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Page added on April 27, 2011

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Busby: Fukushima Explosion Was Nuclear

British scientist Christopher Busby, a researcher on the negative health effects of ionizing radiation, told Russia Today that one of the explosions at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan was a nuclear explosion, not a hydrogen explosion as widely reported in the media.

Busby said the explosion at Chernobyl in 1986 was also a nuclear explosion. The Chernobyl nuclear accident dispersed large quantities of radioactive fuel and core materials into the atmosphere. Busby told RT the crisis at Fukushima is far worse than Chernobyl.

He said the explosion did not originate in the reactor core, but the tanks where spent plutonium MOX fuel rods are stored. MOX fuel contains plutonium blended with natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium. The explosion vaporized the plutonium rods and ejected a large amount of radiation into the atmosphere.

Takeshi Tokuda, a member of the Lower House of the Japanese Diet, also believes the first explosion at Fukushima was nuclear. Tokuda talked with a doctor Oikawa of the Minami Soma City General Hospital. Oikawa told the government representative that materials ejected from the plant after the explosion registered high radiation levels.

β€œWhen the hospital checked the radiation level on the people who escaped from around the nuke plant after the explosion, there were more than 10 people whose radiation level exceeded 100,000 cpm [counts per minute], beyond what could be measured by the geiger counter the hospital had,” Tokuda wrote. β€œ100,000 cpm is the new level that the Japanese government set that requires decontamination. Before the Fukushima accident, the level was 6,000 cpm.”

The EPA has attempted to downplay the fact that plutonium is now bombarding the United States and much of the Northern Hemisphere. According to Lucas Hixton Whitefield, an EPA RADNet report shows increased levels of plutonium in the atmosphere. Whitefield found information on the plutonium in a RADnet dataset.


3 Comments on "Busby: Fukushima Explosion Was Nuclear"

  1. Fredrik on Wed, 27th Apr 2011 2:40 am 

    When I read or hear the name Chris Busby my crank proximity dosimeter reaches maximum level πŸ™‚

  2. Pythor Sehn on Wed, 27th Apr 2011 3:33 am 

    A nuclear explosion? Ridiculous. There are plenty of ways to spread high levels of radiation in nuclear reactor accidents, but a nuclear explosion isn’t one of them. Ignorance breeds hysteria.

  3. AtomicZombie on Thu, 28th Apr 2011 6:25 am 

    This was not a “nuclear explosion”. There is a well known fact that a nuclear reactor can not explode like a nuclear bomb. Was it a nuclear criticality or recriticality? Probably not as well, since neutron monitors would have pegged and all that was measured is gamma radiation. Now there was an explosion and it kicked up airborne radiation, but it wasn’t nuclear generated. It was a hydrogen explosion.

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