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Page added on May 8, 2011

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World energy use in 2010: over 5% growth

Energy markets have combined crisis recovery and strong industry
Enerdata analyses the trends in energy demand, based on its 2010 data for G20
Energy consumption in the G20 soared by more than 5% in 2010, after the slight
decrease of 2009. This strong increase is the result of two converging trends. On
the one-hand, industrialized countries, which experienced sharp decreases in
energy demand in 2009, recovered firmly in 2010, almost coming back to
historical trends. Oil, gas, coal, and electricity markets followed the same trend.
On the other hand, China and India, which showed no signs of slowing down in
2009, continued their intense demand for all forms of energy.
China confirmed its position as the world’s largest energy consumer in 2010 (11%
above the US), and India as the third largest consumer. These 2 countries, with an
increase by more than 6% in 2010, now represent more than one third of the total
G20 energy demand.
Among fossil fuels, natural gas has experienced the fastest growth in 2010 (above
8%), followed by coal (6%) and oil (4%). The coal market dynamism is directly
related to the strong electricity generation growth (close to 7%). The growth of oil
consumption mostly reflects the fast development of mobility in road and air
transport worldwide, in particular in large emerging countries: 12% growth in
China, 9% in Brazil. These trends in transport, if continued, are likely to raise
major concerns to the world oil market in the immediate future, as illustrated by
recent tensions on crude oil prices.
As a logical consequence of this upturn, CO2 emissions from energy combustion
increased sharply in 2010, above 6% for the G20 altogether. CO2 emissions have
never been as high as in 2010.

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One Comment on "World energy use in 2010: over 5% growth"

  1. DC on Sun, 8th May 2011 1:43 pm 

    What no figures on the rate of growth in energy provided by green-tech, solar wind, geo? Nothing…?

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