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Page added on March 10, 2018

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A Dire Warning From The “Doomsday Vault”


Climate change alarmists are taking full advantage of the “Sudden Stratospheric Warming” (SSW) event, which occurred above the Arctic in mid-February, as further evidence that the world’s unpredictable and sometimes chaotic weather is jeopardizing humanity’s food security.

The split of the polar vortex, otherwise known as an SSW event, shifted the Arctic airmass to most of Europe as well as Western parts of North America. Climate alarmist pointed out that massive snowstorms in Europe, dangerous weather patterns in the United States, and rain in the Arctic demonstrates how extreme weather is altering seasonal growing patterns.

Here is what Bloomberg said, “the world was upside down: it was raining in the Arctic Circle and snowing in Rome,” as explained above, the SSW event has been the primary driver of chaotic weather since mid-February.

Researchers, activists, executives and government officials gathered in Longyearbyen, a small coal-mining town on Spitsbergen Island, in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of what has become known as the “Doomsday Vault,” which is an underground bunker buried deep inside a mountain where the world stores its plant seeds from apocalyptic consequences of climate change and war, said Bloomberg.

Last month, we reported how the Norwegian government is planning to allocate 100 million kroner ($13 million) in technical improvements to enhance the facility after it sprung a leak from melting permafrost — officials warned that climate change could put the facility at risk.

“Biodiversity is the building block to develop new plants and because of climate change we’re in a terrible need to quickly develop new varieties,” said Aaslaug Marie Haga, executive director of Crop Trust, a group established to support gene banks. “The climate is changing quicker than the plants can handle.”

The “Doomsday Vault” is a secure seed bank buried deep inside a mountain on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen near Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago. The underground bunker is a long-term seed storage facility, built to keep its three vaults cool for 200-years — and can survive natural or human-made disasters.

The “Doomsday Vault” serves as a storage facility for more than 850,000 seed samples, according to the Bloomberg, which the three vault rooms are cooled to -18 °C (-3 °F).

Bloomberg describes the organizations behind the “Doomsday Vault:”

The vault is run by NordGen, the Nordic gene bank. A total of 74 institutes globally have deposits, and only those that send seeds have access. One notable exception is China, which has not signed the treaty, and is creating its own seed and gene banks outside the international cooperation. Participants say the real fight to preserve biodiversity is at the local level. Crop Trust is seeking to build an $850 million fund to finance its efforts, a long way to go from its current level of $285 million. Its largest donors are the U.S., Germany and Norway, but it’s now looking more to private business for funding.

“We have to be prepared for the unknown,” Jon Georg Dale, Norway’s food and agriculture minister, said in his hotel in Longyearbyen during the event, where he was stuck after canceling a snow-scooter trip because of the thaw gripping the Arctic.

Some researchers, activists, executives, and government officials at the conference said there are no signs that the United States is backing away from its enviormental commitments, but did stress, Trump’s climate skepticism is concerning.

Ann Tutwiler, a former Obama-administration official who’s now head of Bioversity International, a global research group backed by more than 50 governments said, “businesses are becoming more aware of the problems of losing biodiversity.”

“The narrative of the 20th century was that we have to produce more food and that was all about a very narrow range of crops,” said Tutwiler. “Now because we have other issues we are trying to solve, such as climate and nutrition there’s a recognition you can’t do that with just those crops.”

Patrick Mulvany, an agriculturalist and adviser on biodiversity and food sovereignty said, ” the real efforts aren’t being made where they are needed the most: on the ground with the farmers who are not getting adequately compensated.”

“Unless that happens our future food is very insecure,” he said. “You can have as many seeds as you want locked up in the vault here but they deteriorate a little bit over time and they aren’t adapting to climate and new social pressures.”

It the minds of a climate change alarmist, well, never let a serious crisis go to waste. With the recent wild swings in weather across Europe and the United States, alarmists have come out of the woodwork — pushing their fear-mongering rhetoric of impending climate doom. But why? Well, perhaps, in the case of the “Doomsday Vault,” officials are looking for more government handouts to fund operations.

And there it is, the ah-ha moment: climate change alarmist preying on fear [climate change] to extract money from governments. 


84 Comments on "A Dire Warning From The “Doomsday Vault”"

  1. fmr-paultard on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 11:57 am 

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    I won’t quote anymore or …doing so could harm innocent muslims like my muslim friends unnecessarily.

    i also give up my fight against muslim extremism because i’m a tard. this does’t mean my only choice is being cannon fodder.

    good debate and outcomes is it’s not a religion of peace.

    so what? if supertards don’t care about their daughters and have no control over linsay lohan converting to islam then i’m not going to put up a fight.

  2. fmr-paultard on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 12:03 pm 

    guys my muslim friends worked for us marines so i don’t want them deported either. they can’t be deported.

  3. Boat on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 1:40 pm 


    We don’t mention enough the Muslim allied troops and the hundreds of millions of Muslim citizens that simply want a future for their families. They fight and die every day combating the Sharai Law types. And do it without a parade.

  4. Cloggie on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 2:14 pm 

    “guys my muslim friends worked for us marines so i don’t want them deported either. they can’t be deported.”

    A solution could be that you would join your muslim friends, just saying.

    “We don’t mention enough the Muslim allied troops and the hundreds of millions of Muslim citizens that simply want a future for their families. They fight and die every day combating the Sharai Law types. And do it without a parade.”

    I am amazed that “hundreds of millions of muslims” fight and die against “Sharia Law types”. Must be these famous “moderate Muslims” the US deep state likes to peddle.

    Actually, you are making it up. The essence of being a Muslim is enshrined in Sharia Law. No Sharia, no Islam.

    The general praxis is that as soon as a Muslim community in the West reaches a certain threshold, Sharia Law is being applied:

    Integration is a lie, the original inhabitants simply loose their country.

  5. Anonymouse1 on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 2:19 pm 

    More like The super-nutter. Super Delusionalist works too.

  6. MASTERMIND on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 3:12 pm 

    If the case against Russia is proved, charge Putin with the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal

    Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

  7. MASTERMIND on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 3:14 pm 

    Clogg doesn’t except people who are different. He doesn’t’ except that the world is complex. Just white trash loser. Who wants to blame his economic problems on others. Dude most likely weighs 400lb and lives in his moms basement…

  8. Cloggie on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 3:38 pm 

    “Clogg doesn’t except people who are different.”

    I have no problem with differences between peoples. I am just not interested in civil war, which invariably happens when “different people” battle out their differences.

    But absolute sadistic monsters like your tribe know this very well, but gloat about it and enjoy to see other people suffer, exactly like with these horrible muslim and kiken animal butcher methods.

  9. MASTERMIND on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 5:22 pm 

    ‘Deaths of Despair’ Are Surging Among the White Working Class

    Ole whitey is on his way out! To fat and slow to compete with harder working immigrants! Adapt or die cracker!

  10. fmr-paultard on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 6:10 pm 

    ^mm^ 9 rds/s is standard, assume conservative
    7rds/s, here’s a table of nazi’s killed in one minute

    .4 168
    .3 126
    .25 105
    .15 84

    anything fewer than 100 is a fail. if you’re just a talker and you don’t have luke 22:36 please get off my intardweb that supertards built for me to enjoy. i had a ((tard)) friend like this. he wouldn’t do luke 22:36 but he’s good at talking.

    charlottville may happen again so just be ready.

  11. Cloggie on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 12:28 am 

    “Ole whitey is on his way out! To fat and slow to compete with harder working immigrants! Adapt or die cracker!”

    Ole US whitey may be on the way out, with you gloating about it, but if people have nothing to lose… they will lose it… and could go after you. Never before in history has there been the internet, enabling unprecedented exchange of information.

    They could blow up the republic. Oh and they have 300 million fire arms to get the job done. And Washington has zero friends in the world. Everybody out there is working to draw the reserve currency rug from under US feet. In Europe they are at the highest level openly talking about George Soros as if the thirties are back again. Any idea how hopeless your antifa position is, you wannabee Trotsky? Ready to bite the dust? There is nothing worth saving about the empire or even the republic. The US equivalent of Slaviansk or Vukovar is not very far away. Allready bought yourself a 1776 t-shirt, millimind?

    Give it up, you lost. Your century is over and you f* up. Destroyed America before you could conquer the world. Vlad the European kicked your ass and now Eurasia is going for the kill:

    What are you going to do about it, send Leroy into the battle.rofl When you got your ass kicked in “Nam”, at least you were 90% white.

    Soon after Trump you are going to meet your own private little 1989. Give us a call when you are ready again to be our junior partner.

    “Behold, I teach you the Amerikaner”

    I like that German ring about “Amerikaner”, now that “American” has become an embarrassement, you have to share with Bantu’s, Mexican’s, Cubans, Vietnamese, Indians, uncle Schmul and what have you.

  12. Boat on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 12:54 am 

    You could be fat to if you were smart enough to pay for calories. We take pride in having the fattest poor. When you buy by the gallon instead of the liter you know your on the right track.

  13. Cloggie on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 1:26 am 

    Look millimind, British nationalist single-handedly chasing off 6 coward masked antifa trash:

    In Europe the right always wins. In Russia-1917 the right lost. In America it will be something in between. It’s a matter of the human quality and fighting spirit at hand. Doomers are good for nothing.

    On Sunday Steve Bannon called in France for a world-wide right-wing insurrection against the 1968-establishment. World-wide obviously meaning the white world:

    Today he said that Russia is a “natural ally of the West”:

    Of course Russia is.

    Can you say Paris-Berlin-Moscow (+ Heartland)?

  14. Boat on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 1:36 am 


    Lol at that fight. It was staged or they were the whimps with few skills.

  15. Simon on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 4:19 am 

    On Sunday Steve Bannon called in France for a world-wide right-wing insurrection against the 1968-establishment. World-wide obviously meaning the white world:

    You could almost say Steve Bannon was advocating a new world order

  16. Davy on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 5:57 am 

    These guys will go from advocating to implementing a final solution if given the chance. I am against many aspects of globalization but we have seen what reactionaries do throughout history. They end up being just as extreme as revolutionaries and monarchies. Extremism inhabits all types of movements. It is the blind emotional part that seeks victory over meaning. We need to tweak what we have now and get rid of Soros types and Bannon’s alike. Tweaking means realizing our mistake and trying to mitigate that mistake. Ending globalization will be very dangerous. Adapting globalization in a decline process seems wiser. Besides we are going to be fighting one fire after another. There will not be much active efforts at change that have any kind of real effect. Our efforts here on out will be more talk than substance. I should say whining instead of talk. Most people today are just pissed at something and few want to make sacrifices.

  17. MASTERMIND on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 6:50 am 


    Look what Antifa did to the king of the alt right!

  18. fmr-paultard on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 8:03 am 

    ^mm^ so you think you’re exceptional and need someone else to do the bumpski? don’t worry bro. I’m a tard but i also thought I’m exceptional, not anymore. having bumpski is one of the thing that could transform your outlook on life. it’s the biggest margin of return in thoughts. how often does thoughts transform into something so real? it’s hard to account for as we go through life.

    the bumpfire with ak is probably even more lethal.

    the majority of people have an advantage by outsourcing self defense to someone else, mostly police. this is called externalize the costs.

  19. fmr-paultard on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 8:05 am 

    you could be incapable of having bumpski because you’re violent. i was a libtard so i was afraid of luke 22:36 too. after i became a paultard i practiced being NAPpy. It lets me do whatever I want. In general if you’re like a borg and you don’t initiate or respond to attacks, you feel less fear.

    part of fear is projection. if you’re violent then you think they are violent toward you.

  20. fmr-paultard on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 8:20 am 

    supertard you say people seeking victory yes i agree. i’ve come into contact with hundreds of little hitlers seeking to win. people are automatically attracted to winning due to many reasons. when they focus on winning they ignore everything else like how when i’m being NAPpy I ignore distractions and focus on some goal that I want to achieve.

    It’s a scam and people opt for expediency over all other considerations

  21. Cloggie on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 12:57 pm 

    On Sunday Steve Bannon called in France for a world-wide right-wing insurrection against the 1968-establishment. World-wide obviously meaning the white world:

    You could almost say Steve Bannon was advocating a new world order

    He did, albeit an NWO 2.0.

    The old NWO 1.0…

    …was essentially a world order under domination of what could be euphemistically called “Anglo-Zionism” (read: a world run by US Jews). But apparently the “Anglo-Zionists” have come to their senses and called-off their pet project:

    They understood it is not going to happen, that world-encompassing US empire.

    What Steve Bannon is essentially calling for is a New New World Order (NWO 2.0), that is a multi-polar world based on “identitarianism”. That is to say a more or less reactionary world order, not based on competing progressive ideologies of Jewish origin, like in the 20th century (USA/USSR), but between racial/religious “tectonic plates”, based on ca. 2000 year old history. Think Samuel Huntington, think this:

  22. Davy on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 1:22 pm 

    “Tectonic plates”

    More like kindergarten finger painting.

  23. fmr-paultard on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 1:59 pm 

    eurotard nice art work. fhurer failed arts school are you “plotting” the same course for yourself?

  24. MASTERMIND on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 2:54 pm 

    Clogg: Bannon is white trash garbage….Just a scare monger and hate monger! Look how fat and ugly he is! And he thinks he is better than others? LOL

  25. MASTERMIND on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 2:58 pm 

    Clogg hey look its bannon!

  26. Cloggie on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 3:35 pm 

    “Clogg hey look its bannon!”

    The noose around the US empire is tightening.

    European Right + Russia + China + (T)rump-America is a bit much, don’t you think?

    Fortunately you can still count on hard-left country Britain.

    Again were a number of alt-righters from the US and Generation Identitaires from Europe detained and send back, just like happened earlier to the #2 in Dutch Parliament Geert Wilders, illustrating the fact that the British are very well able to control their borders, if they want to. But that applies to evil whitey only, not godly darkies/muslims, who now constitute the majority in London.

    Martin Sellner now together with Brittany Pettybone, nice catch, Martin! Both them and Lauren Southern were refused entry in Orwell country.

    Fortunately, Russia and their MACH-10 nukes are now on our side. We are going to escape anyway. The only open question is Heartland USA: Orwell or Huntington:

  27. MASTERMIND on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 3:55 pm 


    “I hesitate to say this, but, Antifa is winning.” -Richard Spencer

    HAHA! Long live the AntiFa!

  28. fmr-paultard on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 4:39 pm 

    ^mm^ i feel happier after I learned to be NAPpy but then I drifted away. Then I started hating again and I felt like just a eurotard with a different set of issue hate.

    As a libtard I am prone to hate.

    I don’t like being angry because I hate.

    If antifa is less hate then yeah it’s kosher to me.

  29. Cloggie on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 4:56 pm 

    ““I hesitate to say this, but, Antifa is winning.” -Richard Spencer”

    I (obviously) had seen that too.

    What Spencer meant to say is that the bolsheviks are successful in disrupting alt-right gatherings.That won’t stop him to continue. The internet is the most important factor anyway.

    But that only applies to the US, where the quality of the resistance is the lowest.

    As a sign of hope, here a pan-European gathering of good-looking young Europeans with character: an Austrian, a Briton and an American beauty.

    Nationality is important but pan-Europeanism is at least as important. This is the way forward to defeat ZOG: pan-European cooperation, from the US, to Europe and to Russia. There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. This is not the time for peace.

  30. Antius on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 5:19 pm 

    “Austrian, a Briton and an American beauty.

    Nationality is important but pan-Europeanism is at least as important.”

    Every time I reach the point where I think nothing more can surprise me, I am wrong. I am sickened by the British Yid deepstate. These people are vile in the extreme. The shit they believe in is the antithesis of freedom. Anyone that believes differently to them, is subject to the full force of the Orwellian terror police.

    The way to deal with these people is through underground movements. Slowly and secretly infiltrate them with white nationalists.

  31. Antius on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 5:21 pm 

    Britain needs Tyler Durden.

  32. Cloggie on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 5:34 pm 

    @Antius – this is really heartbreaking:

    Not that the racism-crying, global terrorists and diversity mongers millikike and his water carriers davy and the drugtard will stop trying to subjugate the world and impose their societal model on you.

  33. Antius on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 6:05 pm 

    “@Antius – this is really heartbreaking”

    I have heard the story before, though not in so much detail. I couldn’t watch this the whole way through. Often things make me angry, but this is truly sickening.

    Today, it emerged that a thousand young English girls had been abused by Asian rape gangs in Telford. Basically, wherever the wogs are, this is going on.

    The lack of any public concern about this is proof that the British government and its Dhimmi police, simply are not on the same side as white English people. This is largely because our government is not run by English people. This clearly needs to end right now. I am not sure how to begin. I have a full-time job, three children and a wife that does not like my politics, doesn’t want to hear about it and will stand in my way every step of the way. Still, I don’t feel I can be politically inactive anymore. The price of inactivity and apathy is the blood of young white virgins bleeding out on some Pakis’ bed. Every day we fail to stop this, this happens to another young girl. The Yid government needs to come down.

  34. john kelley on Tue, 13th Mar 2018 2:31 pm 

    good grief.

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