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Page added on December 10, 2015

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Fukushima radiation is reaching North America

Fukushima radiation is reaching North America thumbnail

New research has found that radiation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan has reached more sites in the waters off the coast of North America.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has found the highest level of contamination at a monitoring site about 1,600 miles west of San Francisco, with the sample returned as being 50 per cent higher than other samples.


However the level of radiation is still 500 times lower than the U.S. government safety limit for drinking water. There is also no concern for boating or swimming within the Pacific Ocean.

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, triggering a tsunami, killing more than 10,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

The massive earthquake also damaged the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, causing three cooling systems to fail which resulted in partial meltdowns of some fuel rods. Contamination leaked out of the plant. That contamination has been carried along currents in the Pacific Ocean.

In 2012, Fukushima radiation was first detected 1,500 km off the coast of British Columbia.

Though the contamination is of concern, the levels are still eight to 10 fold less than when nuclear weapons were being tested in 1960s. And, according to Fukushima InFORM, a Canadian-based monitoring organization, the levels do not pose a risk to public health or the ecosystem.

7 Comments on "Fukushima radiation is reaching North America"

  1. makati1 on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 7:26 am 

    Nuclear ocean contamination is less than that of most Western wells.

    Americans have no idea what they are eating, drinking or breathing and their government wants to keep it that way.

  2. shortonoil on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 9:37 am 

    It has been accepted for more than half a century that the probability of contracting cancer as a result of exposure to radiation is directly proportional to the life time dosage accumulation. That has not changed. There is a risk with any dosage amount, and any NRC suggestion to the contrary is total baloney, and is in total disagreement with known science.

  3. apneaman on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 10:28 am 

    Toxic link: the WHO and the IAEA

    A 50-year-old agreement with the IAEA has effectively gagged the WHO from telling the truth about the health risks of radiation

    “Fifty years ago, on 28 May 1959, the World Health Organisation’s assembly voted into force an obscure but important agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency – the United Nations “Atoms for Peace” organisation, founded just two years before in 1957. The effect of this agreement has been to give the IAEA an effective veto on any actions by the WHO that relate in any way to nuclear power – and so prevent the WHO from playing its proper role in investigating and warning of the dangers of nuclear radiation on human health.”

  4. shortonoil on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 10:53 am 

    “Toxic link: the WHO and the IAEA”

    NASA uses the total life time accumulation approach to estimate radiation risks for its astronauts. The EPA sets “safe limits”. The only ones those “safe limits” are safe for is the nuclear power industry.

  5. makati1 on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 7:35 pm 

    You got it in one, short. Protecting the power industry, not the serfs. We are expendable. In fact they want more of us ‘eaters’ to just die.

  6. apneaman on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 7:40 pm 

    Radiation spikes in Fukushima underground ducts
    Nuclear & Energy Dec. 9, 2015 – Updated 17:54 UTC-8

    The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says levels of radioactivity in underground tunnels have sharply risen.

  7. apneaman on Thu, 10th Dec 2015 7:41 pm 

    Fukushima Cancer Case

    Japanese officials have confirmed the first diagnosis of cancer related to work at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The Ministry of Labor made the announcement on Tuesday.

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