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Page added on June 29, 2021

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There Isn’t Enough Natural Gas


Natural gas markets around the globe are rallying as the world’s importers have come to a stark realization: there isn’t enough supply to go around.

A long, frigid winter drained gas stockpiles from Louisiana to Germany, and utilities are struggling to build them back up. But unforeseen supply disruptions and a rebounding global economy are making it impossible to keep up. That’s setting up a desperate scenario as hot summer temperatures approach, and it’s bound to get even worse when demand peaks this winter.

Higher gas prices will make it more costly to keep the lights on in Madrid or cool apartments in Tokyo, after scorching heat waves in some regions are already making it more expensive to run air conditioners. The cleaner-burning fuel is the latest commodity to add to the global inflation scare as the price of everything from crude oil to corn and copper surge.

If a gas deficit does develop during the winter months, it could spur European utilities to burn more coal, which has already started happening, and cause China’s power producers to curtail supplies to industries and cause blackouts like it did last winter. Households are set to pay sky-high utility bills and the worst-case scenario — albeit unlikely — is they won’t have heating or electricity when freezing temperatures hit.

“Supplies are already very tight, and that could get much worse if there is a cold winter,” said James Whistler, the global head of energy derivatives at Simpson Spence Young, an international commodity and ship broker. “We are seeing strong competition between Europe and Asia, and that is manifesting in the continuous rally.”

European gas inventories are the lowest in more than a decade for this time of year, with the region’s benchmark surging to the highest in almost 13 years, while rates in the U.S. and Asia have jumped to the highest seasonal level in years.

The gas sector had long been segmented between geographical regions, but the ramp-up in new supply of liquefied natural gas and growing liquidity in spot trading over the past several years has helped transform it into a genuinely global market. That evolution comes at a price, as Europe and North Asia now compete for a finite supply of LNG, which results in bidding wars that catapult spot rates.

At the center of the action is China, which in a surprise move is set to overtake Japan as the world’s top LNG importer for the first time this year. China is stockpiling supplies of the super-chilled fuel in order to power its booming economy and help it shift away from dirtier fossil fuels.

“China’s LNG demand in the past years keeps outperforming even the most bullish analysts,” said Henning Gloystein, global director of energy and natural resources at consultants Eurasia Group.

The mad dash is putting Europe at a major disadvantage, as Asian end-users increase prices to attract supplies away from the Atlantic. Europe — where spot prices have rallied by more than 65% this year — is facing thin gas inventories amid lower flows from pipeline suppliers and near record carbon prices.

Europe’s end-users have been forced to depend more on Russian pipeline supplies. Yet Gazprom PJSC’s unwillingness to ship extra gas via Ukraine has been one of the key factors that has catapulted prices at the Dutch Title Transfer Facility, the spot benchmark for Europe, to the highest level since 2008.

“We see TTF prices rising for the remainder of 2021 as Asian LNG demand is robust,” said Santosh Gupta, assistant manager at Drewry Maritime Financial Research. “I don’t see a catalyst in the short term that would bring down prices.”

Indeed, the situation is made worse by the energy demands caused by extreme weather — from last winter’s bitter cold in Asia to the current heat waves in the Western U.S. and severe droughts across the globe that have curbed hydro output.

With fresh memories of record-high Asian spot LNG prices last winter, the world’s top importers in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have been busy buying shipments for delivery between November and February, well ahead of normal, according to traders surveyed by Bloomberg. China’s importers were scolded by the government for not being well prepared last winter and they don’t want to make the same mistake twice, traders said.

The Japanese government last month asked utilities to ensure stable fuel supplies this summer and winter amid forecasts for abnormally thin power reserves. Traders at Japan’s biggest importers said that they have been under more pressure to stock up on fuel and even restart retired gas-fired power plants.

There isn’t enough fresh LNG supply to meet this growing demand. The market had become accustomed to a steady stream of new mega-export projects, but the industry is currently in the midst of a lull period, where the next raft of new supply isn’t expected until the middle of the decade.


“Supply will likely remain tight for the next two or three years as the industry makes up for the lack of new supply investments in 2020 and catches up with robust demand growth,” said Whistler.

oil gas leads

35 Comments on "There Isn’t Enough Natural Gas"

  1. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 29th Jun 2021 11:52 pm 

    Get use to the phrase
    “There Isn’t Enough________.” you’ll be hearing it the rest of your lives.

    Limits To Growth bitches.

  2. Theedrich on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 1:53 am 

    The U.S. government is a crime organization. The worst the world has ever seen.  It terrorizes, threatens and/or bribes virtually all other nations in the world.  Its president is a traitor.  Its FBI is an agency devoted to entrapping ordinary citizens into alleged wrongdoing, an agency headed by professional liars who pose as saints.  Its National Security Agency (NSA) spies on all communications of all Americans and uses the information to smear them politically.  Its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) specializes in insane foreign wars (cf. and in overthrowing democratically elected governments, using murder as one of its most useful tools.  The CIA is assisted in this by the military-industrial complex, which bilks taxpayers of countless $trillions and send large number of young men to die abroad as cannon fodder or to have their lives crippled forever.  The White House cabal is importing millions of unassimilable aliens in order to change the demographics of the country so as to ensure permanent control by corrupt Democrats and complicit RINOs.  It encourages the complete narcotization of the country in order to make the populace little more than easily-controlled zombies.  The mainstream media are subordinate agencies dedicated to the destruction of the country by attacking the race of the people who built it.  The tech companies (Silicon Valley, etc.) want a continuous torrent of narcotics in order to make their programmers more productive by poisoning them and converting them from mere Dr. Jekylls into idiot-savant Mr. Hydes, disregarding the deadly results on the narco-savants.  The judiciary has been converted into a meek servant which uses inane legalisms to avoid making critical decisions based on reality.  And so it goes.

    The earth cannot take much more of the indispensable nation.

  3. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 2:42 am 

    “The U.S. government is a crime organization. The worst the world has ever seen. It terrorizes, threatens and/or bribes virtually all other nations in the world.”

    Or rather the (((group))) within the US government. The apneaman group, who got the upper hand over the white race after WW2, in order to attempt to destroy us. High time to destroy them back.

    It stole the FED from the American people, it tricked the US in WW1, it set up Europe for WW2, it forced Japan into war via Pearl Harbor, it supported the USSR from the beginning until Stalin kicked the jews out, it invented the holohoax afterwards, it killed US dissident JFK, it opened the borders of the US for mass third world immigration until today, it tele-crashed planes into its own buildings to create the excuse to invade the Middle East and lay the foundations of a New American Century (and failed miserably), it was behind the civil war in Syria (another failure), it was behind the toppling of the democratically elected government in the Ukraine, it tries to topple Vladimir Putin, it sends a UK boat to provoke war against Russia, and, and, and.

    Until China appeared on the scene. And Iran took over Iraq and Syria and large parts of Yemen.

    Head Dutch media landscape:

    You guessed it!

    The only way to get rid of this vermin is WW3-CW2. And prepare ourselves for the sacrifice of Australia and large parts of the US. And deport millions of French Muslims to London and Kent in order to clean up France and deal with England once and for all by decapitating it and take the UK completely apart, like the Alllies allowed to deport millions of Germans from Prussia. And let Erdogan and Iran take over the Middle East from the US and Israel. And park the surviving Israeli jews in Upstate New York in exchange for their nukes.

  4. Cloggie on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 3:56 am 

    Excellent, bring on peak natural gas!

    Open your wallet and order that offshore wind park in Europe now.

  5. Cloggie on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 6:22 am 

    ‘Our plasma electrolysers will cut the cost of green hydrogen by a factor of three’

    Start-up Hydrogen Systems Australia says its new technology ‘could change the way the world creates H2’

    If true, this would solve the remaining problems with renewable energy.

  6. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 11:19 am 

    The white race after WW2 took a gun that was labelled ‘degeneracy’, stuck it in it’s own mouth & pulled the trigger.

    Why? cuz they could. No one made you do it, except maybe the maximum power principle.

    Humans are desire….want. Never satisfied.
    No matter what you get the anticipatory dopamine hits before you get it & the dopamine hits you get afterwards wear off quick & you need more. That’s why your sad consumer lives leave you just as empty as when you started & always will.

    If Clog & Co’s ridiculous fantasy white-world came to pass, 5 minutes after you killed the last ‘mudblood’ y’all would be at each others throats over some stupid made up difference (hats or food) & feel just as empty as when you started.

    Happiness & contentment are illusions conjured up by evolution to keep you in perpetual thought & motion in all things related to survival & reproduction & there’s no slow down or shut off switch.

    Xenophobia & crisis cults are to be expected like clock work in troubled times. Trouble is all the future holds now that we’ve reached the limits to growth + runaway climate change + mass extinction (runaway dying).

    If one truly believes in white supremacy & desires an all white world what would be the best thing they could do to help bring that about?

    Marry the best white woman you can & make as many white babies as you can. This is you duty to your tribe.

    Did clog do that? No & no.

    Like a great many whites the last few generations clog chose his own comfort over procreation (duty). All the time & money is mine – me me me. Only clog’s a Boomer – the generation for whom having kids was easier & cheaper than any generation before or since.

    Clog failed in his prime duty as a white man. Why the fuck would or should anyone listen to you clog?
    No kids & hides behind his keyboard while all his ‘brothers’ are in the street. You couldn’t possibly be a bigger phony if you tried clog.

    Clog’s representative of many whites today(all about me). Which is why we’re going down…..except for the Super Jews, right clog.

  7. Clog failed in his prime duty as a white man so troo supertard so troo 100 percent agreed on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 1:17 pm 

    most experts agree elite whitey supertards didn’t cause the melting of two miles of ice over much of canada and northern US

    experts say archeological evidences show the vast area was populated by supremacist muzzies at the time. The population back then was 25 beeeellion, all supremacist muzzies.

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  8. Cloggie on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 1:18 pm 

    This just in: the Dutch government has ordered Gasunie, the company who has built and maintains the national gas grid, to refactor that grid to enable it to handle hydrogen. In the Netherlands, the hydrogen economy is now irreversible:

    “Gasunie: besluit waterstofinfrastructuur is mijlpaal voor energietransitie“

    It is one of the first, if not THE first country to do so.

  9. Cloggie on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 1:25 pm 

    NOW on Dutch 20:00 tv news: 50 C heat wave in British Columbia.

    I’m afraid we can write off our buddy apneaman.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 2:24 pm 

    Clog, I love heatwaves & anything else that disposes of Burden Boomers.

    Farewell dead weight.

    It’d be even better if seniors homes across the province mysteriously had their electricity cut off.

    OK Boomer

  11. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 2:31 pm 

    TalmudTurk still loves to pretend that the US matters and that US whites chose their own demise. They didn’t. For decades they were mentally sandblasted by the unelected jewish media to accept non-whites as their equals, they should intermix with, leading to a predictable result: ethnic tensions boiling over.

    Meanwhile in Asia:

    “IMF raises China growth forecast to 8.4% in 2021“

    Whatever TalmudTurk.

  12. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 2:52 pm 

    “In the Netherlands, the hydrogen hopium economy is now irreversible:”

    clog counting unhatched chickens.

    We had/tried hydrogen in BC….for 5 minutes until reality caught up.

    BC Transit’s $90M hydrogen bus fleet to be sold off, converted to diesel

    “Hydrogen buses that were once lauded as the future of clean transportation in B.C.are being replaced by old-fashioned diesel power.

    The 20 vehicles were part of a high profile, $90-million plan to showcase hydrogen power during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler.

    Hydrogen-powered buses at Olympics under scrutiny

    BC Transit is now taking bids on the buses and will either sell them off or have them converted to use diesel or other fuel. They have been in storage for several months and each has roughly 200,000 kilometres on the odometer.

    In a written release, BC Transit said it’s exploring various options for the hydrogen buses, and its bidding process closes on Dec. 19. It declined a request for an interview from CBC News.

    The decision to kill the fleet has Canada’s hydrogen proponents fuming, including Eric Denhoff, President and CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.”

    If the Canadians can’t make it work then I doubt the Dutch can. Perhaps as a carnival ride. Hydrogen Ferris Wheel or some other faggoty adult toy befitting the Dutch.

    Oh clog, speaking of piece of shit Burden Boomers, your peer, Donald ‘Douchbag’ Rumsfeld just kicked the bucket.

    Another scumbag gone.

    Good work old guard, but can you try & speed things up. We really need that new blood, calling shots if we want to avoid the worst case scenario – anyone but Boomers.

  13. dissident on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 2:59 pm 

    Maybe the ubermenschen in U-rope can posture against Russia some more and cut their own noses off from spite. Here is your precious energy security you clowns. The same clowns who buy oil from Saudi Arabia. The only security issue is the with the lack thereof in the mental state of these clowns.

  14. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 3:05 pm 

    “It’s not particularly new, this effort to exploit gullibility and ignorance. In fact, it probably constitutes a large percentage of human history. Religion thrives on it, just for starters, as any rational person would suspect from a belief system that pits faith against reason, superstition against science, or feel-good fairy tales over historical fact”.

  15. (((supertards))) did 911 but it seems whitey supertards are doing the convid-19 on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 3:07 pm 

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here.

  16. makati1 on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 4:35 pm 

    No limits other than prices. No “peak” in sight, Famouse.

    The EU, especially Germany, will have all the NG it needs from Russia. NS2 is due to come online by Fall. The the US won’t have to ship their high priced NG across the Atlantic. Russia will supply it cheaper.

    Another sucker ad disguised as “news”.

  17. makati1 on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 4:39 pm 

    Theedrich, we live in “interesting ” times. Will humans still exist in 2030 or will the next war end our reign on earth? We shall see. Pass the popcorn. ^_^

  18. Theedrich on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 12:01 am 

    Mak, you are right. The Wokesters in the U.S. are convinced that, as gods, they know it all and intend to use their power to crush the rest of humanity, starting with the “insurrectionists” in the United States itself.  As for the other nations, what’s a little thermonuclear war?  America the (progressive) righteous will always win.

  19. (((supertards))) did 911 but whitey supertards are doing the convid-19 just look at the teevee and its aparent on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 12:40 am 

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here.

  20. Cloggie on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 3:00 am 

    We had/tried hydrogen in BC….for 5 minutes until reality caught up.

    BC Transit’s $90M hydrogen bus fleet to be sold off, converted to diesel

    Wtf have Canadians to show for, other than Mounties, tar sands, Justin Bieber and clubbed baby seals? Just because you f* up, doesn’t mean Europe will. We long have fleets of hydrogen trucks, buses and trains operational. Here the French-made Alstom hydrogen train that since 2016 is being rolled-out all over Europe:

    Besides, this is not about getting some vehicle run on hydrogen, that’s easy. The decision of the Dutch government yesterday is about repurposing the entire national natural gas grid towards using it for hydrogen, not in the least to import hydrogen from abroad and distribute it over Europe. This is really big, the Netherlands is crossing the hydrogen Rubicon, as far as I am aware it is the first country to do so:


    The Netherlands has always been at the forefront, in good (Wi-Fi, CD, DVD, cassette-tape, Bluetooth, etc) and in bad (attracting poofters from all over the world to get “married”):

  21. Cloggie on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 3:06 am 

    More European infiltration into US power sector:

    “Atlantic Shores and Orsted win record 2.66GW New Jersey offshore wind round”

    The entire wind sector in Texas was already built by Europeans, go ask the rockman. We’re going to roll up the entire US.

  22. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 3:24 am 

    I love heatwaves

    Your emotional attachment to ovens is well known, cultural thingy.

    The white race after WW2 took a gun that was labelled ‘degeneracy’, stuck it in it’s own mouth & pulled the trigger.

    Why? cuz they could. No one made you do it

    Really? Here we have somewhere in Norway jewboy Paul Krugman in 2014 gloating about the demise of white America:

    Krugman is spilling the beans of the essence of the jewish agenda since 100 years: get rid of the white race and take its place in the global pecking order and have Anglo (and Russian 1917-1938) fools to carry out the agenda for them.

    But he was cautious about the “danger” that his “get rid of whitey” pet project could be jeopardized at the last moment. He thought it could be Ted Cruz doing the sabotaging, he didn’t expect Trump to drive a wedge between ZOG and white America.

    rural White Americans who feel they are losing their country, and they are right. They are losing their country. In the end, the power they now have will go away, but it’s a very difficult and dangerous time until then. The future is represented by Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York, “but Ted Cruz of Texas is still out there.”

    The future is indeed libtards like DeBlasio in NYC and folks like Trump in rural America. Split her up!

    And the way to get there is a nice little war with China & Russia in East-Asia and the Black Sea. And Brexit and Russia delivering 40% of all fossil fuel to the EU and Iran controlling the rest of the supply from the Gulf, suffice to keep the EU neutral, if not pro-Russia.

    But apneaman, who thinks exactly like Krugman, is too full of hybris to notice that if he would succeed in wiping out whitey from North-America, he won’t be left with any competent tools to carry out his globalist agenda against China, Russia and Islam.

    See, you are going to lose one way or the other.

    I love heatwaves & anything else that disposes of Burden Boomers.

    Sure, blame it on the environment rather than the actions of your fellow-kikes. But I am telling you, the only ones who are getting disposed off for good is your fellow sheenies, as well as the country that never should have existed, independent of Europe: USA.


  23. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 3:43 am 

    Xi keeping the Taiwan reunification issue warm:

    “Xi calls for ‘complete reunification’ with Taiwan as China celebrates centenary of its Communist Party”

    A clash Russia-UK in the Black Sea could be the required trigger, could happen any minute.

    Australia has a white communist fifth column ready to open the door for China:

    Even ZOG-outlet Bloomberg is skeptical about the chances for the survival of the liberal West, where anything goes and nothing matters:

    “How Western Failures Are Fueling China’s Rise”

    This is the future for Europe, after America… post-Christian, post-humanist, post-jew, pro-identitarian, neo-Roman, Greater European, inter-planetary imperialist, competing with China for new worlds:×811.jpg


  24. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 3:57 am 

    Even the supporters of Boris Johnson and Brexit, the Daily Mail, are not very satisfied with the performance of BoJo in the Commons:

    “Boris Johnson stomped on out, leaving a vapour trail of fury: HENRY DEEDES watches a miffed Prime Minister being grilled over the Matt Hancock scandal at PMQs”

    “PMQs Is This How to Deal With Boris Johnson’s Lies?”

    Tell it all comments + kudos:

    “Boris is on the decline now. Everyone can see he’s a weak, pathetic, coward with no cajones!!”

    “The more you watch this sha,ft you realise that everything Cummings said about him is totally accurate”

    “Boris avoids anything difficult. He is an utter disgrace and needs to go.”

    “He lies and lies …. just for once Boris try telling tHe truth”

    “Boris was only good for Brexit and that was because he sold Northern Ireland down the river…. its time he went or the Tories sacked him”

    Note, these are Brexiteers and former Boris supporters.

    This entire Brexit stunt is going to collapse in its own footprint with the speed of gravity.

  25. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 6:02 am 

    Perhaps England will win the Euros for the first time in history [*]. But it would be a massive own goal. Against the Covid tide in Europe, in England “the sky is the limit”:

    R-value 200 (in Europe 5-30).

    An overcrowded island, full stadiums and public viewing are the cause of this.

    [*] – Germany 3, Spain 3, France 2, Netherlands 1, Italy 1, USSR 1, Portugal 1, Denmark 1, Greece 1, England 0.

  26. Cloggie on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 6:16 am 

    Coming up, the end of overnight charging. Volkswagen will offer an e-vehicle with a range of 1000 km and 12 minutes charging time by the end of 2022:

    “VW-group solid state batteries can deliver 30% more range 12 minute charge times”

    Just go to the “gas station”, plug er in and have a coffee.

    No need to litter the entire country with charging poles.

    Easy does it.


  27. Cloggie on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 7:32 am 

    The car is the enemy and needs to be defeated (tamed):

    “Cars get less and less space in the Utrecht city centre”

  28. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 10:20 am 

    Turkey, another potential great power in the emerging multi-polar world:

    Astana, the next logical diplomatic capital in the world, to replace NYC (too jewish):

    Britain looking for trouble in the Black Sea:

    (WW3 has to start somewhere)

  29. Outcast_Searcher on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 2:51 pm 

    Short term isn’t longer term. If NG prices rise meaningfully, there is LOTS and LOTS of NG, re fracking, etc.

    But of course, insta-doomers don’t want to deal with reality, re economics.

  30. EverythingIsAHologram on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 3:38 pm 

    I love this comment that I took from the video

    Eric Allen Tre Isk
    il y a 5 mois
    Everything is a hologram, that’s why. The simulation / matrix / projection of reality is being dismantled. We won , low density is dropping off & higher densities are moving up.

    This entire reality is a projection. Some have been able to manipulate it as you are aware. At this point , the veil is thinning on everything.
    Eric Allen Tre Isk
    il y a 5 mois
    Everything is a hologram, that’s why. The simulation / matrix / projection of reality is being dismantled. We won , low density is dropping off & higher densities are moving up.

    This entire reality is a projection. Some have been able to manipulate it as you are aware. At this point , the veil is thinning on everything.
    Eric Allen Tre Isk
    il y a 5 mois
    Everything is a hologram, that’s why. The simulation / matrix / projection of reality is being dismantled. We won , low density is dropping off & higher densities are moving up.

    This entire reality is a projection. Some have been able to manipulate it as you are aware. At this point , the veil is thinning on everything.

  31. makati1 on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 4:38 pm 

    Taiwan is China. Xi is not going to let the US move in just 180 miles off China’s shore.

    Can you imagine a Russian or Chinese military base in the Bahamas? LOL

  32. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 6:15 pm 

    ‘They increasingly look like dupes’

    I know Trump supporters are mentally challenged– lets be honest- their stupid.

  33. Outcast_Searcher on Sat, 3rd Jul 2021 1:44 pm 

    Duncan Idaho: When you DON”T KNOW their from they’re, guess who calling people STUPID points to?

    Hint: Look in the mirror. Then, if you’re still confused (which wouldn’t surprise me), look up “irony”.

    If you STILL don’t get it, you’re hopeless, which is what I’d expect.

    Congrats. /s

  34. Outcast_Searcher on Sat, 3rd Jul 2021 1:46 pm 

    Duncan Idaho: And by the way, I’m NOT a Trump follower, and I DON’T like Trump or science denial.

    But you being stupid (re posting like a 3rd grader re your vocabulary and spelling) and calling people stupid at the same time, is so like Trump, that the IRONY is just to palpable to ignore.

  35. Outcast_Searcher on Sat, 3rd Jul 2021 1:48 pm 

    Oops: Too palpable. (At least I caught it and fixed it). And for the hundredth time or so, I HATE it that this posting format has no obvious “edit” function to fix typos like the one I made, and hit “enter” too quickly.

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