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Page added on May 28, 2021

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Brazil on drought alert, faces worst dry spell in 91 years

Brazil on drought alert, faces worst dry spell in 91 years thumbnail

Brazil’s government agencies warned of droughts this week as the country faces its worst dry spell in 91 years, increasing fears of energy rationing, hitting hydroelectric power generation and agriculture while raising the risk of Amazon fires.

Late on Thursday, the Electricity Sector Monitoring Committee (CMSE), which is linked to Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry, recommended that the water regulator ANA recognize a state of “water scarcity,” after a prolonged drought hit Central and Southern parts of Brazil along the ParanĂ¡ river basin.

Separately, a weather monitoring agency linked to the Agriculture Ministry issued its first “emergency drought alert” for June to September, saying rains are likely to remain scarce in five Brazilian states during that period.

The lack of rain across much of Brazil has negative implications for grain cultivation, livestock and electricity generation, as Brazil relies heavily on hydro dams for its power. The dry weather could lead to severe fires in the Amazon rainforest and Pantanal wetlands, scientists said. read more

The CMSE said the lack of rain makes it important to relax restrictions on some hydroelectric plants to allow greater energy generation or more storage in certain regions. That will require difficult talks with politicians, the ANA and environmental protection agency Ibama.

“Energy rationing is not envisaged, but if there is no relaxing of restrictions, there is no other way,” said a source with knowledge of the situation.

Drier-than-normal weather has hurt production of sugar and coffee in Brazil, the world’s largest supplier of those products, pushing up futures prices for the commodities.

Coffee futures touched a fresh 4-1/2 year high on Friday with traders worried that critical soil moisture in Minas Gerais could affect the 2022 coffee crop as well.

The Mines and Energy Ministry said dry conditions will persist in coming months, particularly in the Southeast and Center West regions.


4 Comments on "Brazil on drought alert, faces worst dry spell in 91 years"

  1. makati1 on Fri, 28th May 2021 4:22 pm 

    Off topic, but it proves that I am not the only one who sees Amerika as it really is.

    “Yeah, the USA is screwed, and so is all of the EU. As for US colonies like AUS or NZ, not only are they screwed (say by siding with the USA against a much, MUCH more powerful China), they also seem to have a morbid desire to outstupid even the USA in terms of crazy laws and insane ideological positions (say on COVID, for example). But all this in ONLY true inside Zone A. Very few people in Zone B still believe that the USA matters a great deal. Most of them already know otherwise, even if this is never reported by Zone A media.

    Now here is the good news: Zone B does exist! In fact, it is huge, rich, truly diverse and it has long figured out that both the AngloZionist Empire and even the USA as we knew them have basically died, all that’s left from it is some residual momentum and many bad habits by ignorant, arrogant and delusional US politicians.

    Why is that so important?

    Because if we allow the Great Satan (actually a very good and exact expression, I think that it fits the new regime perfectly, I will use it more often) to convince us that reality is all contained in Zone A, we could really fall into despair.”

    I’m glad I live in Zone B. Pass the popcorn. ^_^

  2. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 28th May 2021 5:13 pm 

    Bolsonaro is enough of a nightmare for Brazil.

    Add a drought, and things will only get worse.

    Modi, Bolsonaro, and Trump?
    In three of the largest countries, we are luck to be still surviving .

  3. Theedrich on Sat, 29th May 2021 1:41 pm 

    The U.S. is run by the criminally insane.  They have no principle other than power, their criterion of morality.  Lies, fraud, distortion and corruption of every sort.  Besides encouraging utter lawlessness in the name of reimagining the police and importing tsunamis of anthropoid savages to replace Whites, they are subtly introducing a dictatorship of a zombified proletariat.

    Then there is the drift toward waging World War III on other countries by letting them know we might be the first to use nukes against them if they step out of line.  These Captain Americas have also gotten ahold of “mini-nukes” — small A-bombs for “surgical” strikes — to frighten adversaries that bigger bombs may follow if they do not submit.

    But nukes are nukes.  Russia has warned our Dr. Strangeloves that if ANY nuclear weapons of any size thrown against them, America will cease to exist within 15 minutes.

    Our field marshals are now also deploying “dual-use” missiles.  These are rockets that can be outfitted with either “conventional” or nuclear warheads.  It would be impossible for a targeted nation to know which version was incoming within the 5 or 10 minutes between launch and impact.

    So the targeted nation’s leaders would have to assume the worst, and would react correspondingly.  Bye-bye America.

    The 20th century is now long past, and with it U.S. supremacy.  Other nations are tired of America holding a Damocles sword over them.  The princelings in D.C. cannot understand this, and are trying with might and main to reverse history.  The mainstream media in their employ thus find Adolf Hitler and Nazis re-emerging everywhere, along with various sky-is-falling alarms about global warming and the horror of White microaggressions.

    But all of these derangements are due to the American masses themselves.  They demand Disneyland lifestyles and dreamland social conditions.  Like the promissory materialism which Marxist depots demand for them.  The results are today’s general decay and the stranglehold on society by uber-billionaires ignorant of evolution and twisting “science” into a new religion.

    We have gone this route before.  Only this time it’s global.

  4. makati1 on Sat, 29th May 2021 5:21 pm 

    Theedrich, we agree on many points.

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