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Page added on November 4, 2021

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Capitalism is killing the planet

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There is a myth about human beings that withstands all evidence. It’s that we always put our survival first. This is true of other species. When confronted by an impending threat, such as winter, they invest great resources into avoiding or withstanding it: migrating or hibernating, for example. Humans are a different matter.

When faced with an impending or chronic threat, such as climate or ecological breakdown, we seem to go out of our way to compromise our survival. We convince ourselves that it’s not so serious, or even that it isn’t happening. We double down on destruction, swapping our ordinary cars for SUVs, jetting to Oblivia on a long-haul flight, burning it all up in a final frenzy. In the back of our minds, there’s a voice whispering, “If it were really so serious, someone would stop us.” If we attend to these issues at all, we do so in ways that are petty, tokenistic, comically ill-matched to the scale of our predicament. It is impossible to discern, in our response to what we know, the primacy of our survival instinct.

Here is what we know. We know that our lives are entirely dependent on complex natural systems: the atmosphere, ocean currents, the soil, the planet’s webs of life. People who study complex systems have discovered that they behave in consistent ways. It doesn’t matter whether the system is a banking network, a nation state, a rainforest or an Antarctic ice shelf; its behaviour follows certain mathematical rules. In normal conditions, the system regulates itself, maintaining a state of equilibrium. It can absorb stress up to a certain point. But then it suddenly flips. It passes a tipping point, then falls into a new state of equilibrium, which is often impossible to reverse.

The Cerrado in central Brazil
Deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado: ‘If one system crashes, it is likely to drag others down, triggering a cascade of chaos known as systemic environmental collapse.’ Photograph: Reuters

Human civilisation relies on current equilibrium states. But, all over the world, crucial systems appear to be approaching their tipping points. If one system crashes, it is likely to drag others down, triggering a cascade of chaos known as systemic environmental collapse. This is what happened during previous mass extinctions.

Here’s one of the many ways in which it could occur. A belt of savannah, known as the Cerrado, covers central Brazil. Its vegetation depends on dew forming, which depends in turn on deep-rooted trees drawing up groundwater, then releasing it into the air through their leaves. But over the past few years, vast tracts of the Cerrado have been cleared to plant crops – mostly soya to feed the world’s chickens and pigs. As the trees are felled, the air becomes drier. This means smaller plants die, ensuring that even less water is circulated. In combination with global heating, some scientists warn, this vicious cycle could – soon and suddenly – flip the entire system into desert.

The Cerrado is the source of some of South America’s great rivers, including those flowing north into the Amazon basin. As less water feeds the rivers, this could exacerbate the stress afflicting the rainforests. They are being hammered by a deadly combination of clearing, burning and heating, and are already threatened with possible systemic collapse. The Cerrado and the rainforest both create “rivers in the sky” – streams of wet air – that distribute rainfall around the world and help to drive global circulation: the movement of air and ocean currents.

Global circulation is already looking vulnerable. For example, the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), which delivers heat from the tropics towards the poles, is being disrupted by the melting of Arctic ice, and has begun to weaken. Without it, the UK would have a climate similar to Siberia’s.

AMOC has two equilibrium states: on and off. It has been on for almost 12,000 years, following a devastating, thousand-year off state called the Younger Dryas (12,900 to 11,700 years ago), which caused a global spiral of environmental change. Everything we know and love depends on AMOC remaining in the on state.

Regardless of which complex system is being studied, there’s a way of telling whether it is approaching a tipping point. Its outputs begin to flicker. The closer to its critical threshold it comes, the wilder the fluctuations. What we’ve seen this year is a great global flickering, as Earth systems begin to break down. The heat domes over the western seaboard of North America; the massive fires there, in Siberia and around the Mediterranean; the lethal floods in Germany, Belgium, China, Sierra Leone – these are the signals that, in climatic morse code, spell “mayday”.

You might expect an intelligent species to respond to these signals swiftly and conclusively, by radically altering its relationship with the living world. But this is not how we function. Our great intelligence, our highly evolved consciousness that once took us so far, now works against us.

An analysis by the media sustainability group Albert found that “cake” was mentioned 10 times as often as “climate change” on UK TV programmes in 2020. “Scotch egg” received double the mentions of “biodiversity”. “Banana bread” beat “wind power” and “solar power” put together.

I recognise that the media are not society, and that television stations have an interest in promoting banana bread and circuses. We could argue about the extent to which the media are either reflecting or generating an appetite for cake over climate. But I suspect that, of all the ways in which we might measure our progress on preventing systemic environmental collapse, the cake-to-climate ratio is the decisive index.

The current ratio reflects a determined commitment to irrelevance in the face of global catastrophe. Tune in to almost any radio station, at any time, and you can hear the frenetic distraction at work. While around the world wildfires rage, floods sweep cars from the streets and crops shrivel, you will hear a debate about whether to sit down or stand up while pulling on your socks, or a discussion about charcuterie boards for dogs. I’m not making up these examples: I stumbled across them while flicking between channels on days of climate disaster. If an asteroid were heading towards Earth, and we turned on the radio, we’d probably hear: “So the hot topic today is – what’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while eating a kebab?” This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with banter.

Faced with crises on an unprecedented scale, our heads are filled with insistent babble. The trivialisation of public life creates a loop: it becomes socially impossible to talk about anything else. I’m not suggesting that we should discuss only the impending catastrophe. I’m not against bants. What I’m against is nothing but bants.

It’s not just on the music and entertainment channels that this deadly flippancy prevails. Most political news is nothing but court gossip: who’s in, who’s out, who said what to whom. It studiously avoids what lies beneath: the dark money, the corruption, the shift of power away from the democratic sphere, the gathering environmental collapse that makes a nonsense of its obsessions.

I’m sure it’s not deliberate. I don’t think anyone, faced with the prospect of systemic environmental collapse, is telling themselves: “Quick, let’s change the subject to charcuterie boards for dogs.” It works at a deeper level than this. It’s a subconscious reflex that tells us more about ourselves than our conscious actions do. The chatter on the radio sounds like the distant signals from a dying star.

There are some species of caddisfly whose survival depends on breaking the surface film of the water in a river. The female pushes through it – no mean feat for such a small and delicate creature – then swims down the water column to lay her eggs on the riverbed. If she cannot puncture the surface, she cannot close the circle of life, and her progeny die with her.

This is also the human story. If we cannot pierce the glassy surface of distraction, and engage with what lies beneath, we will not secure the survival of our children or, perhaps, our species. But we seem unable or unwilling to break the surface film. I think of this strange state as our “surface tension”. It’s the tension between what we know about the crisis we face, and the frivolity with which we distance ourselves from it.

Surface tension dominates even when we claim to be addressing the destruction of our life-support systems. We focus on what I call micro-consumerist bollocks (MCB): tiny issues such as plastic straws and coffee cups, rather than the huge structural forces driving us towards catastrophe. We are obsessed with plastic bags. We believe we’re doing the world a favour by buying tote bags instead, though, on one estimate, the environmental impact of producing an organic cotton tote bag is equivalent to that of 20,000 plastic ones.

We are rightly horrified by the image of a seahorse with its tail wrapped around a cotton bud, but apparently unconcerned about the elimination of entire marine ecosystems by the fishing industry. We tut and shake our heads, and keep eating our way through the life of the sea.

A company called Soletair Power receives wide media coverage for its claim to be “fighting climate change” by catching the carbon dioxide exhaled by office workers. But its carbon-sucking unit – an environmentally costly tower of steel and electronics – extracts just 1kg of carbon dioxide every eight hours. Humanity produces, mostly by burning fossil fuels, roughly 32bn kg of CO2 in the same period.

I don’t believe our focus on microscopic solutions is accidental, even if it is unconscious. All of us are expert at using the good things we do to blot out the bad things. Rich people can persuade themselves they’ve gone green because they recycle, while forgetting that they have a second home (arguably the most extravagant of all their assaults on the living world, as another house has to be built to accommodate the family they’ve displaced). And I suspect that, in some deep, unlit recess of the mind, we assure ourselves that if our solutions are so small, the problem can’t be so big.

I’m not saying the small things don’t matter. I’m saying they should not matter to the exclusion of things that matter more. Every little counts. But not for very much.

Our focus on MCB aligns with the corporate agenda. The deliberate effort to stop us seeing the bigger picture began in 1953 with a campaign called Keep America Beautiful. It was founded by packaging manufacturers, motivated by the profits they could make by replacing reusable containers with disposable plastic. Above all, they wanted to sink state laws insisting that glass bottles were returned and reused. Keep America Beautiful shifted the blame for the tsunami of plastic trash the manufacturers caused on to “litter bugs”, a term it invented.

The “Love Where You Live” campaign, launched in the UK in 2011 by Keep Britain Tidy, Imperial Tobacco, McDonald’s and the sweet manufacturer Wrigley, seemed to me to play a similar role. It had the added bonus – as it featured strongly in classrooms – of granting Imperial Tobacco exposure to schoolchildren.

The corporate focus on litter, amplified by the media, distorts our view of all environmental issues. For example, a recent survey of public beliefs about river pollution found that “litter and plastic” was by far the biggest cause people named. In reality, the biggest source of water pollution is farming, followed by sewage. Litter is way down the list. It’s not that plastic is unimportant. The problem is that it’s almost the only story we know.

The Keep America Beautiful ad campaign of the early 70s
Like Keep Britain Tidy, the Keep America Beautiful ad campaign shifted responsibility away from big corporations. Photograph: Alamy

In 2004, the advertising company Ogilvy & Mather, working for the oil giant BP, took this blame-shifting a step further by inventing the personal carbon footprint. It was a useful innovation, but it also had the effect of diverting political pressure from the producers of fossil fuels to consumers. The oil companies didn’t stop there. The most extreme example I’ve seen was a 2019 speech by the chief executive of the oil company Shell, Ben van Beurden. He instructed us to “eat seasonally and recycle more”, and publicly berated his chauffeur for buying a punnet of strawberries in January.

The great political transition of the past 50 years, driven by corporate marketing, has been a shift from addressing our problems collectively to addressing them individually. In other words, it has turned us from citizens into consumers. It’s not hard to see why we have been herded down this path. As citizens, joining together to demand political change, we are powerful. As consumers, we are almost powerless.

In his book Life and Fate, Vasily Grossman notes that, when Stalin and Hitler were in power, “one of the most astonishing human traits that came to light at this time was obedience”. The instinct to obey, he observed, was stronger than the instinct to survive. Acting alone, seeing ourselves as consumers, fixating on MCB and mind-numbing trivia, even as systemic environmental collapse looms: these are forms of obedience. We would rather face civilisational death than the social embarrassment caused by raising awkward subjects, and the political trouble involved in resisting powerful forces. The obedience reflex is our greatest flaw, the kink in the human brain that threatens our lives.

What do we see if we break the surface tension? The first thing we encounter, looming out of the depths, should scare us almost out of our wits. It’s called growth. Economic growth is universally hailed as a good thing. Governments measure their success on their ability to deliver it. But think for a moment about what it means. Say we achieve the modest aim, promoted by bodies like the IMF and the World Bank, of 3% global growth a year. This means that all the economic activity you see today – and most of the environmental impacts it causes – doubles in 24 years; in other words, by 2045. Then it doubles again by 2069. Then again by 2093. It’s like the Gemino curse in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which multiplies the treasure in the Lestrange vault until it threatens to crush Harry and his friends to death. All the crises we seek to avert today become twice as hard to address as global economic activity doubles, then twice again, then twice again.

Have we reached the bottom yet? By no means. The Gemino curse is just one outcome of a thing we scarcely dare mention. Just as it was once blasphemous to use the name of God, even the word appears, in polite society, to be taboo: capitalism.

Most people struggle to define the system that dominates our lives. But if you press them, they’re likely to mumble something about hard work and enterprise, buying and selling. This is how the beneficiaries of the system want it to be understood. In reality, the great fortunes amassed under capitalism are not obtained this way, but through looting, monopoly and rent grabbing, followed by inheritance.

One estimate suggests that, over the course of 200 years, the British extracted from India, at current prices, $45tn. They used this money to fund industrialisation at home and the colonisation of other nations, whose wealth was then looted in turn.

The looting takes place not just across geography, but also across time. The apparent health of our economies today depends on seizing natural wealth from future generations. This is what the oil companies, seeking to distract us with MCB and carbon footprints, are doing. Such theft from the future is the motor of economic growth. Capitalism, which sounds so reasonable when explained by a mainstream economist, is in ecological terms nothing but a pyramid scheme.

Is this the riverbed? No. Capitalism is just a means by which something even bigger is pursued. Wealth.

Ocean Rebellion’s Sophie Miller and Rob Higgs on their boat, with SOS spelled out in lifebuoys
Beyond Extinction Rebellion: the protest groups fighting on the climate frontline
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It scarcely matters how green you think you are. The main cause of your environmental impact isn’t your attitude. It isn’t your mode of consumption. It isn’t the choices you make. It’s your money. If you have surplus money, you spend it. While you might persuade yourself that you are a green mega-consumer, in reality you are just a mega-consumer. This is why the environmental impacts of the very rich, however right-on they may be, are massively greater than those of everyone else.

Preventing more than 1.5C of global heating means that our average emissions should be no greater than two tonnes of carbon dioxide per person per year. But the richest 1% of the world’s people produce an average of more than 70 tonnes. Bill Gates, according to one estimate, emits almost 7,500 tonnes of CO2, mostly from flying in his private jets. Roman Abramovich, the same figures suggest, produces almost 34,000 tonnes, largely by running his gigantic yacht.

The multiple homes that ultra-rich people own might be fitted with solar panels, their supercars might be electric, their private planes might run on biokerosene, but these tweaks make little difference to the overall impact of their consumption. In some cases, they increase it. The switch to biofuels favoured by Bill Gates is now among the greatest causes of habitat destruction, as forests are felled to produce wood pellets and liquid fuels, and soils are trashed to make biomethane.

But more important than the direct impacts of the ultra-wealthy is the political and cultural power with which they block effective change. Their cultural power relies on a hypnotising fairytale. Capitalism persuades us that we are all temporarily embarrassed millionaires. This is why we tolerate it. In reality, some people are extremely rich because others are extremely poor: massive wealth depends on exploitation. And if we did all become millionaires, we would cook the planet in no time at all. But the fairytale of universal wealth, one day, secures our obedience.

The difficult truth is that, to prevent climate and ecological catastrophe, we need to level down. We need to pursue what the Belgian philosopher Ingrid Robeyns calls limitarianism. Just as there is a poverty line below which no one should fall, there is a wealth line above which no one should rise. What we need are not carbon taxes, but wealth taxes. It shouldn’t surprise us that ExxonMobil favours a carbon tax. It’s a form of MCB. It addresses only one aspect of the many-headed environmental crisis, while transferring responsibility from the major culprits to everyone. It can be highly regressive, which means that the poor pay more than the rich.

But wealth taxes strike at the heart of the issue. They should be high enough to break the spiral of accumulation and redistribute the riches accumulated by a few. They could be used to put us on an entirely different track, one that I call “private sufficiency, public luxury”. While there is not enough ecological or even physical space on Earth for everyone to enjoy private luxury, there is enough to provide everyone with public luxury: magnificent parks, hospitals, swimming pools, art galleries, tennis courts and transport systems, playgrounds and community centres. We should each have our own small domains – private sufficiency – but when we want to spread our wings, we could do so without seizing resources from other people.

In consenting to the continued destruction of our life-support systems, we accommodate the desires of the ultra-rich and the powerful corporations they control. By remaining trapped in the surface film, absorbed in frivolity and MCB, we grant them a social licence to operate.

We will endure only if we cease to consent. The 19th-century democracy campaigners knew this, the suffragettes knew it, Gandhi knew it, Martin Luther King knew it. The environmental protesters who demand systemic change have also grasped this fundamental truth. In Fridays for Future, Green New Deal Rising, Extinction Rebellion and the other global uprisings against systemic environmental collapse, we see people, mostly young people, refusing to consent. What they understand is history’s most important lesson. Our survival depends on disobedience.


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    1:06 to see what I mean.

  4. Theedrich on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 2:34 am 

    The writer of the above screed is woke. He wants the usual Marxist paradise in which all Whites have been negrified out of existence, and the remaining noble savages are all at one with the environment.  By no means would he ever think about stopping the tidal wave of ThirdWorld savages now engulfing Whiteland, importing narco-poisons, spreading medieval diseases and demanding far more energy than the earth can satiate them with.  And the “progressive” Leftists (supported by Santa Klaus Schwab, Georg Sörös & Co.) demand total world control à la Mao Tse-Tung — subjected to themselves, of course.  Then everything will be hunky dory and the Millennium will have arrived.

  5. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 2:42 am 

    “Boris Johnson quietly reveals Zac Goldsmith, the millionaire minister he made a peer, gave him and his family a summer holiday at £25,000-a-night Marbella estate for FREE”

    ZOG-UK for ya. There is no difference between the behavior of Johnson, Brown, Blair, Cameron… they all have a money jew behind them.

    For Blair, it was Michel Levy:,_Baron_Levy

    For Brown, it was Jon Mendelsohn:

    Both Johnson and Farage have hinted that “jews have too much power in Britain”, but not that they will lift a finger against them, their career comes first:

    “Boris Johnson book depicts Jews as controlling the media”

    That is why the situation in Britain is completely hopeless, because the population is default too anti-European (anti-white), for them to draw the same conclusions as the Nazis did.

    I have met many Brits in my life, and you only had to wait 5 minutes before they bring up WW2 during the first conversation, which they love to imagine they won (in fact, in geopolitical terms they were the biggest losers of them all, toppling from planetary pole position in 1939, to a miserable #10 today, with a majority Islamic capital). Britain, America’s useful idiot in 1939, and Brexit was nothing else than reverting to that position, which America hates. The US loved that useful idiot Britain handed Europe over to them (incl. the UK itself) in 1945, now that same UK anti-European behavior could make the US lose Europe again, which is indeed what is going to happen, minus the UK, that will be stripped naked at the hands of America, once a new Iron Curtain will descend, this time over the Channel and Orwell’s Oceania will be a fact. If that happens btw, expect Anglo-American forces to occupy a reunified Ireland and an independent Scotland again.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 2:58 am 

    My favorite finger on the pulse of America and prophet of CW2, Laurel, has recovered again from Covid:

    Her experience has strengthened again my belief in the wisdom of NOT taking the vaccine, but rather to “take it on the chin”, provided you have a good health and let natural immunity prevail over these Pfizer garbage, that needs to be “refreshed” every 5 months or so.

    I am personally paying a high price for this attitude and unfortunately being too late to have had my anti-body test carried out (14 months after I THINK I had Covid, in March 2020, with negative result), as the Dutch government is now harassing everybody who is not vaccinated to get his jabs. Now I am stuck in my home for likely 6 months, with nowhere to go, apart from my daily hourly jog in a sad winter forest. Fortunately I can easily afford that as soon my retirement money will be coming in. Life is good.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 3:24 am 

    “The writer of the above screed is woke. He wants the usual Marxist paradise in which all Whites have been negrified out of existence, and the remaining noble savages are all at one with the environment.”

    George Monbiot is the typical British extreme leftist, and I am glad we got rid of both the Brexiteers and these UK leftists. Brexiteers, Continental Europe’s useful idiots to get rid of Britain and by implication of America, but the latter only after the upcoming humiliation of AUKUS in East-Asia at the hands of China and North-Korea. Until that moment: the EU should play nice to America and hardball against London.

    Nevertheless, Monbiot is not dumb, he was the first to identify that old-school peak oil (ASPO, Heinberg, Kunstler) was too dramatic:

    “We were wrong on peak oil. There’s enough to fry us all”

    This article is 9 years ago and also made an impact on me. In these nine years, Europe made great progress in all things renewable and all manufacturing facilities and supply lines are in place to at least get the renewable energy transition done in western continental Europe.

    In addition, endless amounts of coal were found after 2021, that in the worst case could be exploited via USG and carbon capture (not that we should). But we certainly won’t run out of energy, that is for sure. There is indeed enough to fry us all.

    No, capitalism should NOT be abolished, but very well reigned in and subjected to a harsh environmental regime. Furthermore, the oligarch phenomenon should be abolished and a personal private wealth ceiling introduced, like something between 20-50 million per capita. A successful entrepreneur should have his posh estate and private yacht, but that is about it. A guy like Bezos should NOT own Amazon, it should be a public company. And oligarchs should not be able to buy up politics, like is the case in the US and UK. Or the absurdity that folks like Musk and Bezos have their own space agencies. It is high time that national governments/EU take over from private business.

    Capitalism doesn’t need to be abolished, but the US variety should be.

  8. Dredd on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 5:46 am 

    abolish capitalism, use only lower case …

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    I really hate, and father seem to hate them even more.

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    30:45 is really good. Good morphing of mi-human mi-animal.

  15. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 6:32 pm 

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    It must be nice not to care about hypocrisy or inconsistency. Maybe that’s what they all mean when they insist they are defending freedom —it’s freedom to have no principles.”

    But late stage capitalism is going on as a hustle.

  16. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 5th Nov 2021 8:06 pm 

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  29. SomeOfMyObservation on Sat, 6th Nov 2021 2:44 pm 

    It seems to be working. Was at the grocery store. We see some people with black animal eyes. As soon as they go out of their car they put their mask on. Very noticeably behavior in the parking lot. A lot of animals out there. They have been here for a long. I pretty sure they responsible for the White race extinction. All the baby boomer I saw were animals, I would not have expected that. I was expecting more real humans.

    I say, we transform the ones living on earth into animals as mentioned above and we continue destroying the reality between what we see on the internet and real life. We put a bit of everything on the web, grey death skin, mi-animal mi-human. very ugly people that don’t look human. You are good at it.

    One women in my neighborhood d is wearing aviator glasses but the lens are clear not tainted. Second time I see. She look really white. I think we are on the right track for their total extermination.

  30. SomeOfMyObservations on Sat, 6th Nov 2021 3:09 pm 

    You also see people with big ears like this girl. Apparently it is working.

  31. Alex Clark on Mon, 8th Nov 2021 2:12 pm 

    I completely agree with your article. The environmental situation is getting worse and worse. Do you write very interesting articles, have you ever thought of running your own YouTube channel? It seems to me that this is not a bad idea. You can use different software to record videos, but it seems to me that much easier and more convenient than the rest

  32. Theedrich on Tue, 16th Nov 2021 12:51 pm 

    The reason the globemasters are now paying Leftist would-be dictators in Western “democracies” to issue threats, propaganda, and severe penalties on their populations to get perpetual booster vaxxes has nothing to do with “saving lives.” As German Jew Klaus Schwab (senior pal of Georg Sörös) makes clear in his COVID-19: Der große Umbruch (English: COVID-19: The Great Reset), the aim is seizure of world power. The masses are simply sheep manipulated to make the various dictators sadistic overlords, to the benefit of Schwab and his Weltwirtschaftsforum (World Economic Forum), which is really about planetary control through bribe-ocracy.

  33. Squezze on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 8:29 pm 

    According to the Office for National Statistics, based on 2011 Census estimates, 59.8 per cent of the 8,173,941 inhabitants of London were White, with 44.9% White British, 2.2% White Irish, 0.1% gypsy/Irish traveller and 12.1% classified as Other White.[231] Meanwhile 20.9% of Londoners were of Asian and mixed-Asian descent, 19.7% being of full Asian descents and those of mixed-Asian heritage 1.2% of the population. Indians accounted for 6.6%, followed by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis at 2.7% each. Chinese peoples accounted for 1.5% and Arabs for 1.3%. A further 4.9% were classified as “Other Asian”.[231]

    15.6% of London’s population were of Black and mixed-Black descent. 13.3% of full Black descent, with mixed-Black heritage comprising 2.3%. Black Africans accounted for 7.0% of London’s population, with 4.2% as Black Caribbean and 2.1% as “Other Black”. 5.0% were of mixed race.[231]

    As of 2007, Black and Asian children outnumbered White British children by about three to two in state schools across London.[232] Altogether at the 2011 census, of London’s 1,624,768 population aged 0 to 15, 46.4% were White, 19.8% Asian, 19% Black, 10.8% Mixed and 4% another ethnic group.[233] In January 2005, a survey of London’s ethnic and religious diversity claimed that more than 300 languages were spoken in London and more than 50 non-indigenous communities had populations of more than 10,000.[234] Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in 2010, London’s foreign-born population was 2,650,000 (33%), up from 1,630,000 in 1997.

    The 2011 census showed that 36.7% of Greater London’s population were born outside the UK.[235] Some of the German-born population were likely to be British nationals born to parents serving in the British Armed Forces in Germany.[236] Estimates by the Office for National Statistics indicate that the five largest foreign-born groups living in London in the period July 2009 to June 2010 were born in India, Poland, the Republic of Ireland, Bangladesh and Nigeria.[237]

    OMG they refuse to show any statistics about the Latin X population!

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