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Page added on August 31, 2019

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Why Humans are Unfit to Live on This Planet


Let it be known that you are lofty as the heavens!
Let it be known that you are broad as the earth!
Let it be known that you destroy the rebel lands!
Let it be known that you roar at the foreign lands!
Let it be known that you crush heads!
Let it be known that you devour corpses like a dog!
Let it be known that your gaze is terrible!

17 Comments on "Why Humans are Unfit to Live on This Planet"

  1. Dredd on Sat, 31st Aug 2019 4:40 pm 

    It’s a matter of failing The Test (The Tenets of Ecocosmology).

  2. Cloggie on Sat, 31st Aug 2019 5:55 pm 

    I sat out the entire video in the expectation of the sofa-burning part. I was disappointed.

  3. Theedrich on Sun, 1st Sep 2019 1:42 am 

    Hmmm. A prediction of the way America is going to end: by going off the cliff.

  4. Cloggie on Sun, 1st Sep 2019 3:27 am 

    30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russia is a better place, after the USSR went off the cliff in 1991.

    Won’t be different with the US Heartland. The average wealth will be like Slovenia, but the Epstein/9-11 gang will be hanged and the ZOG nightmare be over for good.

  5. Davy on Sun, 1st Sep 2019 3:34 am 

    “Won’t be different with the US Heartland. The average wealth will be like Slovenia”

    You will be there too, cloggo, in fact, you are ahead of the game. Your economy is hard landing as we speak into a new no growth age. Do the math.

  6. Davy on Sun, 1st Sep 2019 3:56 am 

    Another makato “Asia is Rissing” myth. How do you think the excessive costs of BRI and other Chinese asset purchases are being paid for!

    “The Real “Helicopter Money”: Since 2009, China Has Created $21 Trillion Of New Money, More Than Double The US” zero hedge

    “ In short, when banks engage in too much credit origination — as they have done in China — they generate a money bubble. Over the past 10 years, Chinese banks have been on a credit and money creation binge. They have created Rmb144tn ($21tn) of new money since 2009, more than twice the amount of money supply created in the US, the eurozone and Japan combined over the same period. In total, China’s money supply stands at Rmb192tn, equivalent to $28tn. It equals the size of broad money supply in the US and the eurozone put together, yet China’s nominal GDP is only two-thirds that of the US. In a market-based economy constraints are in place, such as the scrutiny of bank shareholders and regulators, which prevent this sort of excess. In a socialist system, such constraints do not exist. Apparently, the Chinese banking system still operates in the latter. There are clear downsides. Helicopter money discourages innovation and breeds capital misallocation, which reduces productivity growth. Slowing productivity and strong money growth ultimately lead to rising inflation — the dynamics inherent to socialist systems.”

    “As it stands, China’s money bubble is like a sword of Damocles over the nation’s exchange rate. Chinese households and businesses have become reluctant to hold this ballooning amount of local currency. Continuous helicopter money will increase their desire to diversify their renminbi deposits into foreign currencies and assets. Yet, there is no sufficient supply of foreign currency to accommodate this conversion. China’s current account surplus has almost vanished. As to the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves, at $3tn they are less than a ninth of the amount of renminbi deposits and cash in circulation. It is inconceivable that China can open its capital account in the foreseeable future.”

  7. Robert Inget on Sun, 1st Sep 2019 8:32 pm 


    (what he intended to say)
    Cat 5 hurricanes are a Democrat invention!

    17 to 20 ft storm serge. Is that worse than six meters? This American needs to know.
    Mar-A-Largo sits four feet above sea level.

    I’ve always said, deniers will repent when the water is at neck level. Time to get straight with the lord.

  8. DerHundistLos on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 3:45 am 

    I was angered by the video up until the point when the organizer stated that the radiator fluid is removed and the site is thoroughly cleaned after the event. In this case, nothing wrong with a little smash-em-up fun, I guess?

    Maybe someone can enlighten me why I should feel differently.

  9. Cloggie on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 4:11 am 

    It’s a bit juvenile, something you would expect from 16 year old lads, not from grown-ups.

    What could have triggered Ugo Bardi is the distinct fun clearly on display in the video about destroying things. Is there much of a difference between blowing up a car or destroying the environment? What you see in the video is hooliganism and a “I don’t give a f*” attitude, it’s not very attractive or encouraging. Perhaps Bardi is put off by goys in general, don’t know.

    However, the video is indeed not sufficient proof that “humans are unfit to live on this planet”.


  10. Davy on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 4:56 am 

    “Demand For EV Cars Now A Problem:” Global Lithium Bust Underway As Prices Collapse” zero hedge

    “A new report from Bloomberg shows how the glut in lithium supply could suggest the electric car boom is over for now. There was once a time when lithium carbonate spot prices soared higher, all with increasing demand from electric car companies. This all ended in the late 4Q17 when the global economy entered into a cyclical downturn. In the last 15 months, lithium spot prices have been halved. The result of the glut is a combination of factors, including decreasing electric car demand from China, and Australia opening up six new lithium mines.”

    “Despite the price rout, there’s some demand coming from Europe where new electric cars are being rolled out. Tianqi Lithium said the rapid investment into the lithium industry over the last five years was “returning to normal” and that uncompetitive producers would then be “eliminated:” basically describing a bust cycle is underway in the space. The short term view is that global electric vehicle demand continues to wane across the world, forcing a further decline in spot prices that could trigger a larger bust on the producer side of the market in 2020.”

  11. Cloggie on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 5:11 am 

    “A new report from Bloomberg shows how the glut in lithium supply could suggest the electric car boom is over for now”

    Inner contradiction.

  12. Davy on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 5:19 am 

    cloggo, I have show multiple times a economic downturn is on the offing. This will surely hit your cherished renewables and EV’s. I am not happy about this “just saying” economics underlies growth in these categories. I have said this for years and you dismiss it. Now it is happening. Will the down turn last? Who knows we are in uncharted territory.

  13. Cloggie on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 5:46 am 

    “ I have show multiple times a economic downturn is on the offing.“

    I have never dismissed the possibility of severe economic downturns. It is very well possible we are facing a global recession.

    The difference that for Americans like you, a recession is the end of the world, where a green white nationalist thinking person like me can discern a lot of advantages in such a situation:

    – scaling back corporate power
    – fewer career possibilities for young women (have kids instead)
    – easier penetration of shared autonomous driving, the only driving empoverished folks can afford
    – easier transition as energy demand has plummeted
    – less focus on materialism, tourism

  14. Davy on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 6:40 am 

    I see advantages also cloggo with my position that a recession or worse will force some localization. Degrowth driven localization will help with adaptation and mitigation of a collapse process. This likely does not include your “easier penetration of shared autonomous driving, the only driving empoverished folks can afford – easier transition as energy demand has plummeted”. Anything tech related is going to take it in the shorts not improve. A deglobalization paradigm will mean less affluence and that means pain and suffering. If it is not too severe this can be a good thing because the pain and suffering without a slowdown could be much worse. The process needs to start soon and no better time than now. Do I look forward to this, hell no. My renewable efforts and prepping efforts will be affected. I am glad I have made a concentrated effort over the last decade. I am in good shape now for a down turn but pain and suffering are never easy even prepared.

  15. Cloggie on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 7:23 am 

    “Piers Morgan loses his cool during row with Nicola Sturgeon live on GMB over MPs ‘betraying’ Brexit voters – but she LAUGHS and says ‘I can’t get a word in edgeways’”

    Scotland voted down independence 45-55.
    They also voted down Brexit 68-32.

    The interesting question is: how would Scotland vote over a package deal?

    It looks like we will soon find out.

    Especially if miles-long truck queues will be lining up on British motorways and a stream of bad economic news comes in.

    “Is Brexit Worth Scotland’s Independence?”

    Scotland can be assured of our continental European support in these troubled times.

    BoJo-Farage-England, not so much.

  16. Cloggie on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 7:49 am 

    For a year now Scottish independence is a majority position:

  17. Cloggie on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 7:54 am 

    Oops, snap UK-elections coming up:

    “Boris Johnson calls emergency Cabinet meeting as rumours swirl in Westminster he is clearing the decks for a snap election (but he still finds time to grab a quick kiss with Barbara Windsor)”

    Reason: Tories have a comfortable lead in the polls (didn’t mrs May have that as well?)

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