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Page added on September 3, 2022

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weekend drivers to enjoy cheaper gas


The final long weekend of summer will also be the cheapest for Canadian drivers, with gasoline prices heading into the Labour Day holiday the lowest they’ve been since late February.

The national average retail price for regular gasoline on Thursday, according to Natural Resources Canada, was 161.1 cents per litre. The last time Canadians saw average gasoline prices in the $1.60 range was during the last week of February, just before the effects of Russia’s Feb. 25 invasion of Ukraine began to be felt at the fuel pumps.

Gasoline prices rose steadily after that, hitting a peak of 215.1 cents per litre in early June. It cost drivers more than $2 a litre, on average, to fill up heading into the Canada Day long weekend, and the August civic holiday wasn’t much better with average prices in the range of 180 cents per litre.

But prices have been declining steadily since August, in part due to the falling price of crude oil and also because of lower U.S. refining margins. On Friday, the October U.S. crude contract was trading at US$86.61 per barrel, its lowest level since late January.

Vijay Muralidharan, managing director of R Cube Consulting Inc., said what’s happened is a form of demand destruction. Skyrocketing inflation in the U.S., which is the largest global market for gasoline, has forced some drivers to curtail their consumption. And with many economists speculating about the possibility of a global recession, oil traders are getting nervous.


“The war in Ukraine added a 15-cent-per-litre premium to gasoline prices, at its peak,” Muralidharan said. “Now that premium is dissipating somewhat. Not because the war is ending, but because of demand fears. There’s a lot of pessimism in oil markets right now.”

Muralidharan said he believes prices could be sustained at the current level, though if the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries were to decide to raise crude output in response to declining prices, that would send the cost of gasoline spiking again.

While gasoline prices have eased off across the country, the cost of fuel varies significantly by region due to factors such as transportation costs and local taxes.

According to fuel price tracking website, British Columbia has the most expensive gasoline heading into the Labour Day weekend, at an average 185.0 cents per litre.

The cheapest gas can be found in Alberta, where the average currently sits at 140.8 cents per litre.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 2, 2022.


Amanda Stephenson, The Canadian Press

18 Comments on "weekend drivers to enjoy cheaper gas"

  1. makati1 on Sat, 3rd Sep 2022 4:45 pm 

    Hmm. Cheap gas while they freeze and starve. Sounds like a good deal…for the dumbed down, brainwashed Canucks.

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 4th Sep 2022 3:19 pm 

    “Capitalism now consumes the planet. It expands like a metastasizing cancer over the face of the earth, heating the atmosphere to unbearable levels and at the current rate may well destroy our world within another hundred years.”

    destroy our world within another hundred years?

    Much less than that.

    Oligarchs are betting the end of the current toxic hollow consumer orgy we call society is coming soon.

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 4th Sep 2022 3:40 pm 

    The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse
    A circular, sci-fi-looking bunker tunnel
    Time to bunker down… if you’ve got the cash.

    Tech billionaires are buying up luxurious bunkers and hiring military security to survive a societal collapse they helped create, but like everything they do, it has unintended consequence

    “Eventually, they edged into their real topic of concern: New Zealand or Alaska? Which region would be less affected by the coming climate crisis? It only got worse from there. Which was the greater threat: global warming or biological warfare? How long should one plan to be able to survive with no outside help? Should a shelter have its own air supply? What was the likelihood of groundwater contamination? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system, and asked: “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?” The event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, solar storm, unstoppable virus, or malicious computer hack that takes everything down.”

    If they can make it to their bunker, somehow control their mercenaries & remain undetected in their gold plated tombs they’ll likely go insane & commit suicide.

    Oligarch spent the last 25+ years exploiting other humans every single day is now just gonna chill out – watch a movie & read a magazine? That fucker will go insane…..quick like.

    At the end of the day our super star tech billionaire’s plan is to what?? To run & hide? Our hi IQ, best & brightest, can’t do any better than run away & hide.

    Puny Oligarch

  4. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 4th Sep 2022 6:17 pm 

    Even before I first graced in 2014 to enlighten the seekers of truth, I was booted from a number of collapse blogs & social media sites for showing the people that they are being lied too about the severity of climate change (worse & faster than expected) & that the IPCC was created by the worlds biggest polluting nations so they can control and reinterpret the science. “Doomer” “nutter” the left-wing “climate fighters” called me.
    Well here is more evidence of lies & corruption, apathy & scientific reticence.

    How Bad Can It Get?

    a new book about how bad things really truly are: Hothouse Earth (Icon Books, August 2022) by Bill McGuire, Emeritus Professor of Geophysical and Climate Hazards at University College London.

    Dr. McGuire doesn’t pull any punches. Accordingly, “There is no chance of avoiding climate breakdown.” That statement prompts the idea that maybe climate breakdown is already here. It sure looks and feels that way.

    McGuire’s book is discussed in an article entitled: ’Soon the World Will be Unrecognizable’: Is it Still Possible to Prevent Total Climate Meltdown? The Guardian, July 30, 2022: Accordingly, most other climate experts still maintain we have time left, although not very much, to bring about meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This, of course, is a well-worn posture that goes nowhere.

    “I know a lot of people working in climate science who say one thing in public but a very different thing in private. In confidence, they are all much more scared about the future we face, but they won’t admit that in public. I call this climate appeasement and I believe it only makes things worse.”

    McGuire’s thesis, in turn, is relevant to an article dealing with politically charged, compromised Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports: Big Oil’s Capture of IPCC Assessment for Policymakers ‘Shakes Our Faith’ (Commentary), Mongabay, August 25, 2022.

    Big Oil’s Capture is all about the necessity for the public to know that IPCC reports are edited by oil and gas representatives and governments that are fossil fuel dependent, exercising a hand in the final drafting of IPCC reports.

    Yes, the same publicly lambasted interests that cause global warming also write and/or edit portions of the all-important IPCC reports. Full stop! Nothing more needs to be said to fully understand the dichotomy between McGuire’s exposure of the dangers of climate change and doctored IPCC reports, claiming, in so many words: It can be fixed. “Don’t worry” as an underlying message, “carbon capture will fix it,” etc. etc. etc. But wrong and misleading on several counts!

    “Fossil fuel interests embedded in the details and the editing of IPCC reports is preposterous.”


    “Fossil fuel interests embedded in the details and the editing of IPCC reports is preposterous.”

    That is like the catholic church putting it’s worst child fucking pedophile priest in charge of the Vatican’s new anti molestation squad.

    For years I’ve told and showed people, political left people, the truth of this IPCC shit show and they go into attack mode. I’m just an endtimes doomer with problems & do not address the evidence I provide, much of which is quotes from scientists who have donated their time and expertise to the IPCC under the assumption that they are doing a good deed. Helping the world. NOPE. Just another fake NGO that serves the oil overlords and the rich countries.


    Below is the type of left wing people and BS site who brushed me off because they don’t want the truth.

    Big Oil’s capture of IPCC assessment for policymakers ‘shakes our faith’ 25 August 2022

    Although the IPCC’s technical summaries on climate change are a key resource for assessment and future projections, the group’s recent recommendations for policy makers appear to have been influenced by fossil fuel stakeholders.

    “The public needs to know that representatives from oil and gas industries, as well as fossil fuel-dependent governments, were writing this report,” a new op-ed states.

    With billions of dollars moving toward technology-driven carbon removal schemes that benefit the fossil fuel industry’s favored status quo, climate philanthropy must increasingly support climate justice, a just transition to renewable energy, and grassroots activism.


    This article is a commentary. The views expressed are those of the author, not necessarily Mongabay.

    Aug 2022 and they have just learned about the corruption?? Really? Bull fucking shit. This is left wing climate denial. It’s more subtle and nuanced. Leftys like nuance. They love using that word. Fucking pretentious cunts. Get real. has known, all the NGO’s have known, most of the scientists know and the bureaucratic spin doctor cunts from the rich nations know. Your politicians know. They say the public needs to know. Why does it matter for the ‘public’ to know? What are they going to do once they ‘know’?
    Everybody knows and everybody pretends otherwise because everybody wants to remain employed.

  5. makati1 on Mon, 5th Sep 2022 5:02 pm 


  6. makati1 on Mon, 5th Sep 2022 5:05 pm 

    Didn’t work. Picture of the Statue of Liberty with the ocean level in 1920 vs today. NO change. Yes, Climate Change is probably correct. It has been changing for millennia, but not drastically. They want us to believe their bullshit.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 6th Sep 2022 12:46 pm 

    Good ole Boomer denier mak with yet another long discredited cut & paste denier photo meme.

    Deniers are the laziest cunts on the planet & are tied for 1st in stupidity.

    Fact check: Tide gauge data, not photos, prove sea level rise at Statue of Liberty

    But the pictures presented here don’t prove anything about sea level change. The waterline at the monument fluctuates daily due to tides, and there is no information provided about the tidal stage in either photo.

    We do have accurate sea rise data at his location based on tide gauges and satellite images, however. Those show sea levels in the area have risen since 1900.

    USA TODAY reached out to the Facebook user who shared the post for comment.

    Sea levels around the Statue of Liberty have risen more than a foot since 1900, Robert Kopp, a climate scientist at Rutgers University, told USA TODAY.

    However, that change is not obviously represented by the pictures in the meme for two reasons.

    One reason is that, while tides in the area fluctuate significantly, no tidal stage information is provided with the pictures in the meme.

    Therefore, “you cannot make inferences about average sea level changes from these photos without correcting for the tidal cycle – and other forms of variation,” Kopp said in an email.

    Because area tides fluctuate by five or more feet and sea levels have risen less than two feet, an average high tide in 1900 was still higher than an average low tide in the present day.

    “The human impact, of course, comes from the fact that sea level at a typical high tide in 2020 is 1.3 feet higher than in 1900,” said Kopp.

    The other reason the photos can’t be used to assess sea level rise is the distance at which they were taken.

    The pictures were taken so far away that it would be difficult to see the current degree of area sea level rise, even if tides were accounted for, NASA climate scientist Josh Willis told USA TODAY.

    “Side-by-side pictures … are pretty much useless for sea level rise,” he said in an email.

    Sorry to ruin your day with that pesky logic, data-N-stuff mak.

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 6th Sep 2022 12:49 pm 

    Mak here’s some pictures that actually count as evidence.

    These Before and After Photos Show How Glaciers in the US Are Melting

    Before & after photos of melting glaciers capture climate change in action

  9. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 6th Sep 2022 1:02 pm 

    Explainer: The disappearing glaciers of the Himalayas
    Rising temperatures are melting glaciers and other frozen water across the Hindu Kush
    Himalayas. Urgent action to curb emissions is needed to secure water supplies, protect livelihoods and prevent disasters across the region

    “the cryosphere is a vital source of freshwater. Approximately 2 billion people rely on the rivers that flow from these mountain ranges, with more than 240 million people living in the mountain areas. As well as providing a water supply for humans, livestock and wildlife in the region, freshwater originating in the cryosphere is essential for agriculture, hydropower, inland navigation, and spiritual and cultural uses.”

    A meltwater imbalance from Earth’s 3rd Pole

    “Earth’s 3rd Pole, aka the Asian Water Tower, is the region that encompasses the Hindu Kush Himalayas mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau. This area is the 3rd largest reservoir of snow and ice on the globe after the Arctic and Antarctica. It supplies water to 25% of Earth’s population. The region has warmed at rates significantly higher than the global mean. Annual and seasonal temperatures have increased more at higher elevation zones across the 3rd Pole. Glaciers are retreating, permafrost degrading, and snow cover days decreasing at the 3rd Pole.”

    I bet the Chinese have plans to genocide any people living islands with fresh water.

    I dunno? Do the humans have a history of eradicating their neighbors when they have used up all their resources?

    “Kin Selection” is the evolutionary strategy that favors the reproductive success of an organism’s relatives, even at a cost to the organism’s own survival and reproduction. The coalitional killing of adults in neighboring groups occurs regularly in humans, wolves and chimpanzees. Selection favors the tendency to form coalitions and kill rivals when the costs are sufficiently low. Here is the basic outline: genes cooperate to build cells, which cooperate to build bodies, which cooperate to form coalitions to attack and kill competing groups, which facilitates the dispersal of the winning coalitions’ genes into the environment.

    Energy is a key aspect of overshoot because available energy is always limited by the energy required to utilize it.

    Organisms are required by the Second Law of thermodynamics to dissipate energy.“Power” is energy dissipation for a purpose and equals:
    forces x flows = work rate + entropy produced.

    Organisms evolved a bias to maximize fitness by maximizing power. With greater power, there is greater opportunity to allocate energy to reproduction and survival, and therefore, an organism that captures and utilizes more energy than another organism in a population will have a fitness advantage.

    Individual organisms cooperate to form social groups and generate more power. Differential power generation and accumulation result in a hierarchical group structure.

    “Politics” is power used by social organisms to control others. Not only are human groups never alone, they cannot control their neighbors’ behavior. Each group must confront the real possibility that its neighbors will grow its numbers and attempt to take resources from them. Therefore, the best political tactic for groups to survive in such a milieu is not to live in ecological balance with slow growth, but to grow rapidly and be able to fend off and take resources from others[5].

    The inevitable “overshoot” eventually leads to decreasing power attainable for the group with lower-ranking members suffering first. Low-rank members will form subgroups and coalitions to demand a greater share of power from higher-ranking individuals who will resist by forming their own coalitions to maintain it. Meanwhile, social conflict will intensify as available power continues to fall.

    Eventually, members of the weakest group (high or low rank) are forced to “disperse.”[6] Those members of the weak group who do not disperse are killed,[7] enslaved, or in modern times imprisoned. By most estimates, 10 to 20 percent of all the people who lived in Stone-Age societies died at the hands of other humans.[8] The process of overshoot, followed by forced dispersal, may be seen as a sort of repetitive pumping action — a collective behavioral loop — that drove humans into every inhabitable niche of our planet.

    Here is a synopsis of the behavioral loop described above:

    Step 1. Individuals and groups evolved a bias to maximize fitness by maximizing power, which requires over-reproduction and/or over-consumption of natural resources (overshoot), whenever systemic constraints allow it. Differential power generation and accumulation result in a hierarchical group structure.

    Step 2. Energy is always limited, and overshoot eventually leads to decreasing power available to some members of the group, with lower-ranking members suffering first.

    Step 3. Diminishing power availability creates divisive subgroups within the original group. Low-rank members will form subgroups and coalitions to demand a greater share of power from higher-ranking individuals, who will resist by forming their own coalitions to maintain power.

    Step 4. Violent social strife eventually occurs among subgroups who demand a greater share of the remaining power.

    Step 5. The weakest subgroups (high or low rank) are either forced to disperse to a new territory, are killed, enslaved, or imprisoned.

    Step 6. Go back to step 1.

    The above loop was repeated countless thousands of times during the millions of years that we were evolving[9]. This behavior is inherent in the architecture of our minds — is entrained in our biological material — and will be repeated until we go extinct.

  10. Hello on Tue, 6th Sep 2022 3:04 pm 

    >>> The disappearing glaciers of the Himalayas

    only one thing matters. When will world population finally start to decline? There’s still WAY too much food around that allows ragheads/negros breeding. When does it stop?

  11. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 6th Sep 2022 4:13 pm 

    Britain is different: no white man in the 5 most senior UK government positions.

    Unthinkable in the EU or Russia. The US perhaps, soon.

  12. Hello on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 5:27 am 

    >>> Unthinkable in the EU

    Just sit and wait. It will come. Till a few decades ago negros and ragheads were something you knew from books, only. Nowadays every train ride I take is a visit to the zoo.
    Isn’t the leader of the german grüne partei a kanack? Don’t they have a nigger in the italian parliament?
    Europe is importing 3rd world like there’s no tomorrow. Spain another shitload of south amricans. Germany shitloads of indians. All of europe shitloads of ragheads and negros. There’s no sign of slowing down, because a declining native population can’t support the NEED to grow the economy at all cost, even if it means to sell out your land, your history, your identity.
    Sick pieces of shit, them europeans, that’s for sure.

  13. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 4:58 pm 

    Currently on holiday in France, heading for Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. Have a feeling everything could break apart this winter, the economy in Europe, the war in Ukraine could escalate into a world war. So, for one last time, enjoy the good life! Tomorrow Vichy, love the ring that name has, like a beacon of hope!

    For the rest: may America walk into knife of war against both Russia and China.

    In the Czech Republic, Germany and France huge anti-NATO demonstrations, we are getting somewhere!

    Note how they can still march in

    The time has arrived to kick the goddamn anglos and their kiken owners out of Europe, as well as their diversity shit and clean the lot up.

  14. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 5:08 pm 

    Australia will be Chinese before this decade is over:

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 5:42 pm 

    The energy historian who says rapid decarbonization is a fantasy

    “Vaclav Smil rarely agrees to interviews. Too many in the media have portrayed him as a tool of Big Oil, he says — because he insists on pointing out how deeply dependent humanity is on fossil fuels and how difficult it will be to give them up.

    The economist and professor emeritus at Canada’s University of Manitoba heats his house with solar energy. He’s no global warming denier. He recognizes the need to move away from plastics, but asks readers to note how often they touch plastic every day and ask themselves how rapid they think the switch can be.

    His mission: lay out facts. “I’m not an optimist or a pessimist,” he likes to say. “I’m a scientist.”

  16. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 7:53 pm 

    “Historic day in California! After 97 years Sacramento beat its all time heat record with 116F/46.7C. The Death Valley reached 125.2F/51.8C

    “MORE ALL TIME RECORDS: Ukiah 117; Merced 115; Napa 115; Stockton 115 tied; Santa Rosa 114; San Jose AP 109.”

  17. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 7:55 pm 

    “USA Heat Wave: 6 September Records in Colorado and Utah:

    Colorado: Delta 102; Grand Junction 101; Limon 99; Wray 104 tied; Burlington 100 tied, and Utah: St George and White Reef 111F SEPTEMBER STATE RECORD TIED; SL City 105; Ogden 103; Brigham 100; Heber 99 tied; Vernal 98 tied; Logan 99 tied.”

  18. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 7th Sep 2022 8:01 pm 

    Bay Area hit with record temperatures, officials ask Californians to conserve energy

    The heat wave is stressing the power grid.

    The temperature in Livermore, located in the eastern part of the Bay Area, reached 116 degrees on Monday, the highest temperature recorded in the Bay area, according to the National Weather Service.

    Santa Rosa, California, hit 112 degrees on Monday, breaking its previous record of 110 degrees; Gilroy, California, also reached 112 degrees, tying the record set in 2017 and 2020, according to NWS.
    PHOTO: A woman jogs by power lines as a wave of extreme heat settled over much of California, in Mountain View, Calif., Aug. 17, 2022.

    I’m hot & I’ve fallen & I can’t get up.

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