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Page added on June 25, 2016

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While you were watching the EU referendum, something happened at Rough

While you were watching the EU referendum, something happened at Rough thumbnail

While we were all caught up in the EU referendum this week, there was an item in the news about the UK’s largest gas storage facility, Rough:

Wholesale gas prices have been volatile following news that the UK’s largest gas storage facility is being shut down for 42 days.

Normally, gas would be being injected into Rough right now, and was being until a couple of days ago, as you can see from the first graph on this page. The update on Centrica’s website says:

In March 2015, CSL began conducting testing and verification works on the Rough wells. In the course of conducting these works, CSL has identified an additional issue on one of the wells tested. As a consequence, CSL has ceased all Rough injection and withdrawal operations. CSL will seek to expedite testing on the issue identified and expects this period of testing to last at least 42 days.

The current restart date is 3 August, but of course it could be later, given the above update says “at least 42 days”. If storage isn’t filled quickly enough over the summer, we’d better hope for a mild winter, or we might run into difficulties… One thing that’s clear is that Rough is showing its age, and has had several mechanical breakdowns in the past 10 years. Worth keeping an eye on over the summer…

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11 Comments on "While you were watching the EU referendum, something happened at Rough"

  1. makati1 on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 9:25 pm 

    Who cares? I don’t. Just typical of the lack of investment to keep the whole energy loop going. Failures will be the norm, not the exception.

  2. joe on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 11:21 pm 

    Good spot. There will be allot of gaming the current events to favour the big players now. There is a huge sense of menace and confusion right now, not just here but everywhere. Like when the Berlin wall fell or right after 9-11. Nobodys quite sure what’s going to happen.

  3. JuanP on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 12:38 am 

    It seems that everywhere I look things are breaking down. We can’t even maintain the shit we’ve built in the past. But, hey, let’s expand the airports and build bridges to nowhere while we still can! LOL! God, we are so stupid!

  4. Cloud9 on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 6:13 am 

    It will be interesting to see how all of these seemingly isolated events are connected. Unfortunately the pattern cannot be fully recognized until the events play out. England is an overpopulated island that cannot fuel itself or feed itself. At least with the Brexit they have a chance of stemming the tide of the invaders. In many ways they are a microcosm of the United States. Their population centers, especially London do not reflect the culture of the general population. As the devolution continues, these urban centers are going to find themselves isolated from the hinterlands with all the horrors that will produce.

  5. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 6:19 am 

    This looks like a Rough situation.

  6. rockman on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 10:27 am 

    Juan – “…let’s expand the airports…” Speaking of airports did you catch this:

    “Until recently, St. Helena, a British overseas territory with a population of about 4,000 people, was accessible only by taking a cruise on board the mail/passenger ship RMS St. Helena.

    To make it more access able to the public, the UK government spent more than $400 million to construct a brand new airport on the island, the BBC reported.

    Although the airport was scheduled to open for commercial operation in May, the BBC reported that commercial operation at St. Helena Airport has be postponed indefinitely.

    This is because validation flights into the airport using a Boeing 737-800 found wind shear to be too extreme for large airliners to operate.”

    Forget the wind problem for the moment: $400 million for an airport on an island thousands of miless from England that has a population of only 4,000? And such a huge project and no one did any wind vector analysis in the design phase?

    There has to be a lot more to this story…like who got the $400 million?

  7. ghung on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 10:42 am 


  8. ghung on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 11:05 am 


    “After a long period of rumour and consultation, the British government announced plans to construct an airport in Saint Helena in March 2005. The airport was expected to be completed by 2010. However, the approved bidder, the Italian firm Impregilo, was not chosen until 2008, and then the project was put on hold in November 2008, allegedly due to new financial pressures brought on by the financial crisis of 2007–08. By January 2009, construction had not commenced and no final contracts had been signed. Governor Andrew Gurr departed for London in an attempt to speed up the process and solve the problems.

    On 22 July 2010, the British government agreed to help pay for the new airport.[53] In November 2011, a new deal was signed between the British government and South African civil engineering company Basil Read, and the airport was scheduled to open in February 2016 with flights to and from South Africa and the UK.[54] In March 2015, South African airline Comair became the preferred bidder to provide weekly air service between the island and Johannesburg, starting from 2016.[55]

    The first aircraft landed at the new airport on 15 September 2015, a South African Beechcraft King Air 200, prior to conducting a series of flights to calibrate the airport’s radio navigation equipment.[50][56]

    The first helicopter landing at the new airfield was conducted by the Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ377 from 825 Squadron 201 Flight, embarked on visiting HMS Lancaster on 23 October 2015.[57]

    The airport’s opening was due in May 2016, but it was announced in June 2016 that it had been delayed indefinitely due to high winds.[58]”,+STHL+1ZZ,+Saint+Helena,+Ascension+and+Tristan+da+Cunha/@-15.9592544,-5.6615077,3895m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4eae213352ce5e3:0xae804f0450199fa6!8m2!3d-15.9650104!4d-5.7089241,_Saint_Helena

    Maybe a lot of folks want to visit Napoleon’s tomb, eh?

  9. JuanP on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 11:36 am 

    Rock & Ghung, You guys make it very hard for me not to get depressed! LOL! That story is incredibly funny and depressing at the same time. When I learn about stuff like that I realize that we are even more fucked up than I claim. That is $100,000 per islander! I can’t stop laughing. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 8:20 pm 

    The UK has Monty Python.

    The Monty Python staff designed the St. Helena airport, as a practical joke.

  11. Kenz300 on Tue, 28th Jun 2016 11:18 am 

    Wind and solar along with battery storage are the future of energy generation……, clean and cheap…

    Solar Added More New Capacity Than Coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear Combined

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