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Page added on March 24, 2020

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The Impossible Challenges Created By Growing Population

Consumption Impossible Challenges

In the period 1975 to 2019, world population increased at an average of 83 million per year. The 2019 increase was the difference between approximately 140 million births and 57 million deaths. The annual emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion, cement manufacture and deforestation are currently 40 billion metric tons, of which almost half remains airborne. Two global challenges are thus the stabilization of world population and the stabilization of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.

The following argument demonstrates it is not possible to reduce world population to a sustainable 3 billion after it has peaked at approximately 11 billion around 2100.

Population growth creates the need for increased food production. Cereals are the most important crops for food and livestock feed; globally, 45 percent of the cereal harvest is consumed by humans and 35 percent by livestock; the remainder is used for other purposes, including seed, ethanol for blending with gasoline, and alcoholic beverages such as beer, whisky, vodka and sake.

The rise in world cereal production since the 1960s is mainly due to two technological advances. The first was Haber-Bosch ammonia synthesis, in which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed as ammonia – with reactive nitrogen essential for photosynthesis, DNA, proteins and enzymes. Both chemist Fritz Haber and chemical engineer Carl Bosch were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1918 and 1931, respectively. Production of Haber-Bosch ammonia began in 1913, and consumption of nitrogen fertilizer now exceeds 115 million metric tons per year, more than half of which is applied to cereals. Outside China, which uses coal, ammonia synthesis relies on natural gas.

The second advance was the Green Revolution that began in 1965, after agronomist Norman Borlaug had bred varieties of dwarf wheat that are sturdier than traditional varieties and give higher yields in response to heavier applications of fertilizer. Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. The breeding of hybrid maize by Illinois farmer Lester Pfister in the 1930s paralleled the work of Borlaug. The International Rice Research Institute launched high-yielding semi-dwarf rice in 1966.

Global cereal yields more than tripled from 1.16 metric tons per hectare in 1950 to 4 tons in 2018. In the same period, the harvested cereal area increased from 600 million hectares to 730 million. If the average annual yield increase from 1992 to 2017 of 52 kilograms per hectare continues to 2050, the yield that year would be 5.8 tons per hectare, thereby raising production to 4.2 billion tons. This assumes no change in the harvested cereal area. The Population Reference Bureau projects the global population in 2050 to be 9.85 billion, so cereal production per person would be 420 kilograms, 10 percent above the current 380 kilograms. The annual nitrogen application on the world cereal area would rise by at least 50 percent. It is possible, however, that grain production per person remains at the current level, or even declines as a result of global warming.

Stressed: Fertilizer and dwarf varieties hiked cereal yields, expanding population in nations lacking arable land (Source: World Bank)

The success of the Green Revolution created three major ecological problems:

  1. Globally, about half the applied nitrogen is taken up by the crop plants; the remainder volatilizes in the form of ammonia and nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas, or leaches to groundwater, resulting in eutrophication, or the formation of algae, in rivers, lakes and coastal waters. This creates “dead zones” in which fish cannot live.
  2. Many soils are deficient in nutrients. Inadequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are remedied by fertilizers – but other nutrients, needed in small or trace amounts, are seldom applied. These include calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum and nickel. As agronomist Lloyd Evans put it: “These nutrients are the Davids which can render the Goliaths of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium helpless in both plants and animal husbandry.”
  3. Approximately 40 percent of global irrigation water is obtained by pumping groundwater from tube wells. This has resulted in the depletion of aquifers and reduced groundwater levels, thereby contributing to global sea level rise.

If the ratio of a country’s population to its arable area does not exceed two persons per arable hectare, its population could be fed adequately without nitrogen fertilizer or grain imports. If this ratio were the average on the world’s 1.6 billion arable hectares, world population would be 3.2 billion. Reducing world population to this number would require China to reduce its 1430 million population to 250 million, and India’s population of 1370 million to 340 million. Japan has 27 persons per arable hectare and Egypt 34; these two countries would have to reduce populations even more drastically. Japan’s population of 126 million would probably fall to 101 million by 2050, while Egypt’s 100 million population would likely reach 166 million in 2050.

The “2 per arable hectare” criterion cannot be applied to countries with extremely small arable areas, such as Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Countries that have less than two persons per arable hectare include Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Australia and Argentina. The ratio in the United States is just over 2, and the world average is certain to reach 5 in 2023. Major population reductions would require more than a century with the fertility rate at one child per woman. The fertility rate in South Korea fell to 0.98 in 2018, the world’s lowest; if this rate continues, the proportion of the population in the 65+ age-group would rise to 50 percent after two generations. Few countries will follow South Korea’s example, or even that of Japan, with its fertility rate of 1.4. It is obvious that a reduction of the world’s population to 3 billion is impossible.

The second global challenge is the rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. In 1906, the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius calculated that a doubling of the concentration – then 300 parts per million – would cause a rise of 2.1 degrees Celsius in global average surface temperature. Recent estimates vary, but it is probable that the rise will exceed 2 degrees C and virtually certain that it will exceed 1.5 degrees, generally considered the “safe” limit. It is most unlikely that the concentration can be stabilized at less than double the pre-industrial level of 280 parts per million. Researchers estimate the rise in sea level during the period from 2005 to 2100 at 650 millimeters, with an uncertainty of 120 millimeters either way. The rise could ultimately reach 3 meters, as it did during the Eemian interglacial period 130,000 years ago.

Stabilizing the CO2 concentration – now 412 ppm and rising at over 2 ppm per year – at 450 ppm, as many environmentalists propose, would mean leaving most of the recoverable fossil fuel reserves underground. The world would have to complete phasing out of fossil fuel by 2050, and this is not feasible. In 2018, fossil-fueled power plants generated 61 percent of the global generation of 24,800 terawatt-hours. In 2050, fossil electricity has been optimistically projected to be 43 percent of a global generation of 44,000 terawatt-hours. This means that fossil-based electricity generation in 2050 will exceed that of 2018.

There are measures that could make the population and carbon dioxide stabilizations be attained more rapidly, but they are either coercive or involve lower living standards in the short- and medium-term. Fossil fuels have enabled humanity to achieve scientific and technological advances undreamed of prior to the Industrial Revolution. It is not surprising that there is a price to pay.

By Yale Global Online

37 Comments on "The Impossible Challenges Created By Growing Population"

  1. DT on Tue, 24th Mar 2020 9:03 pm 

    All of this was put forth by the club of Rome and the limits to growth. To this day the club of Rome and the limits to growth are scoffed at by the corporate capitalists, even as they are hunkering down in their bunkers at undisclosed locations as we speak.

  2. whoa supertards please love supremacist more for the sake of supremacist muzzies lo allha created created muzzies best of humanity kufar slur 1000x worse than n word are animals on Tue, 24th Mar 2020 9:31 pm 

    interesting to see the supertard coronacult at work. i’m just fascinated with the whole thing being one who is into basic tard reserach.

    once it’s set the momentum is unstoppable. this is good and bad. if you’re the targetted community then u’re screwed

    but if supertard muzzicult go into effect, it’s very efficient to amputate all muzzies this way.

    i see supertards spring into actions in response to beervirus and i’m fasciated and in awe at hte speed and efficiency .

    there’s no questioning anything. this means plane will continue to crash and companies will produce bad products but that’s where we are.

    we have supertard cult who are singleminded. this explain why supremacist muzzies blend in so easily becuase they’re also single minded and feeding on jizya of the kufar host – 1000x worse a slur than n word

  3. Theedrich on Tue, 24th Mar 2020 10:38 pm 

    Nature prevents overpopulation in many ways. She has evolved all kinds of parasites, predators and practices, not to mention diseases and disasters to keep species from overriding her limits.  Among primates, one way of reduction has been war, as seen not just among humans but among chimpanzees and monkeys as well.

    But the evolution of high intelligence combined with deranged, universal-love ideologies has allowed homo sapiens to not just exceed its own limits, but to threaten the very survival of all higher life forms on earth.  So Gaia has summoned a lowly form of pre-life — viruses — to her cause.  A few years ago, virulent viruses such as SARS and Ebola appeared out of Darkest Africa.  The latter plague, with a 70% death rate, even mutated to Zaire Ebola with a 90% rate.  However, these agents were quickly stopped with advanced biological vaccines and techniques.

    Not one to give up quickly, Gaia has now invoked the Chinese/Wuhan/Chicom virus, usually called by politically correct names such as “corona virus” or — even more correct — the obscure “COVID-19” moniker.  (Maybe the next appellation will be something like “R2D2.”)  Mother Gaia is quite cunning.  Rather than having this new force attack the whole of the offending species, she is directing it to eliminate the “useless eaters” first:  the retirees of the world who no longer contribute to the advancement of anything, and the chronically ill who are on whatever amounts to permanent life support wherever they are.

    There are currently about 7.8 billion humans on the planet, expanding at about 1.05%, or 81 million people per year.  Expectations are that mid-2030 could see around 8.6 billion of us overloading the globe, not to mention the growing possibility of nuclear war.  Ominous.  So Gaia is taking things into her own hands.  She has allowed a circle jerk of mutually interdependent economic mega-systems to evolve and now, at precisely the right moment, to have Russia and Saudi Arabia flood the world with oil, lowering its price to bankrupt much of U.S. oil production.  Presto!  A triple whammy to the world economy, with virus, explosive unemployment and spreading bankruptcy.  Add to this the expansion of narco-mafias and the tsunami of “refugees” overwhelming the genosuicidal “developed” world, and it becomes clear that all of the political smoke and mirrors in the world is not going to defeat Gaia.

  4. Makati on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 1:19 am 

    Yes Edrich I agree, we need to start cooking the international jew now!

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 2:38 am 

    Talking about Gaia, Greta Thunberg and dad have corona too:

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 2:44 am 

    “A coronavirus test can be developed in 24 hours. So why are some countries still struggling to diagnose?”

    Rapid, cheap testing kits popping up everywhere.

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 2:47 am 

    It looks like NYC is going to replace Wuhan and Northern Italy as the new corona epi-center:

    “London and Madrid are now facing WORSE coronavirus outbreaks than Italy’s worst-hit region of Lombardy with deaths doubling every TWO days – but New York’s mortality rate is outpacing them all – as global fatalities hit 18,574”

    Expect intense air-traffic between NYC and Israel in the coming days.


  8. makati1 on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 2:49 am 

    “Yes Edrich I agree, we need to start cooking the international jew now!” Not my comment, although I agree 100%.

  9. makati1 on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 2:52 am 

    Abe, with the US airlines shutting down there will be no escape from the Police State. Too late! Suffer bitches! You asked for it.

  10. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 2:55 am 

    For people who end up in an ICU and survive, a considerable part will have lasting lung damage:

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:02 am 

    “Donald Trump insists America is ‘near the END’ of the coronavirus battle and commits to opening the country by Easter – despite Dr. Fauci’s warning to be ‘flexible’ as nationwide cases continue to skyrocket”

    Donnie doesn’t get it and does everything to NOT get reelected.

    Here Richard “Hail Trump” Spencer condemning Trump for choosing the DOW over the health of the US population:

    Spencer thinks DJT will not be reelected because of his non-handling of corona:

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:07 am 

    “White House, Senate reach historic $2 trillion stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fears”

    That’s like a time-out of one month for entire America, to be paid for later. Everybody does this, the credibility of the financial system be damned. Not that they have much choice.

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:17 am 

    Holy Christ! NHS asked for 250,000 volunteers. In no time 170,000 showed up. Respect!

    “Coronavirus news – live: More than 170,000 sign up for NHS volunteer scheme within hours, as Trump hopes to ‘reopen by Easter’ and US agrees $2tn stimulus package”

    KLM stewardess sings “when will I see you again” during last flight in fear of the death of the Blue Swan:

  14. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:27 am 

    “Donnie doesn’t get it and does everything to NOT get reelected. Here Richard “Hail Trump” Spencer condemning Trump for choosing the DOW over the health of the US population: Spencer thinks DJT will not be reelected because of his non-handling of corona:”

    Well with a normal respectable candidate I would agree but we are talking sleepy joe Biden who’s corruption is now legendary at least with honest people. Sleepy joe has the appearance of dementia also which is not a good condition in the race for President. Maybe Trump does not get elected but his approval rating is still high so may be too early to tell. Whoever get reelected he is going to have a sorry job because the world will be in depression when the health scare stabilizes and the cocaine high of the central bank and fiscal stimulus wears off. People don’t realize it but the hit has already happened. The economic situation will have taken a hit no matter how this virus thing turns out. A huge amount of global production evaporated. It is global so it is amplified many more times and it is in the bone and marrow not the fat. Value chains, financial system, and fiat currencies are now in a new paradigm.

    The issue with this virus is not letting the virus destroy the economy or the health care system. Both have been severely damage as it stands currently in any case. So, this is a balance of a zero-sum gain of overall loss. Some health sacrifice will be necessary as we see the economic sacrifices are being made. We are seeing this in China where they will likely have a secondary wave by trying to get their very damage economy back going. A world of depressed economic activity is going to kill too but the deaths will be hard to quantify and it will be over a longer period of time. The 3rd world is going to get hit hard because of food issues and the developed world will become more 3rd world especially in regions and classes of population. Gone are the grand techno optimistic days of fantasy plans to the Moon and Mars. 100% renewable world just evaporated. We are now poorer by a long shot we are just not aware of this yet because we are in a crisis and people think it will pass. Lets hope we do not get a WWIII too.

  15. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:30 am 

    The hibernation of the global airline industry in pictures:

    The personnel can now line up for the soup kitchen, tax-free of course.

    The world will achieve its CO2-emission targets with flying colors this year.

    Let’s see if the world is wise enough NOT to return to BAU after this crisis is over: less travel, less tourism, less international trade, end of “open society” program, local renewable energy generation.

  16. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:33 am 

    “Very Technical Issue” – ECB Won’t Rule Out Purchases Of ETFs” zero hedge

    “Central banks across the world are deploying every trick in the book to save the broken and bankrupt global economy that was derailed by bat soup. The latest trick, already tried and failed miserably by the Bank of Japan (BOJ), is that the European Central Bank (ECB) could one day start purchasing exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as part of its open market operations…As for the ECB and FED, well, they’re likely both going full BOJ-tard, with the descent into Japanification ever faster. We must note, the BOJ owns 73% of all ETFs and has lost 3 trillion Yen on its equity purchases despite printing money out of thin air.”

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:56 am 

    Mixed signals from Italy:

    “Italy sees renewed jump in coronavirus deaths with 743 in a day, although the rate of infection shows signs of slowing, as 100k are fined for breaching lockdown”

    Note that you will never really get corona under control. You can bring down corona deaths through quarantine measures, but all the while your economy melts away from under your feet.

    The only way out is producing ventilators as fast as possible and confiscate large exhibition halls and set them up as giant hospitals. Large European countries will need 100,000 make-shift ICU beds or so.

    The real dying has yet to begin. Germany for instance expects 100,000 dead later this year. The only thing you can aim for is providing survival opportunity for as many people as possible.

  18. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 4:13 am 

    President Pelosi?

    “Will Trump Be Forced To Delay November Election?” zero hedge graph next wave

    “As states postpone voting in party primaries to comply with new social distancing guidelines enforced by the federal government to flatten the curve to slow down the spread of Covid-19, questions are starting to arise that maybe, President Trump will use the pandemic crisis to delay the 2020 election. As of Tuesday morning, at least 43,499 people across every state, plus Washington, D.C., and three U.S. territories, have tested positive for the virus, according to a New York Times database, and at least 537 patients with the virus have died. We pointed out several weeks ago that the fast-spreading virus could interfere with the 2020 presidential election. We specifically said pandemics generally work in several waves: the first wave is happening now, and as Bill Gates said Wednesday, could last for ten weeks. Then comes summer, and things should settle down a bit. However, the second wave of the virus could come later this year, right around the time the presidential election begins. After all, the second wave of the Spanish flu of 1918 was much more severe. So, then what? Does that mean President Trump would be forced to cancel the elections? The answer is “no,” according to LA Times’ Evan Halper, who said the president doesn’t have the power to cancel the elections. No. The president does not have that power. Legal scholars are widely in agreement on this point, as are both Republican and Democratic election officials. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reached the same conclusion when it investigated the question in the aftermath of 9/11. Under the US Constitution, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence cannot stay in office past their four-year terms without being reelected. If the election does not happen for any reason, constitutional rules of succession kick in. And here is where things get interesting: If the election is delayed because of the virus crisis, this would mean “a lawmaker down the line of succession who is not up for reelection could be the new president,” said Halper. “The 20th Amendment says if we have not chosen a president by a certain date, it goes to succession,” said Rick Hasen, an election law scholar at UC Irvine. “It’s not like a delay would keep Trump in office longer.” If wave 2 of the pandemic is expected to begin in November, the presidential election could be delayed for several weeks. Lawmakers could continue pushing the election out but risk violating constitutional law. Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maryland have already delayed voting in party primaries by at least a month as confirmed cases become exponential across the country. The move to postpone is unprecedented, but states have the authority to delay election-day voting in primary elections but cannot reschedule a federal general election. “It’s important to remember the distinction between primary and general elections,” Edward B. Foley, director of the election law program at Ohio State University, tweeted. “There is no equivalent power in the states to change the date of the general election for Congress or the presidency.” And while the presidential election must go on – but could be delayed for a short period – it seems that at least 13 states could allow absentee-voting if the pandemic reemerges. A bill in the US Senate could expand the use of absentee-voting in other states, but there’s no visibility if it will pass.”

  19. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 4:22 am 

    We see in the referenced graph where the panic buying is:

    “Surging Grocery Comps Could Rocket Into Double Digits As Worried Quarantiners Lock Themselves Down” zero hedge graph

    “With the entire world getting ready to hunker down and quarantine themselves due to the coronavirus outbreak, grocery sales have been surging so far this month. Food retailers saw explosive new sales growth of 8% during the first week of March, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley. This is an unprecedented surge for a retail segment that generally moves in small ticks…Meanwhile, U.S. food processors like Tyson have rushed to expand production of key items like chicken, pork and beef while other processors in countries like Brazil slow, or suspend production. U.S. processors are also diverting food that would normally be used for restaurants and for export back to grocery chains to meet the needs of the U.S. shopper as dine-out demand collapses…The demand surge is also becoming evident in prices, with live cattle futures surging almost 5% early this week.”

  20. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 6:44 am 

    The power of renewable energy.

    How many large 10 MW offshore wind turbines do you need to power the entire Dutch train system (passengers and cargo), a heavily used transportation system for a country of 17 million?

    Yearly electricity consumption Dutch Rail: 1300 GWh.

    Yearly production of a 10 MW offshore wind turbine = 8766 hour x 10 MW = 87,660 MHh = 88 GWh. Assume a capacity factor of 50% to arrive at a yearly production of 44 GWh.

    Number of turbines required = 1300/44 = 30 turbines.

    Peanuts. Can be installed by a single installer ship in 6 weeks time.

    Of course you need to add some extra capacity to factor in storage.

    Dutch Rail btw has bought up 8 small onshore wind farms that have a combined output that matches its consumption:

  21. DT on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 7:35 am 

    The power of renewable energy is all based on the availability of FF inputs to build the devices, install the devices and maintain the devices. After the renewable energy devices have reached the end of useful life it will take more FF inputs to decommission them. Most if not all of the plastic parts will be dumped in landfills. So what is so renewable about renewable energy?

  22. JuanP on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 7:45 am 

    I am DT

  23. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 7:53 am 

    We are juanPee.

  24. DT on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 8:00 am 

    This video sums it all up.

  25. JuanP on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 8:27 am 

    I be DT

  26. DT on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 8:52 am 

    I be LOL

  27. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 10:21 am 

    I be AWOL

  28. Sissyfuss on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 10:39 am 

    “Following argument demonstrates that is not possible to reduce population to a sustainable 3 billion.” But you’re not arguing with Gaia who holds all the cards. With her all things are possible. Even Thee agrees.

  29. JuanP on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 10:44 am 

    I be AWOL in Douglas Gardens Mental health clinc. Disregard any comments as dellusional on either side of the board.

    “The Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center provides comprehensive mental health services to people living in the Greater Miami Beach area. Our broad array of behavioral health care programs and services help these individuals achieve a more functional life and support resiliency and recovery for individuals who are living with mental illness. The Center treats chronic mental illness, acute emotional disorders, substance abuse, and special population needs. The center’s bilingual professionals (English and Spanish) also provide help for individuals with substance abuse problem, experiencing domestic violence, living homeless, and needing help with a loved one that has Alzheimer’s disease. The Center is a recovery-based model of care for co-occurring treatment. We use assessment tools that reflect strength-based recovery approaches and self-directed care. Our treatment plans incorporate Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP). We have a self-assessment tool and procedure as part of the intake process (ROSI). Implemented evidence based practice modules into group interventions (Social Rehabilitation). Recovery and Wellness materials are used in outpatient, case management, and residential mental health services. We have an established peer counseling program including peer-facilitated support groups and clubs. Staff and Peers have been trained utilizing the “Train the Trainer” format and are active in coordinating Recovery -Oriented Mental Health Services. We do didactic training addressing co-occurring disorders through the CCISC Partnership and the administration of the baseline surveys (COMPASS and CODECAT).”

  30. REAL Green on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 11:20 am 

    We’re REAL proud of are widdle poodle Davy.

    Its REAL cute. And REAL pink.


  31. JuanP is stupid on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 12:37 pm 

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    “REAL Green said We’re REAL proud of are widdle poodle Davy. Its RE…”

  32. JuanP is stupid on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 12:39 pm 

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  33. Davy is stupid on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 1:54 pm 

    JuanP is stupid on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 12:37 pm

    JuanP is stupid on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 12:39 pm

  34. whoa supertards please love supremacist more for the sake of supremacist muzzies lo allha created created muzzies best of humanity kufar slur 1000x worse than n word are animals on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 3:43 pm 

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    is that where ware are taking expert advice from whitey supertard greta the kid?

    well if this is wher we going then planes will continue to be grounded, no MAX, no boeing etc.

    shout out to my little big brother joe supertard. i hope (((supremetard))) keeps him safe. I appointed him supertard. his title is “the lover” of muzzies

  35. JuanP is stupid on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 4:41 pm 

    This is from stupid. I am wondering how the moderated side puts up with him???

    whoa supertards please love supremacist more for the sake of supremacist muzzies lo allha created created muzzies best of humanity kufar slur 1000x worse than n word are animals said whoa supertard its’ wednesday means check ur…

  36. Davy on Wed, 25th Mar 2020 4:44 pm 

    “Unread postby JuanP”

    “Re: Coronavirus biowar US-China prelude war Pt.2 “Unread postby JuanP » Mon 23 Mar 2020, 11:34:35” “Or the CIA Virus may have started because the USA is capable of doing absolutely anything to try and achieve total global hegemony and destroy its enemies. Or it may just have happened naturally. All these hypotheses are possible.”

    JuanPee, have you noticed nobody is giving you the time of the day because you are a fucking lunatic!

  37. Telly Savalas on Fri, 27th Mar 2020 12:07 am 

    Who luvs ya baby!

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