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Page added on March 11, 2023

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EU agrees to push for worldwide phaseout of fossil fuels


European Union countries have agreed to push for the global phaseout of fossil fuels at COP28.

It is part of the bloc’s promise to support and accelerate the energy transition ahead of the climate summit in Dubai this November.

Faced with climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and the fallout of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the EU says that our dependence on fossil fuels leaves us vulnerable.

Market volatility and geopolitical risk as well as the environmental and climate impacts of emissions-spewing fossil fuels are all grave concerns.

“The shift towards a climate neutral economy will require the global phase-out of unabated fossil fuels,” the Council stated in a text released on Thursday. Fossil fuel use should peak in the near future if we are to reach net zero, it adds, while acknowledging a transitional role for natural gas.

“The EU will systematically promote and call for a global move towards energy systems free of unabated fossil fuels well ahead of 2050.”

Did nations already agree to phase out fossil fuels at COP27?

Fossil fuels were a hot topic at COP27 in Egypt last November. However, countries failed to agree on a phaseout of oil and gas after intervention from oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia. The commitment to ‘phase out’ coal, meanwhile, was tempered down to ‘phase-down’ instead.

The EU has now strengthened its position by calling for “a resolute and just world-wide transformation towards climate neutrality, including a phasing out of unabated coal in energy production.” As a first step, it proposes “an immediate end to all financing of new coal infrastructure in third countries.”

It also promises to promote a global phase-out of environmentally harmful fossil fuel subsidies, while supporting the most vulnerable groups in a just transition to clean energy.

This brings hope that this year’s COP summit could lead to a phaseout deal that encompasses oil and gas as well as coal.

This could, however, be overshadowed by the UAE’s controversial decision to appoint an oil company boss as the president of the climate talks.


36 Comments on "EU agrees to push for worldwide phaseout of fossil fuels"

  1. makati1 on Sat, 11th Mar 2023 5:04 pm 

    Climate BS will be the end of the West. There is no way in hell that fossil fuels will not be used until there is none available. That is decades away.

    Their “renewable” power sources are all nothing but money black holes. The ones installed a while back are already dying and will need replaced by new ones made with…fissile fuels. Then there is the disposal of recyclable old ones. Not to mention, that in the coming Great Depression 2, there will be zero money to do so.

    They can meet and agree that the moon is made of green cheese, but it changes nothing in the real world where normal people live.

  2. theluckycountry on Sun, 12th Mar 2023 1:12 am 

    Of course they agreed, the peak of cheap conventional oil occurred in 2008 and we are well over the hump now. The third world has been absorbing the brunt of the reduced consumption, places like Sri Lanka, Egypt, Brazil and Venezuela. But eventually the West must curtail its extravagance too.

    These turds in Brussels have come out and said a pack of lies instead of the simple truth. Why? Because a politician must always appear to be in Control. They are control freaks after all, it’s in their very nature, and in their very nature to lie. So they say it’s “Their” decision, not as it is in reality, simply natural depletion of another of the Earth’s once abundant resources. We have seen these political lies again and again all throughout history. Usually to cover up some big famine or as an excuse to go to war or other ludicrous adventure.

    Anyway, it’s all just talk. Getting millions of people to give up their cars in another matter all together. The Fake corona virus was a good start though, locking down entire cities, entire nations, forcing billions of people to stop driving. Yes, a good test case and in many cases the governments backed down, not because the *magic virus* abated, but because their populations were beginning to protest too loudly.

  3. theluckycountry on Sun, 12th Mar 2023 1:13 am 

    Here is an interesting example of how governments deal with the decline of cheap fossil fuel energy.

    Greece, a nothing place, a “Once Empire” place has for years been struggling with the every higher costs of Energy. As part of this they have curtailed spending on public services, like trains. A recent rail disaster has galvanized the nation, against the Elite! The rich!

    “The direct cause of this disaster may have been human error. But it would have been averted had Greece not grossly neglected such a core part of its critical infrastructure. The rail network has suffered from years of underinvestment and neglect,”

    What is the solution? Hahaha

    The transport minister has resigned. The prime minister says “I assume responsibility.” Train travel has been suspended until safety is restored.

    So there you have it, trains are shut down, a much needed boost to the national budget I am sure. Look across the world and you will find 100 nations that used to have excellent rail infrastructure, but it now lies in ruins, overgrown by jungles and deserts. The Greek people demand action and they will get it, they will eventually lose their access to cheap rail transport. Not because of dangers to the population, but simply because a tourist economy like Greece can no longer afford to run a 20th century economy.

    I apologize for the Woke BBC article, full of all BS emotional crap. If you practice though you can get good at reading these stories and filtering out the drivel to focus on the main content

  4. makati1 on Sun, 12th Mar 2023 5:47 pm 

    I’m not concerned about it, theUnlucky. The Ps uses a small fraction of the oil produced. Less than 1/2%. We get our oil products from the local countries, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, etc. The price of gasoline has always been about $5US/gal. in the last 15 years. It is not wasted.

    We also have our own natural gas, geothermal energy, and hydro. Some wind and solar. I don’t worry about it as I am independent of those, if necessary. I watch the West and its wannabees commit suicide. Pass the pretzels.

  5. Cloggie on Tue, 14th Mar 2023 5:12 am 

    JCB farming machines moves to hydrogen:

  6. makati1 on Tue, 14th Mar 2023 4:17 pm 

    HaHhahahaha! Try again, Cloggie. Not going to ever scale up to real use.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 14th Mar 2023 9:00 pm 

    This good lady has more balls than most white men.

    She is not hiding behind an anonymous name.

    Truth to power

    Gates is a monster. I hope he vomits in his sleep & chokes to death on it.

    Every “donation” bill & cunt milinda make are calculated to benefit their business interests. One of the sneakiest ways to get investments in your own interests labeled as charitable donations.

    The press & millions of dupes adore gates. Another reason why I’ll be glad to see civilization get rubbed out. It’s flip flopped since I was born from a few bad apples to over half the barrel rotten & I’m gagging on fumes.

    ‘Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto’, Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24

    Our guest is Vandana Shiva, a world-famous environmental activist from India. Her latest book is entitled “One Earth, One Humanity vs. the 1%”. She tell us about more her opposition to big multinationals such as Monsanto for their nefarious influence on agriculture. But Shiva also singles out billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg for criticism. “When Bill Gates pours money into Africa for feeding the poor in Africa and preventing famine, he’s pushing the failed Green Revolution, he’s pushing chemicals, pushing GMOs, pushing patterns”, she tells FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman.

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 14th Mar 2023 9:16 pm 

    A Poison Like No Other: How Microplastics Corrupted Our Planet and Our Bodies

    “It’s falling from the sky and in the air we breathe. It’s in our food, our clothes, and our homes. It’s microplastic and it’s everywhere—including our own bodies. Scientists are just beginning to discover how these tiny particles threaten health, but the studies are alarming.

    In A Poison Like No Other, Matt Simon reveals a whole new dimension to the plastic crisis, one even more disturbing than plastic bottles washing up on shores and grocery bags dumped in landfills. Dealing with discarded plastic is bad enough, but when it starts to break down, the real trouble begins. The very thing that makes plastic so useful and ubiquitous – its toughness – means it never really goes away. It just gets smaller and smaller: eventually small enough to enter your lungs or be absorbed by crops or penetrate a fish’s muscle tissue before it becomes dinner.

    Unlike other pollutants that are single elements or simple chemical compounds, microplastics represent a cocktail of toxicity: plastics contain at least 10,000 different chemicals. Those chemicals are linked to diseases from diabetes to hormone disruption to cancers.

    A Poison Like No Other is the first book to fully explore this new dimension of the plastic crisis, following the intrepid scientists who travel to the ends of the earth and the bottom of the ocean to understand the consequences of our dependence on plastic. As Simon learns from these researchers, there is no easy fix. But we will never curb our plastic addiction until we begin to recognize the invisible particles all around us.”

    If you know a pregnant woman, her fetus & placenta have plastic in them. It literally is everywhere.

    Plastic in human feces. Soon you’ll be shitting Lego.

    It’s all part of the evolutionary experiment know as Homo Sapiens.

  9. e e e e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 5:49 am 

    Europe has created international globalism and international laws to control the world and impose a set behaviors of all nations of the world. They created globalism and international law even before the US was born and colonized.

    They have been dominating the world for a long time. Way too long if you ask me.

    This is where the investigation has to start: Europe and UK. It is time to isolate both and see how they will react.

  10. ee ee e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 10:57 am 

    Lagarde, another fucking garbage whore. Europe will get it hard, because it deserves to get it hard. Another fucking nest full of androgynous insects. The financial situation of Europe is even worst then the US one. You can be brought down easily fucking useless whore.

  11. Sissyfuss on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 11:43 am 

    Limits to Growth arrived on schedule. It has destroyed globalism and has capitalism in its death grasp. Humanity is going down, it’s just a matter of how far. Hey Makattack.

  12. ee e e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 11:44 am 

    Nothing the elites will do will work. International globalism has completely depleted natural resources. there is only death forward. What ever you will do will make the situation worse. It is over for earth.

    I told you Austin visiting Israel and Trudeau with Ursula was too much for me. This is when the decision was made to kill everyone on earth.

  13. eee e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 11:47 am 

    If you don’t have an upgrade silicate body or the personal protection of GOD, you will die. It is that simple.

  14. ee e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 12:07 pm 

    This is where it ends for all of you. There will be no turning back.

  15. eee e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 12:27 pm 

    You stupid cock sucker of elites blow up the exponential of debt. The exponential of all debt of the world is vertical now. All the liquidity you are adding goes to pay interest on the exponential of debt. You can never fight this, you will always lose.

    You are suck a fucking bunch of losers. There are no natural resources left because you used all of them. You have no idea how fuck you are.

    Earth is an execution chamber. It has been designed as an execution chamber.

  16. ee e e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 12:40 pm 

    I might even by your GOD and the one have created earth as an execution chamber. I am waiting for a confirmation to know if indeed I am your creator of earth reality.

  17. ee e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 12:43 pm 

    I might even by your GOD and the one has
    created earth as an execution chamber. I am waiting for a confirmation to know if indeed I am the creator of earth reality.

  18. ee e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 12:55 pm 

    You can watch them being executed in real time.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 1:21 pm 

    mak contradicts his own argument…again

    “Climate BS will be the end of the West.There is no way in hell that fossil fuels will not be used until there is none available.”

    If by BS you mean the ever worsening consequences of runaway climate change, then I would agree with you 100%

    It’s very efficient – most stupid people need at least 5-6 sentences to contradict themselves.

    Mak are you afraid of that little girl Greta too? Most deniers get hyper triggered every time she speaks.

    For years I’ve embarrassed pro growth deniers who are afraid that Al Gore & Greta are gonna steal their fossil fuel freedom.

    Emissions data from each nation & yearly increases in atmospheric greenhouse gasses prove the humans have used as much energy as they could afford.

    If you are bitching about a few cents per gallon of fuel climate tax is the reason why you have been unsuccessful in life and are broke, no one’s buying it since millions from the same background as you or worse have done just fine in spite of evil carbon taxes.

    As far as I’m concerned none of these mickey mouse climate/carbon taxes have made any difference to Anything. It’s a simple easy way for politicians and bureaucrats to point and say LOOK at how we fight climate change.

    In Canada they give out carbon rebate cheques based on income which people cash and spend on consumer goodies, thus increasing their personal & global green house gas emissions. emissions. Who doesn’t love dem goobermint cheques?.

    It’s pretty funny that some of the water restrictions from the 23 year long, climate change jacked mega-drought have been lifted due to climate change jacked record rain & snow.

    Storms end Southern California water restrictions for millions

    Even as residents struggled to clean up before the next round of severe weather, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s decision brought relief amid the state’s historic drought.

    Southern California Hit by Heavy Rain and Record-Breaking Precipitation

    Yet another round of storms in California this week drenched the state, bringing record-setting rainfall to several spots and forcing first responders to make a number of water rescues.

    On Tuesday, record daily maximum rainfall records were set across Southern California, including in Los Angeles.

    Downtown Los Angeles received 1.89 inches of rain, breaking a record of 1.74 inches that was set nearly 100 years ago on March 14, 1930. The city is already approaching annual rainfall records, with 2023 now the 14th wettest year on record for downtown (23.99 inches so far). Another half an inch of rain will nudge the ranking up to 12th. The record at Los Angeles International Airport was also smashed, with 1.97 inches of rainfall topping the previous daily record of 0.43 of an inch.

    Poor mak. It must be lonely being in your small and shrinking group of climate denial.

    I have noticed that former climate deniers, on line or in person, roughly fit a pattern. From whenever they went from denier to acceptance, they first go quite then after awhile they begin to rejoin discussions. In all the cases I’ve seen, at most the former deniers got some light poking – 5 10 seconds and it’s over. No one was harping on their past denial.

    It really should be, ‘poor Californians’ who are getting nailed by consequences.

  20. eee on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 2:10 pm 

    If you fucking think that you will dress in white to mean surrender flag, a bit a like a white flag is wave during war to mean surrender, you don’t understand who you are fucking with. You are all going to die.

    Karine dress in white

    4:00 dress in white

    Dress white

    There will be no surrender, nor reconciliation, only death going forward, yours.

    If you don’t have an upgrade silicate body or the personal protection of GOD, you will die. It is that simple.

  21. ee e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 3:03 pm 

    I had to google it. I did not all the meaning associated with the black color.

    Black evokes images of death, misfortune, and evil spirits. With that said, this ominous hue provokes deep-seated sadness and distress.

  22. makati1 on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 5:57 pm 

    Sissyfuss, welcome back! I have not seen you here for a long while! ^_^

  23. eee ee ewe on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 9:21 pm 

    Why do we have something called CNNIndonesia but CNNMalasia.

    We have this but we do not have cnn malaysia.

    Google cnn indonesia and cnn malaysia.
    The mining sector is one of the largest industries in the country as vast exploited and un-prospected mineral deposits support it. The nation’s mineral resource exports are dominated by natural gas and crude petroleum. Other major mineral exports include coal, nickel, bauxite, gold, tin, and copper.

    Because Indonesia is full of natural resources and they have to control the nation to have access to the natural resource. Who control the earth the Europeans globalists. Who created the international law system : Europe.

    Do I need to say more to you.

    I really have no problem destroying the earth at all. Do you know why you had to create globalism because earth is an execution and torture chamber. This is why we put natural resource all over the place on earth: to make your life difficult and painful. We did that because we hate you.

  24. ee e e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 9:25 pm 

    If you are here on earth, you are here to be executed.

    Only a few selected ones will be saved.

  25. ee ee e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 9:44 pm 

    You really think you deserve a earth full of natural resources and periodic table of 500 elements instead of 103 elements like you have.

    Imagine what you could have created with periodic table of 500 elements. You could probably have free electricity with a periodic table of 500 elements.

    You are here to be executed period. Earth is a shit creation. Earth is a ball of shit and piss. Ask Singapore, they love drinking their feces.

  26. ee e e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 9:52 pm 

    We literally build a ball of shit and piss and put you in there. Aquatic life piss and shit in water. You drinking diluted piss. We hate you so much that we have created a ball of shit and piss on put you on it. And you still find a way to worship earth that as I explained a ball of piss and shit.

  27. eee ee e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 10:22 pm 

    India takes step towards Global Rupee Trade, signs Digital Currency deal with UAE | WION

    To have a digital currency you need a stable electrical grid. Are you sure GOD will not destroy your electrical grid with a CME.

    Had Monday’s CME not been a farside event, had the discharge instead been Earth-directed, it would have caused untold disruption.

    The electrical grid that our modern civilization has become utterly dependent on would be no more, at least on the sun-facing side of the planet, with it perhaps being years before the power could be reestablished, particularly in rural areas — that is, if society doesn’t completely fold in on itself during the ensuing blind Biblical-like panic.

    Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, has been since the 1800s.

    It is amazing that everything the elites touch, they make it worse.

  28. eed ddd on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 10:34 pm 

    There is no such thing as electricity going through the wire. The wire are there to help build a mathematical model. Each wire has a number associated with it. The electricity is send directly from the electrical field of earth to your wall socket. The wire is just there to help build a simulation model.

    Just by us shutting down the earth electrical calculator we could shutdown the electrical network of the whole world.

  29. eeee ee on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 11:12 pm 

    This is a thought. I predict a division in the elites of the US: bankers, politicians, industrialists.

    Some will become anti-globalist and will try to destroy globalism and globalists strong hole like Europe and Israel. I expect an internal fight within the power structure of the US, some will start to work actively at destroying globalism and nations like EUrope, Israel, South Korean and Japan. Something to watch.

    Why some big banks would bail First Republic Bank. To use is as a seed of destruction.

  30. eee ee e on Thu, 16th Mar 2023 11:26 pm 

    If you know you will die because there is no natural ressources left, would you get even with your globalists friends in Europe, Israel, South Korean and Japan. You will die anyway. Might as well get revenge.

  31. ee eee on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 1:38 am 

    Europe created the international law system to impose certain type of behavior on people of the world. Might as well us the internationale law system created by Europe to sue one European bank for not respecting the international law system created by Europe.

    Credit Suisse sued by U.S. shareholders, accused of defrauding investors | World Business Watch

    Nobody will miss Europe when their destuction finally comes.

  32. ee ee on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 1:49 am 

    I am starting to think that Europe and UK created WW1 , WW2 and the holocaust to dominate the world and the tame the White man into a obedient and servile slave.

    I still don’t like the Jews lack of morality and I agree with their genocide. The Jews might have been played by the globalist also.

  33. ee eee on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 2:08 am 

    I am surprised how pretentious the Europeans are with all their political fake decorum and fake superior morality.

  34. ee e eee on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 2:20 am 

    I like how Europe has been able to manipulate international opinion to make the US look like the bad actor in the globalism scene and Europe to make themself look virtus globalism actor, when I fact Europe is as bigger globalist supporter then the US is. Who is manipulating who, US manipulating Europe, or Europe manipulating US.

    I really dislike Europe for their fake virtuous, pretentious and pompous attitude. They are worst then the US in this regard.

    I would say Europe is manipulating US.

  35. wwwww on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 2:40 am 

    Someone is making fun of Ursula.

    Look at her big head and small body. Pretty obvious she is a CGI character she is not in charge of anything important. She is just a cheap actor you get out when you need her. she is too stupid to decide anything.

    You would expect something real of the official YouTube page of the European commission. Not some fake CGI. I guess GOD hate Europe too.

  36. eee ee on Fri, 17th Mar 2023 3:04 am 

    I am pretty sure we control the whole earth reality and all the calculators associated with it: biological life form calculator, electrical network calculator, mechanic of solid (stress analysis) calculator, weather calculator, fluid dynamics calculator, chemistry calculator,

    You are still alive because we have not executed you yet.

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