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Page added on October 2, 2021

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The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse’

The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse’ thumbnail

Seafarers, truck drivers and airline workers have endured quarantines, travel restrictions and complex Covid-19 vaccination and testing requirements to keep stretched supply chains moving during the pandemic.

But many are now reaching their breaking point, posing yet another threat to the badly tangled network of ports, container vessels and trucking companies that moves goods around the world.
In an open letter Wednesday to heads of state attending the United Nations General Assembly, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and other industry groups warned of a “global transport system collapse” if governments do not restore freedom of movement to transport workers and give them priority to receive vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization.
Seafarers on board a Mitsui O.S.K Lines vessel share a message of safety.

“Global supply chains are beginning to buckle as two years’ worth of strain on transport workers take their toll,” the groups wrote. The letter has also been signed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). Together they represent 65 million transport workers globally.
“All transport sectors are also seeing a shortage of workers, and expect more to leave as a result of the poor treatment millions have faced during the pandemic, putting the supply chain under greater threat,” it added.
Guy Platten, secretary general of the ICS, said that worker shortages are likely to worsen towards the end of the year because seafarers may not want to commit to new contracts and risk not making it home for Christmas given port shutdowns and constant changes to travel restrictions.

Fragile supply chains

That will heap pressure on stretched supply chains and could, for example, worsen current challenges with food and fuel supply in the United Kingdom.
“The global supply chain is very fragile and depends as much on a seafarer [from the Philippines] as it does on a truck driver to deliver goods,” added Stephen Cotton, ITF secretary general. “The time has come for heads of government to respond to these workers’ needs.”
Container ships anchored by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles as they wait to offload on September 20, 2021.

When Karynn Marchal and her crew were told that they wouldn’t be allowed to go on shore upon docking in Hokkaido, Japan it was a big hit to morale.
“None of us knew how long it would go on for,” the 28-year old chief officer of a car-carrying ship told CNN Business.
That was more than 18 months ago. Marchal — and hundreds of thousands of seafarers like her — have not been permitted shore leave since.
After weeks on board a ship, a couple of hours on shore provides much needed respite. But seafarers can only leave a vessel in order to travel elsewhere, usually to return home. Marchal considers herself “one of the luckier ones,” because she has at least been able to make it home to the United States.
“There are people who have been stuck at sea for over a year,” she said.
Karynn Marchal, chief officer, pictured on board her vessel in January 2021 in the Panama Canal.

Early in the pandemic, many seafarers agreed to extend their contracts by several months to keep supplies of food, fuel, medicine and other consumer goods flowing around the world. The grounding of planes and border closures had made it almost impossible to move workers from one part of the world to another and to swap crews.
At the peak of the crisis in 2020, 400,000 seafarers were unable to leave their ships for routine changeovers, some working for as long as 18 months beyond the end of their initial contracts, according to the ICS.

Multiple vaccinations, repeated testing

While these numbers have improved, crew changes remain a major challenge. Some travel restrictions were reimposed as a result of the coronavirus Delta variant and transport workers continue to face a myriad of vaccine and testing requirements just to do their jobs. Often these are imposed at a moment’s notice, said Platten.
Inconsistent requirements mean that some seafarers have been vaccinated multiple times because some countries have approved only certain vaccines, according to Platten.
He knows of at least one seafarer who has received six vaccine doses, or three two-dose regimens. “It’s an absolute nightmare. I can’t understand why we don’t have some sort of global standard,” he told CNN Business.
Meanwhile, the unequal distribution of vaccines globally means that only about 25% to 30% of seafarers, many of who are from India and the Philippines, are fully vaccinated, according to Platten.
Trucks parked on the runway at Manston Airport in England waiting to cross the English Channel on December 22, 2020.

Coronavirus testing is also a challenge. In February, Germany unilaterally introduced mandatory PCR testing with no exemption for truck drivers, leading neighboring countries including Italy to impose similar restrictions to avoid having thousands of drivers stranded in their own territory.
These measures affected thousands of truck drivers, particularly on the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria, forcing them to queue for days in sub-zero temperatures with no food or medical facilities. The EU Digital Covid Certificate has since eased some of the pressure, but bottlenecks remain.
“Drivers have faced hundreds of border issues and blockades through the pandemic,” said Umberto de Pretto, IRU secretary general. “Truck drivers, and the citizens and businesses that depend on the goods they move, pay a heavy price for misguided Covid restrictions that do not exempt transport workers,” he added.
Truck drivers line up to show testing documentation on the Brenner Pass on February 16.

Marchal, the chief officer, and her crew had to do 10 Covid tests in seven days before they were allowed to enter the shipyard in Singapore for repairs last month. Maintenance was delayed by a week following a coronavirus outbreak at the port and the vessel is not expected to leave before mid October. In the meantime, the crew must remain on board the ship.
Compulsory quarantines when disembarking and on arrival in their home countries can mean that pilots and seafarers spend a month of their vacation time stuck in a hotel room before they’re able to see their families.
Seafarers “run the shipping industry,” yet they have not been given the priority of frontline workers, said Shaailesh Sukte, the captain of Seaspan Amazon, a container ship. “If you want the world to [keep] moving, you need to relax travel restrictions,” he told CNN Business.

42 Comments on "The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse’"

  1. forbin on Sun, 3rd Oct 2021 3:26 am 

    “If you want the world to [keep] moving, you need to relax travel restrictions,”

    but cutting this traffic down is exactly what being green means.

    hey ho

  2. Dredd on Mon, 4th Oct 2021 9:35 am 

    It is a concern that isn’t going away anytime soon (Seaports With Sea Level Change – 18).

  3. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 4th Oct 2021 1:00 pm 

    “China flies 52 aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace in largest mission ever as sabre-rattling state media asks ‘whether Australia is willing to accompany Taiwan… to become cannon fodder'”

    Pretty direct threat to Australia!

  4. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 4th Oct 2021 6:03 pm 

    “Republicans in Congress raised the debt three times when Donald Trump was president … but now they won’t raise it, even though they’re responsible for more than $8T dollars of bills incurred in four years under the previous administration.”

    If there is one thing the Fat Boy is good at, it is ripping people off.
    Credit where it is due.

  5. makati1 on Mon, 4th Oct 2021 7:04 pm 

    Biden’, Australia already committed themselves to backing up the Empire, even if it means the destruction of Australia. Not that the US is likely to get into the fray personally. Whatever happens with Taiwan, it will not last long. It will be hypersonic missiles, not planes, that take out Taiwan if it comes to that. Taian has no real defenses, just Amerikan junk.

    The US knows it cannot win a war with China or Russia. 90+% of Amerika’s necessities comes from China, and Russia would end the US in a day, if attacked. The US is nothing but hot air, lies and hypocrisy and the world sees it.

  6. Cloggie on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 1:45 am 

    More nay-sayers humbled. Most here always maintained that renewable energy doesn’t work, because, you see, they can’t power heavy machines.

    Yes they can!

    “Excavator Converted to be Fueled by Hydrogen”


  7. noobtube on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 3:09 am 

    America is used to bullying other countries, no matter if its Russia or China.

    Looks like China is calling the United States bluff.

    When Washington gets punked by Beijing, it is going to be a lot more hurt coming to the land of the Big Macs and the Land Whales.

    Too bad I’m stuck here where everyone wants to get rich by being a parasite (real estate/stock market/social media influencer/Amazon peddler).

  8. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 3:11 am 

    Tory MP wants to go back to the preindustrial age and the industrial supply lines to “crumble” (that project is underway, thanks to Brexit) and supermarkets must cease to exist. The burger instead needs to get his food and milk “from the farmer down the street” (name and address, please).

    “Tory MP says it could be ‘great opportunity’ if supermarket supply chains were to break”

    Chris Loder told a fringe meeting at the party conference that it was high time that Britain returned to the good old days when farmers sold their milk to the village shop.

    Mr James Howard Kunstler will probably love him, the burgers likely not so much. Loder is member of the “Common Sense Group” of Conservative Parliamentarians.

    Comments from my favorite Labour fanboy:

    Nevertheless, by leaving the EU, Britain has set itself on a tail spin trajectory, and it is almost certain that the country will indeed revert to the shabby days of shortly after the war.

    But the milk will still come from the factory. Sorry, mr Loder.

  9. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 3:19 am 

    John Kerry subtly backstabbing Joe Biden, by revealing the latter was unaware of French anger regarding the subs deal.

    The rightwing media Australians of Sky News, keep insisting that Australia will end up with no subs whatsoever:

    “Australia is ‘going to have nothing’ when it comes to submarines”

    Note that Greg Sheridan seems to assume that Australia still has 30-40 years to independently take decisions about buying submarines.

    It hasn’t.

  10. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 4:00 am 

    “China warns World War Three could be triggered ‘at any time’ after it sent dozens of warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace as Big Lizzie joins TWO US carriers and Japanese warships in huge Philippine sea exercise”

    I would take this bloody serious.

    My guess: shortly after the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

    How did mr Kunstler put it again?

    “Slowly, Then All at Once”

    Like an avalanche.

  11. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 10:08 am 

    Healthiest Countries 2021 according to the Bloomberg Global Health Index:

    1. Spain
    2. Italy
    3. Iceland
    4. Japan

  12. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 3:05 pm 

    thanks clog for news of that 40 years too late heavy machinery pilot project gimmick.

    I’ll think fondly if it while I watch catastrophic runaway climate change & our toxic, ruined biosphere make lives miserable then kill off billions…until it gets me.

    This: “More nay-sayers humbled. Most here always maintained that renewable energy doesn’t work, because, you see, they can’t power heavy machines.”…is another of your strawman lies.

    All the naysayers were talking about scale & ROI clog & you know it. You are, yet again, re interpreting what they said/lying.

    Your constant lying & game playing is why those dudes over on the forum will have nothing to do with you clog & some of them are highly intelligent & very knowledgeable on energy matters. They read & discuss the topic every day….just not with you clog.

    How many years to decades under real world conditions (must pay for it self) has your magic backhoe toy proved itself for? NONE & it’ll go down your fuck head memory hole with all the other gimmick pilot project scams you’ve been posting for years……along side the Concord.

    Is your blog clog or your boy friend’s?

    It’s 2021. How old is your beloved fuel cell

    The first fuel cells were invented by Sir William Grove in 1838.

    Pretty much the same for solar which has it’s place for electricity, albeit a small place, & has had much growth this century, but when UP is the only place you can go…..

    I don’t follow anymore & one of the reasons is self appointed hype artist-liars like you clog. If something is good & worthy, it’ll sell itself, like pussy & beer & pizza & they’ll come to you (boy pussy in your case clog).

    So what fraction of global electrical generation does solar currently make up? Has it made it past 1%?

    The future is hydrogen powered Backhoes for digging irrigation ditches & hydrogen powered Combine Harvesters for gathering our crops.

    Yabut, will there be enough water to irrigate the great N American breadbasket?

    Yabut, will there be enough yield to bother?

    Extreme heat wallops wheat and canola crops, pushing prices to record highs

    Sweltering heat in Western Canada a danger for both crops, making whatever survives more valuable

    Pasta shortages at supermarkets because climate change killed wheat

    Hurrah for hydrogen pet pilot projects/media stunts.

    Fuck you & your never ending bull shit, clog. Cull.

  13. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 3:25 pm 

    Healthiest country? Who cares? Healthiest portion size of a big ass steak is what matters. Healthy vaginas matter too – the smell test works best.

    Quality of Life

    Through all phases of life, these countries treat their citizens well.

    Canada-#1 in Quality of Life Rankings

    “Beyond the essential ideas of broad access to food and housing, to quality education and health care, to employment that will sustain us, quality of life may also include intangibles such as job security, political stability, individual freedom and environmental quality.”

    The main reason is because Canada has all the best white people.

    You’re welcome world.

  14. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 8:14 pm 

    Through all phases of life, these countries treat their citizens well

  15. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 10:26 pm 

    The Brexit song:

    Sarcasm alert.

  16. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 10:55 pm 

    Goodbye to Anglosphere!

    “Now French say they’ll blockade UK in a fortnight: Fishermen threaten to ‘go on the attack’ and cut off Christmas supplies if they don’t get more access to British waters“

    First ruin relations with Britain, before we do the same with the US, on the very moment China makes its move against the Anglos in East Asia and the Anglo-Euro seniority swap commences in earnest and the post-WW2 order evaporates.

    “DAN WOOTTON: Boris’s speech was long on gags but short on answers and if he doesn’t get Britain’s supply lines sorted by Christmas he’ll be the biggest joke of all“

    BoJo’s natural supporters are warning him that his credit could evaporate within three months and that spooning out a can of sardines in the cold and dark, doesn’t count as a legit christmas dinner.

    BoJo promised that the UK is to become a high wage country and with current inflation levels that goal is within reach.

    More trouble ahead: BoJo intends to tear up the agreement with the EU concerning Northern Ireland, the very international agreement he negotiated and signed, downgrading the UK towards the level of a banana republic. The EU is preparing for the retaliation: tariffs and blockades.

  17. doctors are dumb hehe dont trust your doctors real supertards with PhDs dont want MUZZ-19 on Wed, 6th Oct 2021 11:55 pm 

    More than 600 doctors in Quebec could face being suspended without pay starting October 15 if they haven’t received both doses of a COVID vaccine by then.

    According to data published by the CMQ, there are approximately 22,300 registered doctors in Quebec. If 3% of them remain unvaccinated until October 15, it could mean than more than 600 suspensions.

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  18. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 12:47 am 

    I don’t believe you. You just made up that Quebec horse shit.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 1:39 am 

    People like to talk tough, especially when embolden by anonymous online cult propaganda, but at the end of the day they won’t sacrifice so much as a ham sandwich to defend their ideals.

    Look at the dumb cunt on the lefts tee shirt.

    Half of unvaccinated workers say they’d rather quit than get a shot – but real-world data suggest few are following through

    Can anyone tell me on what day & hour my head will explode? I had my 2nd shot of Astrazeneca on June 2nd around 3pm PDT.

    Sounds like a plan – kill off all the trusting cooperative citizens so the only people they have left to govern are angry, uncooperative, super paranoid, malcontents.

    IOW kill everyone except the ass-holes –
    Sounds like a plan.

    Sounds like a plan – capitalist captains of industry want to depopulate their work force, taxpayer pool(subsidies & no bid Gov contracts) & kill off their customers. And they’re totally looking forward to the day when for every 100 jobs that need filling there are only 15 people available to fill them, so to the highest bidder they go (See Black Death) – Sounds like a plan

  20. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 2:08 am 

    The future of Europe, Eurasian economic integration:

  21. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 3:01 am 

    Outright white nationalism in France at the highest levels:

    French presidential candidate and nemesis of Brexit-Britain, Michael Barnier, wants to give the French a referendum. No, not on Frexit (that would be stupid, with France being the de facto foreign policy leader in Europe), but on immigration. In order to hermetically close the borders to dark invaders, he needs to flatten European human rights courts first. The US deep state and the Guardian won’t like that, but f* them.

    The Guardian is getting very nervous about what these natural-born fascist Europeans are doing. The Guardian might turn into a true Brexiteer newspaper after all, appalled about what Europe is doing, now the influence of Anglosphere is receding, after Trump, Brexit, Nord Stream 2 and AUKUS:

    “EU states cooperating informally to deny refugees asylum rights – report”

    All we need is a last fence, not in the Balkans or Eastern Europe (we already have that), but in the North Sea and French Channel.

  22. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 8:36 am 

    Message from Donald Trump:

    “Trump Warns Corrupt Democrats Could Be Hurtling America Into War with China”

    Someone is waking up here:

    “China is a ‘real and imminent threat’ to Taiwan, America’s top diplomat to the island warns after 150 Chinese jets flew nearby in major show of force”

    Hint to mr Moriarty: it is not just a threat to Taiwan, but also to the strategic position of the US in entire Asia. Because if China takes back Taiwan, which it can do within 24 hours without anybody able to do anything about it, it will ensure that the US won’t act against it, so China will be forced to throw the US out of Asia altogether (Japan, Korea, Philippines). Don’t think for a minute that the US can rely on its allies and sick them in a war against China, they won’t. What do you think Japan and Korea are? A Britain-1939? Japan, Korea and the Ps know that China will respect their sovereignty, provided they act neutrally (but they will claim the SCS).

  23. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 10:11 am 

    “Satellite images show China deployed fighter jets designed for electronic warfare to airbases near Taiwan”

    Won’t be long. One day you’ll wake up and read in the news that Chinese paratroopers have landed in huge numbers in both Taiwan and the northern part of the Philippines (where makati lives, but I digress). Furthermore, the Chinese will issue an ultimatum that if Japan and/or Korea will allow the US to run sorties against Chinese targets from their soil, that these two countries will become a target themselves.

    The EU is keen on developing more computer chips manufacturing on European soil, in the light of the recent shortages, and quietly probably also because of the immanent threat of a Chinese invasion into Taiwan, that produces 50% of the world’s chips. If China would get TSMC in its hands in one piece, they really have the world by the balls.

    Intel is keen on joining that lucrative market, but has said today it won’t go to Britain, a country surrounded by high tariff walls, because of Brexit:

    “Intel says it will no longer consider UK as site for huge chip factory because of Brexit”

  24. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 1:15 pm 

    The EU is quietly funding the Croation police to conduct push-back operations and chase invaders back over the border:

    “Revealed: The EU-funded pushback operations violently forcing asylum seekers across borders“

    Americans can only dream of this behavior.

  25. peakyeast on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 5:55 pm 

    Re pushback. This is exactly what over population looks like. Most of humanity has no value anymore – not even as slave labour.

    We knew this would come and we let it happen. There was no leadership or it was and is completely demented. Which is worse?

  26. makati1 on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 5:56 pm 

    Sorry Biden’s, I would doubt that any Chinese will invade the Philippines. Why, other then your Sinophobia and desire for me to suffer, would they be here? And, the area you talk about is 500 miles from me. A long walk with many mountains in between. This is not 1940.

    China does not have to invade Taiwan. There are many other ways to cripple and shut it down without an invasion, which may destroy the things China wants to control. Think, don’t suck up that Western Kool-aid B.S..

    The West is dying. Pass the popcorn, it is a sunny, warm, Friday morning here in the land of eternal summer. A good day for being alive. Enjoy!

  27. makati1 on Thu, 7th Oct 2021 6:01 pm 

    Peaky, plenty of need of more people. Just eliminate the machines and excess government. That is happening. Be patient.

  28. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 1:02 am 

    “Sorry Biden’s, I would doubt that any Chinese will invade the Philippines.”

    That’s because you are in denial and have zero understanding of strategic issues.

    This map makes it all clear (key concept: “island chains”):

    If the Chinese take back Taiwan, they have to guard themselves against US retaliation. In order to prevent that, they will have to throw the US out of Asia entirely, and they will. They will follow exactly the same logic the Japanese followed in WW2 and HAVE to invade the Ps to prevent the US from occupying it and start naval blockades. China has said that WW3 is around the corner for exactly that reason. Don’t expect Japan or Korea to come to the aid of the US. They will behave like the Afghan government did and say to the US: “certainly sir, how high sir”… but will immediately fold if someone stronger than the US will appear, like the Taliban… or China.

    The US can and WILL run, as always, but Korea and Japan know that they will always be the neighbor of China and that their sovereignty will be respected, provided they behave neutral towards China.

    “Why, other then your Sinophobia and desire for me to suffer, would they be here? And, the area you talk about is 500 miles from me. A long walk with many mountains in between. This is not 1940.”

    Sinophobe, me? I LOVE China! Sure, it is a nasty, authoritarian/totalitarian regime, governing over robot people, but I see, indirectly, the Red Army as de facto the White Liberation Army, albeit unintentionally.

    I hope and expect they will crush the Anglos in the SCS and will be able to expel the US from Asia, initiating the Great Unraveling of the United States and preparing the way for Paris-Berlin-Moscow (PBM), dominating Anglosphere, or rather what will be left of it: Down Under to China, Mid-West, Alaska, Ulster, Wales, Scotland to the EU, Quebec to France and the English can have the North-American libtards (Anglo-Canada and New England).

    I may be a ZOG-phobe, but I love China in that they will get us ZOG destroyed. US white nationalists should love that too.

    Do I want to see you suffer? Possum, I don’t, I feel sorry for you and your eternal bag of popcorn. Just take my friendly advice, pack your bags and use the coming weeks/months to get your ass out of there while you still can and return to some cheap US backwater. Ozarks-Missouri come to mind. Perhaps you can rent a room in the home of your buddy Empire Dave.

  29. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 1:27 am 

    “Here comes your £2,000 energy bill: Soaring prices could push average annual charge through the barrier for the first time as Putin holds UK over a barrel and Britain braces for blackouts

    “RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Thirty quid an hour to pick broccoli? Gissa job!”

    30 GBP/hour for harvesting. The Poles did it for 8. What do you think will be the consequences for food prices? Hungry customer swill always pay for food first, before heating. That could be the choice for millions in Britain this winter.

  30. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 4:30 am 

    “War With China? The Economic Factor That Could Trigger It”

    Remember Argentina in the eighties? The military junta was economically with the back against the wall. They chose the flight forward and invaded the Falklands and had success initially (“rallying around the flag” effect). Could happen to China as well. There seem to be severe financial problems. Don’t laugh too hard if their financial institutions collapse. That could be the moment they will activate their army against you, dear globalist friend.

    Chinese have a level of chauvinism and sense of identity, rooted in 2-3 millenia continuous history, globalist Anglos, who fell out of sky, so to speak, can only dream about. Apart from Britain, Anglos never had the time to develop a serious, industrial strength identity.

    “‘I’ve got time on my side’: Nicola Sturgeon is slammed for ‘chilling’ suggestion the death of elderly Scots who back the Union will help deliver independence”

    Good European girl. Next holiday, independent Scotland (if any holiday, usually rare during a world war).

    “Almost a third of petrol stations in the South East are STILL dry or short of supply – as switch to greener E10 fuel is blamed on low stock”

  31. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 8:31 am 

    In France everybody is now a “right-wing extremist”.

    For the first time, the French Jew and holocaust-denier Éric Zemmour has overtaken Marine Le Pen in the Polls for next year’s presidential elections:

    As things stand now, Macron will beat Zemmour in the 2nd round 55-45.

    Even the mild-mannered conservative Michel Barnier wants to give the French a referendum about halting dark immigration to France, before it is too late. Things are moving very fast now. Or as Kunstler titled his latest column: “slowly, then all at once”.

    (I hope and expect the European Macron gets reelected)

    “Tony Abbott raises fears China ‘could lash out disastrously’ as Taiwan tensions grow”

    What do you care, Tony, you have AUKUS now to protect you.LOL

    (Europe+Russia should stay out of this and become the laughing third)

  32. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 10:04 am 

    “A national divorce”, by that nice white nationalist from next door, RamzPaul:

  33. makati1 on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 6:12 pm 

    Biden’s, you are so f**king brainwashed it is impossible for you to see reality. I live here in growing Asia. Where do you live? I bet it is in one of those highly propagandized/brainwashed countries that are being prepared to be destroyed in a war with China.

    Oh, wait! Your country is already swirling down the shitter. All of the West is the main target of the “Reset”, as they need to eliminate so many high consumers of the elite’s resources. Aww! Too bad! NOT!

  34. makati1 on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 6:19 pm 

    BTW Biden’s, it seems you have a huge amount of your life to waste online, especially here on P.O.. Not employed? Is your mom still supporting you? It must be terrible to have no life or future. LOL

    Another beautiful Saturday morning here in the land of eternal summer. Pass the pretzels and San Mig lite. ^_^.

  35. makati1 on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 6:29 pm 

    China will take over Taiwan, and the West will run way, as always, Biden’s. I would not bet on the Chinese banking collapse. They have more real tools than the West to make changes. Wait and see. Pass the popcorn.

  36. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 6:58 pm 

    How The ‘China is a Threat’ Fake News Cycle Works

    A different view.
    I have relatives on the Mainland.

  37. sPECIES 8472 of JetBlue Flight 261 CELEBRATES ELITE WHITEY (((SUPERTARD))) KUNSLER on Fri, 8th Oct 2021 11:48 pm 

    this supertard does not MUZZ-19
    Congrats also to elite whitey (((supertard))) ALICE she does not MUZZ-19

    most PHDs don’t MUZZ-19 according to a study published by WebMD

    please feel at ease among friends we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  38. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Oct 2021 2:06 am 

    Pat Buchanan, one of the few sane and prudent commenters left in the US:

    “Are China’s Threats to Taiwan a Bluff?”

    Taiwan is a red line for China. Is it for us?… As for credibility, China has a well-established record. China started and finished the recent war in the Himalayas with India. It warned Hong Kong to stifle the democracy protests that went violent in 2019. When Hong Kong failed to do so, Beijing acted and is now completing the full absorption of the city into the mainland. On its warnings and threats, China tends to follow through… Yet, though facing the world’s most menacing power 100 miles away, Taiwan, as of 2019, was still spending less than 2% of GDP on defense.

    “Xi Jinping vows Taiwan’s ‘reunification’ with China will be fulfilled”

    Absolutely credible announcement.

    “Britain on the brink: Millions of shoppers claim they have been unable to buy FOOD as one in three stock up for Christmas already while soldiers are set to be drafted in to drive HGVs over the festive period”

    Probably entails a little media exaggeration, sensationalism and panic mongering, but there is little doubt that the UK economy is going south.

    We in Europe should not engage too much in Schadenfreude though; what is happening in the UK today and is completely the result of Brexit, will probably happen to us as well in a couple of years, although less severe.

  39. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Oct 2021 5:36 am 

    “China’s President Xi Jinping says reunification with Taiwan ‘must happen’ after state media warned that world war three could happen ‘at any moment'”

    Chinese are no bluffers. They are not going to wait until 2030. Anything can set off this powder keg. But they probably will wait until the Beijing Winter Olympics, coming February.

    “Dorset MP slammed for saying supply chain chaos is a ‘great opportunity'”

    Now I know why this idiot wants to eradicate supermarkets: he has a farm of his own, and apparently he hopes to be able to sell his milk and other produce directly to the public in massive quantities.

    The Brexit revolution is a Tory revolution, is a business revolution. A bunch of Etonites, who wanted to own the country entirely for itself, returning to the 19th century social relations, playing into standard island anti-European xenophobia and irrational pro-Americanism (an entirely one-sided love affair). The US can and will completely dictate the conditions of an eventual trade deal, with which the US is in no hurry, as long as the West is still in one piece (not that many years longer).

    The poor Brexiteers from the North and their silly Union-Jack waving, who voted for this scheme, have majestically scored an own goal here. They will get less prosperity and increased dark Commonwealth immigration, replacing the white Eastern Europeans, who did the hard work for little money, and as such subsidized UK society.

  40. @[email protected][email protected] sPECIES 8472 of JetBlue Flight 261 CELEBRATES ELITE WHITEY (((SUPERTARD))) [email protected][email protected][email protected]~ on Sat, 9th Oct 2021 3:55 pm 

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    Congrats also to elite whitey (((supertard))) ALICE she does not MUZZ-19

    most PHDs don’t MUZZ-19 with reckless abandon according to a study published by WebMD

    please feel at ease among friends we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  42. most PHDs don’t MUZZ-19 with reckless abandon according to a study published by WebMD on Sun, 10th Oct 2021 12:01 am 

    please feel at ease among friends we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

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