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Page added on February 7, 2021

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Alarming rise in global temperatures


The past six years have been the warmest on record since 1880, with 2016, 2019 and 2020 being the top three, according to a World Meteorological Organization (WMO) press release on 15 January. The year 2020 was 1.2°C above pre-industrial era (1880) temperatures.

WMO predicts a 20 per cent probability that temperatures will temporarily exceed 1.5°C as early as 2024.

“The speed at which temperatures are increasing is alarming,” says Pascal Peduzzi, Director, GRID-Geneva, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). “At this rate, we may reach +1.5°C in the next 15 years.”

According to the Paris Agreement, Member States committed to limit global warming to well below 2°C, preferably to 1.5°C, compared to pre-industrial levels. Every country signing up to the agreement set out a target, known as a nationally determined contribution (NDC) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030.

In January this year, António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, said 2021 was a critical year for climate, calling for multilateral action. He urged Member States to submit Nationally Determined Contributions to cut global emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 compared with 2010 levels; donors and multilateral development banks to increase the share of adaptation finance from 20 to at least 50 per cent by 2024, and developed countries to fulfil their pledge to mobilize $100 billion annually for climate action in developing countries.

Guterres also said it was time to stop building new coal power plants and end subsidies to fossil fuels.

Global warming and climate change will be key topics of discussion at the fifth session of the UNEP-hosted UN Environment Assembly this month. The world’s highest environmental decision-making body brings together representatives of the 193 Member States of the UN, businesses leaders, civil society and environmentalists from around the world.

Growing momentum for action

In 2020 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased 2.57 parts per million (ppm) reaching 4.14 ppm in December, the highest concentration on record. Carbon-dioxide is the principal greenhouse gas, though methane and nitrous oxide, much more potent greenhouse gases, are also causing global warming.

As temperatures rise, so is the global momentum to address climate change. In the world’s largest survey of public opinion on climate change, conducted recently, a majority of people called for wide-ranging climate action. Covering 50 countries with over half of the world’s population, the survey included over half a million people under the age of 18, a key constituency on climate change that is typically unable to vote in regular elections.

The speed at which temperatures are increasing is alarming. At this rate, we may reach +1.5°C in the next 15 years. – Pascal Peduzzi, Director, GRID-Geneva, UNEP

The United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) World Environment Situation Room, set up in 2019, is a demonstration platform put together by a consortium of Big Data partners. It includes geo-referenced, remote-sensing and earth observation information and collates climate data in near real-time.

The following graphs, developed by the platform, contain interactive data on global warming trends.


25 Comments on "Alarming rise in global temperatures"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 5:49 am 

    In 2018, 1 in 5 (!) people who died, did that as a consequence of burning fossil fuel:

    “‘Invisible killer’: fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds”

    This does not include the prospect of an uninhabitable planet.

    Unfortunately we have not enough prisons to put in oil workers and car drivers.

    (privately-owned) cars have no place in a sane society.

    “WHO says lab leak theory ‘unlikely’ but cannot identify animal that carried virus”

    But the pandemic started in Wuhan.

    So we are back at the Wuhan military games theory?

    CIA cough?

  2. Trump lover on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 9:04 am 

    Panic Button time Trump Lovers..
    But again most here are Old Farts with their heads up theirs
    Now deny that….

  3. CloggieLover1 on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 9:36 am 

    human beings can not magically change the weather outside.

  4. BAUtrumpmLovers on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 11:44 am 

    Trump Lovers will deny because they are in love of BAU

  5. Cloggie on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 1:38 pm 

    This is how you do renewable energy:

    750 MW installed in 8 months time.

    Renewables floating on subsidies, really?

    The UK now demands massive amounts of money from developers for the right to develop an offshore wind farm in UK waters. Could be a mistake:

    “WindEurope: UK Getting Seabed Leasing ‘Badly Wrong’”

    It has probably something to do with the battered UK government finances, post-COVID and post-Brexit.

    If you want to install 8 GW, you have to pay the UK government GBP 879 million per year, for as long as the exploitation period lasts.

  6. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 6:26 pm 

    State-owned fossil fuel firms’ plan to invest $1.9tn could destroy climate hopes

    Oil projects over the next decade would destroy hopes of meeting Paris climate goals, thinktank warns

    Woo Hoo! Go you little cancer monkey dissiapatives Go!

    The Pairs conference was nothing but cheap obscene political theatre with a shameless ‘heads of state’ photo op at the end.

    It’s all theatre now. I don’t know how anyone can watch it let alone believe it.

    I did some work for an old retired lady last week & she had CNN on the entire time LOUD! except for a few minutes when I unplugged her TV to hang it on the wall.

    CNN: “Bla bla bla our democracy Bla bla bla the Big Lie Bla bla bla our democracy Bla bla bla the Big Lie…..Bla bla bla our democracy Bla bla bla the Big Lie”. All fucking day. I could barely stand it – I never painted a suite so fast in my life.

  7. Adam on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 6:49 pm 

    They made a major error, they state that co2 is at 4.14 ppm in atmosphere. It should be 414 ppm right?

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 9th Feb 2021 9:56 pm 

    Adam you are correct.

    Here’s the reading as of yesterday.

    Daily CO2

    Feb. 8, 2021 = 416.02 ppm

    Feb. 8, 2020 = 414.73 ppm

    January CO2

    Jan. 2021 = 415.24 ppm

    Jan. 2020 = 413.37 ppm

    December Temperature

    2021 = 8th warmest Dec. since 1880

    1916 = coolest Dec. since 1880

  9. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 10th Feb 2021 4:33 am 

    I’ve decided to make a difference.

    Our backyard sofa fire parties, are
    becoming fewer. We’re also doing virtual
    sofa burnings where we just look at videos
    of past bonfires online,
    and throwing pallets and
    mattresses onto there.

    We are claiming the CO2 credits for this
    scaling back of garbage burning activities. The CO2 credits
    should be enough to compensate for
    when I flick the “rolling coal”
    toggle switch on the monster truck
    approximately once a week. (only when
    a Prius is behind me).

    It’s important that everybody do their
    part. Now that I’m doing my part,
    are you doing your part too?

  10. I luv Trump on Wed, 10th Feb 2021 4:39 am 

    Aryn Baker
    Tue, February 9, 2021, 7:33 PM
    Coal Power Station
    Coal Power Station
    The coal power station of Boxberg in Saxony is pictured in front of dark clouds on March 30, 2020 in Neuliebel, Germany. Credit – Florian Gaertner—Photothek via Getty Images

    Just because the United States has re-joined the Paris Agreement doesn’t mean that the world is on a path to a better climate future. The 2015 agreement, in which signatories pledged to collectively cap global warming at “well below” 2°C above pre-industrial levels, is only the first step. Member nations still have to adopt ambitious carbon emission reduction plans, known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and with the current level of commitments the world is on track for a global temperature rise of more than 2.5°C.

    However, a study published in a special issue of The Lancet Planetary Health journal may prove to be just the carrot for encouraging reluctant governments to pick up the pace on reducing emissions. New research from The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change shows that millions of lives could be saved annually by 2040 if countries raise their climate ambitions to meet the Paris Agreement targets. By adopting Paris-level climate plans and prioritizing health, the nine nations cited in the survey (Brazil, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States) could save 6.4 million lives due to better diet, 1.6 million lives due to cleaner air, and 2.1 million lives due to increased exercise, every year.

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 10th Feb 2021 9:20 pm 

    #192 | America Faded Vol. II: The Precipitous Decline Of The U.S. Empire w/ Dmitry Orlov

    “In this episode, I speak with engineer and writer Dmitry Orlov. I ask Dmitry to provide an overview of the ongoing collapse of the United States empire on the geopolitical, economic, and political fronts, since our first interview recorded and released last year.

    As Dmitry explains in this interview, the United States is facing collapse. The U.S. is in massive debt, and wholly relies on its global military presence to maintain the dominance of the dollar — a situation in which we have to ask the question: how long before that, too, fails? Decades of United States global hegemony is being successfully countered by other global powers, namely Russia, although in a very different fashion from how the United States has traditionally exerted geopolitical influence up to the present moment. Why, and how, has this happened? Dmitry lays out the interrelating factors that are contributing to America’s faltering influence on the global stage, even as the U.S. Empire becomes increasingly belligerent towards other nations, whether ally or foe, as it seeks to maintain its place at the top of the global economic and political order. I ask Dmitry to go over the faltering shale oil industry and energy production in the United States; the failed attempt by the U.S. government, under the leadership and direction of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, to instigate a coup in Venezuela (as of the recording and release of this episode); the forced expulsion of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (and possible extradition to the U.S.); Russia’s growing economic prominence and geopolitical influence in relation to the United States; the history of the Ukraine’s deep and complicated relationship with the USSR, and more recently the United States; and the overwhelming social collapse we are witnessing in the United States, manifesting in widespread drug addiction, mental illness, political division, and hypernationalism.”

  12. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 3:14 am 

    Look, three fucking useless piece of shit working for the US government. Nobody give a shit about a negro, I don’t care when a negro speak and I don’t listen when a negro speak.

    Next we have repugnant bitch Harris, that is only going at sucking dicks to get into power. She has no real life practicals skills, she will dead a week after the electrical grid goes down. Of course she has to mention that we are celebrate the incompetent and stupidity of the negro race. She is a ugly stupid mix race. Only a Jews could fuck repugnant whore and impregnate her.

    Then we finished by this worthless cadaver knows as bidet. US have been lying to everyone for 50m years. Nobody trust what the US is saying. You have no credibility around the world.

    Biden Delivers Remarks At Pentagon After Defense Meeting | NBC News

    Enjoying the price of gasoline dumb mother fuckers

  13. Cloggie on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 3:23 am 

    The preliminary conclusions from the Borssele 1&2 offshore wind park: the Netherlands has ZERO energy problems in the long term (30 years):

    “First Pictures of Borssele 1&2 Wind Farm”

    The small country can even become a major energy exporter into the EU, thanks to its 60,000 km2 shallow water, that theoretically can produce 400 GW electricity or 30% more than the entire EU consumes.

    Solar and wind have matured and are meanwhile the cheapest form of electricity generation. All the major investments to make it happen in Europe and beyond, have been made:

    “The Giants of a New Energy Age”

    All we need is a steady, uninterrupted roll-out of 15 MW turbines and a steady flow of dirt-cheap abundant iron-ore from Australia and elsewhere to produce the required tens of thousands of monopiles. Once this iron ore has been transformed into steel with fossil fuel, this huge steel capital can be renewed every 30-40 years or so in an electric arc furnace into new monopiles, for 10% of the energy cost, it took to build the first generation of monopilkes from iron ore. The electricity can come from wind turbines in a few weeks operation time, making a mockery of the layman’s idea that you need fossil fuel to keep wind turbines renewing themselves.

    The last remaining hurdle for the success of the renewable energy transition is STORAGE, probably hydrogen-based. In the coming decade expect that to mature as well.

  14. Cloggie on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 3:28 am 

    A homage to the Dutch ordinary bicycle from Canada:

    “Why Dutch Bikes are Better (and why you should want one)”

  15. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 3:32 am 

    US has been lying to the world for 50 year. Once I figured out the you were spying on my YouTube account, google search page, and order full investigation on me I has to assume that we were up to no good. I had to assume that you were lying to me and trying to manipulate me like the US did to the world for 50 years. Actions have consequence. You deserve everything things that is happening to you right now. I enjoy watching you suffer, I truly do.

  16. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 4:09 am 

    We all know this will finished two ways: I stay still on my ass, or I become the benevolent dictator of Canada and the US.

    We shall see how the story goes forward. I personally prefer to stay sit on my ass, less work and more entertaining. I strongly believe in democracy, look at all the good leaders we have : retard lego, Bidet, Trudeau, Morrion (AUS) repugnant bitch hassis. I say we need more democracy.

    I still cannot believe a man actually fuck repugnant bitch Harris. As a man you have no self respect fucking and breading with such an ugly woman, you just make the human race uglier.

  17. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 4:24 am 

    Of course I will be a benevolent dictator for people a the bottom of the power pyramid and really dictator for people at the top of the power pyramid like: Obama, Bidet, James Comey, repugnant bitch Harris, Pelosi, Schumer. I will just get these people execute in a public square. No time to lose with these kind of people. Maybe some torture before, maybe not.

  18. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 5:00 am 

    Did you know that Bidet was taking money bribes from China. I guess he will get a death sentence by a military tribunal. Probably a death sentence also for Obama and Harris from a military tribunal. Also there are a rumors that COVID was started by Pelosi and Schumer in order to get Trump out of office with the help of China and install communism in US. US was able to redirect COVID as a tool to ration oil.

  19. Mike Pence on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 10:37 am 

    What’s up Trump lovers?

  20. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 11:07 am 

    Some of you still think that Bidet is the president of the US, not the military. Are you sure of that.

    President Biden Air force 1 or 2? arrives back in Washington after family weekend break in Delaware

  21. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 11:12 am 

    Nancy Pelosi strong Thursday words

    IT looks like Pelosi is crying. Is she really in charge or facing death for treason.

  22. LetUSCanadaQuebecBurnToTheGround on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 11:28 am 

    Basically Obama was planning on running the USA through a shadow government. The rumors are that China control Obama thought bribes, Obama control Bidet. Some rumors suggest that Bidet has ear plug and Obama tells me what to say.

    Obama will most likely be executed through a military tribunal.

  23. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 11th Feb 2021 1:08 pm 

    American Evil Is A Bipartisan Affair
    War and corruption have bipartisan support

    “Americans always talk about unity, like this is going to solve their problems. “We just need to work together, across the aisle.” Well, you already do. You have for decades. Both parties vote for war. Both parties vote for bailouts. Killing and stealing and bipartisan support.

    The outrageous wickedness of the Republican Party has blinded you from the banal evil that just is America. Both parties agree on war and looting the treasury. They have for decades. There are some major difference on what people do with their genitals, but they’re united about the money and guns.

    It’s a bipartisan empire of grift.”

    American citizens = worlds biggest dupes for thinking there are good guys – there’s not. Not your guys & not the other tribes guys.

    I was thinking about the shit show last night & found myself feeling sorry for the kids. All of them.

  24. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 12th Feb 2021 3:56 pm 

    Now we know why the Turkish Flag is what it is:

    Erdogan wants to go to the moon!

    “Turkey aims to reach moon in 2023, Erdogan says”

    Probably on a flying

  25. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 13th Feb 2021 2:16 am 

    Covid could become the White Knight for both radical environmentalism, as well as white nationalism:

    “‘We should be prepared for it to remain with us’: EU health agency chief says Covid-19 might NEVER be eradicated”

    Gone are the days of careless open borders, mass tourism and mass travel of hundreds of millions of potential exotic human virus carriers all over the world. May most airports around the world die a horrible death and draw Airbus and Boeing with them into the abyss.

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