lap up the crazy talk.

  9. Richard Ralph Roehl on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 7:26 pm 

    Nuclear fission technology is inherently EVIL. It will inevitably destroy all complex life forms on the surface of the planet.

    Those who endorse and promote nuclear fission technology are misanthropic psychopaths.

  10. shortonoil on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 7:30 pm 


    George Washington is a free lance writer who publishes articles on Zero Hedge, and I’ve seen him in the Guardian. I don’t think that he is a “fear trader”, and I’ve never seen him selling anything. For authenticity are you looking for the NRC, the lap dog of the nuclear industry? Washington’s writings often co-inside with Arie Gunderson’s conclusions; a nuclear consultant of 35 years experience, who has been following the Fukushima disaster closely since it occurred.

    The strange mass die offs in the Pacific since Fukushima has been very well documented by a host of researchers. Most people are not going to notice it, because most people don’t get that close to Sea Lions, nor would they notice the tentacles of a Star Fish falling off. But, without a doubt something is impairing life in the northern Pacific region. If I lived in the Pacific North West, I’d move!

  11. Kenz300 on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 7:56 pm 

    Fukushima, Japan Rebuilding Communities with Solar, Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2040

  12. Kenz300 on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 7:57 pm 

    Nuclear Giant Exelon Launches Front Group to Cover Its Assets, Undermine Renewable Energy?

  13. Makati1 on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 8:40 pm 

    As Fukushima is a distant neighbor, (~2,000 miles) I have been watching the events unfold by going to sources outside the US or Japanese MSM. It has been reported that the situation is critical and getting worse ever since the causing event. The above list is only a small representation of the articles written since then. Truly, we have opened the gates wider with this ongoing river of death.

    BTW: The ocean current from Fukushima travels about 16,000 miles in a clockwise circle before they come back to the Philippines. And no winds blow south from Japan to carry any debris. The prevailing winds are NW to SW or SW to NW. So, I feel relatively safe, but the US is in a direct path with the Jet Stream. If I lived there, I would have a Geiger Counter. I plan to buy one on my next trip to the USSA.

  14. jjggbb on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 8:49 pm 

    I live in the Portland, OR area. I own a geiger counter. I bought it on a whim to check for radon. A coworker gave me an ancient smoke detector, so I know it works. I have not checked recently, but I see no change from background radiation. These articles are all fearmongering.

  15. surf on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 8:54 pm 

    It should be noted that the web site listed, ENENews, did not exist before the Fukushima meltdowns. However 2 days later the site appeared and Although its listed as an energy news web site it has only posted articles about Fukushima or someting that they claim is related to fukushima radiation. Nothing about solar, wind, coal, gas or oil. The site has 341 pages of articles about Fukushima.

    It is not a independent news orginization. It really is a anti nuclear site disgused as a energy news site.

  16. BC on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 9:01 pm 

    I believe the pacific is contaminated, people are burying their heads in the sand over this and not connecting the dots.While holidaying in eastern Australia next to the pacific ocean I swam in the ocean for two days for a couple of hours many parts of my body felt strange, extremely hot I broke out in rashes and this was only half an hour after coming out of the water.No more swimming for me in the pacific ocean.

  17. Northwest Resident on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 9:16 pm 

    shortonoil — If we nuclear radiation in the Pacific Northwest significant enough to cause illness or destroy life off the coastline, they are doing a damn good job of covering it up. If it is a cover-up, and the government is keeping it quiet, watching hundreds of thousands of tourists and local residents get exposed to harmful radiation doses without saying or doing anything to prevent it, then I guess I’ll just “go nuclear” along with everybody else once that radiation starts doing its thing. If the article written by George Washington quoted some actual authoritative sources, I’d be more concerned.

  18. DMyers on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 9:52 pm 

    If you read the source article, it becomes clearer that each bullet point is actually an executable link to its source article.

    What is the natural inclination here? It is to imagine nothing’s really wrong or dangerous. No one’s falling over at work. People’s arms and legs seem to be staying fastened. Don’t know of anyone who’s had a baby with more than two heads lately.

    All these years, they’ve been lying to us about how lethal radiation is. They’ve really gone overboard in trying to protect us and have actually over-protected us by far. All the lead vests at the dentist office, the crazy looking outfits of the nuclear plant workers, the prohibition of x-rays for arm hair removal, these have all been hyped to create a false belief in the danger of radiation.

    Everyone can relax. It ain’t gonna be that bad. Radiation disappears in the ocean just like that old tire did that you threw in the lake way back when.

    We need to stop wasting our time reading articles like this and put more effort into assuring ourselves that all is well.

  19. Northwest Resident on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 10:18 pm 

    DMyers — Nice sarcasm.

    Here’s a detailed report by the World Nuclear Association. Reading through it, it appears the radiation exposure for even those people living near Fukushima is not enough to cause health concerns, except for some of the workers who received potentially dangerous doses. It didn’t even discuss radiation danger to people in America or around the world, at least not that I found with a quick scan, probably because there isn’t any danger.

    But there are plenty of links to articles where nuclear scientists are expressing concern, saying that constant monitoring is necessary. Not a lot of articles talking about numerous radiation kill-offs or mass instances of radiated Pacific Ocean wildlife. This article is hyping the fear factor and doesn’t appear to portray an accurate representation of the what are most likely minimal dangers to the Pacific West Coast. I rest my case. Prove me wrong. I’m all ears.

  20. BC on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 11:42 pm 

    fifty years down the track when the cancer rate has skyrocketed everyone will be scratchin’ their heads sayin gee what happened

  21. surf on Thu, 14th Aug 2014 11:47 pm 

    “I believe the pacific is contaminated, While holidaying in eastern Australia next to the pacific ocean I swam in the ocean for two days for a couple of hours many parts of my body felt strange, extremely hot I broke out in rashes and this was only half an hour after coming out of the water.”

    In some places the ocean is contaminated with sewage, chemicals from factories, etc. In all places the ocean is full of bacteria, microscopic animals and worms. You can’t see any of this and all of it can cause the Rashes you had. Without seeing a doctor or having tests done on the water you cannot determine the cause . You just assumed Fukushima was the cause.

    Scientist have been monitoring the California coast for cesium 134, the only isotope of cesium that can be directly linked to fukushima. It has a half life of 2years meaning that after 20 years none would be left. Cesium 134 has not yet been detected of the coast of California.

    Scientist have detected other isotopes of cesium but they decay much more slowly. So what they are detecting now probably came from nuclear weapons tests in the 50’s, or any of the several nuclear submarines that sank, or any other nuclear accidents. Good news is that levels were dropping between 1990 and 2010.

  22. PrestonSturges on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 1:32 am 

    “I believe the pacific is contaminated, While holidaying in eastern Australia next to the pacific ocean I swam in the ocean for two days for a couple of hours many parts of my body felt strange, extremely hot I broke out in rashes and this was only half an hour after coming out of the water.”

    Gee it wasn’t jellyfish season was it? Or maybe it’s gluten. Or maybe GMO corn. Or maybe his chakras are out of alignment.

  23. Norm on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 4:19 am 

    i dont like the far-right, who schemes up these crummy power plants that melt down and blow up, rubbing their hands together with glee that their GE stock will go up. i also dont like radiological disasters like Fukushima, which could have been far worse if the fuel pool had drained out.

    But i also think this article has excessive fear-mongering, and the only purpose of that, is to pander to a hysterical far left. Its all about the politics, if you dont want to be a despicable creep, you have to be somwhere in the middle not too far to the right where you actually WANT the nuclear power plant to blow up, and not too far to the left where you scream and moan and wail in a dumb article that we are all going to die over the Fukushima pollution. Rather think thats not the case.

  24. Kenz300 on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 6:15 am 

    Had Fukishima and Chernobyl been a wind or solar energy power plant the sites would already be cleaned up and safe.

    Nuclear energy is too dangerous and too costly……..

    This disaster continues today with no end in sight.

    The cost of the cleanup will go on FOREVER……

    What is the cost to store nuclear waste FOREVER?

  25. David B on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 2:03 pm 

    No one knows who’s behind ENENews. I check it often, and in fact if you ignore the tabloid style shocking headlines, and quotes taken out of context, the links to the original news articles are very informative.

    Here’s just one example. The ENENews headline above begins: “Researchers: Radioactive materials detected off California, levels spike to 400% normal”

    If you read the actual article you will find an Algalita Marine Research Blog. It starts talking about how they’ve been traveling by boat for 8 days and have 2 more to go — hardly off the CA coast. The radiation detected was from a chunk of rope which measured with a hand held geiger counter read 120 cpm compared with background of 30 cpm 120/30=400%.

    Every single ENENews headline is like this. A girl on a boat in the middle of the Pacific holds a geiger counter up to a chuck of rope that’s been floating in the ocean and this turns into a headline the headline above.

  26. Northwest Resident on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 2:43 pm 

    David B — You did what I had intended to do today, but unfortunately my job got in the way.

    Here on the Oregon coast I know that amateurs with their Geiger counters are walking up and down the beach, looking for higher than normal radiation readings. I know oncology doctors (cancer specialists), we talk, no concerns are raised about increased radiation effects. Portland, OR and most of the west coast is a liberal/democratic bastion, and I like almost all of everybody else are very concerned about any potential radiation from Fukushima. But in reality, there has not yet been any danger and from what I read, the chances of sufficient levels of radiation crossing the Pacific to mutate me and my loves ones is very small. Thanks for helping to identify ENENews as the fearmongers they appear to be. We have a LOT to worry about and prepare for — global economic collapse and energy shortfalls, now that is REALITY that you CAN worry about.

  27. DDB on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 10:23 pm 

    NR- Q: Just who/what do you consider a valid source? I have lived and surfed the Pacific Northwest for many years. And I believe that the problems surrounding Fukushima are of significant threat, to the ecosystem. Not to mention the fact that radiation is still leaking into the Pacific everyday–or that TEPCO is thinking of outright dumping highly contaminated water directly into the Pacific. And no, I’m not going to site my sources it is to late and I, too tired. However–confirmed– Sea Stars are actually melting. NOAA declared a UME for Sea Lions in California last year, continuing into this year. And more recently noted are massive fish die offs in and around the Santa Cruz Harbor. Also, there was a major fish die off in Seaside, OR. No official is claiming this to be radiation related. May I remind you that our government invited families to come out and watch the Atomic Bomb Testing in Southern Utah during the 50’s. Many did, and many died as a result. This same government claimed DDT and other deadly pesticides were safe? I could go on and on…

    “The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior.”- Albert Ells, Mark Twain and Dr. Phil

  28. jjggbb on Sat, 16th Aug 2014 12:56 pm 

    @DDB Well, if you really are that concerned, buy a Geiger counter. We are exposed to radiation all the time. The question is how much higher than background are you being exposed to. My data shows no increase over background. Test your beliefs through experiment. Post your results. Geiger counters are not that expensive. Aware Electronics has a reasonably priced counter.

  29. DDB on Sat, 16th Aug 2014 10:07 pm 

    That is sound advice jjggbb. Where are you testing? That last guy who posted his results in Northern California (Surfers Beach) took a verbal bashing for doing so… The media, as well as our government made him out to be a, a FEARMONGER. eek! It was quite the controversy. Turns out, the place was contaminated after all.

  30. DMyers on Sat, 16th Aug 2014 10:51 pm 


    Your “don’t worry, be happy” message does not convince me, without further information. First, what is your location? In the context of this discussion, Tennessee does not equal Washington.

    Secondly, as you have urged others to “[P]ost your results”, why didn’t you post your own results and their level of statistical significance?

    Thirdly, what is your theory about where that radiation from Fukushima is going? Do you contend it dissolves into inertness in saltwater? Does it evaporate into outer space?

    I just can’t believe that if everyone bought a Geiger Counter, the problem of unleashed radiation would go away. And if one knows that there is radiation emanating into the environment, and his instruments fail to detect this, then that would be evidence of a failure of the instruments.

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