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Page added on February 18, 2023

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Beware a climate ‘doom loop,’ where crisis is harder to solve


The devastating effects of climate change on Earth could become so overwhelming that they undermine humanity’s capacity to tackle climate change’s root causes, researchers warned Wednesday.

They are calling it a “doom loop.”

The self-reinforcing dynamic, outlined in a report jointly published Wednesday by two British think tanks, warns of a spiral effect:

Governments risk expending so much money and attention on merely coping with the impacts of climate change that they neglect efforts to reduce global emissions, exacerbating the crisis.

“We’re pointing to a potential situation where the symptom of the climate and ecological crisis — the storms, the potential food crises, and things like this — start to distract us from the root causes,” report author Laurie Laybourn, an associate fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research think tank, said in an interview. “You get a feedback that starts to run out of control.”

The report’s authors do not believe that climate change has already triggered a global “doom loop” that is irreversible, but warn that in some places the dynamic could begin to take hold.

“We could get to the point where societies are faced with relentless disasters and crises, and all the other problems that the climate and ecological crisis is bringing, and will increasingly distract them from delivering decarbonization,” said Laybourn.

Humanity has a ‘brief and rapidly closing window’ to avoid a hotter, deadly future, U.N. climate report says

One example of the doom loop is economic. As African nations spend increasing sums on simply mitigating escalating climate change crises, they have less money to invest in reducing long term emissions targets, Laybourn said.

According to the African Development Bank, the impact of climate change is already costing the entire continent between 5 and 15 percent of its annual GDP growth, per capita.

“Those costs just become even more insurmountable,” Laybourn said. “In that situation, you are eroding the ability of countries across Africa and other parts of the world to be able to deliver more prosperous — and of course sustainable — conditions.”

It could make it more difficult for African nations to raise the $1.6 trillion they have agreed to spend between 2022 and 2030 toward meeting their climate action pledges.

Climate change made the economically devastating floods across West Africa last summer around 80 times more probable to occur, according to an analysis in November.

Around the world, a report published in 2022 in the journal Nature found that each additional ton of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere cost the equivalent of $185, when the economic toll of deadly heat waves, crop-killing droughts and rising seas linked to climate change is taken into account. These costs add up quickly, the authors behind Wednesday’s report say, and will deplete governments of the economic resources they need to tackle climate change’s root causes.

Costs of climate change far surpass government estimates, study says

Humanity has already unleashed more than a trillion tons of carbon dioxide since the start of the Industrial Revolution, driving up global temperatures by more than a degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Within the next decade, global average temperatures could reach 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels — a threshold scientists say is critical to avoid irreversible changes.

It is still technically possible, and even economically viable, for nations to curb carbon pollution on the scale that’s required, according to the United Nations-assembled panel of 278 top climate experts. However, the authors of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2022 report warn that “it cannot be achieved through incremental change.”

In Europe, Laybourn warned that climate change could force more and more refugees to flee increasingly uninhabitable homelands, triggering political backlashes in wealthier host nations — and further distracting voters from climate change, which he says is the issue’s root cause.

By the year 2100, extreme heat events will make parts of Asia and Africa uninhabitable for up to 600 million people, the United Nations and Red Cross warned in October.

“This doom dynamic could manifest itself in things like a more nativist politics,” Laybourn said. In “a more ecologically destabilized world, it’s more conflicted, with more people on the move.”

However, even if humanity begins to enter a “doom loop,” it isn’t doomed, researchers say. Laybourn believes that it is still possible for humanity to extricate itself from it — because societies, he believes, ultimately do have control over how they respond to destabilizing crises.

“The psychological element of this is the fundamental quantity,” Laybourn said, pointing to the way in which individuals dramatically relearned everyday habits in the face of the covid-19 pandemic, over a short period of time, potentially saving many lives.

“Throughout history, in moments of destabilization — you can see the doom dynamic. You can also see a virtuous circle as well, where certain events, shocks, create positive social movements,” he said. “It can happen in astonishingly short periods of time.”

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88 Comments on "Beware a climate ‘doom loop,’ where crisis is harder to solve"

  1. ee e e on Wed, 1st Mar 2023 6:40 pm 

    German economist says talks of decoupling with China a ‘big mistake’

    Here we have a German economist that is pushing Germany to transfer the Germany manufacturing to China and kill Germany economy. We have this typical globalist loser everywhere that believe that the natural resource are endless. He still believe that earth is full of natural resource. These are the people that have killed planet earth.

    This is how dictators come into power, it is because of people like him. At one point the situation will become so desperate that some people that has no connection to the power structure of earth ( no connection to banking, no political connection) get pushed into position of power to solve problems created by this loser.

    Like I said maybe it is time for China to become the guardian and enforcer of globalism and for North America to isolate themselves from the mental asylum that is Europe, UK, Israel, Japan, South Korea.

  2. theluckycountry on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 2:27 am 

    Famous is simply using this site as his personal blog,
    “The FamousDrScanlon’s doom porn blog”

    Did you read up on what happened to SriLanka after they decided to ban all fossil fuel made fertilizers? Basically because they couldn’t afford them. I have watched fertilizer prices here in Oz and they have basically doubled in the last 3 years. Big trouble ahead for the food.

  3. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 10:38 am 

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    Normally he should be executed with all of his family.

  4. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 10:41 am 

    Any Jews working in the US administration represent a security threat to the US, and should be fired immediately. Any friend of Obama, like Blinken, should executed immediately for treason.

  5. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 10:48 am 

    There can be no peace, and a price will have to pay for your actions.

  6. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 11:01 am 

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  10. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 12:22 pm 

    “Anarchist comrades laid bare the truth about Cop City on the walls, signs, and ATM of a Bank of America branch in Sonoma County, CA around February 17, 2023. We share in the collective horror over the murder of Manuel Tortuguita Teran. We decry Bank of America’s support for Cop City, a site dedicated to razing a forest to train more pigs as terrorists. Abolish the police. Tear down the prisons. Save and expand the forests. Smash capitalism. Smash the state.”

    -Earth First!

    What do you think comrades?

  11. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 3:34 pm 

    Something is not at the right place where it should be in the energy field. Something has shifted somewhere

  12. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 3:55 pm 

    Something is not at the right place where it should be in the energy field. Something has shifted somewhere.

    Ask the astronomy, physics and electrical engineering department to take measurement of the electrical field, magnetic field, luminous field, sun radiation field of earth. Send a balloon in the upper atmosphere to see what you can get.

  13. makati1 on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 6:20 pm 

    thelucky…, perhaps the food situation will be critical in some stupidly lead countries but not in all. There are about 190 countries in the world today. Some think they are the most important, either by arrogance or stupidity or both. Australia is one of the stupidly lead countries.

    I live in the Philippines, as you know, and here, food is not a real problem…yet. Some prices have gone up because of production and transport costs, but not drastically. Also, outside of the cities, food is grown by almost everyone. I can go out and harvest cassava, coconuts, bananas, taro, and fish in the wild. Free range chickens are common. It is only imported stuff that is going up in cost. The Philippines is almost self sufficient in necessary food and energy. The key word is “necessary”.

  14. makati1 on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 6:22 pm 

    Duncan, I think you need mental help.

  15. eee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 6:49 pm 

    Something changed in the energy field of earth.

    Would be nice to get real data with scientific instruments, if possible.

  16. ee on Thu, 2nd Mar 2023 8:15 pm 

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  21. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 10:07 am 

    I gave to my list of nations that I would eliminate first to keep earth experiment going a lit bit longer.

    The nations that will be eliminated first are: India, Singapore, Japan, South Korean, Africa, New Zealand, Indonesian, Malaysia, Bangladesh UK, Western Europe, Nordic Europe, Western Europe, Israel,

  22. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 10:13 am 

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  24. eeee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 11:01 am 

    I wanted to say this instead:

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    Obvious my nations elimination list is bigger then this, but you get the idea.

  25. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 11:15 am 

    “Whoever has the youth has the future.”
    — Hitler in Mein Kampf

  26. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 11:19 am 

    South Korea and Japan have too low birth rate. No point doing trade with nations that are dying.

  27. eeee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 11:23 am 

    I also dislike South Korea and Japan because they are big globalism whore. I consider them responsible for the accelerated natural resources depletion of earth. Might as well eliminate them now, out of mercy.

  28. eeee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 11:33 am 

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  29. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:03 pm 

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  30. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:04 pm 

    Goolsbee’s Wife Works at Firm That Helped Pick Him for Fed Job

    The parasite JEWS that Obama appointed are now being flushed out of the US power structure. The JEWS have to be eliminated for a new rebirth to take place.

    Jews bring with him only corruption and morality decadence

  31. eeee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:07 pm 

    Israel is now being removed from the international trade and setup for total elimination.
    Investments in Israel will dry up and they will let to die as it should always been.

    Judicial reform worries investors in Israel

  32. ddd on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:14 pm 

    It never occur to any of you that the Ukraine was step to harm Europe. not the other way around.

    Maybe it is the real reason that the US send weapon to Ukraine, to set Europe for total destruction.

  33. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:18 pm 

    It never occurs to any you that we are also destroying south Korea and Japan the same way as mentioned in my comments above

  34. eeee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:22 pm 

    Gravitas: Will the Ukraine war spell the end of G20?

    This look like the begging of the destruction of international globalism.

    What make you believe that GOD and I like international globalism. Could be we hate international globalsim.

  35. eee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:35 pm 

    Look at the cock sucker dying right in front of everyone eyes. It is my reality not yours.

  36. eeee on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023 12:44 pm 

    Another cock sucker dying. Expect to see more of this as we are running out of time as earth reality is also dying.

    I had a long discussion about this last night in my bed before falling asleep.

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  38. Sissyfuss on Tue, 7th Mar 2023 5:34 pm 

    Dr Strangelove, they’ve co-opted your Doomsday Machine and replaced it with the 6th Mass Extinction.

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